Happy 34th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 34th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Celebrate your girlfriend who clocks 34 with lovely wishes and prayers.

She deserves more than just the gifts, event planning and packages, she deserves soothing words of love, romance and sweetness from her beloved boyfriend to crown her day.

Actually, she can get these words from any other person, but it soothes her heart the more knowing it’s coming from you.

Isn’t that true?

What then are you waiting for?

Quickly, without any halt, copy and send her lovely wishes and prayers from this lovely collection of happy 34th birthday wishes for girlfriend and make her heart go gaggle and softer to make your love story a success.

Let’s dive in and do the needful!

Best 34th Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

May your 34th birthday be a season of fruitfulness and blissfulness for me. May it be blessed and favoured in all ways. Happy 34th birthday to you, my sweet girlfriend.

1. The very first day I met you, I knew I was blessed with an angel from God. May this 34th day of your life be remembered for good fortunes, happiness and everything good thing you ever wished for. Happy 34th birthday, my woman.

2. Having a girlfriend so beautiful and loving as you have been the best part of me. Wishing you on your 34th birthday, more life, more love, more prosperity, more beauty, and wealth. May the Lord bless you with more of his beauty, baby. Happy 34th birthday, love.

3. Hurray! it’s my sweetie, honey and charming lady’s birthday, as you celebrate your 34th birthday may you celebrate more and more years to come, I pray the Lord grant you long life and prosperity and may your wishes be fulfilled in Jesus name. Happy 34th birthday, my lady.

4. Happy birthday sweetheart, your existence has been a blessing to me and the people around you. May your life spring out good things you need to fulfil your purpose in life. Happy blessed 34th birthday, be happy and blessed. I love you!

5. The woman of my dreams, my significant woman. I’m so lucky to be your boyfriend and I pray that this season of your life will be filled with special blessings. Happy 34th birthday, darling.

6. Happy birthday to you my love on the occasion of your 34th birthday, throughout the years having you is the best gift I’ve got, I pray you get all that your heart desire in life, may the lord replenish you in many ways. I want you to know that you are mine and I’m yours now and always.

7. God has been so faithful to make us witness a day one special and lovely woman to me was born to this world. Happy 34th birthday love. May the Lord God endowed you with knowledge and wisdom to achieve your goals on earth. Amen

8. Happy 34th birthday to a lovely sweetheart who brings joy to everyone around her, may the Almighty fill you with all the love you don’t even expect. Have a blessed day darling. Happy born day, my love

9. I know you to be a very strong, kindhearted and loving woman. May the Lord grant you more strength and heart to love. Happy 34th birthday my heroine.

10. On your birthday today I pray to the Lord that He’ll fulfil the purpose he has for your life and grant you height in his love and grace. Happy 34th birthday love, the Lord be with you, amen.

11. Happy birthday to my funny, sagacious, loving, awesome friend and lover, may this birthday be the beginning of good tidings of good may the Lord bless you with good things. Happy 34th birthday, sweetie.

12. May you know the love of Christ that passeth knowledge and be filled with the fullness of God as You enter this phase of life in your 34th year hale and healthy. Amen, happy 34th birthday darling.

13. To a special and unique lady, happy 34th birthday. may your day be special as you made all my days special. Happy thirty-fourth birthday to my special woman.

14. I pray for you as age 34 may you grow in grace, grow in height spiritually, grow in wisdom in Jesus name, men happy 34th birthday, sweetheart love you so much.

15.Remember that the Lord is watching over you and He will guide you throughout the years of your life as you are a year older. Have a wonderful day dearie. Happy 34th birthday.

16. As you are a year older today may the Lord grant you his wisdom that age can’t give, may your life be fruitful sweetie, happy 34th birthday.

Happy 34th Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

You are my world and my jewel. Loving you is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I love you, darling. Happy 34th birthday, my love!

17. Nothing is going to change my love for you, because nothing matters more than you do in my world. Happy 34th birthday, my woman.

18. Life got more meaning the day you walked into my life, you are a special lady that made me very special. Happy 34th birthday, sweetie.

19. The day you walked into my life you walked out of disappointment and I always want to be the perfect man for you, love you so much darling and happy birthday my perfect part.

20. All the brightness and beautiful melodies in my heart are all because of you, you enlighten my world baby. Happy 34th birthday, my world.

21. I won’t endow you with just gold and diamond but I promise to endow you with love, care and happiness and to love you more. Happy 34th birthday, sweetest.

22. Pleasing you sometimes can be difficult because I always want to give you the whole world but am giving you, my world. Happy 34th birthday, love!

