Happy 55th Birthday Brother Wishes and QuotesHappy 55th Birthday Brother Wishes and Quotes

Happy 55th Birthday Brother Wishes and Quotes

If I am being honest, brothers are heroes. They do things you know nothing about, behind closed doors. They fight for you in your absence, and they tell you nothing about it until you eventually know about it.

Brothers are naturally protective of their siblings. In fact, they are sometimes overprotective, but it all boils down to the love they have for their siblings. Brothers deserve flowers, too.

They deserve to be celebrated as much as sisters. If it’s your brother’s 55th birthday, and you’re confused as to what to do, then you’re on the right page. It’s not necessary that you go and get a very expensive gift for him, even though it is good. But there are some things he will never forget he received from you.

Because I know the importance of having a brother and the blessings that come with that, I have made it my business to make the best happy 55th birthday brother wishes and quotes available to you. With this, you’re good to go. It’s so effective that it strengthens the bond you both have. At the end of the day, you will be glad you came across this page, and your brother will forever be indebted to you for sending him such a beautiful wish(es).

Happy 55th Birthday Brother Wishes

I have always wished you well because you’ve never stopped being the best brother. Sometimes, I can’t but wonder why you love me too much. I’m grateful for all the love and encouragement over the years. Happy 55th birthday, my sweet brother.

1. Dear brother, you’re the best in everything, and it feels so great to be following in your footsteps. I’m glad to be your younger sister, and I can say for a fact that I have learned so much from you. Thank you for being a light on my path. Here’s wishing you a happy 55th birthday with lots of love.

2. You’re a super amazing man. In fact, everyone would love for you to be in their lives. I’m so grateful to God for the gift of a wonderful brother like you. You are 55 years old today, and I’m thanking God on your behalf. I hope that you have the best birthday celebration. I love you, my brother.

3. To be very honest, we have really come a long way. I can’t even begin to tell all we’ve been through, but we thank God for giving us the opportunity to tell our story. It’s your 55th birthday, brother. I want to thank you for being in my corner all these years. Happy 55th birthday to you. I love you so much.

4. Even your family couldn’t stop you from showing me love like you always have. You’ve always been very passionate about my growth and career. I couldn’t have asked for a better brother. Thank you for always looking out for me. I promise to be the best aunt to your children. Happy 55th birthday.

5. It gives me so much joy to celebrate such an enigma. I have never been so fortunate to come across someone like you. That’s why I have come to the conclusion that you are the best amongst every human being. Thank you for being the best brother to me. I wish you a happy and fulfilled 55th birthday.

6. You are the best anyone could ever wish for. Your selflessness is top-notch. Every day, I thank God for blessing my life with such an amazing brother. Even though I can’t thank you enough, I hope God blesses you in and out of this beautiful year. Happy 55th birthday, my lovely brother.

7. No matter how old you may be, you will always be my younger brother. Today, I’m grateful that I have a brother who is headed for old age like me. It has always been my prayer to see you grow older with perfect health. I’m so happy that is your reality. Happy 55th birthday to you. Enjoy yourself.

8. The most important thing for me is to see you prosper. For 55 years of being your brother, I have never regretted being in this position. You always make me proud, even when I least expect it. It’s your 55th birthday, and I hope you get everything you deserve. Happy birthday to you, my darling.

9. You have always had bigger dreams than mine, and I have never stopped supporting you, even though you always get chosen over me. I’m so proud to be your older brother. Everything you’ve achieved in this life, I am totally proud of. God willing, I hope you achieve some more. Happy 55th birthday.

10. I love everything about old age, and I have always prayed that everyone in my family gets to this stage. It’s officially your time, and I can’t be happier. I’m super grateful for how much God has been using you. I’m also grateful to you for putting yourself down like a vessel. It is well with you. Happy 55th birthday.

11. You are the best brother in the whole wide world. Trust me, if I had something very great today, I would give it up for you. You deserve all the beautiful things of life, so I am not surprised how great things keep happening to you. I hope that you experience your best days. Happy 55th birthday.

12. You are the most pleasant person I know. Even as you’re headed for old age, you still haven’t stopped being yourself. I’m so happy to have been your sister for more than 40 years now. I hope you enjoy perfect health and wellness this year. Happy 55th birthday.

