Happy 23rd Birthday Daughter Wishes and Quotes

Happy 23rd Birthday Daughter Wishes and Quotes

What is a birthday celebration without the right words to convey your heartfelt birthday wishes and prayers? Nothing warms a heart than receiving a birthday wish from someone special to you, especially when it is from mom or dad.

Your daughter’s 24th birthday is here and you’ve got a gift ready as a mom/dad (that’s if you really arranged one). Besides the gift, what do you plan to tell her? How do you intend to strengthen the dad-daughter or mom-daughter bond on her big day? While some parents find it awkward, some find it difficult to put the right words together to celebrate their daughter’s birthday.

You are here because you’re an amazing parent and I know you would love to know how to make your daughter’s birthday memorable. Either she’s 22, 23 or 24 years old, these heartwarming messages will help you find the best way to celebrate your amazing daughter.

Scroll down and have your pick from these happy 23rd birthday daughter wishes and quotes. I’m sure they portray exactly your wishes for your awesome daughter.

Happy 23rd Birthday to My Daughter

Happy birthday to my amazing daughter. Welcome to your 23rd year on earth. May you keep being a source of joy to your generation.

1. Happy 23rd birthday to you my darling, I wish you laughter, joy, grace, long life and prosperity.

2. It is a great joy in my heart that I celebrate my darling daughter as she clocks plus one today, I wish you all the good and beautiful things in life.

3. You are my treasure that I value so much, I hope this 23rd birthday will bring you peace and joy in all ramifications of your life.

4. Joy is all I see when I look at you as you clock 23 today, may your joy not cease.

5. I wish you many happy returns in good health and wealth as you grow in age. Happy birthday, darling.

6. My darling daughter, I appreciate God in your life, for His mercy and guidance, it is my prayer that He continues to see you through all your life. Happy birthday.

7. As you step into your age, may you have every course to celebrate now and forever. Have a blessed day darling daughter.

8. I woke up this morning feeling happy that today is the day my sweet daughter is completing 23 years. Happy birthday, dear.

9. As you woke up this morning and see a dawn of a new age, may God crown you with love, favour, blessing and joy. Happy birthday, daughter.

10. God so loved me that he blessed me with a beautiful damsel on this day, may God guard and guide you throughout this new age and more.

11. I wish you great joy, knowledge, wisdom and understanding as you turn plus one today.

12. My baby is growing into maturity, may God bless every step you take this new age and crown you with good health and wealth. Have fun daughter.

13. Here is a reaffirmation of how much I love you my baby I never regret having you as my daughter. Happy birthday my big 23 years old daughter.

14. No matter how long you walk through this new age, you will never go weary, your strength will not fail you, God will stand by you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

15 May lines fall in pleasant places for you as you clock a new age today. Happy birthday, darling.

16. Have as much fun as you can today baby because today is your big day. Enjoy every bit today sweetheart, happy 23rd birthday.

17. Don’t be shy to ask anything you want today from me. It is your 23rd birthday, enjoy your day.

18. Hurray!!! It’s my beautiful daughter’s birthday. I wish you all your heart desires with long life and prosperity.

19. May God bless your new age with unlimited favour, unspeakable joy and unbeatable love. Happy 23rd birthday.

20. Happy cake day my love, I wish you more cake days and beautiful life to live always. Enjoy your 23rd birthday daughter.

Birthday Wishes for 23 Year Old Daughter

My darling daughter, I’m so glad to celebrate this beautiful day with you. You’re 23 years old today and I wish you all the beautiful things of life.

1. May the land you step your feet bring goodness to your life, may you find peace and joy in each of your endeavours. Happy 23rd birthday sweetheart.

2. May goodness, mercy, favour follow you now that you are 23 years and forever. Happy birthday, daughter.

3. Know today that you are blessed beyond measures, your feet are planted on a solid rock and no evil shall befall you. Happy 23rd birthday sweet daughter.

4. May the grace of the Lord continue to abide with you from today henceforth, your new age will bring lots of good things to you. Happy birthday, daughter.

5. I wish you success in all your endeavours and everything you lay your hands will prosper. Happy 23rd birthday daughter.

6. May beautiful things happen to you at all times, you shall not lack anything good even as you step into your 23rd year. Happy birthday my love.

7. May God adds beautiful things to your life, may your dreams and aspiration come to pass in Jesus name. happy birthday, love.

8. I pray that you will not stumble in life, you will continue to grow from strength to strength even as you turn 23 today.

