Happy 22nd Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy 22nd Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Twenty-two years on earth is worth celebrating. Even if a lot may have or have not been achieved, many experiences have been had. There would have been many failures for some while others would have had quite a number of success stories. Regardless of how it has been, there is a need to be happy and celebrate.

When you have a loved one clock this age, celebrating them and preparing them for the years ahead would be the best thing to do. What about when it’s your daughter? You may even need to go the extra mile to make the day memorable and it’s obvious you are here for that reason.

Now that the reason you are here is known, let’s know the reason I’m here. Well, I am here to take the stress of racking your brain or surfing for the right words to use from you. I have prepared the best happy 22nd birthday wishes for daughter for you to freely use.

You may want to make the day a little more special by taking her out for some treats or getting her special gifts. But I must be honest with you, no matter what you do, there is a need to make it all perfect with heartfelt wishes and inspiration for her to prepare for the years ahead.

So, without further ado, carefully go through the wishes below and perfect your daughter’s twenty-second birthday. That’s a good way to show you are a great father or mother. Smiles…

22nd Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Father

My daughter, you’re one girl who never gave up on your dreams. You were a teenager when I first began to notice how you blossomed into a beautiful young woman. You’ve always inspired me through your determination to face challenges and I thank God for you! As a father, I wish you the best and a happy 22nd birthday.

1. Happy 22nd birthday, my baby girl. You have grown into an incredible daughter and woman. I love you beyond measure and am grateful for the pride that comes with you being my daughter and the knowledge that I could not have done better. Today is special because you have come a long way. May it be beautiful for you.

2. Daughter, I could write a book about the things that characterize you. It would be titled, “The definition of living life in full” because you are so selfless and kind. You have grown to become an amazing human being. I am grateful for giving me 22 years of joy. Happy birthday!

3. My beautiful daughter! Today, on your 22nd birthday, I am wishing you the best years of your life. You are a woman now. May your wings get you to the heights of success, and may my good wishes pave the way for you. Always remember that I love you no matter what. Good Luck!

4. I couldn’t ask for anything else but to be your father for all of these years. You have grown into a beautiful young woman that fills my life with wonder, happiness, and peace. God bless you on this day and all the days to come. You are the light of my life! Happy 22nd birthday!

5.Happy birthday to you, daughter. You are an inspiration and an epitome of hard work, tenacity, love and patience. I thank God for blessing us with such a great daughter. May your wishes come true today!

6. I’m blessed to have you in my life as my friend and daughter. I treasure each day with you! You light up my life and have made this journey so much easier. I love you more than you will ever know! Happy 22nd birthday!

7. You have grown from an innocent little girl into an amazing woman. I’m proud of you for your strength, commitment, bravery, patience and love that you showed me now and every day since you were born. I must say that you have taught me the value of patience as I waited each evening to tuck you into bed. Through the years of waiting during your academic endeavours, your achievements brought us much joy and happiness. You are a blessing to me. I cannot thank the Lord enough. Happy birthday, dear.

8. My daughter, when I look at you, I see all the joys and accomplishments of my life. This relationship is full of love and happiness. Thank you so much for being my daughter. Happy 22nd birthday!

9. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter! I can’t express my gratitude in words for the love, companionship, patience, kindness, assistance, encouragement and all the support you have given me. I really appreciate your unconditional love. You are the best daughter a father could ever have. I am proud of you! HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!

10. You have just completed 22 years of being my daughter. I want to wish you a happy birthday and success for all that you accomplish in life. THANK YOU for being my daughter! Oh, you’ll be getting old soon. I hope when you turn old, you’ll always remember your father who loved you so much.

11. Ever since I gave birth to you 22 years ago, I have been in awe of all that you are. You have grown up to become a woman of substance who lives life to the fullest. Your voice is heard, your talent can’t be stopped, and wisdom has been bestowed on you abundantly. You are my greatest accomplishment, and I am so blessed that God chose me to be your father! Happy birthday!

12. Happy 22nd birthday to my lovely daughter. Today, I wish you all good things, nothing but the best and everything of the best in life! You deserve all the good things in life, and I pray God grants you His good graces. Enjoy your day together with your friends!

13. I just wanted to say thank you for the last 22 years and for your unconditional love and support. I need 22 more to make it even! Happy birthday, honey!

14. My dear daughter, your tender touch gives me joy like nothing else. You have been a blessing in my life since you were born. I can hardly believe you are turning 22 in a couple of days’ time! We have come a long way together. On this special day, I wish you all the happiness on this planet and beyond!

