Happy 20th Birthday Nephew Wishes Messages and Quotes

Happy 20th Birthday Nephew Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Whether you have it good with your nephew or not, it’s a thoughtful thing to send him wishes on his birthday. It makes it more beautiful when you’re close to him because he’s going to appreciate it more.

Whether you’re an aunt or uncle, and you wish to send your nephew some wonderful wishes on his birthday, but you don’t know how to go about it, you are on the right page.

Below is a compilation of the best happy 20th birthday nephew wishes, messages and quotes, and it’s all free. You can send as many as you want to that sweet nephew of yours. Enjoy.

Happy Birthday Wishes for 20 Years Old Nephew

My dearest nephew, you are 20 years old today. You are a part of my life, and I’m happy for having such a wonderful nephew like you. I cherish all our moments together and I wish you have a fantastic birthday.

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1. I sincerely can’t believe that you are 20 already. It feels just like yesterday when we welcomed you and your mom home from the hospital. I’m proud of whom you’ve grown to become. I wish you many more years ahead. Happy birthday, my love.

2. Never have I met such a cool
-headed and obedient nephew. You are everything I have ever wanted in a nephew, and I’m grateful to God for finding me worthy to be your aunt. Don’t worry, I will always be here for you. Happy birthday, darling.

3. I didn’t know how I got so lucky, but I’m sure about one thing; God must have loved me enough to bless me with an amazing nephew like you. I am thankful for your like and everything you’ve achieved at this age. Happy 20th birthday to you.

4. I don’t know why I find it not cool not to be with you. You are my answered prayer, and I’m grateful for everything moment we spend together. You have made me proud, and I’m sure there are still much more for you to achieve. Happy 20th birthday.

5. Everyone thinks I am your dad, because of our strong bond is. Trying to explain to them that you’re my nephew will serve as a waste of time, because I love it when they call me your dad. It’s another year, and you’re 20. Happy birthday to you, nephew and son.

6. Never have I enjoyed spending my money, time and resources on anyone like you. I just want to make sure you’re fine and have all you want because I don’t want you to ever beg for anything. I hope you make me proud in return. Happy 20th birthday to you.

7. The fact that you are just 20 and hustle like an old person is so great. You take every chance that you get to prove yourself worthy of every good thing. Because I know how much effort you put into your struggles, I will always be there for you. Happy 20th birthday.

8. I sincerely need someone to wake me up from my slumber, because I’m finding it very difficult to believe that you are 20. You are now a very big boy, and very soon, you will start doing what real men do. I wish God helps you. Happy 20th birthday.

9. As long as I breathe, I will never allow any harm to come near you. You are just like the son I never had, but I thank God for compensating me by blessing me with you as my nephew. Happy 20th birthday, dear. You are going places.

10. I want you to know that you won’t be needing any form of validation from anyone before you can live your life as you so wish. But one thing is, live your life the best way. Don’t stop working hard and doing good. At the end of the day, you will enjoy the rewards. Happy 20th birthday to you.

11. You are now a very big boy, and I can’t even believe my eyes. You’re almost taller than me. Thank God you’re not just living but making impacts, and that’s the goal. Keep doing what is right and you will be amazed at how much you are going to make it. Happy 20th birthday, dear.

12. Now, I have someone to follow me everywhere I go. Now is the time to teach you certain things about business and being responsible. I will make sure you don’t go astray in life. May God help me. Happy 20th birthday dear nephew.

13. As you keep ageing, I keep having so much work to do on you. There are some certain things you drop as you’re growing older. And there are some certain things you pick up and start doing. Everything will be clear to you, once I start. For now, it’s a happy birthday!

14. I know you will do very well in life, there are no doubts about that. The thing is, not everything goes as you’ve planned, but I promise to be there when the road seems dark. Happy 20th birthday to you. You’re gradually becoming a man.

15. Like I always say, I will never trade you for anything in the world. You are like my best friend; the one with who I discuss life, and the one who isn’t scared to discuss everything with me. I’m glad you’re making progress in life. Happy 20th birthday to you.

16. I know I already told you certain things about life, but there are still much more to come. As you keep growing, you will keep discovering them. Today is your birthday, and you deserve all the love you can get. Happy 20th birthday, my nephew.

17. Everyone knows I love you but they don’t know how much. Even I can’t tell you how much, but I’m sure that as long as I live, you will always find yourself in comfortable situations. Happy 20th birthday to you. Where do I take the celebrant today?

18. Today is your 20th birthday, and this makes it a very special day. You are not just an ordinary boy, but the one who already has a pictures future. Don’t just picture a future, it’s always good to work towards achieving your desired future. Happy 20th birthday to you.

