Happy 24th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Boyfriend

Happy 24th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Boyfriend

One of the ways young couple grow fonder in love is when they celebrate each other, be it their achievements or birthdays.

As your boyfriend clocks 24 years, there are cute 24th birthday wishes for my boyfriend you can send to him that’d make him long for you more than ever. There are also funny 24th birthday wishes for boyfriend that can make you seem like his best comedienne.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick from this endless list of happy 24th birthday to my boyfriend and see how great his day will turn out to be for him.

Go ahead and do the needful:

Best 24th Birthday Prayer Messages for Boyfriend

I pray the Lord takes you higher than your greatest pinnacle of success so far. May He cause His face to shine upon you, too. Wishing you many happy returns on your 24th birthday.

Here are the best 24th birthday prayer messages for boyfriend:

1. My love, I’m happy to have known you. Growing with you by my side even tastes better than the sweetest honey. I pray that your 24th year on earth shall stir greatness in you. Happy birthday, my darling boyfriend.

2. All because of you, I’ll wake up early to pray that God fulfils your new age and grant you mighty testimonies as you live through your 24th year. Happy birthday to my first and only boyfriend.

3. Thank you for never breaking my heart. I appreciate you for making me love God the more. Happy birthday, sweetie. May you find true happiness and joy as you journey through your 24th year.

4. It feels so great to shout happy birthday to you; I feel so privileged doing this with you. Happy birthday to my caring boyfriend. May the heavens rain down its blessings on you.

5. May blessings drop on you like beautiful grey pearls. Wishing you a superb birthday that’ll bring your dreams to pass. I love you so much, baby.

6. You look so young and handsome today. The sun rises from your eyes and when it sets on me, I am set ablaze with your love. Happy 24th birthday, baby. May God grant you your heart desires.

7. There’s no one like you in my life. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. Happy birthday to a unique boyfriend. May God bless your new age and cause you to roll out a long list of accomplishments when you look back at this age.

8. Kisses, my love. Like the fine brown hair on your head, may your blessings be innumerable. Happy birthday to a superb boyfriend. I heart you deeply.

9. There’s no joy greater than knowing you and you loving me. I feel elated to call you my own as you clock a new age, today. May 24 treat you kind and make you the best you’ve ever been.

10. Honey, see the stares in my eyes for you; it’s all because I’ve been longing to see you grow this old. You’ll never weary like a dandelion flower but become stronger like a rock. Happy 24th birthday, my darling.

11. How do you want your birthday celebrated? Let me know so I’ll be here to bring your dream to pass. May God who sees your heart fulfil all your expectations. Happy 24th birthday, love.

12. You make me so happy. I pray that your guardian angels cause you to smile and laugh wholeheartedly every day of your life. Happy 24th birthday, honey.

13. No matter the mistakes you’ve made in the past, today is a new dawn for you. May the future ahead of you be nothing like the past you’ve left behind. Wishing you a wonderful 24th birth anniversary.

14. I love you so much, my darling boyfriend. I earnestly pray that your 24th year on earth shall be the best thing to ever happen to you so far. Enjoy your new age, baby.

15. I’ll like you to know that all your sins are forgiven. Today marks a fresh start in your life. It’s going to be a wonderful chapter. Happy birthday to my darling boyfriend.

16. I’m so happy to be a part of your life, especially your youth. May God enhance your life with goodness and His mercies. Wishing you an extraordinary 24th birthday.

17. Wherever you go from now henceforth, you shall be favoured. Happy 24 years on a cosmo. I love you so much, baby boy.

Happy 24th Birthday Boyfriend Quotes

Having a man like you to myself is God’s greatest gift to me on earth. You simply make me truly happy. Enjoy your 24th birthday, my love. I promise to make it a special one for you.

Here are happy 24th birthday boyfriend quotes:

18. Young and strong like a warrior; that’s you, my handsome 24-year-old boyfriend. Happy birthday, darling.

19. You are going to experience the best time of your life now. The future will be greater but it begins today. Have a wonderful 24th birthday, boyfriend.

