Happy 32nd Birthday Son

Happy 32nd Birthday Son Wishes and Quotes

32 years is an age of maturity and full-time responsibility. It’s the age you may not need to be chastised for wrongdoing because you already know the good, bad and ugly. It’s the age of being useful and responsible to yourself and your family.

It’s a new chapter that as parents, you come to appreciate how far your son has come and what you felt are still missing in his life. It does not only celebrate the son’s age but also reminds the parents of years of tutoring, nurturing and the positive results of their hard work in raising a son.

So as parents, it won’t be a bad idea to pamper and make him feel like your baby boy even as an adult by sending him a cake, gift and most importantly prayers and wishes. Remember, it’s your son and he won’t be 32 forever and the time to celebrate him is now.

Below are some touching and cheering happy 32nd birthday son wishes and quotes you can write to your son on his new age.

Happy 32nd Birthday Wishes for Son

Angelic son, we want to see you succeed more in life. It’s our wish that you find the strength you need to achieve greater heights and we hope this beautiful birthday wish is the perfect gift for you as you open a new chapter of your life. We will forever love you. Happy 32nd birthday!

These collections of birthdays wishes are the best parents can send to their son who is 32 years and be glad they did.

1. Dearest son, never get tired of achieving more even though you have to make yourself proud. It’s not being selfish, it’s being determined. Happy 32 years to you.

2. I’m so glad to see you become a responsible man. You are now a CEO as 32. One of my wishes for you is to continue to attain the success level. Happy birthday, my big son.

3. To have you as my son is a huge privilege which I’m thankful for. To watch you become a success at 32, it’s a blessing I’m forever grateful for. Happy birthday, darling son.

4. I wish you a blessed birthday filled with love and happiness. May this new age mark the new year of greater achievement. I’m happy for you son. Happy 32nd birthday to you.

5. Nothing special about number 32 and today; but you made them special because it’s your new age and it’s your birthday. More prosperous birthday to you, dearest son.

6. As you clock 32 years today, I wish you a fulfilled dream, a non-tiring heart and a wonderful birthday. Happy birthday to my very own Prince. Enjoy your day, love.

7. Happy birthday, son. I know you have attained a greater height but there’s no law of not wanting more. I wish you more success, achievements and more ground-breaking. 32 is the new 12 for you. Enjoy your day.

8. You are still the baby I held in my arms 32 years ago; so cute and full of life. Continue to enjoy your birthday, hon.

9. Hey son, as you open a new chapter of your life. May you see life as a special gift and see a reason to live the moment. Happy 32nd birthday, my love.

10. So fast, you have been diligent in playing the world, you have been making use of the opportunities it brings to you and you have succeeded in winning the world and living by God’s words. Happy birthday to you, darling son. 32 looks hot on you.

11. My forever prince is 32 today, happy birthday son. No matter how old you are, you will always be my baby boy. I’m so proud of the man you’ve become. Enjoy your day.

12. A champagne to celebrate your birthday dearest son. You are a born champion and I love you so much. Enjoy the blessings of being 32 today. Happy birthday to you.

13. I call you lucky because you easily achieve your dreams, you are loved by all and above all, God loves you so much. I envy your life son but I’m grateful the good luck came to you. Happy birthday on your 32 years today.

14. Here’s to another chapter of your life. May it be filled with joy, happiness and fulfilment. Long life and multiple blessings on you. Rock your 32, son. Flaunt it.

15. Swag your way into chapter 32 of your life son. You have done well for yourself and your siblings. You have made us proud as your parent. So, make yourself a priority today. You deserve it. Happy birthday, sunshine

16. What a time to be alive and witness another year of my big son. Whewww, 32 years of calling you my son, 32 years of watching you grow to become one of the world’s greatest. I’m so happy for you and for myself. Happy birthday, big bubba.

17. Son, as you step into year 32 of your life, may you continue to increase in wealth and accomplishment. Happy birthday, my Good luck.