19. On your birthday, I honestly don’t have too much to say. Your parents are so proud of you, and they can’t stop telling me how much joy you bring into their lives. I learnt you’re very responsible too. I can’t wait to spend some time with you, so I can confirm that. Happy birthday to you.

20. You are not growing any younger, I hope you know that. This is the best time to start standing up for yourself and start doing what is right. Don’t worry, let me know whenever you need clarity on anything at all. Happy 20th birthday to you.

Happy 20th Birthday Nephew Quotes and Prayers

Here’s a beautiful quote and prayer for you on your special day. I hope you’ll have the most amazing day and more great memories with your loved ones. May God continue to guide you, as you grow. Happy 20th birthday to you, my nephew.

21. Being a man is not easy, and I hope you’re ready for the life that’s about to hit you. As a man, you don’t get to have certain thing easily, you have to work with your sweat and blood for it. I pray God helps you. Happy 20th birthday to you.

22. It gives me so much joy to celebrate you today. You have been an awesome and pleasant nephew over the years. I’m thankful for this beautiful life God has blessed you with. I pray that His life and direction never depart from your life. Happy 20th birthday to you.

23. Whatever you’re going to do as of today, you need to seek God, because the life ahead isn’t going to be rosy without Him. There’s no how you can achieve success without God’s hands in all you do. If you have no relationship with God yet, this is a perfect time to do so. I’m willing to make this happen. Happy 20th birthday to you.

24. I thank God for making you see the light of this special day in good health. If you’re going to be truthful, you will know God has been so good to you. Your growth has come with no bad condition at all. I hope that He keeps keeping you. Happy 20th birthday.

25. You are going to have to deal with so many things as a man, as you grow up. Men don’t always have things easy, but I will keep tabs on you, and see that you do only the right things always. Happy 20th birthday, dear nephew.

26. I know you are a great guy, but you need to keep being great not to lose your relevance. There are so much more to life than you can see or already know. You are a fast learner, so keep learning as life’s lessons come. May God make it easy for you. Happy 20th birthday.

27. In case you’re still feeling young, you better wake up to reality. You’re getting old already, and you should do away with things that will not influence your life positively. You need to be known for great things, and I’m sure God will make that happen. Happy 20th birthday to you.

28. I want you to tell me that you’re really 20 before I can believe it. Oh my goodness, you have grown so big and tall. I seriously am proud of the man you’re becoming. If there’s anything you need, let me know. God will keep blessing you. Happy 20th birthday.

29. It’s a special day because it’s my favourite nephew’s birthday. My darling, I’m so proud of how far you’ve come. It’s so beautiful to see you grow into a good boy. I’m hoping to be more than just an aunt to you, in the coming years. You’re blessed and highly favoured. Happy 20th birthday.

30. Lord knows I will never joke with anything that concerns you. No family member has ever loved me as you do. Even when it’s not comfortable for your parents, you always want to be with me. Thank you for always keeping me company and for being a good boy. May God bless you with many more years. Happy birthday.

31. I have lots of prayers to say for you today because you’ve been a very good boy to me. I really don’t know what I have done right for you to love me this much. Thank you for being so real and comfortable with me. God will honour you. Happy 20th birthday to you.

32. You give me so much regard than I deserve, and that’s why I won’t stop taking care of you. While I keep praying to God to bless me with a child like you, I will just keep loving you in the process. The Lord will keep blessing you. Happy 20th birthday, my dear.

33. It’s your 20th birthday, and the experience should be so different and unique, unlike others. Today, I will make sure you’re celebrated the exact way you want. Thank you for always running errands for me, even when they’re not convenient. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

34. You are the sweetest 20-year old I know, and that’s one reason our energies match. It’s always fun with you around. Well, I hope you spend more time with me, as the years come. It’s going to be a good year for you. Happy 20th birthday.

35. I’m ready to spend and spare anything, so far it will make you happy and comfortable on your birthday. Since I don’t have much to give you on your birthday, I might as well pray for you. You shall live longer than your expectation. Happy 20th birthday to you.

36. You are just 20, so there are still many more years to go. In whatever you do, do not do away with your dignity. When other things fail you, your dignity will never. Also, ask God for guidance. Happy 20th birthday to you. Wish long life and prosperity.

Birthday Wishes for Nephew Turning 20

Just as it was when I first met you, I’m still very glad you are my nephew. You are the perfect example of God’s blessing to mankind. As you’re turning 20, I wish that you have a wonderful life ahead and remain happy always. Birthday blessings!