13. Before I do anything or take any step, I think of you a million times. I don’t ever want to do anything behind your back, no matter how little. You’ve always been there for me, so you deserve to know everything happening in my life. Happy 55th birthday, my brother.

14. Honestly, I have never seen a brother like you. You’re just the complete package of an amazing man. I’m very sure your wife and kids are very blessed to have you. Thank you for always filling our lives with so much joy and happiness. Here’s wishing you the greatest time of your 55th year.

15. I have always loved and respected you. You’re a very good man, and this is how you’ve always been. I’m grateful to be a sibling to you. You’ve never stopped loving and supporting me. On your 55th birthday, I wish you all you give out in multiple folds. Happy 55th birthday to you.

16. You have always been the best brother, and this isn’t new to anyone. You’ve been the actual best from the very beginning. It gives me so much joy and happiness to actually celebrate your 55th birthday with you. I hope you always stay happy, no matter what. Happy 55th birthday.

17. You are simply the best, and I’m very grateful to God for blessing you with the best family. If only you guys know how much of a blessing you are to the world. I’m sure you’re the reason the world still keeps running. Happy 55th birthday, my dearest brother. Do have fun.

18. You’re the greatest motivator and encourager of all times. What can you not talk me out of? Sometimes, I feel like you’re an angel, and the world doesn’t deserve you. At the same time, I think I would be nothing if you hadn’t come into the world. Happy 55th birthday.

19. The fact that you still make me happy at this age is something that will make me love and respect you forever. I don’t even deserve any of what you do, but you do them anyways. It’s impossible to thank you as you deserve, but I hope God gives you a fix this new year. Happy 55th birthday.

20. Dear brother, we have really come a long way, and now you are celebrating your 55th birthday, which gives me so much joy. How do I even begin to tell of your amazingness? I’m just grateful to have you, and I will forever be. Happy 55th birthday, my dear brother.

21. I don’t only see you as my brother but also as my father. There’s nothing a good father does that you haven’t done for me. You’re the most selfless and supportive person ever. Thank you for always wanting the best for me. I wish you a super-duper happy 55th birthday.

22. To be very honest, you make my dreams come true. Certain things wouldn’t have been possible without you. Today, I want the whole world to know that I have the best brother ever. I don’t mind talking about your amazingness till the kingdom comes. Happy 55th birthday, sweet brother.

23. You’re literally the sweetest brother ever. What have you not done for me? Each and every time, you always come through, without even thinking of the negative effect it could have on your own personal life. You’re just too perfect for just a brother. I wish you heaven’s best. Happy 55th birthday.

24. Celebrating your birthday gives me some beautiful moments. I can’t even skip your birthday. I have forgotten about my birthday a couple of times, but I dare not forget yours. You’re the best, and this lucky lady is blessed to have you. Here’s wishing you the best of your 55th year on earth.

25. It’s very true that I don’t have the exact thing you deserve on your birthday, but I will make do with these written words. You’re my rock and support. There’s nothing that will be left of my life if you decide to leave me today. I hope we stay as siblings forever. Happy 55th birthday, my dear brother.

26. It’s been such an eventful year, but we thank God for His faithfulness. You literally went through fire last year, but I am thankful that you’re in a better place now. It’s your 55th birthday, dear brother. I want you to have as much fun as you desire. Happy 55th birthday to the best brother ever.

27. It’s been 55 years of living on your own terms. You’re the best person ever. I love how you always do your thing without blowing the whistle. You know exactly what to do to get people talking as well. You’re just the best we’ve ever had in this family. Here’s wishing that the world eventually sees your worth. Happy 55th birthday.

28. On your 55th birthday, I don’t have too much to give, but I have really beautiful wishes. I know you still want some things from God, as your needs never finish. I hope God comes through for you. I hope you enjoy them, when He eventually does. Happy 55th birthday to you.

29. I can’t forget how you treated me when we were much younger. No one even had the right to treat me anyhow because they knew I had a brother who always fought for me. Today, I realize the extent to which you went for me back then. I’m here to say that I am grateful again. Happy 55th birthday.

30. You remain the most appreciative person I know. I mean, you’re the older one, and I’m expected to keep making you happy and comfortable, but you still always call to thank me for doing my responsibility. I want to thank you for being a worthy brother. Happy 55th birthday to you.

