Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes

Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes to My Nephew

Birthdays are special occasions celebrated by many; a child, no less. When it’s the birthday of a child, the birthday countdown will be drummed into your poor ears for weeks till the actual date. You may even be tempted to abscond from your duty of a devoted uncle or doting if only to escape the unending demands of desired birthday gifts. Perish that thought, it comes with the territory! It’s part of the job description of a beloved uncle or aunt.

In essence? Being an uncle or aunt isn’t a walk in the park. It takes devotion, physical and financial commitment. With these lovely ones, it’s the little things that matter; like showing up on your precious nephew’s birthday, sending cute messages, lovely gifts, listening to their idle chatter, playing games with them, etc.

An aunt and uncle ought to celebrate with their nephew on his special day. A genuine birthday wish is a good start. Cakes and treat bags follow suit.

Are you good to go to make your nephew’s 3rd birthday saucy by adding extra spice to it? Do you want to browse for sweet birthday messages or find inventive ways to stay connected, relevant and make your nephew’s birthday special?

These happy 3rd birthday wishes, messages and quotes to my nephew it is!

Birthday Wishes for Your Nephew Turning 3

‘ A special nephew with a knack for bringing out the best in everyone deserves the best birthday celebration ever. As you turn 3 today, I wish you a loaded van of cakes, a truckload of ice cream and a shipload of variety of gifts.’ Happy birthday, dear.

A cute birthday wish is apt for your nephew as he turns 3:

1. Happy 3rd birthday to my super-duper savvy nephew. You are an endless treasure of unique blessings; a bundle of mischief with delightful antics. You deserve the yummiest cake with the tastiest toppings ever! Have a fun-filled celebration, honeybun.

2. Turning 3 is a big deal; ask those babies still stuck in their 2nd year. It’s my cute nephew’s birthday; I can’t be quiet. You are as handsome as you’re awesome. Have a fun-filled celebration. Your bag of goodies and treats are about to land. Happy 3rd birthday, my sweetie pie.

3. It’s amazing how fast you’re growing and outgrowing your little crib. Happy 3rd birthday to my cute and charming nephew. Hope you know your aunty adores you silly. You’re a star, keep on dazzling. Love you loads.

4. Three tints of tender, my trooper.
Three tones of tenacious and thorough fun. Three versions of wondrous love and three virgules of vibrant, vigorous and voracious. That’s my favourite nephew. Happy 3rd birthday, Munchkin. You rock!

5. Yippee! It’s three phenomenal years of God’s faithfulness, real cruise and love overload, darling nephew. You are the evidence of God’s amazing power. Your heavily enamoured aunty loves you loads.

6. Happy 3rd birthday to my precious, super-talented nephew. To be with you is to cruise on pure joy, laughter and fun. Your smitten auntie loves you to distraction. What’s it you want for your birthday, again? Have fun, sweetie.

7. It was love at first sight, my smart handsome nephew. From the moment I set my eyes on your clear, guileless ones at the hospital, you took permanent residence in your aunty’s heart. Happy 3rd birthday, my Sunshine. Have loads of fun on me.

8. Happy birthday to my little nephew at 3. It’s been three years of making yourself comfortable right where it matters in my heart: no shaking. Have a day of fun, cakes, ice cream, lollipops and all the forbidden treats.

9. Happy birthday to my little charmer at three. You are quite the champ, buddy. Unruffled, inquisitive and intelligent; you’re a thrill to be with, always. Have a lovely day, darling nephew.

10. It’s your third birthday, honey. I’m busy making trillions of money so as to afford all that’s on your birthday list. So, go ahead and have tons of fun; the bill is on your doting uncle. Hugs!

11. Happy birthday to my not so little nephew at three. Three thunderous applause for my champion. I love you, darling. I hope you have fun today.

12. Handsome, smart and endearing, that’s my little nephew. You are a breath of fresh air; sweet and refreshing. Happy 3rd birthday, trooper. Enjoy your day with relish.

13. Hurray, it’s my nephew dearest 3rd birthday! One, two, three: it’s a goal! Congratulations, champ! You’re well on your way to the big boy’s league. Happy birthday, sugarplum.