20. My only one, 24 sure looks good on you. I promise to make this new age of yours sweeter than the yesteryears.

21. Count on me to love you throughout this new age in a way I’ve never done before. Happy birthday, handsome.

22. I’ll like to look into your eyes for my whole life so I never fall asleep as you grow old. Happy 24th birthday, handsome.

23. You were irreplaceable yesterday, and so it’s always going to be. Happy 24th birthday to the one who makes my heartbeat.

24. There’s something so special about you and it’s the way you age flawlessly. Happy 24th birthday to my most cherished boyfriend.

25. I know you’ll always make me proud. I’ll like to say a big thank you for all the time you’ve made me a part of your life. Happy birth anniversary, honey.

26. Wherever you go to, you shall be called blessed. Happy 24th birthday, my baby boy. Your smile always melts me away like an ice cream under the gaze of the sun.

27. You’ll always be attractive to me. I must confess, 24 is such a wonderful number whenever I look at you. Have a merry birthday, boyfriend.

28. I love how your love for me shows. I promise to love you better till it overflows for the world to see. Happy 24th birthday, my dear.

29. There’s no way to show how much I love you than to tell you how grateful I am that you are alive. I love your existence in my life, baby. 24 sure looks good on you. Happy birthday, darling.

30. I’ll love to see you clock many 24 years over and over again. Happy birthday, my baby. I’ll always want you to be my boyfriend.

31. I’ll love to throw you a birthday party every day because it makes you so happy and fulfilled. Happy 24th birthday, my darling boyfriend.

32. I love you, baby. From the purest part of my heart, I wish you a happy 24th birthday. I hope you see this new age as an opportunity, so harness it to the fullest.

33. To the best boyfriend in the world, happy birthday, my darling. I love every detail of you. I won’t change a thing about you for you are perfect just the way I see you. Enjoy your 24th birthday.

Happy 24th Birthday to My Boyfriend

Wherever you go, you shall always enjoy the best of your life. 24 years look good on you, baby. I pray you live longer than you ever envisioned, baby boo.

Here is a happy 24th birthday to my boyfriend wishes:

34. Today is made for my boyfriend. A very happy birthday to him. May God make you happy throughout this new age. Love you so much.

35. Wherever you go, I’m ready to go with you, baby. On your 24th journey, I promise to stay by your side all the way. Have a spectacular birthday, honey.

36. There’s no way I can love you less than I did yesterday. Every day shall see my love growing for you. I’ll love you even more as you clock 24 today. Happy birthday my only one.

37. I love you so much, my baby. I bless the day you walked up to me cause it changed me forever. Happy 24th birthday, baby. There’s no one like you to me.

38. What would you like to make your day special? Just say the word, and I’ll do it. Have a wonderful 24th birthday, my man-crush forever.

39. I’m delighted to see you clock 24. I earnestly await the day you grow old into your 70s and 80s and above. May this day make you the happiest man and boyfriend on earth.

40. I love to see the joy and happiness in your eyes every time you celebrate a new age. Happy 24th birthday to God’s wonderful gift to me.

41. I’m sending all my kisses and love to you. Wishing you all the joy in the world. I can’t wait to see your face to show you how much I love your 24th-year look.

42. Dear boyfriend, you are the most handsome creature to ever wake up today. Your smell is the best thing to ever engulf the earth. I sincerely wish you a remarkable 24th birthday celebration.

43. There’s no way I’m not going to love you even more at 24 cause you look better than before. I’m sending my sincerest love and purest kisses to you, baby.

44. At 24, you are my boyfriend. At 30, I’ll still want you and more. And when it’s old age, I’ll love to see your grey hair every morning. Happy 24th birthday, baby.

45. To the most handsome boyfriend in the world, I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy 24th birthday, baby. Let’s travel back in time to enjoy our past once again.

46. A big toast to you for making it to 24. I pray you grow old in strength, joy, love and wholeness. Wishing you so much joy beyond what you wish for, my love.

