25th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy 25th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Boyfriend

No matter how indifferent we may be concerning our birthdays, we sure feel some dose of happiness when we’ve got wishes and messages coming from someone special.

Now it’s your boyfriend’s 25th birthday, amongst the many messages he’ll be skewering on that day, no doubts, yours will be of particular interest. Hence, I bet you wouldn’t want to let him down.

So, your best bet is to go through these collections of happy 25th birthday boyfriend quotes and select the one that ticks the box for you.

You can spice things up by also picking from the funny 25th birthday wishes for boyfriend category to make him feel some whoosh of excitement on his birthday.

He’ll be so thrilled to read some cute 25th birthday wishes from his sweetheart.

So, what are you waiting for? With due diligence go on and make your choice.

Best 25th Birthday Prayer Messages for Boyfriend

I pray to the heavens to grant you your breakthrough as you clock 25 today. May all that was difficult becoming pretty easy for you. Have a wonderful 25th birthday celebration, my love.

Here are the best 25th birthday prayer messages for your boyfriend:

1. Wow! It’s your silver jubilee birthday. I pray that this new age shall signify something new and bring you true happiness and satisfaction. Love you, boyfriend.

2. 25 years look so fantabulous on you. May all of your wishes be granted to the fullest. You shall live long and in good health. Happy birth anniversary, my baby love.

3. I can see so much joy in your eyes and how grateful you are to see this day. Happy birthday, my love. I pray you record so many successes in this new age of yours.

4. Ask God for whatever you may desire and you’ll see Him attending to all of your needs. Happy birthday, love. You are so blessed, baby.

5. I’m so happy to have witnessed your journey over the years. I wish you tremendous joy. May you enjoy the love of God in a new way. Happy 25th birthday, my love.

6. My heart is praying for you, today. You’ve been a good boyfriend to me and I pray that God grant you all of your heart desires. Wishing you a merry happy birthday, love.

7. You shall not record any losses or pain in this new year of your life. Also, this new age shall bring you so much joy, love and happiness. I promise to stand next to you in all you do.

8. Baby, you are the epitome of love. I must say, everything about you is blessed. May you break new records today and the days to come. Happy birthday handsome.

9. It’s your 25th birth anniversary. Happy birthday, love. May this new age take you higher. Enjoy the rest of your day, my baby boo.

10. You are the best person in my life. You have become an inspiration to me in so many ways. Happy birthday, sweety. I pray you to enjoy every bit of this new age.

11. Hurray! It’s your birth anniversary. As you mark your 25th year on earth, today, you shall know the true meaning of joy, love and happiness. May good tidings flow to you like an endless river.

12. Wherever you go today, you shall witness unusual blessings. The heavenly angels shall celebrate your 25th birthday with you by bringing your heart desires to pass. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

13. May the hosts of angels in heaven pray for you as you clock 25, today. From the depth of my heart, I pray that your future is going to be bright and you shall live to fulfil destiny.

14. Your past is over now. I’m pleased to announce to you that your 25th birthday brings to you fulfilment, joy, love and happiness. Do well to embrace these blessings. Happy birthday to you, my love.

15. Don’t recall past mistakes and hurts, cause a new beginning is here for you. Happy birthday, baby. I pray you celebrate many more 25 years on earth.

Happy 25th Birthday Boyfriend Quotes

There are so many grown men in love, but very few are worthy to be called a knight in shining armour. However, you are the only one who gives even the knights in shining armour a run for their title, for you are a rare gem. Happy 25th birthday, love.

Here are the best happy 25th birthday boyfriend quotes:

16. Whatever good thing you want shall come to you in 25 folds. Happy birth anniversary to the most handsome man in my life.

17. There’s no better time than now to live your dream. May your 25th year on earth signify a fresh start. Have a superb birthday, baby.

18. All things may not be rosy yet, but I assure you that I’ll stand by you till the very end. Happy birthday to my biggest cheerleader.

19. I pray that all your fears and anxieties will fly out of the windows of your heart. May courage take over your mind, body and soul. Happy 25th birthday to the one who makes my heart beat with love.

20. I pray that all of the dreams and goals you have in mind to accomplish in your 25th year on earth shall come to pass for you. You shall never run out of strength. Happy birthday, my love.

