Happy 40th Birthday Aunty Wishes and Messages

Happy 40th Birthday Aunty Wishes and Messages

The age that one can be a youth and also be classified as getting old is the age 40. It’s a milestone that tells how far one has come, where one is and what the future holds. This is a very important age in virtually anyone’s life.

Someone at 40 would want to avoid the saying that a fool at 40 is a fool forever because there is still strength to achieve more. Celebration at this age, is, therefore, an important event.

When someone like your aunt clocks 40 years of age and being someone you cherish, there is a need to let the whole world know you are celebrating a queen in your aunt. This would make her not only happy but feel loved.

Below are some interesting happy 40th birthday aunty wishes and messages you can send and make your aunty enjoy being 40. And guess what? You will find other 40s birthday wishes here too: 41st birthday wishes to 49th. So, when your aunt celebrates another new age in her 40s, you can always come here for wishes.

Happy 40th Birthday Messages for My Aunt

Precious aunt, sending you messages on your birthday is not enough to express how much I care, but I hope my sincere wishes beam a smile on your beautiful face and make you say ‘Oh! I’m blushing’. You deserve happiness every day and I’m telling you how much you mean to me. Happy 40th birthday to you, ma’am.

Check out these beautiful birthday messages to wish your aunt the best on her 40th birthday.

1. Let the earth rejoice, it’s the world’s best aunt’s birthday. I wish you more wisdom to continue to excel. I love you dearest Aunt. 40 looking like a teenager.

2. If riches are owned by attitude, I’m very sure Bill Gates will be way behind you. Your attitude towards everyone is so unique. May you have an abundance of blessings. Happy 40th birthday, sweetest aunt.

3. Permit me to use this medium to wish my caring aunt a happy birthday. Thank you for making me see you as my role model. You live an exemplary life that I wish to emulate. I hold you dear to my heart. Enjoy your 40, ma’am.

4. You have attained the age where you want to see how far you have come and how far is the journey ahead. Don’t worry, aunt, I can say boldly that you are doing well. Happy birthday sweet, aunt.

5. I call you king of queens because you are strong, brave and energetic. May your strength not weary. Happy 49th birthday, darling aunt.

6. You are the only aunt I call my best friend. Your smile is out of this world. May you continue to shine brightly. Happy 40th birthday, sweet aunt.

7. I love you, dear aunty. You are just so pure and unique. May your 40th birthday brings goodies. Enjoy your day, darling aunt.

8. Whenever the sun comes out, it shines and not dull. May your day be bright and may you shine like the sun as you celebrate your 40th birthday. Happy birthday, pretty aunty.

9. For the love you have shown to me, for all your words that has makes me unique and for your heart that is feel with generosity, I pray you live and abound in His blessings. Happy birthday, aunty. 40 is the new age.

10. You age like a fine wine, aunty. You love like a child and you forgive with so much ease. Continue to enjoy God’s grace. Happy 40th birthday to you, dear aunt.

11. Whenever I’m down, I know I have your shoulder to lean on. You see success in failure. You helped me achieve my dreams. May all your dreams come true. Happy birthday to you. Rock your 40 like the queen that you are.

12. Welcome to the big 40 where your dreams come true, where your u look ageless and where you see how much I truly love you. Happy birthday, cutest Aunt.

13. Thank you for holding me tight when the world let go of me, thank you for seeing my inner cry when no one noticed. Having you as an aunt is the greatest gift I’ve received. Happy birthday to you. May God never stop blessing you. Enjoy your 40 ma’am.

14. May the joy of being 40 dwells in your life now and forevermore. Keep shinning, sweetest aunt. Happy birthday.

15. For all that you are to me (an advisor, a counsellor, my cheerleader and my supporter), may God be much more to you. I love you, dear aunt. Happy 40th birthday to you mama.

16. If only words can give one long life, I’m sure you would live more than Methuselah. For you are a great woman. Happy birthday as you celebrate your 40th year on mother earth, my favourite Aunt.

17. Your generosity is top-notch, you live wholeheartedly without any blemishes. You encourage without any form of hypocrisy. You will live long on this planet dearest Aunt. Happy 40 years.

18. In all of my 20 years on earth, I’ve never seen a kind-hearted person like my aunty. You give with joy. May you live long ma. Walk like a queen on your 40th ma’am.

19. Dear aunt, I’m sending you a big tight hug on your 40th birthday. May you continue to live a fulfilled life. Enjoy it completely.

20. A happy birthday wishes to you my ever-radiant aunt. Continue to have the course to be better. Step into the beauty of being 40. Happy birthday to you.

21. Fear aunt, I’m sending you a huge hug on your 40th birthday. May you live a fulfilled life. Enjoy your 40th completely.

22. Just like the stars in the sky, may you twinkle, shines and radiate the world with your beautiful heart. Your 40 years celebration is new prosperity. Happy birthday, sweet aunt.