14. Happy 3rd birthday to his uncle’s best buddy; my gum-body little shadow. Trust me, we are going to rock your day with glee. Cheers to a fun-filled day!

15. You are a huge part of my blessings, nephew. You’ve brought so much happiness and love to my life. Happy 3rd birthday, dearie. You are loved.

16. Wow! My little champion is now all of three. Congratulations, sweetie pie. Troubleshooting three is a notch higher than the ‘terrible twos’ league. Happy 3rd birthday, my darling nephew. Enjoy your day.

17. Three is for trailblazing glory: congratulations, my ever-smiling, loving nephew. Happy 3rd birthday to you.

18. Yippee! My big guy is turning 3!! This calls for a big celebration, as the reign of terror of the terrible twos, comes to an end. Delightful three is royally welcome with all pleasure. Happy birthday, sweetie puff.

19. Happy 3rd birthday to the spice and sauce of my life. Darling nephew, your aunty loves you to stupor. You can count on loads of hugs with tons of treats to celebrate your day.

20. Hurray, my baby turns 3 today! Happy birthday to the coolest, most chill and cutest nephew ever! I love you so much. Have a fabulous day!

Happy 3rd Birthday Nephew Quotes

‘The best quote is in the action that delivers on a promise. Your wishlist is a done deal, dearest nephew. Happy 3rd birthday to you, sweetie.’

Check out these cute happy 3rd birthday nephew quotes for your beloved:

21. You are a beautiful reminder that miracles happen. You are a miracle: one that fills our hearts with wonder. Happy 3rd birthday, nephew. Have a blast.

22. Happy 3rd birthday to my adorable nephew. Sending you cute smiles for every moment of your special day.

23. You are a rare gift, darling nephew. A huge gift that brings joy and countless blessings. Happy 3rd birthday, sweetie. You deserve the best.

24. You are the colourful shining thread in the lovely tapestry of beautiful design in our world. Happy 3rd birthday, dear nephew. We love you.

25. You are the centre of our universe, darling nephew. The miracle long-awaited that begets more miracles. You are a priceless treasure; we adore you. Happy 3rd birthday, dearie.

26. It’s the third edition of your birth anniversary, my talented nephew. So young, but smart and very clever. Loving you isn’t a choice we had to make. It is as necessary as breathing in the air. Happy birthday, Honey.

27. One-week, uncountable super mischief realms just began at three. We are ready for your brand of awesome three shenanigans. Happy birthday, sweetie. Have fun.

28. Happy 3rd birthday to my cute, smart and funny nephew. You are phenomenal. I wish you a day of joy and a year of sheer happiness.

29. Happy third birthday to a younger version of myself. You are as priceless as the most precious diamond. Have loads of fun.

30. Life is wonderful with you at the centre, dear nephew. Your charming smile is captivating and irresistible. Your quiet chatter is stimulating and thought-provoking. You’re a joy to behold and cherished. Happy 3rd birthday, love.

31. Your positive vibes attract a good aura. Your delightful chatter is refreshing. Your childish swagger is the most hilarious sight to behold. What’s there not to love? You rock our hearts with glee. Happy 3rd birthday, dearest nephew.

32. A miniature me in every way; a perfect replica of myself at your age. Little wonder you’re my best buddy ever. It’s your 3rd birthday, darling nephew. Keep smiling charmingly! Keep bubbling! Keep gleefully rocking our world. Be your unique self. Happy birthday, sugarplum.

33. Your birthday presents an opportunity a rare opportunity to wish you endless happiness, a fountain of excitement and a mountain of delightful gifts on your 3rd birthday and years to come.

34. Turning 3 is so extraordinary special and magical. You’re leaving the league of the terrible twos to becoming a charming chap. I wish you a happy childhood with loads of fun. I wish you a happy birthday, my precious nephew.

35. When you came into the world, the window of heaven was left opened and showers of favoured rained upon us. You are a blessing, truly and we love you. Happy birthday, darling nephew. Enjoy your day.

