Happy 20th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Turning 20 is significant in many ways than one. There’s excitement, thankfulness and also anxiety for what the years ahead will bring.

With just anybody, you can afford to be calm. But for your girlfriend that’s turning 20, you should be making waves, and ensuring that she’s going into the new year with as much excitement and joy as possible.

You shouldn’t hesitate to send more than one of these wishes for your girlfriend’s special day.

With your words and these happy 20th birthday wishes for girlfriend, you’ll reassure her of your commitment to be by her side no matter what. And also affirm that the years ahead will bring beautiful things her way.


Best 20th Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

You’re my treasure, the woman of my dreams, the love of my life. I wish you an amazing year ahead. Happy 20th birthday, baby.

1. You honestly make me want to sing all day. I got both lucky and blessed to be your boyfriend. And now I’m asking God to bless you only with his choicest blessings. Happy birthday, love.

2. You’re my significant other. The love of my life. And the one I want to court for as long as we’re alive. Cheers to a significant year for you. Happy birthday, babe!

3. There’s really no one like you in the entire world. Thank you for being my girlfriend. May this Lord bless and also stand by you this year. Happy 20th birthday, darling.

4. Your smile is the most beautiful one I’ve seen. May you not lose it this year. In fact, I hope it becomes even wider. Happy 20th birthday, girlfriend.

5. You make every day of my life feel like a special occasion. This is why I’m praying that your new year will be filled with special blessings. Happy 20th birthday, love.

6. I truly believe that you’ll see reasons to glorify God in your new year. I truly believe this. Happy 20th birthday, sweety.

7. All will be well this year. The crooked paths have been smoothened. And God is already taking charge of situations. Happy 20th birthday my girlfriend. You rock!

8. This year, you’ll only have beautiful memories. From start to finish, your life will be filled with good and colourful things. Happy 20th birthday

9. I didn’t think I would find someone as special as you. Thank you for being more than I could have ever asked for. Thank you for being my girlfriend. Happy birthday, babe!

10. You’re my best friend, my special girl. May the Lord perfect all that concerns you and your family this year. Amen. Happy 20th birthday, baby girl.

11. I got another shot at life when I met you. And I’ll do well not to joke with it. Happy 20th birthday, queen of my heart.

12. I can’t believe it’s been one amazing year as your boyfriend. Now, we also get to celebrate your 20th birthday together. I pray that God will continue to bind us together in love. Happy birthday, baby. You have many years ahead.

13. May this year give you reasons to be blown away. Just as you blow my mind every time. I love you, babes. Happy birthday.

14. I’d sing for you, but you know how ‘wonderful’ I sound when I do. But may this year fill your heart with beautiful melodies. Happy birthday, babe.

15. Nothing can take out this fire I feel for you. And nothing will quench the fire and potentials you carry inside you. Happy birthday, angel.

16. There’s one thing that is constant with you. And it is that you don’t know how to give up. As you demand what you want this, may the universe answer with immediacy. Happy 20th birthday, honey.

17. May every minute of this year be blessed for you. At the end of this year, may you have reasons to be grateful for turning 20. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

18. I can’t wait to spend this evening together with you. I can’t wait to hear your plans for the new year. Surely, it’ll be a beautiful one for you. Happy birthday.

19. You’re getting better with each day. And I do not doubt that you’ll do exploits. Happy 20th birthday, sweetheart.

20. Long distance or not, we’re going to make today exciting for you. Happy birthday my special girl.

21. May this year be a defining one for you. And may the definite moments be positive ones. Happy birthday, love.

22. You just can’t help but shine. So, keep shining. And nothing and no one will bring you down. Happy 20th birthday, sweetheart.

23. Cheesy or not, I love you to the moon and back. And I’m optimistic that good things will fill this year for you. Happy birthday, baby.

24. I’m happy that I’m not merely living life. But, that I’m also enjoying and loving every minute of it. Hope you get to say this at the end of the year. Happy 20th birthday.

25. Hope you stay true to who you are this year. Definitely, blessings and favour will follow. Happy birthday, doll.

Happy 20th Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

Your type is one of a kind. And I pray that God will fill your new year with special blessings and good news. Happy 20th birthday, babe. You are the best girlfriend.

26. You make my heart and head swoon. There’s truly no one like you in the entire world. May God bless you, and cause his face to shine on your all-year long. Happy 20th birthday, girlfriend.

27. Even at 20, you have an overly mature head on your shoulder. I can’t wait to see you break grounds and leave your mark in the world! And I’ll always be behind you, I promise! Happy birthday, babe.

28. I love you, girlfriend. I’m going to say it every day, even when we fight. You’re my dream come through, and I pray that all your dreams for this year will come through. Happy 20th birthday!