18. You have celebrated your success and achievement in life, it’s time to celebrate another year on earth. Happy 32nd birthday, dear son. Continue to live well.

19. You are the best gift I received from God 32 years ago and still the best thing in my life now. Thank you for giving me peace of mind. I love you son, happy birthday, baby

20. Your siblings are so proud of you. You have laid a good example for them. You are their inspiration son and I love you for that. Happy 32years of grace darling

21. You have been working hard to prove to yourself that you can do it. Now that you have achieved your dreams, it’s time to relax and enjoy yourself as you clock 32 today. Happy birthday, sweetest son.

22. May you continue to grow stronger and wiser as you turn 32 today. God will shine his light of grace and blessings upon you forevermore. Happy birthday, dear son.

23. Enjoy the moment son because it’s your 32nd birthday today. Don’t be anxious about the future. It’s already a bright one. Happy birthday, my love

24. You have always give love and happiness to people, I think you should be selfish today and transfer all the goodies to yourself because it’s your 32nd birthday!. Have self- fun, my dearest son.

25. You are 32 years today but you don’t look it because you’ve got the heart of a kid which is love and kindness. You are my best gift from God after life.

26. Dear son, you be the happiest man right now because today marks another year of living. Continue to live a blissful life, my gold. Have an amazing 32nd birthday

27. At 32, you have done what many couldn’t achieve at 62. Well done son, happy birthday to you.

28. Make a wish today, your birth date and day, believe in it, smile today and be happy. You only celebrate your birthday once in 365 days baby, so make it your moment. Happy 32nd birthday to you.

29. Know that you are the king of today because it’s your birthday, make a wish and see how the world works together to please you. Have a splendid 32nd birthday.

30. As always, I will bake yourb32nd birthday cake today. Please don’t complain on my behalf, I’m happy doing it and not stopping anytime soon. Happy birthday, dear son

31. Happy 32nd birthday son, always remember we are here for you even as an adult. We will always pray for you. Enjoy your day, sweets.

32. My baby boy is growing older in age but younger at heart. You love selflessly and you motivate everyone around you. Never stop aiming for the best. Happy 32nd birthday, handsome

33. May today open the door of greatness to you. May this day always be a special day apart from the fact that it’s your birthday. May you continue to age gracefully. Happy 32 years of living richly sweet son.

34. Success radiates you, favour loves you and wealth uses your home as abode. May you live long to enjoy all of these. 32 looks awesome on you dearest son. Happy birthday.

35. I danced happily today because you are a year older, my son. You are now an ‘overgrown adult’ but you will always be my cute baby boy. Happy 32nd birthday, my second knight.

36. Apart from the smile, from of and cake. Birthdays are a time to look back and see the wars we have conquered, the gold we have acquired and how lucky we are to remember all of them. I hope you remember all of this and see how far you have come. Happy birthday to my 32 years old son.

37. Forget the failure of yesterday, enjoy the sweetness of today, leave the stress of tomorrow. Always remember that You Only Leave Once. So, enjoy your special day and worry less. Happy birthday, son.

38. Grab the celebration of today and see the power in a new age. Rock your age, dance to your special day and be happy to be alive. Happy birthday to my son.

39. Hey Prince, you are 32 today, it means you are gradually walking into becoming someone’s king. I hope you continue to be a responsible adult. Happy birthday, dear son.

40. Cheers to the woman that will become your wife. I am sure she’ll be grateful to have you as a husband as I am to be your father. Happy 32nd birthday, son.

41. At 32, you must have gathered enough experience-the good, bad and ugly. So it’s time to put them into work and use them in walking towards achieving your goal. Love you son. Happy birthday.

42. As you celebrate a new age, may God bless you richly, grants you a longer life and dwell in a happy environment. Love you loads son, Enjoy being 32.