9. It is my prayer that your age is blessed in Jesus name. happy 23rd birthday dear daughter.

10. My wish for you today is that you get plenty of gifts, you will smile and never be sad in this new age.

11. Birthday comes once in a year and it is a special day to be celebrated. I celebrate you as you clock a blessed year today. Happy birthday, daughter.

12. I join the host of angels to celebrate you today, may you continue to move forward in all that you do in Jesus name. happy birthday sweet daughter.

13. Dear beautiful daughter, I know how important today is to you. I pray for an amazing year for you. Have fun sweet daughter.

14. On this special day of yours, I wish you many happy returns and on this 23rd birthday of yours.

15. On this very day, may the Lord who has started a good thing in your life, He will not leave nor forsake you. Happy 23rd birthday daughter.

16 On this very day, you were born and He kept his promises over your life. I pray God to continue to stand by you in your new age.

17. You will not fail God in Jesus name, He will not fail, may His promises be kept in your life in Jesus name. happy 23rd birthday darling.

18. May the days of your life be filled with joy and peace of mind; your days will be blessed beyond measures. HBD daughter.

19. Every second, minute, hour, day, week, and year that you grow to add beauty to your life. Happy 23rd birthday to you my beautiful daughter. May God bless you.

20. Happy 23rd birthday daughter, may you live long in good health and have a peaceful life filled with love.

Happy 23rd Birthday Daughter Quotes

I am so happy to celebrate you today my love. Happy 23rd birthday to you my darling daughter. Cheers to an amazing year ahead.

1. May your 23rd birthday be wonderful, full of sufficient grace and favour. Happy birthday, my love.

2. May your happiness continue to grow thick in this new age of yours; happy birthday daughter.

3. May you soar high like an eagle from today onwards, your new age is blessed without stress. Happy 23rd bday.

4. Congratulations my baby, may your happiness not be replaced with sorrow, may the joy of the Lord not elude you. Happy birthday my darling daughter.

5. As you have celebrated your birthday in the past years, this 23rd birthday will not be exempted and more to come, you will continue to celebrate. Happy birthday, dear.

6. The joy of a new age will not cease in your life, your light will shine for the world to see. Happy 23rd birthday my baby girl.

7. As you start this new phase, may the blessings of this new phase not be far from you, your profiting will appear for all to see and you will be strengthened to see more years to come. Happy 23rd birthday

8. Happy birthday dear daughter, I wish you long life and prosperity in good health, wealth and joy. Have fun darling daughter.

9. The Lord shall show great and mighty things in your life, you will be lifted above your enemies. Happy 23rd birthday daughter.

10. Get ready to be showered with lots of gifts on this day because you are important to me as this day is important to you. Have great fun my dear.

11. My daughter, in this new age, God’s word is bearing fruit in your life, not a dot of it would go unfulfilled this year. Happy 23rd birthday sweet daughter.

12. I wish that the kindness of God shall not depart from your life, greatness will be your name. happy birthday my dear daughter.

13. May God lifts you, comfort you, amaze you, sustain you, protect you and assist you in all your endeavours. Happy 23rd bday my baby girl.

14. Happy birthday to you dear, you shall triumph always this year and have notable success and achievements in all you do in this new year of yours. Enjoy your day.

15. My baby is plus 1 and I can’t keep calm, may your heart desires be accomplished in this new age of yours. Happy birthday.

16. It is a great joy to celebrate a special child like you and this is my prayer, to your world I say You will continue to prosper. Happy 23rd birthday.

17. 23 is not just an adult age but an age when you look to achieving your dreams and I pray your dreams will not die. Happy birthday, love.

18. May you find your 23rd birthday joyous and pleasing. Happy birthday, daughter.

19. On this day, you deserve nothing but happiness, true love and joy. Happy 23rd birthday daughter.

20. Best wishes to you my angel on this special day of yours. Your light will not go dim. Enjoy your day.

23rd Birthday Messages for Daughter From Parents

Happy 23rd birthday to you princess, we are proud parents because you’ve always brought us joy, thank you for being an amazing daughter. Cheers to a great year ahead. I hope you receive this message with joy.

1. Make a wish and blow your 23rd-year candle, may your light illuminate everywhere you step. Happy birthday sweet daughter.

2. God has kept you from day one till year 23, may He continue to lead you for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, daughter.

3. Now you are 23, may you not lose focus in life, may your paths be guided by God’s angels. Happy 23rd birthday darling.

4. Clocking 23 is amazing; it is time to continue with a lot of strength to achieve more things in life. Have fun, my love. HBD sweetheart.