23. A happy birthday wishes to you my caring aunt, you will never have reasons to be bitter but more reasons why you’re the best. Cheers to the newest 40 in town.

24. In all of my 20 years on earth, I’ve never seen a kind-hearted person like my aunt. Your willingness to give without grumbling is awe-mazing. Live long ma. Happy 40th birthday to you.

25. What can be exciting than stepping into a milestone where you enjoy being a youth and becoming old. May your expectations on your birthday be fulfilled. Happy birthday on your 40th birthday, dearest aunt.

26. Hurray! I’m so excited to see you step into another milestone, dear aunt. May it come with countless joy. Happy 40th birthday to your precious aunt.

27. May you be blessed with peace of mind dearest aunt. Happy birthday on your 40th ma. Enjoy it to the fullest.

28. The world may be glad to have you in this generation, but I’m blessed to have you in my life. Happy 40th birthday my cutest aunt. I wish you forever joy. Keep shining.

29. I am wishing you nothing but happiness on your 40th birthday dearest aunt. Enjoy your day.

30. Your kind words and hugs are forever appreciated, dear aunt. Happy 40 years on earth to you.

31. I’m sure when you look back, you will feel fulfilled and blessed. May you not experience sadness. Walk calmly into your glorious 40.

32. One of my greatest achievement is found in your words of encouragement. Thank you for being there always. May everything around breathe success. Happy 40 dear aunt.

33. If there’s an award for best aunt in the world, you are definitely going to win. You are the best among the best. Happy birthday, ma’am. Rick your 40 sweetly.

34. There are only two aunties in the world. You and others. You are just too good for me. Enjoy the celebration of your 40 years of living.

35. Happy 40th birthday to my awesome aunty. May it bring surprises to you. Happy celebration.

36. I want to brag about my aunt because she means so much to me. I don’t joke with you aunt because you don’t joke with me. May your 40th birthday bring an everlasting smile to your beautiful face. Happy birthday, my lovely aunt.

37. My superwoman, heroin and confidant. As you celebrate your 40th birthday today, may you continue to be relevant to this world. Happy birthday to you, my sweet aunt.

38. To say I love you is an understatement, you are my world dearest aunt. Thank you for always making me better. Continue to excel dearest aunt. Happy 40 years of success.

39. Sweetest aunt, in you I found three humans (mother, sister and friend). As you clock 40 today, may you begin to receive triple blessings, joy and goodness. Have a fortified day.

40. As you celebrate your 40th birthday today, may you be fortified with multiple grace. Stay beautiful always dearest aunt.

41. On your 40 years birthday, I pray God’s protection and goodness be with you now and forever. Happy birthday, my best aunt. Everyday happiness for you.

42. Here’s to my aunty who inspires me to do better. I wish you a spectacular birthday. Enjoy your day my 40 looking 14 aunt.

43. From now, daily protection, weekly blessings, monthly success and yearly achievement. These are my wishes for you as you enter another milestone darling aunt. Enjoy your day with the whole of you.

44. As you clock 40 years today, may happiness filled your beautiful heart and may your new age gives you to see yourself as an achiever. Happy celebration special aunt.

45. As you step into your 4th decades on earth sweet aunt, May it open doors of greatness and riches. Rock your 40 years on style.

46. Welcome to a new decade of your life. May it be of peace, joy and happiness dear aunt. Happy 40th birthday to you.

47. With joy in my heart, I’m sending you a perfect prayer. May you be happy all the days of your existence and your joyful heart will not become sorrowful. Enjoy the blessings that come with being 40 dearest aunt.

48. 40 years is the age that bridge the gap between being a youth and getting old. Many happy returns my fabulous aunt. So rock your 40 majestically.

49. Looking good, they say, is a business but looking beautiful at 40 is a blessed business. May you continue to look radiant sweetest aunt. Happy birthday to you.

50. I officially welcome you to the decade of awesomeness- that’s 40! May you continue to look awesomely beautiful because you are awesome.

51. No one could make 40 looks this radiant than my lovely aunt. You look effortlessly stunning at 40. Happy birthday, dear aunt.

52. Your selflessness and hard work are what make you achieve so much at age 40. May you achieve more before you enter another decade. Cheers to you on your birthday sweet aunt.

53. Congratulations on stepping into a milestone, congratulations on climbing the 4th decades, congratulations on being healthy to climb age 40. From now onwards, may you be receiving congratulatory messages. Happy birthday, precious aunt.

54. Cheers to my stunning aunt, who is so beautiful inside out, continue to look ageless at 40 ma’am. I love you and I’m glad you know it. Happy birthday.

55. It’s no news that you are very kind, it’s no news that you have a pure heart, it’s no news that you are the most beautiful aunt but it’s certainly news that you are 40 years today. May you receive the best gift ever. Walk like a queen that you are aunt, you deserve it. Happy birthday.

