Happy 44th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 44th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Looking for the right messages or words to describe yourself on your birthday? Look no further! For here, I have made sure that endless search terminates with this page. Be it best messages or wishes and prayers for your birthday, I’ve got you covered.

For special birthdays like your 44th birthday, you will have to be your own hype man because no one can actually understand how happy you are or the feelings of joy in you. therefore, you don’t want to miss out on happy 44th birthday to me wishes and quotes which are designed to help you celebrate yourself on your birthday.

So, don’t be left out of the party. Make everyone know that you deserve to be celebrated and that your joy comes from within you and not dependent on others. Get the messages and use them to work out their magic. You will find them interesting.

Best 44th Birthday Messages for Myself

Though beautiful messages flood my timeline today as I mark this 44th birthday, yet, the best of all is God is with me. Happy 44th birthday to me.

1. It is another year. It is another birthday! Happy 44th birthday to me. It is going to be a wonderful year.

2. The journey of another year just began. It’s my 44th birthday and I wish myself all the best as I look forward to a better year.

3. The joy in me cannot be fully comprehended by any other person apart from me. This 44th birthday comes with special blessings. Happy birthday to me.

4. I cannot but give glory to God for his faithfulness that is forever sure. It’s my 44th birthday! Rejoice with me.

5. Today, there is a melody in my heart and I am happy to be alive. Happy 44th birthday to me. To God be all glory.

6. What a wonderful day today has been. Happy birthday to me. I know that the best is just beginning to manifest.

7. For the earnest expectation of the entire creation awaits the manifestation of the children of God. In this new age, I shall manifest beyond measure. Happy 44th birthday to me.

8. Today is the day the Lord has made. I am eternally grateful to see this day alive. I do not take it for granted for this 44th birthday is to be a blessing. Happy birthday to me.

9. I am pressing on the upward way where there are minimal hindrances. This day as I clock 44 years, the door for that way is opening. Happy birthday to me.

10. There is nothing as beautiful as a life devoid of worries and troubles of life. This is what I desire as my 44th birthday unfolds itself. Happy birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to Me 44 Years Old

I can shout it loud. Today makes me 44 years old. Hurrah! I wish myself a splendid year of breaking records. Happy birthday to me.

11. I am a rare personality because I am privileged to attain 44 years on earth. I am a special breed from the Lord. Happy birthday to me.

12. Henceforth, I shine like a morning star showing forth its beauty both day and night. Hurrah! I am 44 years old today.

13. Who can measure the extent of the joy in me. I am very pleased to be associated with the 40 clubs and to know that I am 44 years old today brings me joy. Happy birthday to me.

14. What a marvellous God I serve. These past years have been full of ups and downs but God saw me through and today I am 44 years old. Happy birthday to me.

15. Through thick, through thin. In joy, in pain, in abundance and scarcity, I’ve journeyed on till this day. I have many more journeys still ahead but today I celebrate 44 years old.

16. No person can measure the extent of my joy today because I am the only one that truly understands what it means to be 44 years old. Happy birthday to me.

17. On this glorious day when I turn 44 years, I look back and saw how God carried me in His arms. Thanks be to God. Happy birthday to me.

18. Great things the Lord has done. Like a father, he nursed me and gave me all that I needed. Today I am 44 years old. Happy birthday to me.

19. If the Lord has not been on my side, what would I have said? Glory be God in the highest. Happy birthday to me as I clock 44 years old.

20. I can shout it loud. I can sound the alarm. I am 44 years old. Happy birthday to me.

44th Birthday Prayer Wishes for Myself

My prayers every day is that I should never know a better yesterday and that my tomorrow must be greater. These are my wishes once again on my 44th birthday. Happy birthday to me.

21. I am a product of God’s grace and I can never be shaken by the troubles of the world. Even as I mark my 44th birthday, heaven shall attend to my prayers. Happy birthday to me.

22. Today I declare that whatever it is that would contaminate my joy is cancelled because I belong to the most powerful God. Happy 44th birthday to me.

23. On my birthday, I pray that the Lord shall draw me closer every day and he shall lift me in due time. Happy birthday to me.

