Happy 22nd Birthday to My Niece

Happy 22nd Birthday to My Niece

Birthdays are always exciting and it does not matter the age one is celebrating. It is a reminder of the day one was born into the world and that one is a year older.

It is the beginning of a new chapter and a fresh start with family and friends. So wishing a loved one at 22 a happy birthday with a message from the heart can go a long way in making the day more special than it already is and can also give the person a nostalgic moment especially when that person turns out to be your dear niece.

Being an uncle or aunt is not easy, but it’s also one of the unique relationships you will ever have. Birthdays are a good time to build on the relationship by sending them wishes that shows you will also be there for them and words written down speaks volumes, last longer and are always remembered.

Here are some happy 22nd birthday to my wishes and messages to show that you love, appreciate and care for your niece who is turning 22 years and that you’ve always got her back.

Birthday Prayer Wishes for Your Niece Turning 22

There is nothing entirely new, but turning 22 today is new for you. And so my prayers for you is; this special day be filled with new hopes and a bright future. May God keep blessing you and may He make all your best wishes come true. May your new age bring you amazing memories. Happy birthday, my dear niece.

1. Happy birthday, my lovely niece. I pray for you on your special day that you are turning 22, may God give you more wisdom and guidance to become the person He wants you to be. May you be full of light and divine inspiration in your spirit. Amen.

2. The Lord has brought you this far and your life will not be cut short. I decree that you will experience rapid growth, kindness and goodwill from life and from everyone you come across. Happy birthday, my darling niece.

3. As you turn 22 years old today, I pray that God will satisfy you with long life, may He grant you joy, happiness and lead you to the part He has carved out for you. Happy birthday, my dear niece.

4. Dear Lord I thank You for my niece, thank You for Your mercy and faithful over her life these 22 years. I pray that You bless her on this special day, surround her with Your love as she enters the real adult age so she will not go astray, amen. Happy birthday.

5. Happy 22 years birthday to my wonderful niece, may the star shine bright for you today.
May this day bring you so much happiness that will fill the whole year. Do have a fantastic day my dear.

6. At 22 you are already excelling in all you do, I am grateful to God for your life. May He continue to bless you and watch over life. Happy birthday, my awesome niece.

7. Congratulations dear niece, I pray God to release all the blessings and joy you deserve to fall on you today.
May the angels be on standby to minister to you whenever you need help. Happy birthday, my loving niece.

8. Today as you turn 22 years old, I pray that the Lord will pour His love and warmth on you. May He be with you in every stage of your life and order your every step. Happy birthday, my dear niece.

9. My dear niece, as you turn 22 today, may all your best wishes come incredibly true. May every day bring new hope for you and may God give you the courage and patience to face any obstacle that will come your way in life. Happy birthday.

10. Father I thank You for the opportunity to celebrate another special day with my niece who is turning 22 years today. Bless and prosper her and may she find joy in everything she does for she deserves to be happy. She has brought happiness to all of our lives. Happy birthday, dearie.

Happy 22nd Birthday Messages and Quotes for Niece

Happy 22nd birthday my precious niece. I hope you will find fulfilment and happiness in whatever you do as you clocked this beautiful age. You are a special and lovable person and I pray you grow old to celebrate more birthdays. I hope this message puts joy in your heart and smiles on your face.

11. On this beautiful day of your 22nd birthday, I hope you have a smile on your face and enjoy it to the fullest. I wish you will never give up on your dreams until you get to fulfil them all. Happy birthday, my darling niece.

12. You are a perfect gift I never even dreamt I will ever have. You are so special and you mean a lot to me, nothing can take your place. Happy 22nd birthday, my loving niece.

13. You are 22 now and I know you want to be independent, but I hope you also realize it comes with some responsibilities. But not to worry, your uncle is always here to shoulder them with you. Happy birthday

14. Happy 22nd birthday to the world’s most incredible niece. I hope your special day be filled with many good memories to last a lifetime and may you receive all you ever wished for.

15. I will go the extra mile when it comes to anything that has to do with your happiness. I want to be the best aunt you can ever have. Happy 22nd birthday, my wonderful niece.

16. It seems just like yesterday when you were born, today at 22 you have become an elegant young lady. I wish you a new year full of joy and hope and I wish you always wake up with a smile on your face. Happy birthday, my beautiful niece.

17. I am grateful I get to see you turn 22, it’s just like yesterday when I used to cuddle you in my arms. I am proud of the person you are becoming. Wish you a year of God’s abundant blessings
Happy birthday, my awesome niece.

18. You have entered another new year of your life and I know it is full of opportunities. I hope you grab them all and fulfil your dreams with them. Congratulations my niece, have a great time with your loved ones on this special day of your 22nd birthday.

19. This year you had some happy memories but they are nothing compared to the many more yet to come. I am glad you also learnt how to overcome the sad ones. May you always follow the path that leads to good. Happy 22nd birthday my dear niece.

20. On this special day of your 22nd birthday, I pray that God gives you a thousand reasons to smile. May you enjoy the day to its fullest and all your best wishes ends up being fulfilled.

With these cute happy 22nd birthday to my niece wishes and messages, I hope your niece gets the beautiful birthday she deserves.

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