41st Birthday Wishes for Aunt

I wish you a glorious 41st birthday, dear aunt. You have been exceptionally wonderful to everyone including strangers. So, I’m celebrating you because you are a woman of substance.

See these powerful in-depth wishes for aunty who is celebrating her 41 years on earth.

56. Sweet aunty, since you have refused to age, I wish you a longer life to be able to break more ground. Happy 41st birthday, ma.

57. You are worth celebrating daily, you are one aunt I’m always grateful to have. I wish you prosperity and may all that you ever hoped for come to fulfilment. Happy 41 years on earth pretty aunt.

58. Hey beautiful aunty, you aren’t just beautiful on the outside but also in your pure heart. Here’s wishing you joy unspeakable and everlasting happiness. I love you ma. Happy 41st birthday darling aunt.

59. There are few angels sent from heaven and I’m so glad to have one of them as my aunt. Happy birthday, ma. May you continue to experience nothing but joy. 41 looks perfect on you. Enjoy your day, my favourite aunt.

60. On your birthday, beloved aunt, for your kind heart, I wish you receive much more than you’ve given. Happy 41st birthday celebration.

42nd Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Stunning aunt, I hope these my wishes for you today remind you that you have a niece who cares so much about you and that you can never grow old in wisdom because you own multiple of it, and that the favours of being 42 are going to be yours.

See these birthday wishes for aunt on her 42nd birthday.

61. One of the best gifts I have received from nature is having you in my life. You are my forever Aunt. 42 is the new 12. Continue to age magnificently. Happy birthday, ma’am.

62. My darling Aunt, you are the one I lean on when troubled, you give me answers to my puzzles. Even in distance, you seek my happiness. Always looking out for me. I love you so much. More life and wealth on your 42nd birthday. Enjoy it to the fullest.

63. Your presence makes each day interesting. You carry the aura of Grace. I love you dearest Aunt. Happy 42. May you worth more than gold to the world.

64. Your smile alone calm my troubled soul. You love me like I’m your biological child. Your selflessness is undoubtedly the best. On your 42nd birthday celebration, may all beautiful wishes begin to show forth. Happy birthday, my favourite Aunt

65. What I want to do today is to light forty-two candles and I’ll ask you to make 42 wishes and pray to God to rain 42 blessings on you. I celebrate you today lovely Aunt. Happy birthday, ma’am.

43rd Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Darling aunt, I want you to know that you are more than my aunt, I see a mother in you. So, I’m sending you this to pray for you and also wish you nothing but happiness, peace of mind and a longer life crowned with success. Happy 43rd birthday, mummy.

See these heartwarming wishes for your cute aunty for her 43 years birthday celebration.

66. Your advice and teachings contribute to my success story. Thank you for being part of it. Happy birthday, lovely Aunt. 43 is the new 34.

67. Here’s wishing my dope aunt many happy returns. May you look back and be glad to have lived this life. Rock your 43 to the fullest Aunt.

68. On your birthday, sweet Aunt, just as you have favoured many, may you receive divine favours in multiple folds. Happy 43rd birthday to you, ma.

69. I’m wishing my dearest Aunt a happy birthday. I wish you more breathe so as to never stop celebrating. You are looking young for 43, aunty. Enjoy your day.

70. You are not just lovely but cool calm. Yes, you are one in a trillion. May you stay happy all the days of your life. Enjoy your 43.

44th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Precious aunt, as you celebrate your birthday today, I hope all my wishes dwell in your life and may you continue to stay important in our hearts. I wish you greater heights. happy 44th birthday, ma.

These collections of birthday wishes for your aunt’s 44th birthday celebration are just what you need to make her blush.

71. Darling Aunt, at this age, I pray for you to live well, prosper more and above all God protection on you. Happy 44th birthday, my favourite Aunt.

72. You might notice some grey hairs on your head, just know that it is a sign you have experienced the good and the bad but you have stepped above obstacles. Continue to be victorious sweet Aunt. Enjoy your 44th year on earth ma’am.

73. Happy birthday to a woman with a golden heart. You make loving you so easy for me. Many happy returns sweet Aunt. 44 is made only for you.

74. Here’s wishing my precious aunt a happy 44th birthday. May your days be long on the earth. Enjoy your day aunt.

75. As you celebrate your 44 today, may you receive multiple blessings and from now on good news will be heard in your dwelling. You are a true blessing to me. Happy 44th birthday, my best aunt.

45th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Dearest aunt, may all your prayers and wishes come to manifestation in your life. You are not just a blessing to me, but you are to the world at large. I pray you find joy all through your days on earth. Happy 45th birthday, ma.

Check out these captivating birthday wishes for your special aunt on her 45th birthday.

