Happy 70th Birthday Boss Wishes and Quotes

Happy 70th Birthday Boss Wishes and Quotes

Some elders love to be celebrated. They may not request it but when you do it, trust me, they are happy and pleased to see you celebrate them, especially when it’s a special day, like a 70th birthday. Now, I know getting the right quotes for the birthday of an elderly boss may become a task, but your good knowledge of the best place to find birthday wishes and quotes is very important. You are here! That’s a great step, I must commend.

Great birthday wishes for your aged boss including all the best wishes are all crafted in short messages here to celebrate your boss. You may even crack the jokes you couldn’t crack in the office on their birthday, but above all, you should know the best way to greet a boss on the birthday. Send the top-notch happy 70th birthday boss wishes and quotes here to your boss on their 70th birthday. You could also share on the wall and timeline of your boss.

Don’t also forget to get the prayers to pray for the birthday of an elderly boss right. All have been made possible by the collections here. You will also find categories for 71st birthday wishes to 79th birthday wishes for your boss. Surf and enjoy.

Best 70th Birthday Wishes & Prayers for Boss

On your 70th birthday, I wish you all the very best as you mark it in a grand style. I pray that you will never go down from the top that you have been raised.

1. At 70 years, you remain the boss. May the years in your age count and may everything continue to work together for your good.

2. I pray that as you celebrate today, may the peace of the Lord always overwhelm you. Happy 70th birthday to you.

3. You have today become a septuagenarian. What a birthday celebration! Happy birthday to you, boss.

Funny 70th Birthday Wishes for Boss

Happy 70th birthday to you, boss. Today, we will have to lock the gate to break that rule of ‘don’t drink at work’ because we need to celebrate.

4. At seventy years, your hairs should be grey but we understand that you want to remain young forever, so let’s continue to make it black. Happy 70th birthday, boss.

5. What happened to the teeth after 70 years? Well, we have kept away the meat from you. You are only permitted to pop the drink. We want to continue to see your smile. Happy 70th birthday to my boss.

6. Your 70th birthday should make you feel like a baby. But please, don’t try to act like a young man anymore. Remain young at heart. Happy 70th birthday to you, boss.

Happy 71st Birthday Messages & Wishes for Boss

Your 71st birthday as a boss is one that is met with good and laudable achievements. You have been relevant in all areas of life and the best wishes are for you today on your 71st birthday.

7. On your 71st birthday, you deserve more shouts of hurray. I wish you perfect health even as you grow younger.

8. Age climbs higher daily, so on this day when we gather to see you bounce at 71 years, we wish you a continuous flow of strength as you grow. Happy 71st birthday, boss.

9. We desire to give you all you need for your 71st birthday but we know that the best thing we can give to you is a heart of prayers. We pray that you will always have joy overflowing around you. Happy 71st birthday, boss.

Happy 72nd Birthday Wishes Quotes for Boss

You have become a beacon of light both at work and away from work because everywhere you go, you have made sure your footprints appear as the local quote says. So, as you clock 72 years, I wish you a happy birthday.

10. Last year was a privilege to celebrate you, another yea has come to celebrate your 72nd birthday. We pray that nothing would ever stop you from excelling. Happy 72nd birthday to you, boss.

11. At 72 years, you look like a young adult. As you celebrate this 72nd birthday, I wish that nothing which gives you joy will ever bring sorrow to you. Happy 72nd birthday to you, boss.

12. No matter how long we live, the years in our lives that count are the ones that touch the lives of others. Happy 72nd birthday to a boss whose life is impactful.

Happy 73rd Birthday Prayer Wishes for Boss

My prayer for you today as mark your 73rd birthday is that all your wishes and aspirations yet to be fulfilled are met and that you have a lasting joy even as a boss. Happy birthday to you.

13. My prayer for you on this occasion of your 73rd birthday is that you continue to fly higher in all excellence and qualities that have kept you operating at the top level for so long. Happy 73rd birthday, boss.

