Happy 41st Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 41st Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Girlfriends are a set of inestimable individuals. I can categorically and emphatically say to you that their kind of love can be so special and endearing. A kind of love that sacrifices everything for someone else especially when you are not connected by blood.

There is no point in stressing yourself over what I can help you do. Just choose from any of these cute happy 41st birthday wishes for girlfriend and you will be glad you did.

It will be extremely heart-warming for your girlfriend to see you express your love for her especially if she is one that you have come a long way together. Why not decide to send her any of this list of exquisite birthday quotes for girlfriend to celebrate her birthday.

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Best 41st Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

I want to take the privilege of today to wish you all the happiness in the world. My birthday prayer for you is that may God shower His blessings upon you forever and grant you all that you desire. Wishing you a hay birthday. Have a great day and a fruitful year ahead. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

1. Happy birthday, girlfriend. Many more years to come and many more calendar to destroy.

2. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend, age with sufficient grace. Wishing you more glorious, blessed and beautiful years to come.

3. Happy birthday to you charming queen. More fruitful years to celebrate in sound health and wealth in Jesus name. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend

4. Happy 41st Birthday to you, girlfriend. God bless your new age. May you be granted wisdom, knowledge and understanding and may your heart desires be granted. Enjoy your 41st birthday dear.

5. Here is wishing you a day full of laughter and joy and a year that brings you much success. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

6. Nancy in the building. Nancy is 41. Happy birthday to this beautiful woman, may your joy be full. May wealth, health and success always be yours. Happy 41st birthday.

7. May you continually have reasons to have a beautiful glowing smiling face at all times friend. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

8. I wish you a wonderful happy 41st birthday. May God keep you and yours and may your heart desires be fulfilled. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

9. I feel so blessed that you are celebrating another birthday and I thank God for making your life so wonderful. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

10. Congratulations on the uncommon favour of seeing another amazing year full of God’s blessings, kindness, love and mercy. I ray you today and always, God will be faithful to you. You will continue to ascend and not descend. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

11. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend, you will increase on every side. You will always be above and not beneath. You will go places and stand before kings and queens. Enjoy your day dear.

12. Paranran…paranran…birthday wishes from your dearly beloved friend. I love and appreciate your spirit. May your barn overflow with increase and may your path keep shining brighter and brighter. Happy birthday my dearest girlfriend. Long life and prosperity in good health and sound mind. Have a fulfilled day.

13. When you pray for friends, please pray for a beautiful one like mine. Beautiful inside and outside. It is my prayer that you will long to enjoy life. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

14. To a wonderful soul and personality, happy 41st birthday. may the Lord be gracious unto you in this your new age. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

15. My very good friend with a good and godly heart, on this occasion of your birthday and beyond, you will do exceedingly well and great fortunes shall attend your way. Thank you for your kind heart and generosity. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

Being my girlfriend, you can’t be small in life, it is too late for you to fail. I have said it to outsiders often and I’m saying it for you to see now: you are one of my biggest inspiration and motivation. This season is a new season of help and lifting for you. Happy 41st birthday girlfriend.

16. You begin to take charge of your growth when you accept the fact that no one owes you anything. This will give you a clear picture of who you want to be and what you should do to become who you are destined to be. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

17. People take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness. Just because they are not on your road doesn’t mean you have gotten lost. Remain focused. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

18. Your actions won’t change until your mind does. Change your mindset and see yourself become the best. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

19. So often we don’t pay attention to the way our thoughts affect our attitudes. As you clock another year, don’t let your thoughts push you around; push your thoughts around and be made new in the attitude of your mind. Happy 41st birthday girlfriend.

20. Doors may close but there are always new opportunities. Keep your head u and eyes wide open. Expect the very best to manifest in your life, even in transition. Happy 41st birthday girlfriend.

21. Some important ingredients that guarantee success include creating your vision, setting your goals, breaking them into daily tasks, anticipating obstacles, oppositions and learning to deal with the limiting factors. Learn to visualize your success and believe in yourself. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

22. Talk is cheap, anyone can talk. Wish is equally cheap, even beggars now afford it. Action is the deal, nothing changes until you get into action! Take action and change your life. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

23. If the ship fails to come to you, swim out to meet the ship. No matter how soothing and comforting your excuse is, it will not amount to success. Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend.

24. What we think or what we know, or what we believe, is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do. Aspire to do the right thing. Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend.

25. Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts. Keep pushing. Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend.

26. Your thoughts may be noble, your intentions may be right, your knowledge may be praiseworthy likewise your belief, but they do not count as much as what you do! Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend.