15. Hi! My dearest daughter, I wish you a wonderful life ahead. I hope your hard work, tenacity and perseverance not only help you sail through life’s troubles but also contribute to making our family proud. Happy 22nd birthday!

16. Daughter, life goes by so quickly and you’re ageing much too fast. You are now the mother of a growing family and have achieved so much. I am grateful for all the sacrifices that you’ve made but most of all, I am so proud of you! Enjoy this special day because you deserve it. Happy 22nd birthday!

17. My dear daughter, I hope all your wishes come true today. I’m grateful for being able to birth such a wonderful person like you. You have made me proud with all that you have achieved within the years spent together. I wish you and your husband a comfortable life ahead with lots of love and happiness.

18. To the love of my life, I can never thank you enough for all that you have done for me. You have been a great daughter and set a great example for others. My greatest fear in life is when I leave this world, I never get the opportunity to let you know how grateful I am for everything that has been done. Happy birthday! May God bless you abundantly!

19. Happy birthday, my sweet daughter! I think about you every time you go on that trip. You have been a wonderful daughter. I am proud of you and all that you accomplish in life. I love you!

20. At 22, you have grown into a beautiful young lady. You have worked hard to achieve what you have got in your life and this has been possible because of the imprints of values that we have planted in your mind from an early age. May all your dreams come true! Happy birthday!

22nd Birthday Wishes from Mother to Daughter

I am very proud of you and I thank God that he has given me the time to spend with you. I thank God for the privilege of being your mother, and I’m wishing everything good this season. Happy 22nd birthday, my dear daughter! I love you much.

21. I thank you for the love and patience you have always shown me and your adoring father. You have been my guiding angel in life and I hope that after today, you too will be able to link yourself to heaven. Happy birthday!

22. From the day you were born, I knew that I will have to work harder in order to make you happy. You are a smart and amazing young woman. You have given me endless sacrifices and hard work during your teenage years but now that you are twenty-two, the harder work begins! Happy birthday!

23. It is challenging to bring up a child but bringing up a daughter as pretty and intelligent as yourself is more than I can ask for. Thank you for what you are today. Happy 22nd birthday to you!

24. My daughter, your birthday is a time to reflect on so many things. Who would have thought I would be so blessed with a beautiful, young lady with an intelligent mind? How you are so responsible and kind. May you enjoy the rewards if your good works. Happy birthday!

25. It feels like yesterday you were born into this world and here you are celebrating another milestone birthday. I am grateful that you trust me as your parent to advise you when needed and allow me to guide you in the right direction. May God continue to bless and keep you throughout your life. Happy birthday!

26. You are my life, and I hope that I can be an example of what you have become. In your childhood moments, the first time you played pretend or got lost in a good book, I was by your side, and I am still here. Thank you for all the little memories you had brought me over the years. Happy birthday!

27. Today, I want to wish you a very happy birthday! I know you are one of the best daughters in existence, wish everyone had one like you!

28. Happy birthday to my dear daughter. As you move into your 22nd year on this earth, you take with you more than I ever could have imagined. You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman that I’m every day so very proud of. Your grace, your patience, your resilience is so impressive. I love you more.

29. You’ve always been mom’s favourite daughter, and you have no clue what that means: The prayers that have been said on your behalf, the times that we’ve all laughed so hard together; even the arguments have been part of your growing up. I’m proud of you today and for all the way to achieve this. With love and wishes for good things to come in your life.

30. Happy birthday, my dear. At times, you’ve been the perfect daughter and at times the hardest to handle. I love you and am proud of you for everything you are today and all that you might become tomorrow. I wish you a long life, filled with happiness!

Happy 22nd Birthday Daughter Images

On your special day, I would like to tell you how proud I am of everything you have accomplished so far. You’ve taught me patience since the days you were a baby, and I thank God for gifting me with such a loving daughter! You’re an inspiration to many people, including me! Today should be about you; this day is yours! Happy 22nd birthday, dear!

Go ahead and use the cute birthday wishes and images below for your sweet daughter as she celebrates 22 years of existence.

31. Today is a day to celebrate life because without you, my darling girl, my life would be dark and dull. I love you and cherish you for all the love you have given me. I thank God for all that he has done for me through you. A loving hug from your loving Ma.

32. My daughter, I love you more than life. Thanks for making my life worth living. My dearest wish is to see you happy, healthy, and with someone who loves you as much as I do. You are a blessing from the skies. I am grateful to God for gifting me such a wonderful kid! Happy 22nd birthday, dear!