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37. I know I have the best nephew in the world. Dear nephew, whatever I give you today is so little compared to the love and respect you have for me. As years come, I promise to be the best aunt to you. Happy 20th birthday to you. I love you.

38. In a world full of deceit and hatred, I bless God for blessing me with a nephew who loves and adores me. I never want to be far away from my, my dear. You’re the best companion ever. I wish you all the best on your 20th birthday. All my love.

39. I know I haven’t been the best uncle lately, but I’m sure you know the nature of my job. I promise to keep making it up to you. On your birthday, I wish you a successful year and wish that you become a great man in life. Happy 20th birthday to you.

40. Rise and shine, for it’s your birthday! You are one of the numerous blessings in my life, and I can’t take your love for granted. I wish that God keeps blessing me so I can keep taking care of you. Happy 20th birthday. Be good.

41. I sincerely am not flattering you when I say you’re the most responsible and respectful of all nephews. I don’t know how you do it, but I was never this respectful when I was your age. Please name whatever you want today, and it’s done. Happy 20th birthday to you.

42. On your 20th birthday, I really wish I had enough resources to spoil you and make you know that I am the best aunt in the world. But since I can’t, I want you to know that I love you so much, and I will keep being better at taking care of you. Happy 20th birthday.

43. On your birthday, I can’t stop staring at all the pictures we’ve taken together. We’ve had so many beautiful memories, unknown to everyone else. I’m glad you’re my nephew, and there’s nothing I won’t do for you. Happy 20th birthday, dear.

44. Happiness is everything in life, and that’s why I want to keep making you happy. You should also make yourself happy by doing the right things and not seeking validation from anyone. Live your life to the fullest. Happy 20th birthday.

45. No one will ever believe you’re not my son. Apart from looking exactly like me, we have so many things in common. In this life, I just want to keep making sure you live the best life. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Happy 20th birthday to you.

46. You are growing, and your growth is very great to see. I’m sure you know how much I love you. Please, don’t stop doing well in school so you can become one of the greatest men in the future. Happy 20th birthday to you, dear nephew.

47. I keep receiving lots of great reports about you from your parents and teachers. No one else would’ve been this great at being a nephew to an aunt like me, because of my excesses. I’m glad you are very close to me. Happy 20th birthday to you.

48. You know why I love you? You give me peace, unlike other nephews and nieces that disturb me. I guess you’re just a peaceful boy by default, no wonder you keep making us proud. Happy 20th birthday to you. I hope that you keep growing well.

49. Your happiness is of paramount importance to me, and that’s why I try as much as possible to make you happy always. I love you, dear and I hope you keep giving me reasons to do that. Happy 20th birthday to you. You’re loved forever.

50. If you weren’t my nephew, I’m sure you’d have been my son. You took after me in so many things. I will not fail to mention how strong and courageous you are. I can keep going on and on. I’m super proud of you, my dear. Have fun on your 20th birthday.

51. I have told you to stop tying the world to your chest, by not having fun as you should. It’s your birthday today, and I’m expecting you to scatter everywhere with happiness. Be free with everyone. Happy 20th birthday to you. I love you.

52. I’m grateful for the great moments that we shared because they made me see more of this life. You are a special nephew to me, and I‘m so happy to have you. On this day, the perfect birthday celebration is what you deserve, and I promise to make that happen. Happy 20th birthday.

20th Birthday Messages for Your Nephew

Even though we rarely see each other, we still keep in touch. I am so happy to see how well you’re doing in life. On your birthday, I wish that you keep smiling always. Happy 20th birthday to you, nephew. Sorry, it’s just a message.

53. Oh my God! Look who’s 20. You’re all grown and mature now. The wisest decision for you will be to do away with all your childish stuff because you’re now a big boy. I sincerely wish that you keep prospering in all your ways. Happy birthday.

54. I keep remembering how childhood was with you. I will always take you out to my friends and make sure you were fine. I’m glad I still do this when the need arises. Happy 20th birthday, nephew. You will always be dear to my heart. Love you.

55. My darling nephew, nothing comes easy in life. In fact, the more you keep growing, the more difficult things are. In all of these, have the courage to face your fears. Stand up for yourself, and make sure you get all that makes you happy. Happy 20th birthday.

56. All my life, I have done nothing but love you. You have been my favourite nephew for a very long time, and I have no regrets about placing you above others. In all you do, never change your ways. You’re a great guy, and you’re going places. Happy 20th birthday to you.

