Happy 24th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy 24th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Your daughter hitting the big 24 comes with a roller coaster of emotions as your heartfelt wishes on her important day will go a long way.

She expects a lot of people to celebrate her, and that’s why she looks forward to your special wishes. In her early years as a young woman, you need to make her know that you love her not just when she’s a baby, but even as an adult, your love as a parent hasn’t dwindled.

So, you’d do well to carefully look out for the best way to celebrate your daughter’s 24th birthday. Don’t look too far because I can assure you that you are at the right place already.

Make her big 24 special with these heartfelt love messages and prayers that will further usher her into a new and prosperous year. It works for all ages, even If she’s 18, 19 or in her twenties. When she receives it, I’m sure she would be grateful to have a thoughtful and loving parent like you.

Here are happy 24th birthday wishes for daughter you can use to celebrate your precious daughter on her big 24.

Happy 24th Birthday Daughter Quotes

Happy 24th birthday to my beautiful daughter. Welcome to your best year. May peace, love and joy keep following always.

1. 24 0’ clock starts today in your life, you will not grow weary in this stage of your life. Your life will be sweet as honey. Happy birthday, daughter.

2. Blessings from North, South, East and West is what will be your portion as you turn 24 today. Happy birthday, my lovely daughter.

3. May God take you to the Zenith of your joy and grant you access to do exploits in this new age. Happy birthday, love.

4. You will shine like a diamond, you will be sort for like gold and you will be important to everyone that comes in contact with you. Happy 24th birthday to you darling daughter.

5. You captured everyone’s heart when you were and that has been one thing that attracts wonderful things to your life, may this and more be your portion in your new age. Happy 24th birthday sweetie.

6. Men will honour you, women will honour you, you will stand out among standards. Happy 24 years birthday my baby girl.

7. It is fitting for us to thank God at all times, most especially on the day you were born, I celebrate God’s faithfulness. Happy 24th birthday my daughter.

8. As you mark a new age today, may the mark of goodness follow you from today onwards. Happy 24th birthday my darling daughter.

9. You are my treasure, I will take every measure to make sure you have a lovely day as you become plus one today. Happy birthday.

10. You are indeed a beautiful child and your life so far has been beautiful, I pray this beauty will not fade even as you grow into a new age today. Happy birthday.

11. Have a blast today my baby girl. You deserve every gift and more you get today. Happy 24th birthday darling.

12. May you be showered with great love and gifts today as you clock in plus one. Happy 24th birthday sweetness.

13. Wonderful birthday celebration is what I wish you today as you step into a new age. Happy 24th birthday my daughter.

14. Very soon, you will climb the pulpit of silver jubilee but let’s celebrate your 24th birthday first. Happy birthday, darling.

15. May God’s spirit continues to lead through life, even as you clock 24 today, may all things work for good for you. Happy birthday dear daughter.

16. Happy birthday sweetheart, may you experience many years in good health, wealth, happiness, joy and love. Happy 24th birthday.

17. I am wishing you another year of great achievements, growth and promotion. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

18. I celebrate your 24th birthday with you today with great joy and excitement because I know this is your best year.

19. As you clock plus one today, may you never know a better yesterday but a wonderful today and the best tomorrow. Happy birthday, darling.

20. My daughter is 24 today, I pray God continue to stand by you and guide you every moment of your life. Happy birthday.

21. As you celebrate your birthday today, may the joy, peace, love the Lord has granted unto you be permanent in your life in Jesus name. Happy birthday.

22. May the lord honour you and favour you without labour, uplift you and set you high above your enemies. Happy birthday.

23. May your days be long and all your heart desires are granted, and may all crooked ways be made straight for you in Jesus name. Happy 24th birthday my daughter.

24. May God increases you, bless you financially, spiritually and otherwise, you shall be called blessed. Happy 24th birthday daughter.

25. As you turn twenty-four today, may you be sent forth to a greater height in life. Happy birthday, dear.

Happy 24th Birthday Daughter Wishes

Today is your special day my love, my lovely wishes are with you. Happy 24th birthday darling. You’re an amazing daughter and I’m proud of you always. I wish you all the best in life.

1. The Lord will go before and after you in this new age of yours, May the hidden riches of secret places. Happy birthday my daughter.

2. Every day of your new age will experience the true blessing of the lord. Happy 24th birthday daughter.

3. None of your steps shall slide, your life will be the story of God’s grace. happy birthday, my darling daughter.

4. My wish for you on your birthday is great joy, love, blessings, grace, peace, fulfilment, long life and prosperity. Happy 24th birthday.