21. Do not be afraid to try a new thing or even try again. 25 is the best time of your life to be courageous. Happy birthday to my wonderful boyfriend.

22. Wherever you go, may the favour of God go with you. I love how much you’ve grown over the years. You challenge me to be the best that I can. I hope this new year will inspire you to be your better self.

23. Do not be afraid to take a step and in a new direction. Your 25th year is calling on you to take the bull by the horn. I assure you, it’s going to be a great one. Happy birthday, handsome.

24. No doubt, you’ll be all that you are meant to be. The world shall see greatness spring forth out of you in this 25th year of your life. Happy birthday to the cutest man alive.

25. Await my surprise, I bet you’ll never see it coming but know for sure it’s going to blow your mind away. Happy birthday, my love.

26. Wherever you may go on this 25th journey, it shall lead you to a happy and healthy place. It’s going to be a new year with remarkable accomplishments. Happy birthday, sweety.

27. You may have lost so many things in the past years, but this new year shall bring you amazing gifts that’ll surpass your losses. Happy birthday, honey.

28. There shall be no disappointment for you throughout this new age of your life. Have a fantastic celebration; your 25th birthday party will be the talk of the town I bet you.

29. Cheers to your silver jubilee birth anniversary. The Lord shall make you a happy young man from this day forward and into your old age. Love you so much.

30. I bless God you are alive, hale and hearty. Happy 25th birthday to you, baby boo. May you keep progressing till the very end. Love you hopelessly.

Happy 25th Birthday to My Boyfriend

I’ll make sure the night stars call you by your name tonight. I wouldn’t fail to reach out to the sun to shine down its glory on you, today. It’s your 25th birthday and you deserve all the special treatments in the world.

Here is a good way to say happy 25th birthday to my boyfriend:

31. I love you my darling. It pleases me to see you come this far in life despite all the trials you’ve been through. Happy 25th birthday, baby.

32. I’m so happy to be a part of your life. May this 25th journey take you to a higher level in life. Don’t forget to be grateful for everything you have now.

33. Happy 25th birthday to my boyfriend. Without a doubt, you are a miracle to me. I see you becoming the best of you from this time. Cheers to a new beginning.

34. You shall remain healthy, blessed, happy and in love with me. I pray that this 25th journey of your life shall bring you all the good things you reach out for. Love you to the moon and back.

35. Yay! It’s my boyfriend’s 25th birthday party today. May God abundantly bless your new age. You shall never know your past to be greater or blissful than your present. Do have a phenomenal birthday celebration.

36. I pray that the heavenly angels will make your heart desires come through, today. In years to come, you shall not look back to your 25th year on earth and wish it was better. Happy birthday to my boyfriend.

37. I love you more than I can tell or show. Happy 25th birthday to my love. May your dreams come to pass now. Keep shining like a diamond in the sky.

38. Happy 25th birthday, boyfriend. I want you to know that my love for you can travel with you to the 25th heaven and yet never get tired of touring the world with you. Cheers to another new dawn of your life.

39. You are worth so much more than many rare gems. Happy 25th birthday, my love. From the depth of my heart, I’ll sing you a love song that expresses my desire to see you live longer beyond a century.

40. It’s your 25th birth anniversary. You are born to win so now is the time to take over new territories. May the grace of God that makes all things possible be poured on you like olive oil.

41. Happy 25th birthday, boyfriend. You are the sunshine of my life and you’ll still be in the next couple of 25 years to come. Love you so endlessly.

42. When it comes to love, I’ll choose your heart. When it comes to life, I’ll choose you again. Happy 25th birth anniversary to my flawless boyfriend.

43. No matter your excesses, I’m ready to be by your side till the end. Happy birthday, my love. May 25 remember you for only the good things of life.

44. You accomplished so much in your previous year. You shall do even much more in your 25th year on earth. So welcome to a new chapter of your life where you break records endlessly.

45. You are the joy in my life and the love in my heart. Happy 25th birthday, boyfriend. There is no one else like you in this world. I love you so hopelessly.

25th Birthday Greetings for Boyfriend

I wish you so much joy that’ll fill your heart to the brim. I can’t wait to pay homage to you for clocking 25 years today against all odds. Happy birthday, darling.