24. By the outstretched arm of the Almighty God, I shall be saved from all troubles of life. Happy 44th birthday to me.

25. By the grace of the Almighty God, in this new age, I Shall be a lender and not a borrower because of the overflowing prosperity that shall surround my life. Happy 44th birthday to me.

26. The one I serve is forever faithful, he neither sleeps nor does he slumber. On this special occasion of my 44th birthday, I leave myself under his care and protection. Happy birthday to me.

27. The grace of God has appeared to all men but on my 44th birthday, I pray for greater grace to stand out among the crowd. Happy 44th birthday to me.

28. I have a request to make on this 44th birthday and that is: Lord set me up on the higher ground and makes me a point of discussion for men. This I pray for today. Happy birthday to me.

29. Happy 44th birthday to me. I am a work in the hands of the Lord. He will keep working on me and he will never abandon me. I wish myself a happy birthday.

30. On this special occasion of my 44th birthday, I pray for a more open door for greater exploits and that this new age will amount to more breakthroughs and successes.

31. To be a shining star is my prayer and desire for this birthday. Congratulations to me, I am 44 years today.

32. On this fateful day, I ask that the Lord blessed the works of my hands and show me mercy in all my dealings. Happy 44th birthday to me.

33. Amid the fire, the Lord will be with me. Every year has its challenges but I pray that my 44th birthday will be a year of great achievements.

34. This special occasion shall herald the unprecedented success that I shall record in my life, happy 44th birthday to me.

35. The Lord has granted me another year on earth. I pray that everything I need to live a responsible life shall be given unto me. Happy 44th birthday to me.

36. Every new age comes with its responsibility. I pray that I shall not be found wanting when I am supposed to be responsible for progress. Happy 44th birthday to me.

37. Day by day, year by year, as we grow older, life begins to unfold in all its new dimensions. I pray for an increase in my capacity to accommodate every shade of life. Happy 44th birthday to me.

38. The glorious God that I serve will make my life glorious. By the reason of this 44th birthday, I shall shine brighter and brighter. Happy birthday to me.

39. This is the beginning of the celebration to me. Happy 44th birthday to me. My year of special unveiling has come.

40. For there is no mountain that cannot be surmounted. As long as the Lord is involved, every mountain shall be brought low and every valley shall be exalted. This is my desire and my prayer. Happy 44th birthday to me.

44th Birthday Quotes for Myself

Even though there are many things to say, but few words or quotes are more relevant to celebrate this special 44th birthday. I desire to be the head and never the tail. Happy birthday to me.

41. To whom much is given, much is also expected. I have been given so much in these 44 years. I hope not to disappoint in the coming years. Happy 44th birthday to me.

42. When there is life, there is hope. I give glory to God for making me alive to celebrate my 44th birthday. I go on in the hope that tomorrow will be better. Happy birthday to me.

43. The true state of the heart is when one is in need and when one has an abundance. I have passed through both and I know that my coming years will show the glory of God in my life.

44. Life is beautiful; it only depends on the angle we are looking at it from. I have decided to look at life from the angle of the beauty that comes from it. I know that this year will be great for me. Happy 44th birthday to me.

45. One day at a time. I am so happy that I am 44 years old today. To God be all the glory for the wonderful things he has done in my life.

46. Better is the end of a thing than its beginning. I believe that my end will be more glorious than my beginning. Happy 44th birthday to me.

47. Tough times never last but tough people do. In the past 44 years, there have been tough times but I thank God for making me a tough person. Happy 44th birthday to me. Better years ahead.

48. No matter how glorious today maybe, my tomorrow will be more glorious. Happy 44th birthday to me.

49. There is a joy for the earth that think about the good things of life. I believe that the good things of this life will never elude me. I am looking forward to the new year. Happy 44th birthday to me.

50. Shout it aloud to every corner of the earth. Let the birds chatter in these words. Let the breeze take it far away. I am 44 years old. Happy birthday to me.

There is no rule forbidding you to celebrate yourself, so my dear, celebrate this special day of yours with these happy 44th birthdays to me messages.

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