43. Hey son, I just want to remind you again that you are the best thing that happened to me 32 years ago and now. Happy birthday, handsome

44. Hey tiger, you have a strong heart to face any tough situation and a soft heart to love everyone. I wish you many more years of calling you handsome Happy 32 years of being my son.

45. Dear son, when I look at you, I noticed you are ageing backwards. Wow! 32 looks perfect on you. Happy birthday, cutie. Enjoy your day.

46. You are so important to me, not only because you are my son but you are also my friend whom I talk to. I am glad you have 2 persons in you. Happy 32 birthday, son-friend

47. May all the blessings in the four cardinal points come to you as you open chapter 32 of your life. Live long, live well son. Happy birthday.

48. When I told you to enjoy your day, I mean you should go out and have fun. This is because you deserve it. Make yourself and your new age happy. 32 years of living and more years to celebrate, son. Happy birthday.

49. Being alive to celebrate my darling son birthday is the best gift I received today. I’m grateful and excited. Happy 32nd birthday, my love.

50. As you increase in age, so also shall you increase in wealth, life and abundance. Happy 32nd birthday, my son.

Happy 32nd Birthday Son Quotes

Dearest son, thank you for making us, proud parents. We hope this quote shows how you made us feel, how we love you and how your birthday is important to us as to you. Happy 32nd birthday.

See these birthday quotes for your son that will make him still feel like a kid even at 32.

51. Birthday might be a day but wishes last forever. Make a wish today son. Happy 32 years to you.

52. You made the word ‘son’ unique in my mouth. You are a true son of mine that I’m proud of. Happy birthday, son.

53. Don’t worry about getting old, it’s a fixed phase of life. Be happy with the things you have achieved. 32 is for you son.

54. To see all that you have achieved is like saying how much have you lived. You have lived well and continue to live right. Happy birthday, big prince

55. Look back, see all those you have made happy. It’s worth living this life. Happy birthday, son

56. At 32, you should be proud of yourself. If you aren’t, I am. Happy birthday, son

57. You double as a son and Friend. Double blessings won’t be bad on you. Happy birthday.

58. I smile this beautiful morning, not because it’s my birthday but because it’s your birthday, dearest son. Stay fresh at 32

59. You might not feel fulfilled but feel alive. It’s one of the major things that will give birth to fulfilment. 32 looks special on you son.

60. For the past 32 years that you have been my son, there’s no day that I’m not happy to be your mother. Happiest birthday, my love.

61. As you have been my strength, I promise to always be there for you. Even as an adult, you are my forever baby boy. Happy 32 to you my son

62. I wondered if the saying that no one can love you more than yourself applied to me because I love you more than you love yourself son. Happy birthday, darling Prince.

63. My best day is your birthday. It reminds me of the pure love and bond we have shared for the past 32 years. You are special to me son.

64. Apart from living, the best gift I’ve been enjoying is You. You are an extraordinary son. So proud of you. Happy birthday.

65. Birthday doesn’t only increase one’s age, but also maturity and reflection. So, for your new age, I hope you see how amazing you are. Rock your 32, son.

66. Don’t see your mistakes as failure, work on them and make them your foundation to success. Happy 32 years of being my son.

67. Just because you are now 32 doesn’t mean you will get it right every time. Just know it’s okay when you get it wrong sometimes. Happy birthday, dear son

68. Cakes, laughter, love, happiness and wishes are what make up a birthday celebration. Son, grab these and have a fun-filled 32nd birthday.

69. You only have a day to celebrate your new age. Make it count and make it memorable. Happy 32nd birthday, sweetest son.

70. On your next birthday, make sure you will remember this year’s birthday for good. Celebrate it real hard son. Happy birthday.

71. The best definition of handsome is you, the best definition of intelligent is you. The best definition of young 32 years old is definitely you. You are the best son. Happy birthday to you.

72. As from today, start seeing yourself as a young man with big achievements. It’s going to come true, son. I believe in you. Happy birthday and have a great day

73. As you clock 32 today, permit your thought to walk with your plans. Speak goodness of your hard work and always smile even in trials. Happiest birthday to you my dearest son.