31. I can’t believe it’s been 55 years already. 55 years of God’s faithfulness and love. 55 years of making mistakes and correcting them. 55 years of being the best to your family and friends, and even other people. You have lived very well, my brother. Cheers to the next 55 years.

32. We all know that my life is literally incomplete without you. You’re the one who makes my clock tick. You’re the one who has always loved me right from the womb. I honestly can’t thank you for giving me so much love. I hope it gets so much that I can spread to the rest of the world. Happy 55th birthday.

33. You have always been a happy person. I doubt if I have ever seen you frown. Even in the face of adversity, you always keep it cool. Honestly, you’re an amazing man, and you deserve all the best. On your 55th birthday, I hope you always enjoy the best. Happy 55th birthday, my brother.

34. I might have been a jerk in the past, but I obviously know better now. All these years you’ve been extending your love to me, I have been looking elsewhere. Now, I know how much you’ve tried to bring me closer to you. Thank God I realized my mistakes already. Thanks for staying with me. Happy 55th birthday.

35. Everyone definitely has something good to say about you. You’re the best of all the people I have met. I can’t stop thanking God for making you, my brother. It’s your 55th birthday, and the whole family is very happy. We all can’t wait to get the party started. Happy 55th birthday, our hero.

36. You have done so much for me than I can ever think of repaying. I’m not even the best sibling. In fact, I obviously don’t deserve all you do. You have never been moved by my nonchalant attitude. I’m grateful for a brother like you who makes life worth living. Happy 55th birthday. You will always remain the best.

37. I have never been so interested in anyone like this. It feels like you’re my only sibling, when you’re just one out of four others. You’re the best amongst them because you are very serious about your life. You have never been found being unserious. It gives me so much joy to welcome you into your 55th year. Happy birthday.

38. I doubt you know how much God has blessed you. Believe me, God loves you a lot. All the things you have now is a fairytale to so many others. I’m very grateful for how much God keeps showing you mercy. I’m so proud of you and your family. Do have a happy 55th birthday, with love from this site.

39. Today, my mouth is filled with songs of Thanksgiving. You’re a man whom God is so particular about. God loves you so much to have blessed you for 55 years straight. I hope you keep being a blessing to others as well. Happy 55th birthday, my dearest brother.

40. I love to call you my father because that’s who you are if I am being honest. You’ve been a father to me, right from the very beginning. You promised to always be there for me after our father passed, and you haven’t stopped. Today, I rejoice with you and pray for you. Happy 55th birthday.

41. The joy you bring into my life is unmatched. I’m sure that I am the first person to ever enjoy that kind of joy. I’m very grateful, to say the least. I’m just hoping that this year is the start of something very great. I love you so much and won’t stop wishing you the best of everything. Happy 55th birthday to you.

42. You have always been very important to me. In fact, I doubt I would be able to do anything without you. You literally look out for me and everything that has to do with me. How convenient? I hope that God blesses you with the length of years. Happy 55th birthday.

43. I can’t believe that you’ve been my brother for 55 years. Oh, you have been very amazing. Being your older brother has really taught me so much than I can forget in a lifetime. Thank you for choosing to be with me. I hope you enjoy the rest of the day. Happy 55th birthday.

44. I have never stopped rejoicing, ever since I started counting down to your birthday. Now, the day is here. I am super grateful for all you’ve been enjoying over the years. You have never left your siblings behind, despite all that has happened. You are truly a good man. Happy 55th birthday to you.

45. I have to be truthful with you; you’re the most wonderful man in the world. I can’t believe that you are 55, today. I’m sure you have no idea how much you’ve impacted my life. Looking back, I can only appreciate for giving me the best of them all. Happy 55th birthday, brother. I love you forever.

46. Nothing in this world will ever make me stop loving you. Even though we both are growing very old, I can never trade you for anyone. You’re the one who has always been there for me when no one else was interested in my affairs. I hope that God keeps blessing you. Have a happy 55th birthday.

47. You have really tried for me and so many others. I have no idea how easy it is to come through for literally everyone. You are a very good person, and you deserve to have a dose of what you’ve been giving out. I hope God gives you multiple doses. Happy 55th birthday to you, my brother.

48. I am literally the happiest person today. I have never been so happy in a long while. Today, the whole family is thanking God for your life and those of your family. I’m so blessed to call you my own brother. Here’s wishing you the best life has to offer, even as you’re turning 55. Happy birthday to you.