76. Yes, you are older than I am, but you have been my best friend since I have come to know you. You have nurtured and tutored me to become the best version of me. I love you, darling aunt. May you continue to grow more beautiful. Walk gallantly into your 45. Happy birthday.

77. For making me achieve my dreams, may all your remaining dreams come true. For your daily advice and counselling which has shaped my life positively. May heaven honours you abundantly. Happy 45th birthday, cutest aunt.

78. As you celebrate your 45th year of existence today, may it be filled with joy and special blessings. I love you, aunty. Enjoy your day.

79. You are a phenomena woman, your kind is so special and only comes in a lifetime. May today be as special as you aunty. Happy 45ty years

80. I am using this moment to thank you for shaping me into a virtuous woman. You don’t dwell on my mistakes, rather you worked on me and bring out the best in me. O on

46th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

My amiable aunt, I hope you see the wishes in my heart for you. You will be healthy and strong when they begin to manifest. You are loved to everyone but special to me. Happy 46th birthday, mom.

Here are some awe-mazing and jaw-dropping birthday wishes for your aunt on her 46 years birthday celebration.

81. I am so proud to have you as my darling aunty. You are my second mom. May all that you touch turn to gold for you are golden. Happy 46th birthday.

82. My sweet 16 aunt, happy 46th birthday. May your new age open doors for you. I love you, ma’am. Happy birthday, madam.

83. Dear aunt, the joy I feel when I’m around you is top-notch. You have a pure and golden heart. Happy birthday to you. May your home be filled with lots of blessings. Walk richly into your 46th year.

84. You might be forty-six but I see a woman of 16 years with 30 years experience. You aren’t ageing physically not intellectually. I am proud to have you as my aunt. Happy 46 this birthday

85. Oh aunty! I wish I can shout for the whole world to hear and see how special you are to me. May darkness not cloud your shine. Happy 46 years on earth.

47th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

My best aunt, I pray that Good brings answers to your wishes and prayers as you clock a new age today. Thank you for always being there for me and my siblings. We love you. Happy 47th birthday, ma.

Check out these beautiful collections of birthday wishes to your aunt on her 47th birthday.

86. You are my daily book of motivation. You gave me the strength not to quit. Happy 47th birthday celebration, sweet Aunt.

87. Here’s wishing my darling Aunt a happy birthday and also thanking you for being a good example to me. May you never experience sorrow. Rock your 47 to the fullest.

88. Precious aunt, as you celebrate your 47th birthday today, may your life never goes dim or out. You shall continue to shine up. Have a blessed day.

89. You are my motivator, cheerleader and friend. You encourage me not to give up when tired. As you celebrate 47 today, may you look back and be proud of yourself. Enjoy your day, pretty aunt.

90. I pray that your 47 years old earth will not be in vain. You shall be happy all the days of your life. Have a glorious celebration.

48th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Dear aunt, I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration as you celebrate your 48th birthday. My wish is that you will enjoy peace and good health all through. Happy 48th birthday to you. Many happy returns to you, ma’am.

Below are wonderful wishes you can send to your aunt as she clocks 48 years.

91. Happy 48th birthday my favourite aunt. Continue to be happy now and forevermore.

92. As you see yet another year today, may you never celebrate your birthday in sickness but in sound health. Happy birthday.

93. Just as the star shines brightly and does not age, so shall you shine and age gracefully. Happy 48th birthday, dearest Aunt.

94. May the blessing that comes with being 48 be granted to you. Happy birthday sweetest, aunt.

95. I wish that the older you get, the more useful you shall become to this generation. Happy 48th birthday celebration to you.

49th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Darling aunt, I want you to know that this new age will open doors for you, favour you and bless you. It will paste a cute smile on your beautiful face and also give you the happiness that you deserve and grant you that thing you have been hoping for. Those are my wishes for you. Happy 49th birthday, ma.

These captivating 49th birthday wishes for aunt will make your aunt feel young again and also feel loved.

96. Happy birthday, my best Aunt, continue to be happy now and forever. Your 49 years on earth will not be in vain. I love you.

97. Your 49th birthday celebration will come with fulfilment of dreams. I wish you well, aunt. You are a loving woman and I adore you. Happy birthday.

98. Dearest aunt, it’s your 49th birthday today. So, permit me to wish you live longer than the Carpenter’s tape and prosper bigger than the ocean and the sea. Rock your birthday majestically.

99. Just as the moon stands out in the sky, may you stand out among many aunts. May you be so proud of your handwork. Many happy returns to you. Happy 49th birthday to you.

100. From now till your old age, you will always laugh and stay grateful. You are my 49-year-old aunt with a heart like the morning dew- cool, pure and fresh. I celebrate you today.

Find these happy 40th birthday aunty wishes and messages interesting? Select as many as you want, send them to your aunt and see her blushing. Kindly let others see these wishes by commenting and sharing.

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