5. The sky over you shall release divine favour, the breeze shall blow peace and everything shall work well for you in Jesus name. happy birthday dear.

6. If I could fulfil your heart desires today, I will but since I can’t, I pray that your day will be filled with happiness, love and greatness. Happy birthday, my daughter.

7. On this special day, I wish you the very best and all the joy you can ever have. Happy 24th birthday daughter.

8. May you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and days to come. Happy 24th birthday, my love.

9. May your life be brightened like the sun, may joy illuminate your path and may each day’s journey bring you closer to your dreams, happy 24th birthday sweet daughter.

10. Happy birthday dearie, age with grace and many more prosperous years to come, have fun and enjoy every bit of your 24th year.

11. This new age will launch you into an uncommon peace, unequalled purity, unparallel joy and unprecedented prosperity. Happy 24th birthday my love

12. I wish you good health, long life, breakthrough, prosperity and accomplishment as you turn a new age today. Happy 24th birthday my dear

13. With everlasting kindness, the Lord will have mercy on you and his covenant of peace in your life shall not be removed from your life. Happy birthday

14. As you step into a new age, may the Lord do a new thing in your life. It’s the beginning of new things. Enjoy your 24th birthday my darling daughter.

15. It is so wonderful to have a beautiful daughter in one, and the amazing thing is that she is plus one today. Happy 24th birthday sweetheart. I love you, dear.

16. You are growing into adulthood, may every aspect of your life never cease to grow and flourish. Happy birthday dear daughter

17. Happy 24th birthday to you darling, know that you may not be perfect for others but you are strong enough for me. Happy birthday

18. No matter what this new age brings you, learn to be happy and strong, I give you my best on the very day, happy 24th birthday.

19. Enjoy this new age with lots of fun because you are not going to repeat this age again. Happy 24th birthday

20. As you look ahead to celebrating this new age and more to come, may you succeed in everything you do. Happy birthday dear

21. Appreciate that you are not just a year older today but a year bigger, brighter, brilliant, matured and loving. Happy birthday, daughter.

22. I am proud of the lady you are becoming, you are smart, intelligent, focused, understanding and matured, I value you my darling. Happy 24th birthday, my love.

23. All your hard work will begin to pay, all your effort will begin to manifest, all your dreams and aspiration will begin to actualize. Happy 24th birthday.

24. I hope that you will keep a happy memory today that you will never forget in a hurry. Happy 24th birthday sweetheart. Momma loves you.

25. So many persons are celebrating their birthdays today, but you are the most precious and important to me. Happy birthday my daughter. Have a great year ahead.

Birthday Wishes for 24 Year Old Daughter

Wow, my beautiful daughter is 24 years old today. Happy birthday, darling. I wish you a life of bliss and fulfilment. May all things work together for your good. Have a great year, darling.

1. I am glad that your confidence is building up and I believe that your dreams will definitely come true. Happy birthday.

2. I may not be able to show you how much I care about you, but I want you to know that I care about you much more than you think. Happy birthday my love

3. I hope I am the first person to wish you a super-duper birthday today. Happy 24th birthday to you my beautiful daughter. Enjoy your day.

4. We have all anticipated this day and here it is, may this day bring you all the good things you deserve. Happy 24th birthday darling. I’m proud of you.

5. You are good at what you do, so keep going and keep shining your light. You’re the best daughter in the world. Happy 24th birthday, dear.

6. Happy birthday my sweet daughter. At this stage of your life, you need to accumulate more experience and live much more. Go and do more exploits dear.

7. This is the time you have to start making decisions and envisaging how the future will be. Happy 24th birthday my baby girl. I love you.

8. I am always here for you my darling, you are still my baby no matter how old you become. Happy 24th birthday my girl, it’s going to be a fruitful year for you. Many happy returns.

9. No matter what happens in life, know that God is your backup and I am right behind you my darling daughter. Happy 24th birthday to you. Have a great year ahead.

10. You are beautiful and it is simply because you got that beauty from me. Happy birthday, my beauty queen.

11. You can become a child again today because you were born on this day, play as much as you can and don’t forget to have fun. Happy 24th birthday sweetheart.

12. Your life must be alive for you to stay alive, have fun, pray and make your day as special as you are today. Happy birthday my darling.

13. I have asked the angels to sing some lovely songs to you today because it is your special day. Happy 24th birthday dear daughter. I love you.