49. No one has ever loved me the way you do. You always seize every opportunity to make me a better person. Whatever I am now, I owe it all to you. Thank you for being the best in the whole world. I can’t wait for your children to start enjoying the benefits of an aunt. Happy 55th birthday to you, sir.

50. Last year was a very long one. So many things happened and almost got you wrecked, but thank God for life. Here you are, hale and hearty. I hope you do much more than you planned last year this year. You always have my support, don’t forget that. Happy 55th birthday.

Happy 55th Birthday Brother Quotes

It’s possible that I am far from being the best sister, but I am trying and would love to do better. You, on the other hand, are the best brother anyone could wish for. I do not take your love and kindness for granted. I wish you a happier life. Happy 55th birthday, my brother.

51. God has really blessed you. He has been good to you in every way, and I’m very happy that you keep giving the same energy out to people that deserve it. Everyone has always known you to be a good man. Even at 55, you only keep getting better. I’m so happy for you, my brother. I hope you have the best birthday yet. Happy 55th birthday to you.

52. I can’t believe you’ve spent 55 years being my only brother and friend. Truth be told, we have been through so much together, but we never stopped pressing forward. Today, I return all the glory to God. Happy 55th birthday to you. We are celebrating, till the day breaks.

53. The best dad, brother, husband, friend, worker, and so many more awards should go to you, my brother. You’re literally the best in everything. Wherever you find yourself, you’re always singled out for greatness. I wish I could carry the same grace on you. Happy 55th birthday to you.

54. We have always been very close. Even when the world thinks it’s something else, we have never listened to their side talks and opinions. I’m very happy to be your sibling. You have impacted my life in so many ways, and it feels good to be doing the same thing to other people. Happy 55th birthday to you.

55. You will never know how much you mean to me. Even me, I can’t tell exactly how much. I just know you’re the best part of my life, and I am very blessed to have you in my life. As you keep supporting me, I promise never to disappoint you. I wish you have the happiest 55th birthday of the century. I love you.

56. You have never stopped being important to my life. The way you always stand up for me to support me makes me feel like the world’s happiest sister. I’m sure I don’t deserve even half all you do, but you do it, anyways. Thank you for finding me worthy. Happy 55th birthday to you.

57. Because you always deserve the best, I have the most shocking surprise for you today, but I won’t let the cat out of the bag just yet. I want you to concentrate at work, then come home to have the shocker of the century. Happy 55th birthday, my dear brother. Have fun.

58. Today is the day that you eventually turn 55. Even after all these years, no one has ever succeeded in beating you to hard work. You work very hard, without enough rest. If you ask me, I’d suggest you take the day off to rest. You really need it. We also need to see you on your birthday. Enjoy.

59. Happy 55th birthday to my brother, who has always lived a very boring life. I don’t even know how you keep up with all you do. Honestly, you need to start taking your health seriously as you’re growing. I hope you find the rest you desire. Happy 55th birthday to you.

60. Trust me, you’ve done much more than our parents. In fact, I have always seen you as a parent. You do everything for your siblings without even expecting anything in return. And when we decided to appreciate you with something very small, you rejected it. Today, you must take the gift we got for you. Happy 55th birthday.

61. You always strive to make people happy in your own little way. It doesn’t matter if your contribution is big or small. You just always feel the need to render assistance to people. You’re a rare gem, and I’m grateful that you’re my brother. Happy 55th birthday. I wish you all the best this year has in store.

62. You are the most handsome 55-year old I have seen. You were the one who taught me how to go ahead in life. You taught me never to stop trying. Here I am today, one of the most successful and influential women in the world. I in the world, because you exist, know my life. Happy 55th birthday to you.

63. Having you as my brother has been the greatest pleasure of life. The thought alone makes everything make sense. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m very far from where I used to be. All thanks to you for guiding me through life. Happy 55th birthday, my supportive brother. I love you.

64. It’s been so great to have you in my life. I have never had anything easy on my own until I call for your intervention. I love how you swiftly answer me whenever I call on you. It shows that you have my best interest at heart. This is 55. Here are 55 hearty cheers to this wonderful age. Happy 55th birthday.

