Happy 38th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 38th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

You have to agree that someone dear to you, who you can refer to as a girlfriend deserves only the best, especially on a special occasion as her 38th year birthday.

Words may be simple, and they may appear too easy, but they’ll do more than celebrate her. They’ll assure and affirm her, and they’ll ensure loads of blessings in her new year.

So, while you send her gifts on her 38th birthday, also include one or more of the happy 38th birthday wishes for girlfriend below.


Best 38th Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

Darling girlfriend, may you enjoy grace like never before in this new year. May your year also be filled with innumerable blessings and opportunities. Happy 38th birthday, love.

1. Out of the millions of women, you shine bright. This is how I know you’ll continue to shine for the rest of your days. Happy 38th birthday, queen.

2. Even 38 has got nothing on you. See you looking healthy and living your best life! May good health, long life and prosperity continue to be your lot. Happy 38 years birthday, girlfriend.

3. The past year has been the most amazing one of my life. And I pray that this new year is overly amazing for you too. Happy birthday, babe.

4. I love the life we have together. I love our journey and how far we’ve come together. But importantly, I love everything about you. Happy birthday, gorgeous. This will be an amazing year for you!

5. I thank the Lord above for you. You’ve come far, and you’ve done well for yourself. I’m so proud of you, and I wish you your best year yet. Happy 38th birthday, the love of my life.

6. This year, may you get the offers you’ve been looking forward to receiving. May all of your efforts also be crowned with huge success. Happy birthday, my love.

7. Inside and out, you’re truly a good person. And I pray that God will shower you with good news throughout your new year. Happy birthday, love.

8. Words don’t do justice to how you’ve made my life so much easier in the last year. So, I’m praying that you’ll have a smooth and easy new year as well. Happy birthday baby girl.

9. The universe is working for your good, and it will not stop until it makes everything perfect and peaceful for you. Happy 38th birthday, darling.

10. I’m glad to be doing this journey with you, and I’m glad that I have you in my life. I pray that your 38th year is everything you imagined it would be. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

11. I love every part of you. I love every facet there is to you. Here’s wishing you the best of this year, baby. Happy 38 years birthday.

12. Even when I’m angry at you, I’m still going to do this journey with you. Happy birthday, baby. You rock!

13. You’ll get to those heights you’ve imagined for yourself. The pieces will come together, and everything will align for your good. Happy 38th birthday, girlfriend.

14. In the little time we’ve been together, I’ve learnt a lot from you. You’re truly an amazing person and an even amazing girlfriend. Hope you have a good year. Happy birthday, baby.

15. Thank you for holding on to me even when I didn’t deserve it. Rest assured, I’ll be holding on to you this year as well. Happy birthday, queen of my heart.

Happy 38th Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

You did steal my heart, and I’m never letting you give it back. Happy 38th birthday to the best girlfriend there is. You’re loved, babe.

16. I’m in love with you, even more than I was a year ago. Happy 38th birthday to my quintessential girlfriend. Wishing you God’s blessings now and always.

17. From being your tour guide to your lover, there’s not a moment I regret. Hope you have a year without regrets as well. Happy birthday, sweetie.

18. You’re the best gift I got last year, and I’ll continue to handle you with care. Happy birthday, baby. 38 is already a good year!

19. I’m not letting the long-distance dampen my excitement today. My girlfriend is turning 38! Happy birthday to the queen of my heart. There’ll definitely be surprises for you.

20. Thank you for the calm you bring to my life. You’re good for me. And I’m praying that this year will also be good for you. Happy birthday, sugar.

21. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m addicted to you. You’re my whole life, babe. May God shower his blessings upon you this year. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

22. Your smile should be prescribed. I feel better from seeing it all the time. Happy birthday, love. Hope this year brings you many reasons to smile.

23. The Lord will fight all of your battles. He’ll give you peace and joy in abundance. Happy 38th birthday, girlfriend.

24. This year is your year. You’ll pursue, overtake and conquer. Do I sound overly religious? (Laughs). Happy birthday, my baby.