23. Like waters in the ocean, sky blue and bright, you brighten my life and made it so beautiful, thanks for everything. Happy 34th birthday pretty.

24. Your smile brightens my day as the sun brightens the day, you are the light of my world. Happy 34th birthday, my sunshine.

25. Before I met you, everything seems wrong but when you came into my life everything became right because you are the right woman for me. Happy 34th birthday, my woman.

26. You adorn my world as gold as and silver adorns the body because you are more than gold to me. Happy 34th birthday, my darling.

27. My heart is with you, my heart beats for you anytime that I think of you, you bring smile and brightness to my face, I love you, darling. Happy 34th birthday.

28. My every day starts with a smile because I’ve got you in my life and I’m so happy you are mine. Happy birthday, my lady.

34th Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

My heart greets you; my soul loves you. You are mine and I am yours. Happy 34th birthday, my love. Wishing you many happy returns.

29. I have so many things in my life but the most adorable thing there is you. Happy 34th birthday, my love.

30. Today is the day the prettiest and most adorable woman I’ve ever met clocks 34. Glow in your beauty, my lady. Happy 34th birthday to you.

31. You are the treasure in my heart, you are the secret I can’t hide there will come a day I can’t wait to say you belong to me. Happy 34th birthday to you my girl.

32. Happy birthday to my first lady. A perfect day to tell you I love you and cherished you. Thanks so much for being the love of life, Happy 34th birthday.

33. I will make your day so beautiful like you made my life so colourful, I will make you happy always. Love you so much, babe. Happy 34th birthday, dear.

34. Happy 34th birthday to the apple of my eyes. I love you!

35.Today is a more blessed day to me than any other because it is a day a queen meant for me was brought to life. Happy 34th birthday, honey pie. You are loved.

36. Finding someone like you is like catching lightning but I am glad I found you, sweetheart. Happy 34th birthday to you!

37. I will travel thousands of miles to be with you on this day because it is my dream to make you happy always and I will do matter what, happy 34th birthday, my dream girl.

38. I want to spend each day of my life with you in happiness, love and brightness. You are the light that brightens my world, happy 34th birthday, my queen.

Cute 34th Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

I wish you more joy, peace, happiness and more love. May your 34th birthday be a remarkably lovely one. Happy 34th birthday, my love

39. It seems like a lot of time has passed, it’s true but it also seems too fast. Life is beautiful, growing up is wonderful. Wishing you a beautiful 34th birthday filled with lots of love.

40. Uncountable messages or gifts can’t prove the love I have for you. Happy 34th birthday my queen. Wishing you a wonderful day.

41. I love you the most, I love you now, I love forever, my heart pants for you and cherish you so much. Happy 34th birthday, you’re forever mine.

42. May your birthday be an extraordinary event with all your dreams becoming realities. Sending you my best wishes on your day, darling. Happy 34th birthday.

43. Happy womb escape to the one I cherish the most. Be excited and enjoy it because it’s your day. Great wishes to you, my love. Happy 34rth birthday!

44. Blessed is this day, your 34th birthday, my would-be wife, wishing you many more years to come. Happy 34th birthday, my love.

45. Happy birthday to you my love, having you is a wish that came true so I’m wishing you all the happiness and love because you deserve it and more. Happy 34th birthday, my queen

46. My sunshine, love of my life, wife to be, wishing you the brightest day as the sun as you celebrate the 34th year of your life. To my lady, happy 34th birthday.

47. The woman of my dreams, my significant woman. I’m so lucky to be your boyfriend. Wishing you the happiest day as you mark your 34th birthday. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

48. To a lively person, everything around you is made lively and wonderful, I’m so fortunate to have you as my own. Wishing you a happy 34th birthday, my love.

49.You are the most precious wish that was fulfilled to me. I never thought I would have someone like you, darling. I in return also wish you the most precious things in life. Happy 34th birthday, love.

50. I sleep with a broad smile in my heart and wake up with brightness on my face every day because I have you, a precious and pretty lady. Happy 34th birthday, most precious.

34th birthday with lovely wishes, quotes, greetings and prayer is a real deal.

I believe your girlfriend would be so much intoxicated with love and happiness receiving any of these lovely happy 34th birthday wishes for girlfriend from her boyfriend on her birthday.

Sure, she would!

Don’t hesitate to collect from this sweet collection of happy 34th birthday wishes for girlfriend and send them to her to crown all your plans and packages.

Also, don’t hesitate to share your comments on this post as your comments will be highly appreciated.

I wish that special lady and girlfriend of yours a happy and sweet 34th birthday.


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