14. Enjoy your big day my love; do not let anyone or anything spoil this day because you deserve happiness. Happy birthday darling

15. You are a source of happiness to us and everyone that come in contact with you; we all love and cherish you. Happy 24th birthday love

16. A new age is a new phase to redirect and to make new plans in life, I wish you the best. Happy 24th birthday dear.

17. Always remember that I will always be there for you to celebrate each moment of your special day. Happy 24th birthday love.

18. You have something special that most persons do not have a new age, a new phase of life to start and a new birthday to celebrate. Happy 24th birthday.

19. Here comes the latest 24th year old queen, I wish you a fulfilled and amazing birthday. Happy birthday, dear. Momma loves you.

20. Welcome to a new 365 days of your life, I wish you every good thing you wish yourself. Happy 24th birthday to you beautiful.

21. To my beautiful daughter, I say a very happy 24th birthday to you. It’s going to be a fruitful year ahead dear.

22. I am celebrating you not just because it is your birthday but because you are an amazing daughter. Happy 24th birthday my love.

23. Here is a toast to the best daughter in the world. Today is your birthday and I want you to know that I love you.

24. Put on your best outfit, put on your favourite music to play and get ready for an unforgettable celebration. Happy 24th birthday my daughter.

25. Enjoy every moment of your day, may the joy of the lord spread through every day, hour, minutes and second on your new age. Happy 24th birthday.

24th Birthday Prayer Messages for Daughter

I am so happy because today is the 24th birthday of my awesome daughter. May this message bring good tidings to you. My prayers are with you dear, may you keep rising without falling. God bless you.

1. Congratulations on your 24 years birthday, it shall be well with you at all times. Happy birthday my baby.

2. You have the whole 24 hours of today to celebrate your 24 years birthday today, May goodness automatically cling to you. Happy birthday dear daughter.

3. A new day has just begun to celebrate a new age with a shining and radiant ray of hope. Happy 24th birthday to you my princess. Enjoy your day.

4. Celebrating a birthday is always great, especially when it is the birthday of your loved one, congratulations to my daughter on her 24th birthday.

5. You are in the best stage of your life to make decisions that will help your future, I hope that you plan wisely and live rightly in this 24th year of your life.

6. Keep your hope alive, your dreams intact and your focus in check and you become a year old born today. Happy birthday my baby girl.

7. May your day be great and beautiful like the day you were born, may congratulations not cease from your life. Enjoy your birthday, my princess.

8. My sincere congratulations go to you my darling daughter as you clock plus one today, I wish you long life and prosperity. Happy 24th birthday my girl.

9. I pray that this new age catapults you to a greater height in God’s glory and grace. Happy 24th birthday my girl.

10. I give you a big kiss and hug today to celebrate your 24th birthday with lots of gifts. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

11. Dear baby girl, as you celebrate your birthday today, I wish you an amazing and more fulfilled year ahead. Happy 24th birthday.

12. This day is a gift for all of us, because it is another year that we can share together with you, don’t forget to have fun today, happy birthday love.

13. Your year of abundance is here and it has come to stay. Happy birthday my 24th year old baby. Have a beautiful celebration.

14. May doors of greater opportunity and may every moment of your life be filled with life-changing achievements. Happy birthday my love.

15. It is my priority to ensure that you are always happy most especially today that is your birthday, happy 24th birthday my darling.

16. Remain blessed and unshaken; the lord has got your back this new year. Happy 24th birthday my darling daughter. Enjoy your day.

17. This New Year will favour you; it will obey you in all your commands. Happy 24th birthday.

18. As you step into your 24th year, it shall be a year of testimonies and pleasant surprises all through in Jesus name. Amen.

19. The omnipotent God will bless you, His glory will continue to shine upon you and the doors of uncommon grace will open for you. Happy 24th birthday.

20. You will be highly celebrated amongst your equals this year in the most wonderful way. Happy 24th birthday.

21. May God open your eyes to the secret success, may your blessing be renewed as you clock plus one, Happy 24th birthday.

22. You are blessed beyond measures; you will be lifted up above your expectation. Happy 24th birthday.

23. I wish you a new chapter full of God’s favour and unending testimony. Happy 24th birthday my darling.

24. Happy birthday my dear daughter, I wish you the best as you are a year older today. Happy 24th birthday.

25. Happy birthday to the latest 24-year-old queen. I wish you the very best my darling daughter. Have a great year ahead.

Having a daughter that you are proud of is one of the best gifts in the world and celebrating her with these happy 24th birthday wishes for daughter above will make her love you the more.

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