36. If loving you is a risk, then I am an unabashed risk-taker. If loving you is a game, we’d play the avenger all day. If loving you is a career, I’d be a top-earning career consultant. You are a rare gem and loads of fun. Happy 3rd birthday to my beloved nephew. Have a splendid day.

37. You were an instant hit, an award-winning, page-turning best selling unravelling mystery. You are love demystified; lovable and highly cherished. Happy 3rd birthday, my adorable nephew. You rock.

38. You are the sweet melody music set on repeat. Every day with you is a discovery and enjoyment of your royal awesomeness. A wonderful 3rd birthday to a special nephew like no other. Have a blast, always.

39. If loving you is a choice, it’s a compulsion I can’t possibly resist. You are that adorable and endearing; a real charmer! Happy birthday, darling nephew at three. Three thunderous applause for you with cheers!

40. Honey has nothing on you, Sugarplum. You’re sweeter than honey. You are the most astonishing life’s miracle of the century. We adore you totally. A beautiful birthday party to you at three.

Birthday Wishes for Your 3 Years Old Nephew

‘Happy birthday to the little sparkling star in the family. The uncontested clown and smile prompter. Darling nephew, you’re all of 3 years old today, I wish you more beautiful years of celebration to come.’

These sweet birthday wishes are exactly what you need to make your 3 years old nephew smile delightedly on his special day:

41. Happy 3rd birthday to my precious nephew! You are a gem of inestimable value. A real delight to have around. I wish you more beautiful years to come.

42. Happy 3rd birthday to his royal cuteness. Hard to believe you’ve turned three already. Make three wishes and watch your favourite uncle make it happen. I wish you a birthday celebration as lively as you are, darling nephew.

43. A wonderful 3rd birthday to my charming nephew. Sure you are just three? Seems to me you’re an adolescent. You are smart and bold; ready to take on the world and like a superhero. May your future be bright and your path, smooth.

44. Happy 3rd birthday to my gem of a nephew. You are clever, precocious, and adorable. May your birthday be as delightful as you are.

45. It’s my adorable nephew’s birthday and I can keep quiet. I hereby declare today a day of yummy treats and your favourite delicacies. Happy birthday, my darling. May you always be a delight to all.

46. Happy 3rd birthday to my gorgeous wee nephew. It’s a special day, sweetie. Expect tons of gifts, lots of colourful balloons, packets of chocolates, candies, and yummy cupcakes. The world shall arise to announce and applaud your greatness.

46. Happy 3rd birthday to my lovely chap. Dearest nephew, you’re quite the charmer and I’m clearly besotted. I wish you a happy childhood with loads of great memories. Have fun, dearie.

47. I can’t believe my little nephew is three awesome years old, already. Can we have a pyjamas party? Just you and I? May you receive grace to excel in life. Cheers to more beautiful years ahead.

48. A beautiful 3rd birthday wishes to the one with a mammoth smile and delightful laughter. Nephew dearest, you rock. I wish you a lovely year full of boisterous energy and loads of fun and happiness.

49. Happy birthday to my little nephew at 3. You are such a clever little fellow that I can’t help but love you. May you never lose your positive vibes and enchanting swagger.

50. It’s your birthday, my handsome nephew! You are welcome to the third edition of your charming life. I love you like it’s going out of fashion. Happy 3rd birthday, darling. I wish you long life in sound health and good success.

51. Happy 3rd birthday to my adorable nephew. I can’t help but love you, darling. You keep me on my toes and up my game as your uncle. I love the way you adore me in turn. Keep being amazing, as you continue to shine like the star you are.

52. Happy birthday to my boisterous little nephew at 3. You are an amazing little chap with lots of love and joy to give, growing up so fast like a breeze. I adore you, pumpkin. May you increase in all areas every step of the way.

53. A whopping three years of age: who could have thought! From a wee baby smiling cutely at me to a big chap of three in a twinkling of an eye! I’m so proud of my lad. Happy birthday, dearest nephew. I wish you loads of fun-filled childhood experience.