47. I love to kiss you all over your body, just to have a feel of what 24 smells like. Have a wonderful 24th birthday, my cutest boyfriend.

48. Forgive me for the past. I’ll love for us to start on a clean slate as you clock a new age, today. Happy 24th birthday, baby. I love you so much.

49. With me by your side, you can grow old with lots of grey hair and slouched shoulders; I promise to love you still. Happy 24th birthday, sweety.

24th Birthday Greetings for Boyfriend

I’ll like to be the first to wish you a happy 24th birthday, dear boyfriend. So here is me sending all my love to you. I wish you the best things that life has to offer.

Send these 24th birthday greetings for boyfriend to him:

50. I’ll love to say more than a happy 24th birthday to you. Hence, I’ll give you all of me throughout your new age and the ones after. Have a wonderful birth anniversary.

51. How do you want me to wish you a happy 24th birthday? I’ll like you to know that your wish is my command, today. Enjoy your day, my love.

52. I love everything about you including your imperfection. May this new age bring you all the goodness in the world. Happy 24th birthday, baby.

53. I’ll love to greet you with a happy 24th birth anniversary. I feel so lucky to have you. Hence, I promise to celebrate you every day.

54. It’s your first birthday we’re going to be celebrating together as a couple. I’m so happy to be a part of it. Happy birthday, my love.

55. For all the time we’ve been together, I say a big thank you. For clocking a new age today, I propose a huge toast to you. Have a merry 24th birthday, boyfriend.

56. Thank you for giving me the prerogative to call you my boyfriend. It’s one of my greatest privileges. May your 24th year be full of miracles from heaven.

57. You grow so fast. Happy birthday, baby. I pray you remain happy for the rest of your life. May nothing, at all, take away your joy. Love you, baby.

58. I’ll love to celebrate your birthday over and over with you. Happy 24th birthday to the one my heart longs for at all time. Enjoy every bit of today and your new age.

59. The whole of today belongs to you. Celebrate it like a king. I love how good you look at 24. Hence, I get famished every time I see you.

60. Setting my eyes on you every day feels like seeing an angel in human form. Happy birthday, baby. Enjoy your today, tomorrow and forever.

61. I love to see you age this way; so perfect, unique and endearing. Happy 24th birthday, my love. You age better than a glass of fine wine.

62. Let’s live today together like it’s going to be our last. Happy birthday, baby. May God bless your new age than you envisioned.

63. I’m sorry for all the time I was away and couldn’t make it to your birthday. Hence, I’m glad for the chance I have to do so now. Happy 24th birthday, baby.

64. I have a request to make of you; never stop ageing cause the more you do, the greater I am attracted to you. Have a splendid 24th birthday.

65. I’ll like to make you all your favourite food, today. What do you think about that? Happy 24th birth anniversary to you.

Cute 24th Birthday Wishes for My Boyfriend

Everything about you melt my heart away even your 24th birthday makes my heart long for you. May this new age make you more handsome than you’ve ever been.

Send these cute 24th birthday wishes for my boyfriend to him:

66. You are the cutest thing in the world. Everything about you attracts me including the way you scratch your hair. Happy 24th birthday, my darling boyfriend.

67. If I’m asked what’s the cutest God’s gift to me, I’ll point to you cause truly you are. Happy 24th birthday to my darling boyfriend.

68. There’s so much joy in spending my youth with you and I’m glad to be next to you at this point in your life. Happy 24th birthday to this cute boyfriend of mine.

69. As you journey through life, I promise to stay next to you. Happy birthday, baby. I’ll be here when you clock 100 years on earth, I promise.

70. The greatest blessing of today is you. And you are the most blessed, too. Happy 24th birthday, baby. I love you truly.

71. For your sake, I’ll sound a trumpet that’ll breakthrough into the heavens and shake the earth so the world gets to see the cutest boyfriend in the world who clocked 24 today. I love you.