Happy 22nd Birthday Wishes for Daughter

33. Today is the day when you turn 22 years old, and it is also my birthday too. As a parent, I feel so proud of you that you have stood by me all this way. Even though I am not being able to personally spend your birthday with you, I cherish this moment with all my heart. I am sure there are still plenty more birthdays to come in the future filled with fun and happiness.

34. Happy birthday to my child, my daughter. It’s so hard to believe that you are turning 22, you still look so young and innocent. When I gave birth to you, I felt like the richest person in the world, having a daughter like you was what I always wanted. You are a blessing to me and your brother. I thank God for you! Wish you a happy birthday!

Happy 22nd Birthday Wishes for Daughter 1

35. As you turn 22 today, I want to tell you how proud I am of you. You are a wonderful daughter and friend. You have been there for me in my darkest hour and lightened my mood with your sweet voice and warm hugs. You are a good mother to your kids- patient, loving, kind and selfless. Thank you for being the best daughter any parent will wish for!

36. I want to wish you a very happy birthday, my beautiful daughter. I hope you know your dad and I love you so much. You have made our life worth living, you continue to show us new heights of real love and happiness every day, and you always inspire us. You have a great spirit and a beautiful soul. I cherish you and hope that your 21st year has been super fruitful for you.

37. 22 years was a long way to be. I have been with you all the way and always will be. I will love you till my last breath! Wishing you a very happy birthday! I hope you grow old with me and become my greatest inspiration!

Happy 22nd Birthday Wishes for Daughter

38. My friend and daughter, you have lived through 22 years. Although this might not seem like a big deal to many, I can tell from my own experience that life does not always get easy after 22. Many people succumb to temptations and walk the wrong path. But you have proven yourself to be different. You have never let anyone down in your life. For this reason, I am glad that you made it to 22 without turning into a disappointment. I wish you all the happiness in this life and beyond.

39. On this 22nd birthday, a million thanks. You have been there for me. You have lifted me when I was down. You are always by my side, holding my hand through thick and thin. Wishing you a very happy birthday today!

40. Happy birthday to my beautiful baby, my daughter! I am so proud of the woman you have become. I love you very much and couldn’t have done it all without you. Thanks for being there for me whenever I needed you. You helped me cope with hardships and celebrated with me at the same time. Thank you for making every second of my life worth living.

22nd Birthday Messages for Daughter

Happy birthday to the most wonderful daughter in the world! As you turn 22, I pray it brings you everything that makes your heart sing. Every day is a present, with every smile and tear. I hope the joys of life carry you far but keep today close to your heart. I love you!

Make your adorable daughter’s big day complete with these heartfelt birthday messages.

41. Once again, your life is a testimony that life can be as difficult as it wants to be, but you can always overcome it. In some way, shape, or form, you have taught me this beautiful lesson. I wanted to wish you the most wonderful day of the year even though I know today cannot be about anyone but you. Your day would not be complete without my love and gratitude for everything you’ve done for me. May Gods blessings keep pouring on you. Happy birthday!

42. Dear daughter, as you are about to turn 22, I want to tell you that you have made my life very easy. You have been a ray of hope in this dark world and there’s no reason for me to ever stop loving you. God has given me a present that is greater than any wealth or other things I could ever ask for. It is you! Happy birthday!

43. Hey, birthday girl, it is your day ..happy 22nd birthday! You are a special soul. I want to be with you always. I love you.

44. Happy birthday, my love. You are the most amazing daughter anyone can ask for. You will always be by my side no matter how old you are, or far away you may be, as long as your heart beats with mine. I hope you have an awesome time on your birthday and thank you for teaching me the meaning of love.

45. Happy birthday to my daughter. I love you unconditionally, I am proud of you and everything you have done in your life. I want only the best for you and am here whenever you need me.

46. This is the anniversary of the day you were born, and you got 22 years older. Your existence in my life has made me whole, happy for no reason at all! You were the best gift ever. Happy birthday to you!

47. On your birthday, I want you to know that I am proud to be your mother. There are few mothers as lucky as me, the one whose daughter achieved such heights as a successful entrepreneur.

48. I am writing this note on your 22nd birthday, imagining that we are together and can celebrate it with cakes and flowers together- those things we never could afford when you were a little girl. You are the best daughter in the whole world, I love you so much!

49. My whole life has been spent with you around and for that, I am eternally grateful. You have grown up to be a beautiful person, full of wisdom, real values, poise and grace. Happy birthday!