54. Happy 3rd birthday to my jolly little nephew. Your smile is so bright, it’s blinding. May the universe celebrate your greatness, always.

55. You are an adorable boy, lovely and lively with enough love to lavish on everyone. You are a pleasure to be with, nephew and I love you to the moon and back. Happy 3rd birthday to you, Sugarpie. I wish you more joy, good health and a life of pure cruise with little or no stress.

56. Happy 3rd birthday to you my darling nephew. This new year I wish you loads of happiness, tons of fun and wisdom to fulfil God’s purpose as you grow.

57. Happy 3rd birthday to my premium nephew. You’re the brain behind my resuscitated mischief-making enterprise. My partner in adventurous pranks. My buddy in creativity. I wish you more beautiful years to come.

58. Just like yesterday… and my nephew is 3 years already. Happy birthday, my fine boy; the brave one, who fears nothing. The historian, who forgets nothing. I wish you divine health and vitality.

59. Happy third birthday, dearest nephew. If life is a melody, you’re certainly the sweetest note. You’re a joy to behold at all times. I wish you a life full of extravagant grace and void of stress.

60. You bring so much joy and laughter into my life, your parents and everyone around you, that I feel honoured to call you my nephew. Happy birthday, Sugarpie. I wish you a happy celebration.

3rd Birthday Wishes for Nephew from Aunt

‘Yay! It’s my gorgeous nephew’s 3rd birthday. I can’t help but give a deserving shout out with lovely wishes. Happy birthday, sweetie. Your doting aunt loves you to distraction.’

Remind your precious nephew he has a besotted aunt in you, with these lovely 3rd birthday wishes:

61. Yay! My darling nephew is three years old! Three awesome years of joy, love redefined and fun unlimited. Big baby, your smitten aunty loves you to stupor. I’m coming prepared for our own private party with loads of treats and gifts for you. I wish you a memorable birthday full of excitement. Happy birthday, trooper.

62. Happy birthday to my dapper nephew at 3. If life is music, you’d be the best rhythm and beat. I can’t help but love you, my darling nephew. Happy birthday to you, honeybun. Loads of love from your besotted auntie.

63. You deserve all the treats your heart desires. You can count on your favourite aunty to make it happen. As my official but unpaid bodyguard, this is just the tip of the icing. Happy birthday to my clever nephew at three. Cheers to many decades of fun.

64. Happy 3rd birthday to my faithful companion and boredom killer. I love your happy chatter and your loving personality. I wish you a splendid day of pure bliss and enjoyment galore. Loads of love from your aunty.

65. Happy third birthday to his aunty’s Personal Assistant and Special Adviser. Since you enjoy trailing me about, let me trail your birthday with chocolates, candies, ice cream and toys. Cheers to a rewarding day of immense thrills.

66. Happy 3rd birthday to my personal banker. Thank you for helping me to save my money. It’s time to break the sour piggy bank and go on a shopping spree. Cheers to a year of excitement and adventure. Tons of hugs from your aunty.

67. Happy birthday to my precious nephew at 3. You are Lucinda, the brightest star in the constellation, shining with a glow. Your aunty loves you like tomorrow is a mirage. I wish you a lifetime of undiluted joy.

68. Your flights of fancy are coming to reality today, all piloted and attended to, by your favourite auntie. Happy 3rd birthday, sweet nephew. Your future shall be bright.

69. Happy 3rd birthday, dearest nephew. Keep dreaming, love. Impossible is nothing: your aunt is here to cheer you on. Cheers to more beautiful years ahead.

70. Happy birthday to my swanky, funky nephew at 3. You are growing up faster than the air. You are a lovable chap, electrifyingly brilliant and mischievous to boot! May you never lose your smile. Keep rocking your world with glee. Your loving aunt is here to cheer you on.

71. Happy birthday to my spiffy and smart nephew. You are three years old, today; it’s a triple wow! Your aunt is up to the task of reading you to sleep or tell you lovely bedtime stories. Hugs, sweetie. Cheers to a beautiful celebration.