Send these 25th birthday greetings for your boyfriend to him:

46. I’ll love to celebrate with you for as long as I live. Hence, I choose to greet you with a happy 25th birth anniversary, today. You look so young and handsome.

47. I cannot wait to see you in your birthday regalia. 25 sure looks fantabulous on you. Happy birthday to the love of my life. May God make your new age a dream come true.

48. With the whole of my heart, I greet you with a happy 25th birthday. I’ll like to show you just how much I am excited to be a part of this new chapter of your life.

49. Kisses to you my love. I wish you a happy birthday that’ll leave so much joy and happiness in your heart as the days progresses.

50. There’s a reason why you are alive to see this day and you shall live to fulfil your purpose on earth. Happy 25th birthday to my unique boyfriend.

51. I’ll love to shower you with the best compliments you’ve ever heard about yourself. You are the best man to be created by God. There’s no better place for a boyfriend like you than in the best places on earth. I love you. Happy 25th birthday darling.

52. Tell me how do you want me to show you just how much I love you. Happy birthday to my boyfriend. 25 is the new cool.

53. You’ll always be a perfect boyfriend to me. Love you from here to the moon and back. Happy 25th birthday to you. You mean so much to me than the breath I breathe.

54. Once I see you all of my fears vanish away. It’s your 25th year and I promise you that you’ll only have good stories to share when a new chapter comes.

55. Happy 25th birthday to the one who loves me even more than I do myself. Enjoy the rest of your life like never before. Sending all my love to you.

56. I’ll love to make you feel safe and loved than you’ve felt all your life. Happy birthday to my boyfriend who just clocked 25 years on earth.

57. May this new age bring only the good treasures of life to you. You shall only enjoy a good fate for the rest of your life. Live long and continue to prosper, dear 25-year-old boyfriend.

58. I am so happy to see you clock this milestone. May you have only good testimonies to share of your 25th year on earth. I love you more than I love myself, baby.

59. This new chapter of your life shall see you do great things like never before. Happy birthday to the love of my life. You shall be favoured till your life becomes radiant.

60. Hurray! It’s your day today and I can’t help but let the world know of a phenomenal being who was born 25 years ago. Happy birthday to my dearest handsome boyfriend.

61. You shall recover and overtake. No longer shall you witness failure cause it’s time for you to succeed. Happy 25th birthday, baby. You shall know this year to be full of victories.

62. May all of your dreams come true as you enter a new chapter of your life. Happy 25th birthday to the love of my life. You shall accomplish so much more in this new age than you’ve done in the past years.

63. I pray that you shall enjoy everlasting good health. At no point in your life shall you be weak or fragile. Happy 25th birthday, my love. May the heavens pray for you, today.

64. I’d love to tell you how much I love you but before then here is me wishing you a happy 25th birthday. May the Lord answer all of your heartfelt desires.

65. You shall be the head and never be the tail. Your 25th year shall bring you to your promised land where it flows with milk and honey. Happy birth anniversary, boyfriend.

66. No matter the mistakes you may make in this new year of your life, it shall never consume you but draw you closer to your success and breakthrough. Happy 25th birth anniversary.

67. I wish you a wonderful new year devoid of the trials of life but full of testimonies. Happy birthday to my lovely boyfriend. 25 years looks so good on you.

68. There’s nothing as enchanting as the glow you woke up with as you clocked 25, today. From me to you, keep living the life of your dream. You deserve it.

69. May you recognize all the opportunities that will present themselves to you in this 25th year of your life. Happy birthday to my darling.

70. There’s so much joy and happiness that await you today and beyond. Do not let the devil deceive you into not seeing the good things around you. Happy 25th birthday, baby.

Cute 25th Birthday Wishes for My Boyfriend

Nothing on earth can beat your handsomeness, not even the envious moon and sun put together. Have a happy 25th birthday. Remember to show yourself some love today, too.

Here you have some cute 25th birthday wishes for my boyfriend:

71. It’s another year to touch your cute face and be blessed with your smile. Happy 25th birthday. May every day of this new year make you happy and overjoyed, my love.

72. Your light shall never go off, my love. You shall keep rising like a star until you reach your pinnacle. Happy 25th birthday to the most handsome boyfriend in the world.