50. 22! Your birthday is like a T-shirt that you have outgrown and another one has to be acquired. I wonder if you are ready for it or not. We know that you were raised in the best way possible, with lots of care and attention. May it be a beautiful one for you, dear.

Birthday Wishes for 22 Year Old Daughter

Happy birthday, dear daughter! You are a great girl! I am proud to have such wonderful offspring. You are very disciplined and independent. You never let me down in anything. I am thankful to God for bestowing this beautiful soul on me. I wish that your 22nd year on earth be memorable for you. I love you!

51. 22 years is a long time. I remember as if it happened yesterday when you were born. It was the most precious moment of my life. I could hardly wait to hold you in my arms and kiss your face. I still feel like a young man, yet my little girl has already grown up! Your mother and I feel so blessed to have raised such an amazing child, who has turned into an amazing woman.

52. In these 22 years, you have grown from a little girl into a great woman. Happy birthday to my lovely daughter! I hope you have a blessed day full of love and happiness. I love you so much.

53. She was a bundle of joy. It brought memorable, proud moments. Of course, I wish now that I had paid a little more attention when my daughter first smiled. The most important thing in life is to be passionate about what you do and to keep raising the bar higher for yourself. 21 years have whizzed by like a skyrocket! I think my favourite part is being alive to see it. Happy birthday, dear.

54. The day that I gave birth to my eldest daughter, the best thing to ever happen to me in life was born. She is the strongest of all people I know and no matter how hard life got, she always stood by me through thick and thin. I could face all trials but one – losing my child. You are more special to me than my own life. I hope you have a blast on your 22nd birthday fiesta!

55. Happy 22nd birthday, my darlin’! I love you. Everything you have overcome and accomplished in these past 2 decades amazes me. You are the strongest person I know. The older you get, the more beautiful you become in my eyes.

56. My granddaughters are just like you now! It’s mind-boggling to see how time flies; I remember holding you when you were a newborn and then the next thing I knew, those tiny feet were running out the door! Happy birthday, daughter.

57. Happy 22nd birthday!! I will never forget the day I gave birth to you. It was just the beginning of my road to motherhood. Before being born, you were in my thoughts all the time. And now, that you have grown up, I feel so proud of you and your achievements. You are an amazing daughter to have and we are all delighted that you are a part of our family. I wish you a prosperous life ahead!

58. Happy birthday, beautiful! So much happened in the past year, but one thing is constant: my love for you. No matter how old you are, I will always adore you as my child. I hope this birthday is special in every way.

59. I am the happiest person in the world today because you are 22. And I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. When I carried you in my womb, I thought you will always be there. Now that my little girl is a woman, I thank God for you and your little brother. Happy birthday, darling!

60. May all your dreams come true on this special day. I know you have worked hard for a long time to get where you are right now. You inspire me with your wisdom and love life. I want to be like you when I grow up! Again, happy birthday, sweetheart!

Happy 22nd Birthday Quotes for Daughter

My dearest daughter, you have made me a proud mother. I had no idea that my little girl will grow to be this beautiful, kind, talented adult. You are the one who brings joy to my life and fills it with a plethora of colours. I wish you greater feats. Happy 22nd birthday!

61. Happy 22nd birthday to my beautiful daughter, missing you so much! Love you to the moon and back.

62. I love you for life. I love you for your fearlessness and determination. I appreciate your hard work and the sacrifices you made to be where you are today – all while still taking care of me! My journey would have not been possible without you. Today is your special day. May this young age bring lots of wonderful opportunities into your life!

63. My sweetheart girl, if I could pick every last one of your moments for myself, I would. From the moment you were born to your 22nd birthday; I couldn’t be any more proud of the woman that you have become. You are an inspiration to not only me but to many others around you. Keep shining my angel. I love you!

64. It’s your birthday today, I realize it’s been 22 years since you were born into the world. Wow! I’m glad to have you as my daughter. You have been by my side for so long and I want you to know that none of it has been taken for granted. I love you. Happy birthday!

65. Best wishes to my wonderful daughter. On your 22nd birthday, I look back at the life you have lived so far. You have brought such joy and hope into my life. Today I want to tell you how proud I am of your accomplishments. Wish you always keep your optimism despite all the challenges that come in life. Happy Birthday!

66. Today marks the day you turned 22. Things have changed but nothing has ever changed my love for you. The time has gone so fast, and yet I never wish for it to slow down for I just want us to be together forever. I love you so much! Happy birthday, daughter.

67. l am so happy to have you in my life. You are the best daughter any parent could ask for. I hope there is someone who loves you as much as I do in your life. Happy Birthday!