65. Life has really dealt with you, mainly because of me. But still, you keep loving and supporting me. Honestly, I don’t know what I have done to deserve such an awesome brother. But whatever it is, I don’t ever want it to stop. Happy 55th birthday, my darling brother.

66. Great is God’s faithfulness, and His mercies are new every morning. It feels so great to see how much work God has done in your life. You aren’t who you used to be anymore. You’re now an example to so many propel who love to be successful. Your life is truly an inspiration Happy 55th birthday.

67. It’s yet another birthday, and I’m very happy to be amongst those who left their jobs and families to celebrate you today. Dear brother, you’ve always been the most wonderful person. You gave me hope just when I thought all was over. Thank you for making it so easy to pick up the pieces of my life. I love you for loving me. Happy 55th birthday.

68. If anyone should have the best gift for you today, then the person would be me. I have always loved and admired your personality. You make it seem easy to live a perfect life. Even though I don’t live a perfect life, I’m very close to having one. Happy 55th birthday.

69. Being your only sister has been one of God’s greatest blessings to me. This is a blessing I can’t do without thanking God for. I honestly am grateful to God for making you the head in everything. You have never failed in delivering your role. What more can I ask for? Happy 55th birthday, my loving brother.

70. Even though you’re still very annoying at this age, I have no choice but to be the first to welcome you into this beautiful year. Life with you has been so blissful and worth living. I hope you don’t stop being the wonderful person you’ve always been. Happy 55th birthday.

71. I deserve all the congratulatory messages today because it’s your birthday, and I seem much happier than you are. Dear brother, you’ve lived very well. You have dedicated your life to serving humanity, and this is just one of the reasons I respect you. Keep it up, dear brother. Do have a happy 55th birthday.

72. I can’t possibly talk about how I got here without mentioning your name. You’ve always been right there in my corner. Nothing in my life is strange to you because you’ve always been carried along. Thank you for being a blessing to me and our household. Happy 55th birthday.

73. Everyone in this family loves and respects you because of the way you carry yourself. You’re such a sweet person with the most beautiful heart. I don’t even know how God made this possible. I just want to be your sister forever. Happy 55th birthday to you.

74. I can’t believe you’re growing old already. You are 55 years old today. Trust me, the fact that you have perfect health makes me feel grateful. You have all you’ve always wanted, and even more. What’s not to thank God for? Happy 55th birthday, my dear brother.

75. You have never been missing in my life. Everything you do has always been in my favour. Sometimes I wonder if you even think about yourself and what you want. Thank you for always wanting the best for me. I wish you long life and prosperity. Amen. Cheers!

76. What more can I say than to appreciate you for being the perfect example of an amazing and supportive brother? I have never seen a brother who abandons everything literally, just to be sure his sister is fine. You support people wey too much. I hope your children see help whenever they seek it. Happy 55th birthday.

77. Very soon, you will be 60 years old. Time has really gone. I can’t believe you aged so fast. Well, I’m glad that you don’t look anything like what you’ve been through. I’m very happy that you’re in the best place, at this stage of your life. Here’s wishing you more of God’s blessings. Happy 55th birthday.

78. You have never stopped being hardworking. If you still work this hard at this age, then I wonder what would be left for your children to work on. You really need to start taking it easy on yourself. You need to start enjoying life, too. Quit working like an elephant. Happy 55th birthday to you.

79. I know just how much you love and root for me. You always want me to win, even when I don’t put in the needed effort. Your support towards my career has really gone a long way. Glad to be one of the most successful people in the world today. It all happened because I have you. Happy 55th birthday.

80. No matter how bad things are, you are always the one who calls me down. You always know the exact words to get me out of that depressed mood. I know I don’t do enough, but I hope you live longer, so you can enjoy it more. Happy 55th birthday to you, my brother.

81. Having an elder brother like you makes the dream clear. In fact, it makes the future bright. If not for your support and encouragement, I am very sure I won’t be here today. So, on your 55th birthday, I want the whole world to know who my brother is. I can’t wait to show you off. Happy 55th birthday to you.

82. Everyone in this family has been waiting for this very day. Now, it is here, and we’re promising to make the most of it. I personally want to take you out to where you’ve never been. I hope you’re impressed at the end of the day. Happy 55th birthday to you. I wish you the best.