57. I sincerely don’t know the best way to celebrate an awesome and brilliant nephew like you on his birthday, but I hope you know that I will always love you. You bring me so much joy, and I wish that you get it back in multiple folds today. Happy 20th birthday.

58. You really know how to get me to do things for you. No one has the key to my heart, except you. As an aunt, I have laboured so much on you, and I’m glad to be seeing positive results. You are destined for greatness, trust me. Happy 20th birthday to you.

59. Tell me whatever it is you will love to have on your birthday, and it’s done. You have never said no to any request I made, including following me up and down, when you ought to be sleeping or reading. Thank you for blessing me with your company. Happy 20th birthday to you.

60. I know you call me the best uncle in the world, but even at that, I’m still going to keep doing more. You haven’t stopped excelling in all areas of life, and I’m hopeful that your future will be very bright. Happy 20th birthday to you.

61. You are one nephew I have never said no to. You just have a sweet way of calming me down, even when I’m going through the toughest times. I’m grateful for the wisdom God blessed you with because in a way, you have blessed me with it. Happy 20th birthday.

62. I will never let this day go without sending you best wishes on your birthday. I have always wished you the best, and I won’t stop, even when you achieve the best. I thank God for your life, dear. Happy 20th birthday, dear nephew.

63. It has and will always be a perfect time with you around. We have this unique way of vibing when we are together, and I can’t get over that feeling. Thank you for being a blessing to everyone. Happy 20th birthday to you.

64. Children of this age are almost always proud and arrogant, but this has never been your way. You are the kindest person I know, and I’m so blessed to be called your aunt. I hope that you have the greatest year ahead. Happy 20th birthday.

65. To be honest with you, I have never been so close to any family member like this. Even though I spend a lot on you because I am your uncle, I still want to have you around me always. You’re the best. Happy 20th birthday to you.

66. I’d love to know the best way to celebrate a great boy like you. You’re gradually growing into a responsible and loving young man, and that’s so beautiful to see. I wish you all the best for the coming year. Happy 20th birthday to you.

67. I have never seen anyone as versatile as you, dear nephew. There’s no position you can’t function, and there’s nothing task too much for you to do. When I see you, I see a great man who is about to take over the world. Happy 20th birthday.

68. On your birthday, our hearts are full of joy and happiness because we are celebrating the best thing that’s ever happened to this family. The joy you bring us is enough to last a lifetime. Thank you for all you are. Happy 20th birthday to you.

20th Birthday Wishes for Nephew from Aunt

As a proud aunt, I will not stop gassing you up, because you make me so happy with all you’ve been doing lately. Happy 20th birthday to you, dear cousin. With love from your favourite aunt.

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69. On your birthday, we have a lot of people around and almost everyone has a thing or two good things to say about you. The fact is, your life is a great illustration of hard work and resilience, even at your age. We hope to celebrate more of you. Happy 20th birthday.

70. You know I will never lie to you; you are the absolute best! Let no one tell you otherwise. Your spirit is always very high, and I love the fact that you’re always open to corrections and criticisms, no matter how best you do things. You’re a great boy. Happy 20th birthday to you.

71. Today is a great day, and I want you to spend it gathering lots of good memories you’re going to be proud of in the nearest future. I hope I can at least make you happy today. Happy 20th birthday. You deserve the best.

72. I have enjoyed real times with you than I have enjoyed with all my siblings. When I think about you, I think about how great our God is. I think God placed you in this family because of me. Happy birthday, darling. You’re loved always!

73. How time flies! I can’t believe you are 20 already. You have grown into such a good-looking boy. I’m the luckiest to have you, my dear. I hope you have a more fulfilling year ahead. Happy 20th birthday.

74. The moment you discussed your dreams and goals with me, I already knew you were a great man. I mean, your dreams are bigger, but you aren’t scared of them. I see how much you keep working to make them. Trust me, they eventually will. Happy 20th birthday.

75. Even though you’re just 20, it seems as though you’ve gathered enough experience more than I, your aunt. I want you to know that I don’t regret discussing my personal issues with you, and your suggestions have always helped. Thank you, and have a happy birthday.

76. On your birthday, I decided to get you the best gift ever, because you’re the best gift to me. I hope you like it. One more thing, never change your ways. You will definitely shine and prosper than you think. Happy 20th birthday to you.

77. Truth be told, you are a wonderful person and I can’t imagine a better nephew than you are. I want you to be happy in any condition that you find yourself. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Happy 20th birthday.

78. You know what makes me so happy? It’s the fact that God keeps making it easy for me to take good care of you. I love how comfortable and relaxed you are with me. I’m ready to walk this way with you. Happy 20th birthday, dear nephew.

