Happy 34th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy 34th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

What are your wishes for your boyfriend as he celebrates his 34th birthday? I’m sure you have so much to say to him today.

Not only will you want to shower him with love with your words, but you will also want to pray and wish him many blessings as he clocks another year.

I understand that this is not always easy, coming up with sweet words to wish your guy a happy birthday. You know what your heart wants to say but you might not be able to properly articulate it.

Well, that’s why I’m here; to help you find the right words to wish your 34 years old boyfriend a happy birthday. scroll through these happy 34th birthday wishes for boyfriend and wish your guy the best birthday ever.

Let’s get started.

Best 34th Birthday Prayer Messages for Boyfriend

Hi, my best boy. I’m sure you didn’t expect these many messages from me today but bear with me, it’s my boyfriend’s birthday today. This particular message is to pray for you. My earnest prayer for you as you celebrate your 34th is a continuous increase in all your endeavours. I love you.

1. Look how far God has brought you! I literally cannot contain this joy in my heart for you, dear boyfriend. May this 34th year and the remaining years of your life be greatly favoured.

2. Your rising was so swift that no one ever saw it coming but, I did. Sometimes, I feel like our hearts and souls were designed to know these things. I’m happily celebrating your 34th birthday with you today, my darling boyfriend. May you never know a better yesterday.

3. Happy 34th birthday to my boyfriend, you’re the cause of my laughter. You have earnestly warmed my heart with so much joy and goodness. I pray this day shall be to you the beginning of greater fulfilment.

4. Today, I lift my face to the heavens in appreciation for the perfect gift of you, my boyfriend. You shall never experience any setbacks in life. Welcome to chapter 34.

5. You’re one reason I sing for joy. Nothing ever really matters as long as I’m with you. On this special occasion of your 34th birthday, I sincerely pray that you will achieve everything you desire to achieve in life and more.

Happy 34th Birthday Boyfriend Quotes

Life is more meaningful because of the great people in our lives. Dear boyfriend, you are one of those great people in my life and I hope that I’m yours as well. I wish I had more quotes to send you but it is more important to me that you know I love you so much. Happy 34th birthday.

6. What could be better than two hearts beating for one another? You’re all I see in my dream and my reality. Happy 34th birthday, sweetie.

7. Being in love with you is like flying without wings. Your love gave me flight, and now I’m free like a bird. Happy 34th birthday, boyfriend.

8. Another birthday is here! Genuine love lets us see the world in beautiful colours. Have an amazing 34th birthday, honey.

9. Nothing compares to going to the moon and back with the one you love, ’cause every challenge is like a project. Nothing feels daunting when you know someone got your back even if you make mistakes. Happy birthday, boo.

10. Love is like the droplets of rain on a dry field. It softens and conditions the heart to house another seed. Your seed of love in my heart flourishes daily, ’cause you water and care for me it jealously. Happy birthday, my love.

Happy 34th Birthday to My Boyfriend

Happy 34th birthday to the best boyfriend in the world; my heart and my world. I love you very much, sugar and I don’t want you to ever doubt it. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. So, I hope that your life is filled with so much joy and peace.

11. Surprisingly, you have emerged out of the previous year with success. I’m super proud of this new you. Have a wonderful 34th birthday boyfriend.

12. You make my heart light with the sound of your voice. I wonder how you came to have such an effect on me. Happy 34th birthday, boyfriend.

13. Evey single thing about you is perfect. I have never met anyone so awesome before, and mostly, I’m grateful for being your lover. Happy 34th birthday, lover.

14. You’re full of surprises. You delight in taking me unawares, and I kind of like being surprised. Thank you for spicing up our love life every day. Happy 34th birthday, boyfriend.

15. I have recovered everything I lost. With you in my life, there’s nothing more I want. Welcome to your 34th birthday, sweet boyfriend.

34th Birthday Greetings for Boyfriend

I’m sure you are expecting special greetings from me for your birthday. And I just love that I’m not disappointing you. Happy 34th birthday, baby. I’m praying for more of God’s favour for you this season. I love you, dear boyfriend.

16. Happy 34th birthday, my lover! You have been a sweetheart right from our first date, not a single day passes that I don’t love you even more.

17. Knowing you have been a great pleasure. You have made a lot of difference in my life, and for this, I love you even more. Happy 34th birthday, and cheers to better years of togetherness, my sweet boyfriend.

18. Happy 34th birthday, dear boyfriend. Nothing supersedes the tenderness in your heart. I started loving myself more and appreciating the good things about me, all because of you. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

19. It’s a king’s birthday! Happy 34th birthday to the king of my heart. Your personality is full of charm. Anytime I look at you, I fall in love all over again.

20. What a wonderful day to be born! Happy 34th birthday, my sweet boyfriend. You are one special human. I love the way you love me.

Cute 34th Birthday Wishes for My Boyfriend

My cute boyfriend, I wish you a very wonderful 34th birthday celebration. I know you said you want to keep it quiet. But how can I keep my birthday wishes quiet when I love you this much? I hope you can forgive me for shouting on the rooftop how special you are. Happy birthday, love of my life.

21. You have reached another milestone in your life. Seeing your face lights up my day, and watching you manifest God’s glory makes me happy. Happy 34th birthday, boyfriend.

22. It’s a day to celebrate your birth, sugar and I couldn’t be more glad. I can’t get enough of you; you make me so happy in ways I can never imagine. Happy 34th birthday, my darling boyfriend.

23. It’s the things you care about that mostly increases the love I feel for you. Your taste is unique, you love me so differently. Happy 34th birthday, my boyfriend.

24. Commemorating this special occasion of your birthday means a lot to me. Happy 34th birthday, boyfriend. Loving you bring me immense joy and gratitude.

25. Happy 34th birthday to the finest boyfriend in the world! Loving you feels so good. I thank God every day for the gift of your love. Keep scaling heights!

Funny 34th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

I’m not as funny as you are but I promise to try to always put a smile on your face even if I can’t make you laugh as hard as I wish. However, be ready for so much tickling that I know always cracks you up. Happy birthday, baby.

26. Happy 34th birthday to the boyfriend who stole my heart and soul. From the look of things, keeping me captive in your heart is your favourite thing to do. I hope never to find a way out.

27. You keep getting younger, how come? I’m beginning to get jealous of your looks. Better find a way to make me look this younger else, no birthday cake for you today. Happy 34th birthday sweetest boyfriend.

28. It’s funny how people see you as the calm one among the two of us. If only they know you as I do. Happy 34th birthday to my boyfriend. I love you.

29. You’re so hilarious! Happy 34th birthday, dear boyfriend. I have never seen anyone who makes incredible jokes like you. I love that you can make jokes, and still be able to keep our lives private.

30. How come I have never seen you fart, or do you always pretend whenever I’m around? Smiles, happy 34th birthday from your special troubleshooter. Have a wonderful birthday, boyfriend!

We’ve come to the end and I’m sure sending 34th birthday wishes to your boyfriend will come easy now since you have this list of lovely happy 34th birthday wishes for your boyfriend at your disposal, enjoy.

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