72. Happy 3rd birthday to my gallant knight in shining armour nephew! I love the way you rush to my defence, sweety. As little as you are, you already know your aunty needs your protection. Aren’t you cute! Have a wonderful day of celebration.

73. A wonderful birthday to my cute and adorable nephew at 3. You are officially a big boy; no more a baby. This calls for a celebration with the forbidden treats. Let’s gorge on them secretly. Loads of love with tons of kisses from your aunt.

74. Happy birthday to my cute as a cupcake nephew at 3. You are wonderfully and fearfully made. You set the bar so high in brilliance that others will have to strive to keep up. Your doting aunt looks forward to celebrating you, always.

75. I feel very honoured to have you as my nephew, honeypie. You are such a sweet-natured trooper. Happy 3rd birthday, beloved. Have a lovely new year; one as wonderful as you are.

76. It’s incredible to believe a genius such as yourself is my nephew and a permanent fixture in my corner of the world. Happy birthday to you, my gem, at three. Leave it to your aunty to find all the fun things to do.

77. Happy 3rd birthday to the champion who always keep me on my toes. You are the most hilarious, mischievous and adorable nephew ever. I adore you so. Lots of hugs with loads of kisses from your aunty dearest.

78. If perfection is a goal, you are the perfect goal. If love is packaged in joy, you’re our bundle of joy. Happy birthday to my charming nephew at 3. You are a joy giver and your aunt is smitten. Have a blast, now and always.

79. Happy birthday to my nephew that happens to be my godson, at three. Never mind about your mum and dad, your aunt is set to set your birthday on fire of great enjoyment. Prepare for a day of absolute fun, sweetie.

80. So naughty, but so irresistibly cute; my nephew is. Happy 3rd birthday, my Candy crush. Your aunty is always crushing on you, she’s hooked. Have fun, darling.

3rd Birthday Prayer Messages for Nephew from Uncle

‘Happy 3rd birthday to my little prince. My prayer for you is that you shall grow in wisdom, knowledge and favour, before men and angels. This message of love shall transform your life. Have a jolly good time, dearest nephew, with loads of love from your uncle.’

Make your beloved nephew smile with delight with these cute 3rd birthday prayer message from uncle:

81. Happy 3rd birthday to his uncle’s sparring partner and mischief buddy. You are always fun to be with and a jolly good sport. Your badge of comradeship has earned you a bag of your favourite treats. God bless you with more fun-filled years ahead.

82. You are so cute and charming that it’s easy to forgive your naughtiness. Your sweetness is refreshing and lovely. Happy birthday, dearest nephew. Lots of love from your uncle. Lines shall fall upon you in pleasant places in Jesus name.

83. Impossibility means, your uncle can handle it. Yes! Your uncle and you with God, are team undefeatable. Keep that confidence, no shaking chap. Happy birthday, nephew dearest. The Lord shall continually give you reasons to smile, always.

84. Happy 3rd birthday to my beloved nephew. Your growth is amazingly rapid and thrilling. I’m excited to be an integral part of your life. Your uncle loves you, always. May the Lord keep you as the apple of his eyes.

85. It’s difficult to express the depth of ecstasy and bliss I feel from the moment you first latched your tiny fingers on mine. We are forever buddies, little nephew. Your uncle loves you, silly. Happy 3rd birthday to you, trooper. May you keep glowing in Jesus’ mighty name.

86. I enjoy the fantastic bond I share with you, my endearing nephew. I love you, dearie. Have a stunning birthday, bright with lovely things. Cheers with thumbs up from your uncle. No weapon fashion against you shall prosper, in Jesus’ name.

87. Happy birthday to my cute, smart and funny nephew at three. Three beautiful years with memorable moments. Keep growing boy! Loads of love from your devoted uncle. Men and angels shall favour you in Jesus name.

88. On this special day of yours, love is the colour of my excitement. Happy birthday to my super-intelligent nephew at three. Your doting uncle is super proud of you. Have fun, dearie. The Lord shall make you oaks of righteousness, his planting for the display of his splendour.