79. You are an old man in a young boy’s body. The level of your wisdom is second to none. I still can’t believe God blessed me with such a wise and wonderful nephew. I will love you forever. Have a great happy 20th birthday.

80. It’s so rare to find a nephew like you; one who understands my every mood even without saying a word. I’m scared to say you know me than me. Thank you for being cool with me, even when I switch it up. Happy 20th birthday to you.

81. I’m sure your future wife and kids will be so blessed to have you, in fact, they will be the most blessed. You are so real and you work too damn hard. I hope that you’re blessed as you deserve, so you can rest when you’re old. Happy 20th birthday to you.

82. Coping with an aunt like me is a real challenge, and I don’t even know how you cope. Sometimes, I find it hard to cope with myself, but you’re always fine with my moods. While I keep working towards being the best aunt, I hope you don’t give up on me. Happy 20th birthday.

83. Every member of this family means a lot to me, but you mean so much more to me. You are the kindest person I have seen, and I am lucky to be called your aunt. I hope you have the best of birthdays today. Congratulations on your 20th birthday.

84. I have the best nephew in the world and everyone knows this. I know I can’t do much today, but I am going to keep wishing you the best and supporting you, as you grow. I hope you enjoy this beautiful day. Happy 20th birthday.

20th Birthday Wishes for Nephew from Uncle

You are the best friend anyone could ever ask for, and it even makes it more beautiful that you’re my nephew. I am proud that I am your uncle. I wish you everything good. Happy 20th birthday to you.

85. My amazing nephew, I want you to know that a day will never pass without me praying for you. I haven’t stopped wishing you well, ever since you joined this family. It’s such a great pleasure to celebrate you on your 20th birthday. Have fun.

86. I know you’re now a big boy, but I will always be your uncle. I have experienced this age, and I know exactly how it feels. I hope you don’t dwell too much on the fact that you’re a big boy while leaving the important things behind. Happy 20th birthday to you.

87. You can be too demanding, but I will keep doing what I can do anyways. On your 20th birthday, I want to say congratulations for making it this far. You still have so many years left, so make hay while the sun shines. Happy 20th birthday to you.

88. While these wishes might not be enough, I am happy to tell you that there’s a big present on its way to you; bigger than you ever thought. Please, don’t scream too much when it gets to you. Happy 20th birthday to you. Have fun.

89. You’re indeed my favourite nephew, but sometimes I wish I could tell you to stop wearing my clothes. You’re gradually turning into a man, and you need to start getting things yourself. I think it’s high time I got you a job. Happy 20th birthday.

90. It’s your first day in your 20th year. I’m so happy that you witnessed this day while you’re happy and successful. You have so much to offer the world, and I hope you don’t stop pursuing your dreams. Happy 20th birthday.

93. There’s so much freedom that comes with growing, and I hope you can make use of it to achieve whatever it is you set your mind on. I will always be there for you, to ensure you don’t take the wrong steps. Happy 20th birthday to you. Enjoy it while it lasts.

94. We all are raising a toast to the most beautiful thing that’s ever happened to this family. It’s with great joy that we welcome you into this beautiful year. As your uncle, I am proud of you. I wish you a fulfilling year filled with all your heart’s desires. Happy 20th birthday.

95. You never cease to amaze me with your brilliance. Having such a bundle of talents as my nephew is such a great thing. I hope this meets age brings you good fortune and make you stand out for greatness. Happy 20th birthday to you.

96. There’s no other beautiful way to turn a beautiful age than this. I’m so proud of you, my nephew. My wish is that you continue to be a source of joy to your parents and everyone. May you live long and prosper in all your ways. Happy 20th birthday to you.

97. I’m not ashamed to say you inspire me. You have done well for yourself, at this age and I can’t just erase the fact that you might be richer than I am soon. In all of these, I’m very happy for you. Happy 20th birthday to you.

98. To some, it looks like you have a good luck charm. No one knows the amount of hard work you put into your business. I can’t be prouder, my dearest nephew. I wish you all the best your future has to offer. Happy 20th birthday to you.

99. Dear nephew, I want you to accept my congratulations on your special birthday. So many people use you as a point of contact when praying to God because you are a good child. I wish you get everything you want in life. Happy 20th birthday.

100. I love you as my son because we have so many things in common. I can’t wait to make more beautiful memories with you, darling. I hope this day brings you loads of fun and enjoyment. Happy 20th birthday.

I’m most certain that your nephew will be so happy to receive one of the happy 20th birthday nephew wishes, messages and quotes up there from you.

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