27. The ability to take decisive action is usually a gap that separates the winners from the losers! It also separates record keepers from record breakers. Your good works keep speaking about you. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

41st Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

You have been my girlfriend, lover, gist mate and best friend. I look at the passage of time and wow! Look how far we have come! The same feeling from the first day of our meeting is heavily replicated and more. Just accept my 41st Birthday greetings to you. Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend.

28. Beyond beautiful words, I declare my love for you on your forty-oneth birthday. Thank you for the blessedness of the past years. Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend.

29. Epistle cannot explain how much you have sacrifice or gone through for me as your friend and every single person connected to you. Thank you for your support thus far, you don’t have a copy, it is just you. Happy 41st birthday, girlfriend.

30. To my world best girlfriend, sometimes I wonder how I got to your heart. Your love and concern for me is something else. Thank you for accepting me. Happy 41st birthday, girlfriend.

31. Darling, you are a rare breed, a rare gem, a superwoman, a leader, a wonderful motivator and a beautiful innovator. Your life is a special inspiration to me, your type is not common to come by. This is my little way of saying thank you for everything you represent. Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend.

32. I have found the best girlfriend ever. She’s courageous, compassionate, caring, cute, clever, courteous, cool, calm, creative, colourful, cheerful, careful, cultured, committed and widely celebrated. I can go on and on but I chose to stop here just to say Happy 41st birthday, girlfriend.

33. Welcome to the train darling friend. Welcome to the train, I have been waiting for you all along. I celebrate you today my girlfriend. Happy 41st birthday, girlfriend.

34. Your life is such a precious gift to me. I’m so happy to celebrate another year with you as your girlfriend. Every day I remember you, my heart blesses you. Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend.

35. Your birthday marks another year; such hay times we’ve spent together, I couldn’t ask for more. Sending precious minutes, hours and days with you, is worth appreciating.
Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend.

36. I so much love your quiet spirit and passion for God. This was part of what attracted me to you and it has also kept us coming all the years. Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend.

37. Searching around the world, I’ve never seen the one to stand in the position you are to me. As you are a year older today, may your efforts be crowned with good success. Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend.

38. Happy 41st birthday to my cute friend. people have known us to be one. Having you around has been about nothing but fun. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend. Enjoy your special day, dear.

Cute 41st Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

Your birthday was yesterday but I decided to do say my wishes today so that you could see have time to see many other greetings that flooded your page yesterday. Here is a cute 41st Birthday wish for you, girlfriend – grow in sufficient grace. Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend.

39. Thank you so much for your numerous sacrifices just so I could have a chance at happiness. You are absolutely the best. For being the sweetest girlfriend in the world, I wish you blessings and happiness beyond your wildest imagination. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

40. You are the most beautiful woman and outstanding woman in my life and may you continually remain relevant. Have a beautiful birthday my love. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

41. You are a perfect model of God’s gift to the world. May your day be filled with God’s blessings, love and happiness. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

42. May the goodness and mercy of God locate you and grace you with new things. New grounds shall you break into. Grace for great exploits in this new year shall be made available to you. Age gracefully girlfriend. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

43. My friend like no other, thank you for accepting to marry my brother. A friend turned wife and sister. Blessed are you among women. May God give you light to see more of His purpose for you as you turn a year older today. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

44. It’s your birthday today, I thank God for His grace upon your life and I am so excited to see you journey through another year. In this new year, God will increase you in love, wisdom and strength. May your days be long, may you always meet the favour of God in all areas of your life. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

45. We’ve shared so much in love and friendship. Each year our bond just deems to grow more and more. Thank you for all those years of sacrifice. I love you. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

46. Happy 41st birthday to you, girlfriend. You are such a great and excellent leader, strength for you today and brighter hoe for tomorrow. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

47. Happy birthday, babe. You’re such an easy-going and fun to be with. The Lord will grant all your heart desires this new year. Your days are blessed. Happy 41st Birthday Girlfriend.

48. You are such an exceptional personality, beautiful and gorgeous. You matter in the matter of my life. The Lord will cause His face to shine round about you and His glory has risen upon you. Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend.

49. Happy 41st birthday my darling. You will never know a better yesterday. Your path shines brighter and brighter. I love you and celebrate you deeply. Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend.

50. My very dear friend, Happy 41st Birthday to you. You grow stronger, wiser, healthier and wealthier. More impact in life. Happy 41st Birthday, Girlfriend. I love you so dearly.

You are still wondering what to do with these quotes, wishes or greetings? Do not think too far. Sending any of these happy 41st birthday wishes for girlfriend alongside some gifts won’t be a bad idea.

In fact, uploading her picture on your social media handles and attaching any of these wishes will be a perfect decision to make. You can thank me later.

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