Happy 44th Birthday Son Wishes and Quotes

Happy 44th Birthday Son Wishes and Quotes

The amazing feeling of celebrating one’s birthday is second to none. Birthdays are special and I feel no birthday is more special than the other. Every birthday should be considered a milestone because it is actually a significant event in your life.

Also, the feeling of celebrating your awesome son on his birthday is a joyful and happy one, because it is not every day you get to celebrate a new chapter of his life. Believe me, four decades with 4 years on this blessed earth is no joke, no doubt, you might have celebrated him for 43 years but this 44th birthday of his deserves equal if not more celebration because he is gradually approaching middle age and I tell you, the middle age comes with its crisis and happy moments.

So, celebrating your son on his 44th birthday will definitely pull his mind off the crisis of life and make him realise how grateful and happy he should be on this blessed day of his. That’s why I have gathered these happy 44th birthday son wishes and quotes to help you celebrate your son in the best way he deserves.

Happy 44th Birthday Wishes to My Son

Happy 44th birthday to my darling son, you are my light and purpose and I can’t but wish that all your heart’s desires are met in this new chapter of yours. I hope that lines fall in pleasant places for you and that you have an amazing year ahead. Love you to a million pieces.

1. Happy 44th birthday to my amazing son. God made you perfect the way you are. You’ve turned 44 and you are a star. Have a wonderful time son. I wish you an awesome year ahead.

2. You are finally 44, son, so it’s the perfect time for you to follow all your passions and things that always makes you happy. Happy 44th birthday, dearest son. God Bless You in abundance!

3. It’s your 44th birthday, I will like to wish you the best of everything in life, May you find your way to happiness and all the good things of life! Stay happy, son. Happy 44th birthday!

4. To that wonderful son of the family whose presence is well known for his lovely heart, who has been the very best has added another year today. You are the best and that’s why I will like to wish you lots of achievement and much knowledge. Happy birthday, son.

5. Without pain and sacrifices, we would have nothing. Believe in your dreams, trust your abilities and never back down. I wish you luck, courage and glory on your special day. Happy 44th birthday.

6. You’ve clocked the age 44, and it means you’ve stepped up to be so fabulous and I pray your life goes in the right direction and also that you get to do things that you know are really good for you. Age with massive grace, son. Happy 44th birthday, dearest.

7. Happy birthday, son. You are going to have fun today ’cause I know you, I hope that the year ahead keeps all your worries at bay. HAPPY 44th birthday dearest, son.

8. With the love of family alike and the love that friends have shown to you, with the love of things that you always want and the ways that you’ve always treaded, I’m wishing you every special thing on this awesome day of yours. Happy 44th birthday.

9. Wishing you all the happiness, love, fun and long life in the world. You are a wonderful son. Have an amazing birthday. Happy 44th birthday, dear son.

10. Happy 44th birthday to the most awesome, wonderful, outrageously funny, handsome and great son in the whole world. Have a blessed birthday!

11. You are the best that has happened to our family, giving us so much laughter, joy and love. So, on your birthday, we are saying thank you and also reminding you of how very much we love you. Happy birthday.

12. You are celebrating your 44th birthday, so I pray God gives to you a day filled with exceeding grace, lots of fun and also that he makes your ways prosperous. Happy birthday, son.

13. You are the most amazing son all parents would intend to have. And that’s why I pray to God to bless your new age with more wisdom, happiness and more success than ever before. Happy 44th birthday son.

14. You remains the loveliest son and that’s why I wish you a blessed year, so that all who sees you, learn that good people are always rewarded. Have a very happy 44th birthday!

15. Your name gives me much happiness that anytime I look at your face I remember that very day I birthed you in the hospital, and now you are full-grown. I pray God to bless you more than ever before and I wish that you age with an abundance of grace. Happy 44th birthday son.