5. I love the woman you are becoming, your 23rd year looks good on you. Do have a blast today my sweet daughter.

6. The older you get, the prouder I am of you and the happier I am to celebrate God’s faithfulness in your life.

7. Every day is a special day but some days are more special, today is one of those most special days. Happy 23rd birthday my lovely daughter.

8. I celebrate this special day with a special being who happens to be my daughter, may your 23rd birthday bring you unlimited happiness.

9. You are one of the, most amazing people in my life, I celebrate you now and always my daughter. Happy 23rd birthday.

10. If we are counting the special days of our life, birthdays are part of these special days. Today is a special day for my daughter and wish a many happy returns. God bless your new age.

11. I love you dear daughter and I wish you a very happy 23rd birthday. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

12. As you receive gifts, phone calls and SMS today, I want you to count your blessings and name them one by one. Happy birthday my love

13. Special wishes doesn’t need a special day to be said. I wish you the best in every single day of your life in this new age and beyond daughter.

14. I wish you double of all that you wish yourself plus the good things people wish you on your special day. Happy birthday, daughter.

15. Happy birthday to one of my best friends, who happens to be my daughter. Best wishes sweetie.

16. No matter how old you grow, you will always be a bundle of joy to me. Happy birthday my love

17. You are our sunshine, our jewel and a special gift from God, I won’t let this day pass without wishing you a blissful and beautiful 23rd birthday.

18. Happy 23rd birthday to my dearest daughter, I wish that God blesses you abundantly and fills your heart with more love, peace, joy and comfort.

19. Every special day like this marks the day you were born and I will always pray and wish you a good life coupled with good health and wealth. Happy 23rd birthday.

20. I am so glad that God blessed us with a special gift like you. Happy birthday my baby girl.

Happy Birthday Quotes for 23 Years Old Girl

Cheers to the most beautiful 23 years old girl in the universe. You have a beautiful heart and you deserve all the best quotes in the world. Welcome to your special day, darling.

1. It is obvious that you are growing into a beautiful girl who has learnt and applied what she has learnt in her life journey. I am super proud of the woman you are becoming. Happy birthday, darling.

2. On your birthday today, I hope your blessings add up, your joy increase, favour multiplied, happy birthday sweetheart. Have fun.

3. Happy birthday to our pride and joy, I wish you unlimited accomplishment in your 23rd year on earth.

4. May you have a great year and glorious life ahead, I wish you a very happy 23rd birthday.

5. We are glad that we raised a beautiful daughter. Happy 23rd birthday my love. May you be blessed, great and favoured.

6. Another year has been added to your life, may God guide you in this 23rd journey. I wish you the best in the year.

7. Your birthday becomes better each year, I pray that not only on your birthdays but every day, God’s blessing will be upon you. Enjoy your day daughter.

8. 23 is a time to think seriously about the future and be more matured in decision making. Happy bday my love.

9. Brace yourself up as you work towards a great life ahead, I pray that your birthday will be so colourful and meaningful. Happy 23rd birthday my love.

10. Look at how big you are now. A child born this time that year is 23 years old today, may you be at the top and not beneath. Happy birthday.

11. You will always be my priority, have the happiest 23rd birthday daughter. I’m so proud to have a beautiful daughter like you.

12. It feels so good having a daughter and it feels even better seeing her grow into a woman. Happy 23rd birthday my love.

13. A blessed 23rd birthday, I always pray for your success and that your life has meaning, filled with fortune, physically and spiritually.

14. May you find help in the north, south, east and west of your life as you turn 23 today. Excellent celebration ahead.

15. The 23rd chapter of your life begins today with a birthday, may it spring you up into a balanced life. Happy birthday baby girl

16. This is the day that the Lord has made, may it bring you peace and tranquillity. Happy 23rd birthday darling daughter.

17. As you step into a new age today, I pray you will have every course to be happy, joy will not be far from you, blessings of the Lord will never elude you. Happy birthday daughter

18. With great joy, I usher you into your 23rd year on earth, may it be blissful and worthwhile. Happy birthday darling daughter.

19. As you journey into age 23rd today, you will be elevated, promoted and find favour in everything you lay hands on. Happy birthday

20. Happy birthday to you my baby, you are loved and will continue to be loved, may the rain of blessing shower on you in this new age of yours. Happy 23rd birthday dear.

Do you want to make the 23rd birthday of your daughter memorable? The best way to do it is to send her some of the happy 23rd birthday daughter wishes and quotes above.

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