83. You have never stopped being there for the people who know you. No matter how inconvenient it may seem, you always show up for everyone. You’re the one I want to be like. I want to live like a king. I want to be able to help everyone without blaming myself for it. I hope to be like you someday. Happy 55th birthday.

84. If God decides to take your life today, you have nothing to fear. You have lived very well. You have given your all to humanity. You have made everyone comfortable with the little they have. The whole will miss you if you leave today. But I hope you never do because angels live forever. Happy 55th birthday.

85. I am one of the numerous people whose lives have been blessed by yourself. Being your sister has really been so good. Everyone wants to get close to me because I have the best brother. You have no idea how it makes me feel, so I will just stop here. Happy 55th birthday.

86. Your amazingness gets me every time. Sometimes, I feel you need to be a bit wicked, and that’s because there will always be bad people, and wickedness is what they deserve. But God despises wicked. Just keep being you. Happy 55th birthday to you. Make sure you have the fun you deserve.

87. Your life is one for the books. I honestly hope that you feel the need to write a book about your whole life someday. I will be one of the first people to get it. I will even market it for free. I’m so elated to welcome you into your 55th year. Here is where you begin to feel old. I wish you the best of this new year. Have a fantastic 55th birthday.

88. You’re the one who has made my life more beautiful and inspiring than it always has. I never knew there was more to life until I began to get very close to you. Never have I ever regretted that decision, as it remains one of the best I ever made. I’m grateful to you. Happy 55th birthday to you.

89. I’m not where I want to be, but because of people like you, I am very far from where I used to be. L
Your life has really taught me so many lessons. It’s a privilege to be your younger brother. Thank you for all you’ve made me learn from you. Do have a happy 55th birthday.

90. I will never forget how amazing you’ve always been. You have never been rude or disrespectful to me. Before I say anything, you already know what I want. You are 55 today, and you still haven’t changed. I’m glad to see that you keep getting better. Your children are blessed to have such an outstanding person as you. Happy 55th birthday.

91. I can’t even imagine how your family feels about you. You’re a blessing on your own. Even as old as I am, I still can’t get past the fact that you’ve always been a blessing to me. You still are, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity. Happy 55th birthday, dear. I hope your children make it fun for you.

92. Oh, time has really gone. I am happy because you’ve always made good use of the little time you have. No matter how little the time is, you always achieve something great. It’s good to see that you’re ageing gracefully. It shows you’re a good person. Happy 55th birthday to you.

93. Life has taught me so much, but your life has taught me much more. I can’t quickly get past the fact that you’ve been an inspiration to me right from the very beginning. Your life is everything everyone will kill to have. I’m glad that I allowed myself to be inspired by you. Happy 55th birthday.

94. You have never been a proud person. You’re so nice and humble to a fault. Sometimes, I think you need to spice things up by being a little bit wicked, but you never seem to be that kind of person. The kind of person you enjoy being is the best. I love to see it. Happy 55th birthday to you, my brother. Love.

95. You have always been looking out for your siblings. You’ve never made a critical decision outside of our knowledge. You always put us first before doing anything. I’m very sure that we do not deserve this amazing treatment from you, but it is what it is. Happy 55th birthday, sweet brother. Have fun.

96. You can be very crazy, but you’re the most cheerful and playful person ever. I’m glad that God placed you in my life to make it better. I just can’t think about making it in life without you. Thank you for all you keep doing. Happy 55th birthday to you.

97. I promise to make everywhere lit today. You deserve a standing ovation and a very grand party today. For being the best brother in the world, I promise to keep taking good care of you. Never are you going to regret having me as your sister. Happy 55th birthday, brother.

98. I can’t control my tears; I can’t stop them from coming. You’ve really been a gentleman with a kind heart. I’m glad to be writing this to you on a day like this. Even though I do not have all it takes to be a great sibling, I will keep seeking to be better because of you. Happy 55th birthday.

99. My dear brother, my whole life revolves around you. You’ve always been there, caring for and making me happy. On your 55th birthday, I wish I could do something very big for you, but since I can’t, I hope you make do with whatever I can afford. You’re the sweetest man ever, and I thank God for you. Happy 55th birthday.

100. You always live by example. You’ve never been too busy to check on your siblings. Honestly, I envy your strength. Thank you for making us understand that one can be very busy and still have time for family. Happy 55th birthday, dear brother. Here’s wishing you the best of this new year. I love you.

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