68. My 22-year-old daughter is a wonderful person. She puts others first before herself and cultivates this quality in me. I am thankful for everything she has done for me despite our disagreements and quarrels. I am grateful for life, love, patience, hard work, tenacity and family. And today my daughter quietly celebrates her 22nd birthday!

69. Having a daughter like you is a blessing to any parent. No question, twenty-two years ago when I gave birth to you, I knew the world would be much brighter having you in it. My life is complete and fulfilled with your dad and our two beautiful children. Happy birthday, my lovely! We love you so much!

70. You have made me proud. Each of your 21 years, I have beamed with pride. But your 22nd birthday is special. In a few months, you will start life on your own – as an adult – separated from your family. I cherish today but all the days that came before it too!

Happy Birthday 22 Years Old Girl

This is my first wish for you on your 22nd year on earth: More birthdays to come! I want you to live a happy and healthy life. I also want you to be the best that you can be and do everything that you dream of. I love you very much, my baby girl. Happy birthday, my 22-year-old queen!

71. How time flies! It seems like only yesterday when I was holding you in my arms after your birth. You were the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen and still are. Today is a very special day for you as you turn 22 years old. May God bless you with health, love, peace and prosperity. Happy birthday to you!

72. You are the source of all joy in my life! I can’t thank you enough for the love, happiness and respect you have showered on me. You have changed not only my life but also that of your siblings. Happy birthday to the most wonderful human being that I know.

73. Oh, 22 and so grown up! You were a child just yesterday and now you are a big girl. Oh, my daughter! What great things the world has reserved for you. I am so proud to be your mother. I hope all your dreams come true and you get everything that your heart desires. Happy birthday! Be strong and be patient.

74. The past 22 years have gone by in a flash, bringing memories and experiences that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. I’ll never forget your babyhood, your allergies and all the love we shared. You’re now a young lady, and I know you’ll do well in the future. Always remember how much I love you and will always be there to support you! Happy birthday!

75. 22 is a sweet year, a special year – a significant age in the lives of a girl and woman. Perhaps this is when she enters the peak of her life. All things look different at this stage as compared to before but most significantly, you are still my baby girl, who has grown up into a very beautiful young lady. I am so proud of who you have become, and all that you have accomplished!

76. I have no doubt that you are going to be the most magnificent woman that the world has ever known. This whole year without you made me realize just how much you mean to us. Your father and I have been through a lot. But we still love each other, and will always support you. Happy birthday!

78. My daughter, I am very proud to call you mine. You are an amazing lady. You have worked hard and achieved a lot. I understand that life has taken an unexpected twist, but your love and care for our family is the kind that binds us together through thick and thin. I love you very much and hope that you have a beautiful birthday!

79. My dear daughter, today is your birthday and I am wishing you a happy one. For 22 years, you have grown to be one of the most amazing people I know! You are not just my daughter – you are my best friend. For all the things you have endured in life, I cannot contain my joy for you. You have really tried and gone through hell and back to being where you are right now. That should be an amazing feat for me to acknowledge. I am proud of you.

80. As you turn 22, I am extremely happy that you are in my life. You are everything that I have wanted to give to the world, and all that I am proud of today. You are beautiful, extraordinary and beyond description.” This is a day of celebration for us all. I love you!

Birthday Wishes for Daughter on 22nd Birthday

I cannot imagine where I would be if it weren’t for you! No one in the world can fill the spot. Happy 22nd birthday, my dear daughter. I am proud of you and I wish you God’s blessings. Happy birthday, my love.

81. The day you were born, I drew the luckiest raffle ticket of my life and became a winner. I have had the best daughter anyone could ever ask for through your 22 years. You spread love in any direction you turn to and light up the lives of everyone around you. You make our family proud, strong and deeply connected. Though there will be many more birthdays to celebrate, today is the most important day of my life. I wish you a very happy birthday.

82. My dearest daughter, on this one of the important days of your life, I pray that you will be blessed with everything that is missing in your life now. I wish you a very happy birthday, my dearest daughter!

83. The time has come for me to treasure memories of you growing up. You are 22 now, soon to be married. Here is another milestone in life that you have reached successfully. I can’t believe the way your mom and I have watched you grow from a baby. When I look back at the pictures now, they seem so blurry and distant, yet the memories playback in my mind so vividly. I wish you a fortune as you begin to age. Happy birthday, daughter.