14. Your 73rd birthday is a time of reflection. I ask that may the memories that flood your mind today produce a joy welling up inside of you. Happy 73rd birthday to you, my own boss.

15. You are a special boss. I pray that you continue to excel and have many reasons to rejoice in everything you lay your hands upon. Happy 73rd birthday, boss.

Happy 74th Birthday Wishes & Greetings for Boss

A boss at 74 years is one that is full of experience. Your wealth of experience is one that enriches you more than your bank account. As we send our greetings on this memorable day. We wish you more success stories.

16. To my boss at 74 years, I send greetings of good tidings. I am delighted to celebrate your birthday o this glorious 74th occasion. May your greatness never diminish.

17. Happy 74th birthday to a woman of impact. Your touch of the many lives around you speaks volume of your works. Happy 74th birthday to a rare gem and my boss.

18. At 74 years, you have distinguished yourself for excellence. The lives of the many people you have touched speak of you. I admire your generosity. Happy 74th birthday, boss.

Happy 75th Birthday Wishes & Quotes for Boss

When a man has lived 75 years, he begins to reminisce on the past events of life. The true quote that life is all about history is true because your history shows that you have touched many lives positively. Remain a boss even as you celebrate.

19. Happy 75th birthday to you, my able boss. Your inspirational method of correction is highly appreciated. Once again, enjoy your day.

20. Grey hairs is the crown of the aged. Your years on earth are garnished with a lot of impacts. Happy great 75th birthday to you, boss.

21. You have a life of excellence and the earth is happy that you dwelt on it for 75 years. Happy 75th birthday to you, my boss.

Happy 76th Birthday Wishes & Messages for Boss

My wish for you on the 76th occasion of your birthday is that you will receive a message that will make you relish in the labour of your past efforts. I celebrate you as a boss.

22. This is a special congratulatory message for the occasion of your 76th birthday. May your days be long and your years radiant. Happy 76th birthday, my boss.

23. I wish you a splendid day, my indefatigable boss. I have excelled under your leadership and on the occasion of your 76th birthday, I say a big congratulation.

24. Happy 76th birthday to you, my boss. Daily as you climb higher I age, I pray that all will continue to be well with you. You will never have reason to sorrow. Happy 76th birthday to you.

Happy 77th Birthday Prayer Wishes for Boss

As you step forward daily to the status of being an octogenarian in a few years, I wish you all the best. You have been a boss and you have played an important role in the growth of my life. Enjoy your birthday.

25. My wish for you is that as you grow, may your health be sound and may you always find satisfaction in all that you and excellence cap your little efforts. Happy 77th birthday, my able boss.

26. Your 77th birthday is a double celebration because seven (7) is a number of perfection. May the years coming ahead be perfect for you. Happy 77th birthday, my boss.

Happy 78th Birthday Wishes & Quotes for Boss

All the best wishes to you on your 78th birthday and you deserve more than 78 wraps of special gifts. And as you celebrate, we find relish in your wisdom and great quotes for motivation. Enjoy your day.

27. Happy 78th birthday to you, my boss. I know you have excelled in the past years but I pray that you continue to excel and that this new year’s success in your life will be unprecedented.

28. As you climb higher to the status of an octogenarian, I pray that your steps are guided and all that you do will grant you peace. Happy 78th birthday to my boss.

Happy 79th Birthday Greetings & Wishes for Boss

You are 79 years and you deserve the best of the best greetings even on your special day as you celebrate your birthday today. Sending to you all my warm wishes and hearty greetings.

29. At 79 years, you are just a step close to celebrating your 80th birthday. I pray that this year will reward you for each of your past labours and that you will always be happy. Happy 79th birthday to you, boss.

30. Greeting on your birthday, my able. You are 79 years today. Congratulations. May your relevance never diminish as you continue to go from glory to glory and strength to strength.

The special age celebration of an elder is a unique moment. Just like children, some elderly people find relish in the celebration of their birthdays. Enjoy and send these top-notch happy 70th birthday boss wishes and quotes to your aged boss as they celebrate their 70th birthday.

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