89. Life is beautiful when one is reminded to slow down to enjoy its blessings. You are a huge blessing, nephew dearest. Your innocent love and infectious liveliness have taught your uncle to enjoy every day with relish. Happy birthday, my precious gem. Rock your world like the superstar you are! The light of the Lord shall shine upon your ways.

90. To my super cute nephew at three, a happy birthday to you. Make a wish and let your superhero uncle make it happen. Cheers to a jolly good party. The Lord will bless you and keep you. He will cause his face to upon you.

91. The best nephew needs his favourite uncle to add sauce to his already spicy day at three. Happy birthday, Sugarplum. Rock your day like a superstar. You shall live to fulfil purpose in Jesus’ name.

92. Happy third birthday to his uncle’s look alike and godson. I feel blessed to have such a bundle of delight as my son. Every day with you is an unusual experience of pure bliss. I wish you more years of cruise and laughter. May you live long and well, to fulfil your destiny.

93. There are great nephews and there are extraordinary ones. A combination of both plus extras is as explosive as it’s impressive. Happy third birthday to my extraordinarily great nephew, with love from his uncle. May the word of the Lord concerning you be fulfilled. None shall fall to the ground.

94. You are the spice of my existence. I love your heart-melting smiles and the trusting look you give your uncle even you’re uncertain. You make me feel like a superhero, darling boy. Happy birthday to my cute nephew at three. Three cupcakes with hugs and a piggyback ride from me to you. You shall always have cause to celebrate.

95. Happy birthday to my beloved nephew at 3. Three huge cakes, three cupcakes, three cups of yummy ice cream, three lollipops, three candies and three bars of your favourite chocolates to make your birthday merry and sweet. From your uncle, of course. We shall always have reasons to rejoice over you.

96. Santa Claus comes twice a year. On Christmas day and cute nephew’s birthday. Santa Claus is a role your uncle has perfected like the back of his palm. Make a wish and expect a yummy bag of treats. Happy birthday, darling. May your path be bright and smooth.

97. It’s a festival of cakes, colourful balloons and loads of delicious treats! Happy birthday, darling nephew at three. You are such a jolly good fellow; being your uncle is a pure cruise, no hassle. Keep being adorable, Munchkin. Men and angels shall favour you, always.

98. To know you is to know loads of happiness and experience tons of love. To spend time with you is to be transformed into a carefree youth with no care in the world, relaxed and cool. Happy 3rd birthday to my precious nephew. Your devoted uncle loves you very much. May the peace of God govern your destiny.

99. Yippee, today is world chocolate, candy and cake day! Your sweet tooth will have no rest as you get to demolish as much as you can on your special day. Happy birthday to my lovely nephew at three. Loads of love from your beloved uncle. May God’s excellent spirit envelop you.

100. Happy third birthday to my precious jewel of inestimable value, at three. My entire world resides permanently somewhere in your entity. Your uncle is totally hooked on your brand of fun, love and mischievousness. May the Lord keep you and be with you.

Wow! You did awesomely well for making out time for your darling nephew on his third birthday. Uncles and aunts have unique responsibilities to make their nephew’s birthday extra special. It’s expedient you go the extra miles to lavish love, affection, attention and mines of treats for your sweet nephew.

Being an uncle or aunt isn’t a title. It’s an honour that comes with sacrifices, time and resources to give resolute from daily boring routines to these young chaps. When you lived up to par, you’re their champion, hero and superstar. They do not forget a promise. They love as much as they are loved. They give as much as they are given. They feel entitled, indulged and imperious in their demands. All these feel worthwhile when you get rewarded with a beatific smile, heart-melting hugs and unchanging loyalty.

Thanks for making time to build special memories for your cute nephew at three. For being an integral part of their memorable celebration, the memory lingers. You are their favourite uncle or aunty. Cute and lovely birthday messages or quotes are just the right way of making their birthdays awesome.

I’m glad you got the right one from the happy 3rd birthday wishes, messages and quotes to my nephew here for your beloved nephew. Please, share with your friends, colleagues and loved ones. You’ll be rewarded with a smile of gratitude and profuse thanks. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to drop them. I’ll be glad to respond accordingly.

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