73. Whenever I see your face, all my worries vanish into thin air. You’re the joy feeling the chasm in me. Happy 25th birthday. Do celebrate it like it’s worth it.

74. I’ll love to plant 25 gentle kisses on your face. Happy 25th birthday to my friend and lover. You make me want to do life with you all over again.

75. Don’t you worry, I promise to make your 25th year a very spectacular one. For your sake, the moon will keep shining and the sun will never go down till the world sees your light. Happy birth anniversary, baby.

76. Thank you for pushing me to greatness. Without you, my life would have been benighted. I owe a lot to you but never will I fail to show my appreciation. Happy 25th birthday, love.

77. You are so handsome than a knight in shining armour. May you never lose happiness in your life. Happy 25th birthday to the epitome of love.

78. I love every bit of you. I look forward to spending this life with you as you clock another new age. Happy 25th birthday to the only true love of my life.

79. I promise to make this day the one you’ll remember for good. Baby, all you have to do is watch as I sweep you off your feet. Have a merry 25th birthday.

80. Every morning that I look into your eyes, I feel your presence engulf me. I’m so elated to know that you’ll always be around to pour your jar of love and happiness into my empty urn. Happy 25th birthday.

81. I want to wish you a happy birthday, my love. Take pleasure in reminiscing on all the good old memories cause they are worth keeping forever. However, never fail to create even better ones. Happy 25th birthday, love.

82. I love you so much and for that reason, I must thank God for keeping you alive to see another new age. Happy 25th birthday, baby.

83. This new age is indeed a milestone. You are sure blessed to experience what 25 years on earth feels like. May you remain unstoppable like a moving train. Happy birth anniversary to a phenomenal lover.

84. Leave your past in the past and make the present count. Happy 25th birthday to the cutest boyfriend. I love you so deeply than I could ever get over.

85. It’s time to leave for yourself and to prioritise fulfilling all of your dreams. Happy 25th birthday to my boyfriend. May the strength to fight for your dreams fill you up.

86. I want you to know that you are one of the best things to ever happen to me. Happy birthday, my love. May your 25th year on earth bring new opportunities to you.

87. This new year shall elevate you. Happy 25th birthday to you. May you witness the hand of God more mightily than hitherto.

88. Happy 25th birthday to my boyfriend. You are the joy of my life now and forever. Show me your goals for this new age and together we’ll chase them till they become a beautiful reality.

89. I love you so much, baby. Wherever you go, I’ll always go with you even to the time of old age. Happy 25th birthday. Say your wishes and watch them come true.

90. No matter the pain in your life right now, they’ll never see a new day again because it’s a new dawn for you. Happy 25th birthday to the kindest and most loving boyfriend I know.

Funny 25th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

I wish that you would grow taller than you were at 24 but if you don’t, I guess I’ll have to keep measuring the same height as you. Happy 25th birthday, love. I wish you a few inches.

Make him laugh hard with these funny 25th birthday wishes for boyfriend:

91. I’ll love to see just how strong you are. So here is the challenge for your 25th birthday; give me 25 push-ups. Are you gamed? If yes, then have a happy 25th birthday.

92. Sometimes you can be annoying, but I’ve promised myself to love you even on your most annoying days. So it’s another new year of your life to get on my toes. Happy 25th birthday.

93. Happy 25th birthday to the best snorer in the world; my boyfriend and I find his snore to be music to my ears.

94. Happy 25th birthday, love. May you not break a leg nor your nose and teeth. You’ll always remain whole, my love.

95. I’d only like to see your teeth today. This, for me, is a symbol of happiness. Happy 25th birthday, love. There can be no one as loving as you.

96. Which of my jokes cracks you up anytime you think about it? So recall them and laugh over and over again. Happy 25th birthday.

97. I saw you in my dream screaming a happy birthday to yourself. So here is me wishing you a happy 25th birthday.

98. You already look like an old man even though you are only 25. Guess what, a kiss from me to you will restore your youthful look and zeal. So come get it. Happy birthday, love.

99. I’ll not give you a cake present this year, so you don’t bite your fingers off while eating like a glutton. Happy 25th birthday, boyfriend. Wishing you a healthy new age.

100. The truth is every single one of your joke still makes my heart laugh out loud. Happy 35th birthday, honey. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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