29. Loving you is the best thing I’ve done. It’s also the best thing I’ll do. Happy 20th birthday, love of my life. May the good Lord shower you with amazing testimonies.

30. One day isn’t enough to celebrate how awesome you are. So, I’m going to do it all year long. Welcome to the second floor, baby girl.

31. On God, this year will be your best one yet. It’ll bring you many blessings, and increase in all aspects. Happy 20th birthday, honey.

32. The rain of blessing will fall on you in abundance this year. Welcome to your year of multiplication and progress. Happy 20th birthday, baby.

33. This year, you’ll do great exploits, and every one of your dreams will come to reality. Happy birthday, my girl. I love you.

34. This year, the hand of God will make ways where there are none for you. Happy birthday, sunshine. I love you loads.

35. From your 20th angle, you’ll see the world better and be able to conquer it easily. Happy birthday, my girl! I love you loads!

36. May you experience blessings that’ll take your breath away. Just like you take mine away every time I think of you. Happy birthday, sunshine.

37. Following my heart has never led me wrong. It brought me to you after all. Happy birthday, my angel. Your 20th year will be a good one for you.

38. I’m glad that I have you in my corner. I promise to always be in yours too. Happy birthday, baby girl.

39. You’ve been a loyal accomplice. (Winks). So, here’s promising to be yours in this new year. Happy birthday, girl!

40. You’ll take the world by storm! I know this! But for now, happy birthday, sweetheart. You’re doing well!

41. For your next birthday, I refuse to spend it without you. I’m flying to be with you wherever you’d be then. But for now, we’ll make do with gifts and video calls. Happy birthday, babe.

42. My wish is that you encounter many blessings this year and that you continue to rock my world. Happy birthday, sweetie.

43. Every day of this year will be better than the previous year. Happy birthday, queen of my heart.

44. May this year be a thoroughly blessed one for you. Just as you’re a blessing to everyone that comes in contact with you. Happy birthday, babe.

45. You’ve given me everything I ever wished for. So, I’m praying that this year gives you everything you expect of it. Happy birthday, my love.

46. I know how much you want things to be perfect. But please promise to enjoy the beautiful moments that’ll come with this year. Happy birthday, love.

47. I pray that you’ll enjoy all of life’s best this year. Happy birthday, my sunshine.

48. Through life’s ups and downs, you’ll feel God’s presence in your life like never before. Happy 20th birthday, dearie.

49. I’ll always be here when you need me, and I pray that I’ll have the resources needed to help too. Happy birthday, love of my life.

50. I’m still surprised at how we became fast friends. Really looking forward to the many blessings that’ll fill this year for you. Happy birthday, babe.

20th Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

Here’s wishing the most amazing, annoying and beautiful girlfriend a happy birthday. May your dreams come through this year. Cheers to 20!

51. With you, it’s like I’m walking on butterflies. I’m glad that I don’t have to walk on eggshells. Thank you for being an amazing person. Welcome to your best year yet! Happy birthday.

52. I may not be much older than you. But I know that you’re the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Here’s wishing you a really good year, babe. Happy birthday.

53. Thank you for being in my world. You’ve made it so much better and colourful. Live long, honey. Prosper and make waves too. Happy birthday!

54. You’re blazing the trail already. I can’t wait to see your journey unfold. And I can’t wait for all the amazing things that’ll happen to you this year. Happy 20th birthday, sweety.

55. I celebrate you today and every other day. You’re an amazing person, a shining star, and a trailblazer. May God bless and crown all of your efforts this year. Amen. Happy birthday!

56. You’ll rejoice and be glad every day of this new year. This is my prayer for you. Happy birthday, babe!

57. I remember you complaining that I was pushing you too hard last year. Just so you know, I don’t plan to go easy this year either. Happy birthday, my baby.

58. You light up the fire in me. Here’s wishing you that you get opportunities to let out all of your potentials this year. Happy birthday, love.

59. Hope you have enough space for all I have planned for you today? Happy birthday, love. Welcome to your best year yet!

60. You’re twice sweeter than everything else I know. May your new year bring loads of sweetness. Happy 20th birthday, babe.

61. I see you question yourself a lot. Wondering whether you’re doing too much. No, you’re not doing too much. And I hope that you don’t continue to dim your light for anyone. Happy 20th birthday, beautiful.

62. Haven’t seen a 20-year-old who works as much as you. You’re truly an inspiration. May God crown your efforts with resounding success this year. Happy birthday, girlfriend!

63. I know how hard it’s been for you the past year. But I’m hopeful that this year will be even better for you. Happy twenty years birthday, sweetie.