74. Continue to see reasons to live son, there’s a great tomorrow for you. Happy 32nd birthday, my big Prince.

75. You are the celebrant for today. We promise to obey you and follow your wishes. Happy 32years to you.

76. Just because it’s your birthday, do the unthinkable and laugh at your failures because you only live once. 32 cheers to the world most favourite son.

77. 32 candles on your cake just to remind you of how you brighten my life every day. Stay happy and healthy in your new age son.

78. Allow me to be the giver today son and you be the receiver. You have given me love and happiness since the day I gave birth to you, so it’s my turn to give you one thing- prayers. Happy birthday to my 32 years old heroic son.

79. One thing I never get tired of doing when it comes to you is to pray for you and pray harder for you
I love you son. Have a great 32 birthday party.

80. All the food and drinks are on me. It’s my big baby birthday, so eat all and drink all. I got you covered, son. Happy 32nd birthday to you.

81. If you think you are getting older, yes you are but remember it came with so much success. Be glad and fulfilled son. Happy birthday.

82. Even as you turn 32, I still feel this excitement and anxiety about your birthday celebration. Don’t blame me, son, I deeply love you. Happy birthday, big man

83. 2 persons celebrate your birthday-You and I. For you, it’s another year of living. For me, it’s the time of reminiscing and gratefulness. Happy birthday, special son.

84. I gave birth to a responsible man and I’m glad I did. You are 32 today and you will live longer than double 32. Happy birthday, son

85. If I could speak to God directly, I’ll plead that he sends heavy rain today alongside your blessings as you are 32 years today. Happy birthday.

86. New age, a new chapter, new blessings and fresh joy and pure happiness are what I wish you on your 32nd birthday son

87. I only go against the doctor’s warning twice a year. Christmas and your birthday. I wouldn’t miss the fun for anything. Happy 32nd birthday, my sweet son

88. To have someone like you as a son is the blessing only the Almighty can give and I’m grateful for this blessing. Happy 32 years of living, precious son.

89. I only eat cakes on two occasions, my birthday and yours. It shows how extreme I can go for you, darling son and I’m not stopping anytime soon. Happy birthday to you

90. Cheers to 32, boy. You have come far and you still have a long life ahead of you. More life son. Enjoy it.

91. Hey dude, even at 32 don’t feel you know all, I’m still here to watch over you and give you some advice but yeah, I celebrate the man you are now. Happy birthday, son

92. Know that whatever decision you made is your choice and I’m here to support you wholeheartedly. Happy birthday, son

93. For the fact that I baked your birthday cakes for 32 years should tell you how much you mean to me. Happy birthday, son

94. Don’t feel you aren’t living up to your expectations, but look around and see those that love you for who you are. Be happy on your day and let a smile come to stay. Happy 32nd birthday, dear son

95. For the life you dreamed of, I wish it come to reality for you. You deserve happiness and happiness you will get. Enjoy your chapter 32 son.

96. May your dreams be bigger than your age, may your success be larger than your age and may you live triple-fold of your new age. Happy 32, son

97. 32 achievements that will showcase your 32 teeth come to you as you celebrate 32 years today. Happy birthday, son

98. You have been a calm soul right from when you were conceived till now. You never gave us anything to worry about. You have made us proud parents. We love you and wish you a happy 32nd birthday son.

99. Why are you shocked by all these successes. You are hardworking right from when you were a boy. So, don’t be surprised rather expect more. Happy 32 years to you my son.

100. Dear son, you are just like a fine wine, getting fresh every day. I’m happy for the better man you have become. Happiest 32nd birthday to you, my world.

Aren’t the happy 32nd birthday son wishes and quotes fantastic? And I guess the priceless smile on your son’s face when he reads them are what you wouldn’t want to miss. So, send them now and be glad you did.

I can only know you are satisfied by your comment and sharing of this post. Thanks.

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