84. Today is your birthday. I wish it were a hundred times more than just another day so that you carry with you and remember the privilege it is to be 22. I want you to remember that you make mistakes and grow from them. Keep loving life and never settle for less than what you are worth. Above all, enjoy this moment that we have now together. I love you.

85. Through all these years that we have been together, there have been good times and bad times, but no matter what, you always stayed a good girl through it all. I want to thank you for being patient. You are the best daughter ever! Happy 22nd birth anniversary to you.

86. My daughter, you are more than just my child, you have always been my best friend whom I could rely on. You mean the world to me beyond words and sharing your life with you is one of the most memorable moments of my life. Here’s wishing you a wonderful birthday.

87. As a parent of a 22-year old, I know how fast the years have gone. So, today is your day to look back and smile as you celebrate this milestone. We love you very much and wish you all the best!

88. Twenty-two years ago, God sent me the most beautiful gift of all: you! I’m so proud of my super daughter. You have achieved so many goals and have taught me so much. I wish you a happy birthday and a lot of good things to come.

89. To my dearest daughter who is now 22, I am happy that life has dealt you with such good cards. Now you have grown so big and looking so pretty. Thank you for inspiring me, keeping me company when I was lonely, and making me feel that everything would be alright. May God shower you with goodness and happiness on your birthday today.

90. My baby girl is finally growing up. I know you’ll be an amazing, independent woman who can take care of herself. You still need our guidance, especially with your health and emotions. I’m glad to celebrate your 22nd birthday with you!

Happy 22nd Birthday to My Beautiful Daughter

Happy 22nd birthday to my beautiful daughter. You have grown into a fine young woman, I am very proud of you. You are kind, loving and respectful. God has blessed me with an angel of mercy as my daughter, I love you.

91. I love you as a friend and as a daughter. You blessed my life beyond measure to the extent that I can’t even begin to tell you. As you are preparing for your 22nd birthday, I pray that the Almighty God will guide and lead you into His perfect will for you. Into His ways, into His blessings and His perfect will in every aspect of your life. Happy birthday!

92. I want to thank you for all the sacrifices you have made. You are an example of a woman that is strong, determined and unapologetic about who she is, and I am so proud of that. I love every side of your personality; from your heartwarming smile, your voice that sounds like a melody, and the fact that you are my daughter. Happy birthday, love!

93. Happy birthday to the most important person in my life, my beautiful daughter! You are 22 years old today; I love you so much and I am grateful for your life. This is a special day for you, so, go out there, live your life and don’t ever worry about anything.

94. I can’t believe you are twenty-two today! It sounds like it was only yesterday when I held your tiny hands in mine at the maternity hospital – the day you were born. A lot of things have changed since then and our roles have also changed. But one thing won’t change, no matter how big a woman you become – my love for my daughter. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter.

95. Sweetheart, you have always been my pride and joy. I may not be the perfect mom to you but I did all that I could for you. You are my daughter from whom I had learned life’s lessons. You made me who I am today, for which I cannot thank enough. Very happy birthday!

96. You have achieved so much in your short life thus far, and I am proud of you! I know that there is more to achieve, and I can’t wait to watch you soar. Today especially is a very happy day for me because you have become an adult. It is a celebration of many things. Happy birthday!

97. It has been a long journey, this life of yours! The hours I have spent with you, nursing you when you were younger, greeting each sunrise and sunset with a new perspective — time is all I can say. Thanks for being there for me as well. Thank you for your love, support and patience all these years. I love you.

98. Coming from a mom, someone like you is priceless. For myself, I am grateful that God sent me a child like you. You are an inspiration to many people in terms of work and style in life. But most importantly, I want you to know that as your mom, I feel extremely blessed to have a daughter like you in my life. Here’s wishing you a happy 22nd birthday, my beautiful daughter.

99. Happy birthday to my only daughter! Going through life with you has taught me so much. I admire your tenacity and fighting spirit. Someday you’ll learn that everyone makes mistakes and that we have to learn from them as well as grow from them. This year, I wish you all the happiness in the world.

100. Happy 22nd birthday to my one and only! You are my pride and joy. I celebrate you today, as I do every day of my life. You have grown into a beautiful human being with a noble heart. I hope that you live a happy life surrounded by love, peace, and joy; all the things that make life worth living for. Happy birthday, my princess!

Having gone through the happy 22nd birthday wishes for daughter here, I’m sure you no longer need to rack your brain. All you need to do is take some extra time to copy as many as possible and send to your daughter. Her 22nd birthday is worth it all. She needs motivation for the years before her. Be that parent that will give her that.

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