16. You surely have a reason to rejoice, you surely have a reason to look wonderful and nice more than ever before, also you have a reason to smile all day, and more so you have reasons to you dictate very well for yourself and do things that you know are best for you. Happy 44th birthday my son.

17. You suddenly look more mature, wiser, smarter, clever and more handsome even more than ever before. Is it a miracle from heaven or it’s just because today is your birthday? Age 44 looks good on you. Happy birthday, son.

18. With every of your birthday that passes every year, your jokes become funnier, your poems become more meaningful, and your gestures more graceful. And that’s why I’m praying to God for him to grant you long life added with prosperity in good health. Happy 44th birthday dear son.

19. Your birthday has always been a reminder for me that growing is super fun. Son, having you beside me has really been good right from your birth till now. I wanted a son and boom! God gave me that very best son, now you’ve turned 44 and I’m begging God to bestow upon you more knowledge to rule above your working mates. Happy 44th birthday.

20. On your birthday, I am wishing you a day bright as the morning star, sweet just like horny, beautiful just like the sunflowers, clean as sheep and greater than ever before. Enjoy your 44th birthday my dear.

21. You never changed your attitude while growing up neither did you changed your heart when you got married, that’s why you remain very special to me, a son like you is nothing but a blessing, A blessing that I will forever keep. I love you sin. Happy 44th birthday.

22. My son, you have grown so well, your ways may be different, but to me, everything about you remains all the same, and for me, you still remain my amazing son. The love I have for you, being my first son stands still. I love you. Happy 44th birthday.

23. You’ve grown big with time, but for me, you always remain my son, you are now more successful in life and that didn’t change the fact that you are still my beloved son. But I will always say I love you a lot my son and I want you to be blessed in Life. Cheers to your new age. Happy 44th birthday son.

24. You may be a fine executive working in a big company, earning the big bucks and living the big life, but for me, you remain the little toddler whose finger I held from childhood. May you have a great life ahead son. Happy 44th birthday.

25. That wonderful son who held My finger the very first he wanted to walk, that one who hugs me anything I get him gifts, that one who always wants me to read stories for him before he goes to bed has turned Age 44 today. I’m grateful to God for giving me a wonderful son like him. Many more happy returns my son. Happy 44th birthday.

Happy 44th Birthday Son Quotes

Happy 44th birthday to you, dear son, you have truly been a blessing in disguise and I thank you for all that you have done. I wish for you that in this new year of yours, blessings, love, joy and goodness shall be your companion. Love you bunches, may this be your best year yet.

26. You have really made us proud with compassion, son, you are very kind and gentle. For me, you are always our number one. Wishing you a very amazing 44th birthday.

27. You do not look like you have turned 44 at all, you look so hot and you look so chic, actually, you have changed the perception of being 44. You look so nice, great and handsome with the age. Best wishes for age 44 dear. This is so wonderful. Happy 44th birthday son.

28. With the joy and pleasure in your heart, your happiness is your treasure, so forget all heart worries this day, and make it wonderful all the way, celebrate with family and friends so that you can create some wonderful moments, that you can cherish in life. Wishing you a great 44th birthday son. Have a nice day!

29. Special people like you deserve so much love, it’s your happy 44th birthday, so have fun and enjoy this life as well. Leave the past behind and start new beginnings in life. Play and feel the magic alike. Happy 44th birthday son.

30. You can laugh a little at this time, and you can also have good times because age 44 is a perfect way to make your day more awesome. Yes, you are finally 44 and may the content be good. Happy 44th birthday son.

31. With this new age, you have gained wisdom, more memories alike. Enjoy this day with your family and friends cause your heart is still childlike. Having a fabulous 44th birthday is my wish for you on this special day of yours. Happy 44th birthday son. Cheers to your new age.

32. The more you age my dear, the more valuable life becomes, there are more lessons of being wise, and it pays off your sacrifices. 44 reasons to be happy, 44 ways to dream about. Happy 44 birthday to you, son.