72. You make me smile and feel truly loved all at once. I can never stop celebrating your life. I love you today on your 24th birthday and beyond.

73. To the smartest and cutest boyfriend in the world, happy 24th birthday, baby. I’ll keep singing your praise all day long. Love you, baby.

74. I am in love with a young and cute boy. My joy is having him as my boyfriend. Today, he clocks 24 and I’m ready to celebrate him all day long.

75. I love you so much, baby. There’s no way I can love you less. I’ll always be next to you in good and bad times. Happy 24th birthday, baby.

76. You have the purest of heart and I’m so privileged to have a sweet bite of your awesomeness. Happy birthday to the cutest man in the world.

77. Everything about you endears you to me, including your physical growth. I love you more than words can tell. Hence, I promise to show you how I feel about you forever. Happy 24th birthday, cutest thing.

78. You are the most handsome man to ever come my way. I hope you never stop being cute. Have a superb 24th year on earth. Love you from here to the moon and back.

79. I promise to fight your battles as though they were mine. Enjoy your new age as you’ve never done in the past. Happy 24th birthday, honey.

80. There’s so much joy I feel in my heart, today and it’s all because of you. Have a wonderful birthday celebration, today and forever.

81. I’ll love to see your cute face every morning of my life. Hence I wish you a happy birthday and many returns in good health. Long life and prosperity are all yours. You are the cutest thing to drop from heaven.

Funny 24th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

I want to be the one to always tell you the lamest jokes while you be the one to always laugh. Happy 24th birthday, baby boo. May you never feel an ounce of sadness all through this new age.

Make him laugh with these funny 24th birthday wishes for boyfriend:

82. I wish I could make you laugh all day long but you are the greatest humour maker I know so I can’t beat you on this. Thus, I would simply wish you a happy 24th birthday, my love.

83. I wish you finer haircuts and more fit clothes. Happy 24th birthday to my boyfriend who just couldn’t care less about his fashion sense.

84. Because I love you, I’ll be sending all your funniest jokes to you, today. Happy 24th birthday. I hope you find humour in all of life’s challenges.

85. I don’t have a grain of rice to cook for you, today but you can have me as your appetizer. Happy birthday, my love.

86. I love you, my boyfriend. I wish you many more jokes to crack cause I see how proud you feel whenever you make me laugh my heart out.

87. 24 years on earth, yet you look like a baby who just came into the world. Happy birthday, darling. Your baby face is so alluring.

88. I love you even when most of your jokes are nothing to write home about. Happy 24th birthday, sweety.

89. My wish for you today is that you eat less like a wolf. Happy 24th birthday, my love. I promise to make you your best cake today.

90. I’ll like to pour you the best wine and make you the best dish. Happy 24th birthday, my love. May you have every reason to laugh.

91. May your joy always last. 24 looks good on you even though you still look cute in your favourite jean.

92. Can I tell you what I love most about you? It’s the shape of your face. I wish you a happy 24th birthday. Keep basking in good health and prosperity. I’ll always be here for you.

93. Happy birthday to my boyfriend. I wish you many happy returns. I pray you remain faithful and committed to our love.

94. Play like a child and remember not to nurse any worries within you. Happy 24th birthday to my boyfriend. I love you more than you can ever see.

95. There is so much joy in knowing you. I promise never to make you cry but only shed tears of joy and love. 24 years look so good on you, baby.

96. I love you so much, baby. From the depth of my heart, I wish you a happy birthday. May you never lack anything good in life. Enjoy your 24th year.

97. Wherever you go, you shall find favour. I promise to always be by your side irrespective of whatever you might be facing. Happy 24th birthday, darling.

98. You shall shine brighter and glow better from now till your old age. 24 is now my favourite number because it looks so good on you.

99. Wherever you go, I promise to go with you even if it’s the deepest part of an inferno. Love you now and forever. Happy 24th birthday, dearie.

100. Take all of me today, cause you deserve it for looking this good on your 24th birthday. Happy birthday, baby. I love you so much, my darling boyfriend.

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