Happy 66th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Husband

Happy 66th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Husband

It’s your husband’s 66th birthday, you are probably as elated as him or even more than him because it is always a great thing to see the people we love with all of our heart, flourish and grow in a cruel world.

It can even be more interesting if you have had the opportunity to live more than a few decades with him as your husband because this will provide you with a lot of materials to celebrate him.

While you put all of these materials together, which may come in form of memories and events you have experienced together, it is important to never forget to also celebrate who he is at the moment, and one of the ways to do that is to celebrate him with some hearty wishes.

Below, you will find some beautiful happy 66th birthday wishes and quotes for husband to celebrate your man on his 66th birth anniversary. You will also find birthday wishes for his 67th to 69th birthday.

Happy 66th Birthday Husband Quotes

I want you to know more than anything just how much being married to you makes me happy on this day that you celebrate your 66th birthday, and I hope that you see what I mean when I say you are the best husband in the world.

1. We have enjoyed beautiful moments together and have also had to weather some thick storms hand–in–hand. It has been a rollercoaster with you, but I would not have it any other way because it has brought us here, and here is happy. Happy 66th birthday to the man that gives me peace.

2. On your 66th birthday, I am consumed by the thoughts and focusing on praying that you do not live the rest of your years in misery. I love you and wish you the best year.

3. It is getting closer to the time when you lose your youth. My hope is that even though you lose that, you never lose love in your life, and the kindness of your heart because these are the two things, apart from me you can be sure to hold you through your old age. Happy birthday to my 66th baby.

4. Thinking about the number and volume of unforgettable moments we have shared together and I cannot help but feel nostalgic. Hopefully, we get to create even more beautiful moments now that we are both getting older. Happy 66th birthday to you, my love.

5. 66th birthday is such a significant birthday celebration and I am very proud and happy at the fact that you have chosen to celebrate this beautiful milestone with friends and family. Happy birthday to you my loving one.

6. You have tenacities like no other person I know and the zeal and zest in the appropriate portion and have never shied away from using any of these things to your advantage. Hopefully, old age does not steal any of these things from you. Happy 66th birthday to you.

7. As far as I am concerned, you keep getting finer every year because I get to see another part of you to be in awe of every other year. This is a toast to experiencing more of that. Happy 66th birthday to you.

67th Birthday Wishes for My Husband

Since I met you, you have continued to show yourself as a worthy example to all and sundry, and I will forever be grateful to the universe for pushing me to make the decision to do life with you. Dear husband, my wishes for you as you celebrate your 67th birthday have been well compacted into one; be happy.

8. You have made me the happiest woman in the world ever since I met you. I am using this medium to say just how beautiful you are, and because you also deserve to be happy all the time, my prayer for the day is that happiness locates and find you. Happy 67th birthday to you.

9. You are the dearest and closest to my heart – you always have, and you always will be – I hope that you continue to have that in mind even as you celebrate another milestone. Happy 67th birthday to you.

10. There are just so much to celebrate apart from the fact that you are 67 today. So, let us make this day a happy day for us and relish in the goodness that is to come, this New Year. Happy 67th birthday to you.

11. I feel blessed and lucky that I have got to live with you almost all my life and to think that we still have several years and a few decades to be in each other’s lives is even more soothing. Happy 67th birthday to you.

12.I hope that you can be brave enough to name your wishes for the year sooner than later because I have this strong feeling that there is an air of manifestation around you at this moment. Happy 67th birthday to you.

13. It is your 67th birthday my darling husband and I just believe it is the perfect time to let you know that you have always been cherished by me and you will always be. Happy 67th birthday to me.

14. It is that time of the year again – where I get to mark and celebrate a beginning for my darling husband. I am so proud of how far we have come. Happy 67th birthday to you, dearest husband.

15. It is a bright day out there and it signifies that the year is about to be the brightest one you have ever had. I wish you the courage and bravery to embrace the brightness as you become 67 years old.

16. You also deserve happiness, my dearest husband and I hope that this New Year at least brings that your way. Also, I hope that you enjoy peace and ease like never before. Happy 67th birthday to you.

17. Yippee! It is your 67th birthday and I am celebrating how far you have come as a man, as a father and lastly, as a father. Happy 67th birthday to you.

68th Birthday Prayer Messages for Husband

It’s your 68th birthday and you continue to prove to me that marrying you is the best decision I have ever made and I have promised myself that as long as you do that, I will continue to do everything in my power to put smiles on your face. I pray that God blesses you beyond measure. Happy birthday, my husband.

18. I just want to let you know on this very special day of yours that you have made me and our children the happiest since we knew you. Thank you and have a wonderful 68th birthday celebration.

19. You continue to break boundaries when you feel the need to just to have things in place. While I might not always agree with your method of doing things, you must know I am forever in awe of you. Happy 68th birthday to you.

20. I love you and the life that we have built together. Just thought I would remind you again, and of course, the fact that nothing is going to make my love for you change. Not now. Happy 68th birthday to you.

21. You are a rare gem, my love. This is why I will always be grateful to God for bringing you my way when he did because I would never have been able to meet someone who understands my soul like you if I hadn’t met you. Happy 68th birthday to you, my dear soul mate.

22. Today could be about whatever you want it to be. It could be about the better days ahead or the beautiful days we have left behind or it could be us celebrating both because these moments are worth celebrating. Happy 68th birthday to you.

23. I want to make a toast to my darling husband because he has been such a rock since I got to know him. And he has been the most supportive dad to our children too. Happy 68th birthday.

69th Birthday Wishes for My Husband

My dearest husband, it is an exciting day, and I will say that it has been an interesting journey for both of us so far. So, I hope we can both take today to relax in each other’s company and bask in the euphoria that your 69th birthday wishes will bring to you, and to me.

24. If anyone deserves the best dad accolade, it is you, my love. And I must confess that I see it even more clearly now more than ever before that you have been nothing short of amazing. Happy 69th birthday to you.

25. You are almost 70 and still look like you could pass as a 50-year-old. I guess this is what happens when a man allows joy and peace to flow through their hearts. Happy 69th birthday to you.

26. From what I have observed so far, it looks a lot like 69 will be a good look on you because it is not even the end of the first day and you already exude graciousness, and this glow I can see is beautiful. Happy 69th birthday to you.

27. Hopefully, nothing in the coming year get to take your shine because you are at your happiest when the environment lets you shine like the star that you are. Happy 69th birthday to you.

28. You have everything it takes to make this year a beautiful one that you deserve. Put in the hard work and believe that you will get there, and it will happen! Happy 69th birthday to you.

29. It is a perfect time to remind you that you are loved regardless of what you face or where you are at a certain time of your life. Happy 69th birthday to you.

30. I like the fact that so many people have not been able to figure us out. I love how it remains our little secret that we cannot sleep well without each other. Happy 69th birthday to the love of my life.

Get it together on time and make the decision that one of the ways you are going to make your husband happy on his 66th birthday is by using these happy 66th birthday wishes and quotes for husband.

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