33. Your best life has just started so you have to do things the right way you know it will work, and whenever you want to make conclusions just make sure you remember you ain’t a kid anymore. I pray God adds to your sense of reasoning. Happy 44th birthday son.

34. The best life is here, you have to see many things untold, look pretty and feel so happy this is just a thing to hold. 44 is just the new phase of life, A phase when you are free and happy. Happy 44th birthday son.

35. Stop worrying as this should not be on your bucket list, do things that you have missed cause you are still very young at heart, so this is like your way to start. Wishing you a happy 44 birthday filled with good luck and happiness. Feel young too because that is what you are, Always a shining star son!

36. Your life story is halfway, and the best time to do things that you are supposed to do, 44 is the proper age to do things you wish to do so far, more power and happiness on turning 44, more things that I want you to get is that 44 is a cool number pretty intensive to forget. Wishing you a beautiful and favourable 44th birthday son.

37. God’s grace for you is just too awesome my dear, you have the things that you hold through, can’t imagine that you are entering your 44, a period whereby you are halfway through. Wishing you an awesome age 44, for the time so new. Cheers to the new age 44 son.

38. Today you should look back and realize that life has really been good, say thank you to God for all you’ve got, say thank you to God from your most pleasant thoughts because 44 is also handsome as you are. Happy 44 birthday son, for all your hopes, are now new.

39. To my God sent son who is age 44 today, I’m wishing him more achievements in life added an abundance of God’s blessing in good health, wealth, God’s love added with the love of parents, friends and the love of your family. May you live long like the oldest man in the bible. Happy 44th birthday son.

40. Today on this handsome day, I’m wishing and greeting you with a sweet message, you are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream, but at times you might be too young to achieve it. Happy 44th birthday son.

41. You will understand yourself better son, you will pass each test in life, There are different moments to be happy In life, but with a tint of being so wise. 44 is the thing for you, being all good as you are true. Wishing you a fun-filled 44th birthday. God bless you son!

42. There are some new adjectives that can associate you with age 44, being bold is one of them and being handsome isn’t left out. You can also be the best, that very best that has been in you. 44 is the perfect age to define you. Happy 44th birthday Son.

43. You will now discover the new avenues of life, explore things that you wanted to, do things to change your thinking, as you are an adult and no longer a youth. Anyways I’m wishing you a great 44 birthday with awesome achievements. Happy 44th birthday son.

44. You’ve been a special son I know, now that you are an adult, your ways are still the same, you have that innocence of the name, never change and be the person who loves to smile. Wishing you a happy and amazing 44th birthday dear son.

45. Dear son, I know you are very excited as you’ve added a new year today that makes you age 44, but there is always caution with care, you can do what you want to, but make your decisions rare, so as not to suffer for the fault. Have a great 44th birthday son.

46. You have more responsibilities now, you have to act as you are, you have all the reasons to be the way you always want to be. Stay as you are and you will know that life has many colours to show. I pray God to grant all your heart desires according to his riches in glory. Happy 44th birthday.

47. You have had 44 years of awesome times, you had such an amazing charm son, so full of happiness and loved ones around, I hope this continues forever so strong, stay as you’ve always been son this is just the beginning of a time to cheer. Happy 44 birthday.

48. You deserve a special celebration my son, and you deserve the moment special all the way. How can I not wish you all the good luck? Cause it’s a very big day for you my dearest son. And that’s why I will keep wishing you an awesome birthday added with great years ahead. Happy 44th birthday.

49. On your birthday, I’m wishing you loads of happiness with sufficient grace added with years filled with lots of grace wisdom to be above other working mates. Happy 44th birthday son.

50. Happy 44th birthday son, I’m saying amen to all your silent prayers and I also pray that God answers them all. Cheers to your age 44, my darling son.

I hope this happens to be an awesome 44th year birthday for your best son, and I also hope you love these wonderful 44th birthday wishes to your son.

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