25. This year, you’ll enjoy blessings tailored only for you. No man will take or drag what’s yours with you. Happy birthday, queen.

38th Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

It’s your year of harvest, so, you’re definitely reaping the fruits of your efforts. Here are my greetings to you wishing you a happy 38th birthday, girlfriend.

26. You hold the keys to my heart. And, feel free to keep it for the rest of our lives. Happy 38th birthday, goddess. You rock!

27. You remind me of roses. Strong, resilient, accommodating and beautiful. May this year bring you truly beautiful things. Happy birthday, baby. I love you.

28. Even when you don’t deserve it, grace will speak for you. This new year will be your best one yet. Happy 38th birthday to the most amazing girlfriend ever!

29. I’ll always be yours. When you look around for a shoulder to lean on, I’ll always be there. Happy 38th birthday, babe. It’s a beautiful year already.

30. I’m high on you. And I don’t see myself getting over this addiction any time soon. Happy 38th birthday, sweetness.

31. God will continually fight for you. And he will grant you all that your heart desires. Happy 38th birthday, love.

32. You’re deserving of all the blessings you’ll enjoy this year. You always want others to succeed, so there’s no way you won’t succeed this year. Happy birthday gorgeous.

33. I hope you feel half the peace you give to me this year. Half of it, and you’ll certainly be in paradise. Happy birthday, the angel of my life.

34. I’m looking forward to dinner tonight. I’m looking forward to the many blessings you’ll enjoy this year. Happy birthday, baby. The lines are falling in good places for you.

35. Your plans won’t die in your hands. You’ll birth every potential you have inside you. Happy 38th year birthday, love. You rock!

Cute 38th Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

Following my heart brought me to you. It gave me a new home and a great life. So, I’m wishing that you enjoy a great year too. Happy 38th birthday, cute girlfriend.

36. This year, I promise to be an anchor. You’ll always be able to count on me. You’ll always feel safe with me. Happy 38th birthday, honey.

37. And when the applause ends, I promise to be your peace. I promise to hold your hands in the dark, and still cheer for you. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

38. There’ll be no guesses with me. At every point, you’ll be certain of where you stand with me. Happy birthday, love of my life. 38 never looked better.

39. I won’t stop until your heart is full to the brim with happiness. You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met, and you deserve all the happiness in this world. Happy birthday, dear.

40. You can be certain that I’ll always have your back. I’ll be here through the good and bad, and I’ll hold your hands all through. Happy 38 years birthday, girlfriend.

41. My special lady, how about a song for you today? Then dinner and loads of gifts afterwards. Happy birthday to the best girlfriend there is!

42. Seasons will come and go, but I’ll always be here for you. This is my promise to you now and always. Happy birthday, sweet girl.

43. I’ll jump hurdles for you without thinking. Because I’m recklessly, completely and profusely in love with you. Happy 38th birthday, angel.

44. There’s a melody in my heart today. I have the most beautiful woman as my girlfriend, and she’s healthily celebrating another year. What more can a man ask for? Happy birthday, babe!

45. My special girl, hope you know that you mean the world to me? Hope you know I’d go miles for you, just to make sure you’re happy? This year will be a beautiful one for you. Happy 38 years birthday, love.

46. Today, we’re going hard! We’re partying like we haven’t done before. And you’re definitely stepping into this new year in grand style. Happy 38th birthday, girlfriend.

47. No, I’m the one who’s lucky to have you. The blessings, as a result of your presence in my life, are immeasurable. I pray that I have the necessary resources to make this year even easier for you. Happy birthday, love.

48. Is it normal that I love sniffing your neck? I could do it all day and not get tired. Happy birthday, sweet girl. May your new year be filled with sweet blessings.

49. Come what may, you’ll always have me to lean on. Through the sad and happy times, you wouldn’t have to be alone. Happy 38th birthday, angel.

50. I don’t know how I know. But I’m certain that I’ll love you for the rest of my days. Happy birthday to the best girlfriend in the entire world. I love you loads!

Here’s hoping that these happy 38th birthday wishes for girlfriend bring your girlfriend warmth and joy on her special day.

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Thank you!

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