64. Creativity should be your second name. This is how I know you’ll continue to do great things. Happy birthday, love.

65. I’ll be with you every step of the way this year. You won’t have to do this journey alone. Happy 20th birthday.

66. You are complete. And I hope you realise and walk in this knowledge this year. Happy 20th birthday, sweet. I love you loads.

67. May your life continue to be relevant. May it not lose its salt or essence. Happy birthday, sugar.

68. You have the makings of a leader. Strong, resilient, calculating and hard-working. This is how I’m certain that you’ll do well. Happy birthday, babe.

69. You’ll get everything you need to make this year amazing, at your disposal. Happy birthday, babe.

70. See how happy you make me. See how I randomly grin because of thoughts of you. May your new year bring you unexpected blessings and happiness. Happy birthday, love.

71. You’re going places, babe. I don’t doubt it all. I’m counting down to the many feats you’ll record this year. Happy 20th birthday.

72. The sky is your limit. And I’m sure you’ll even go beyond it. Happy 20th birthday, pretty woman.

73. You’re brilliant and intelligent. And with God helping you this year, you’ll break new grounds. Happy birthday, love.

74. This is just the start of amazing things for you. Hope you enjoy your 20th year. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

75. Enjoy the sunshine and many blessings this year. Happy birthday, love of my life.

Cute 20th Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

Cheers to the many years ahead for you. They will be filled with God’s goodness, kindness and graciousness. Happy 20th birthday, girlfriend.

76. Maybe 20 is pretty young to be in a relationship. But I do know that I don’t want to live without you in my life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

77. I want you to always remember that I’ll have your back. Not just because you’re my girlfriend, but because you’re the most amazing person I know. Happy 20th birthday, cutie.

78. How do you feel about stepping out of your teen years? How do you feel about dinner tonight? And you can pick whatever you want on the menu! Happy 20th birthday, girlfriend.

79. You’re the one I want to be with years from now. I know you’ve heard this time and time again. But I plan to continue to be both sweet and cheesy this year. Happy birthday, baby.

80. You’re my favourite person in the entire world. I’ll definitely pick you over red velvet any time, any day. Happy birthday, baby.

81. You’ve changed over the last few months. And I really can’t wait for the changes that’ll happen in the future. Happy birthday, my 20-year old girlfriend. I love you!

82. Gotten your third package for the day yet? Because I aim to spoil you silly all-year long. Happy 20th birthday, girlfriend.

83. God’s eyes will watch over you, and make sure that you get your heart desires this year. Happy 20th birthday, love of my life.

84. You’ll always be good enough. And I hope that you get to realise this year. Happy 20th birthday, sunshine.

85. This year, I pray that you’ll recognize opportunities, and be able to maximise them appropriately. Happy 20 years birthday, girlfriend. You’ll do well!

86. You think you’ve seen it all this morning? Wait for all the surprises I have in store for you this afternoon and night. Happy birthday, angel.

87. I don’t plan on taking it slow with you at all. (Winks). But that is mostly because I want you to savour every beautiful moment, every blessing that will come with this year. Happy birthday, gorgeous.

88. There are a lot of things I look forward to. But top of the list is getting to grow old with you. Happy 20th birthday, sweetheart.

89. I still wouldn’t be surprised if you brought your wings out one of these days. Because you’re an angel. Happy birthday, babe.

90. You’re something special, you know. For the rest of this year, may the Lord bless and guide you. Happy birthday, love.

91. I’m still wondering what I did to deserve you. I’m just really thankful to God for you. And I pray that he blesses you so much this year. Happy birthday, love.

92. As cheesy as it sounds, I feel content when I’m with you. Hope life gives you reasons to be happy and content this year too. Happy birthday, babe.

93. Top on my list of wishes is that you have a sweet and enjoyable year. Happy birthday, future wife! I love you!

94. You make this journey so easy. And I’m thankful for someone as cool-headed and understanding as you. Happy birthday, love.

95. “I love her.” This is my first thought in the morning and the last one at night. Happy 20th birthday, love of my life.

96. Let’s hope that you tone down on the mischief this year. Mostly because you end up involving me. Happy 20th birthday, love.

97. Here’s wishing you many happy returns on your special day. The year will be a good one for you. Happy birthday.

98. You’re very special to me. And I pray for a harvest of special blessings upon you this year. Happy birthday, love.

99. Here’s wishing you all the best in everything you decide to do this year. Certainly, this year will be your best one yet. Happy 20th birthday, mate.

100. I’m not much of a prayer warrior, but may this year not see your end. Happy birthday, babe.

I have butterflies in my stomach. Now, let’s hope these happy 20th birthday wishes for your girlfriend have the same effect on your girlfriend.

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