Happy 19th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 19th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Your girlfriend might have received birthday wishes from everybody she considers dear to her, including friends and family.

But if she is yet to receive one from you, others will seem unimportant. That’s why you should definitely not disappoint her on her birthday.

Her birthday is a great opportunity to tell her how much you love her and how special she is to you. So, it is only expected that you do it right.

Having said that, how do you wish your 19 years old girlfriend on her birthday? Follow me as I highlight different happy 19th birthday wishes for girlfriend.

Best 19th Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

You are not just my girlfriend, you are also my best friend. So, I thought about sending several messages to tell you that. Let me start by praying for you; my utmost prayer for you is that God will increase you in every way. Happy 19th birthday, sweetie.

1. Happy 19th birthday, babe. It’s a delight celebrating you today. May the heavens bless you and crown you with wisdom to thrive in all your endeavours this new year. Cheers to living your best life.

2. It’s the birthday of a special someone in my life. Happy birthday to the one who got my heart. I sleep and wake up knowing that I’m loved. My prayers for you today are that God will preserve you for me.

3. What a pleasant surprise, girlfriend! You make me so happy like no one else has ever done. I pray, today, that this same happiness you bring into my life will never be lacking in yours. Happy 19th birthday.

4. It’s a good day to be born. I can feel the elements dancing to the tunes of joy and gladness in your heart. May this birthday celebration never be your last, and may all your wishes come through. Happy 19th birthday, girlfriend!

5. I can’t keep calm, love! Happy 19th birthday. May the good Lord turn your life around for the better this year. Get ready for so much loving from me today, sweetest girlfriend.

6. You’re one reason I haven’t lost hope yet. Your love gave me hope in trying times, and I do not take your sacrifices for granted, dearest girlfriend. Happy 19th birthday. May you never have a better yesterday. Starting from today, good things shall flow into your life like rivers of water.

7. Your love is my strong point. How did I become this blessed? Sometimes, I ask myself what I did to deserve your kind of loyalty, because I haven’t done anything special in my life to earn this uncommon love. Happy 19th birthday, best girlfriend! May our hearts never cease loving each other.

8. You came into my world with a truckload of blessings, babe. Ever since I met you, it has been from one testimony to the other. As you celebrate your 19th birthday today, I sincerely pray that God will honour and keep you in health and life.

9. Anytime I think of you, I feel like I won a jackpot. I feel so blessed loving you, baby. Happy 19th birthday to you. May your heart always find a home in mine every day till the rest of our lives.

10. There is always something new about you every day. I have never felt bored or uninterested in loving you. I love you with my whole heart, darling. Happy 19th birthday. I pray that you will climb every ladder of success in your career smoothly. Nothing shall ever stop you.

11. What is there not to love about you? Loving you feels like a holiday! Happy 19th birthday, my girlfriend. May you always find reasons to rejoice. I love you now and always.

12. Nothing can ever separate me from your love, baby girl. Happy 19th birthday. Thank you for letting me be the man of your dreams, and I pray that I will never fall short of loving you always, my girlfriend.

13. There are a thousand and one reasons to love you, if I start to mention them, it will take an entire day. Happy 19th birthday, my love. You’re the most enthusiastic young woman I know, and I’m proud to call you mine. May we always be this happy, loving each other.

Happy 19th Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

Are there quotes that can capture my love for you? This love I feel for you is as vast as the sea and endless as the ocean. I love you, girlfriend. Happy 19th birthday to you. What do you want today? It’s all yours.

14. To everything in life, there’s time and season. Now, my girlfriend, it’s your season of celebration. Happy 19th birthday, l love you loads! You’re super amazing.

15. When the sun rises in the morning, it reminds us of another day to love you better than the day before. Celebrating your birthday today is the highlight of my entire week, babe. Happy 19th birthday.

16. There has never been anyone better than you. Truly, when a man finds what he’s looking for, his heart will settle. Happy 19th birthday, sugarplum, I’m glad that I found you.

17. Anyone who genuinely seeks after peace must first give it. I knew I needed peace in my life, and the universe brought you my way. Happy 19th birthday, girlfriend. I wonder what my life would have been without you.

18. A heart that diligently seeks after its lover, shall surely find happiness. My soul has found a precious gift, to cherish and to adore. Happy 19th birthday, girlfriend.

19. Two cold souls cannot kindle the flame of love. It takes the effort of one to spread its warmth to the other. Happy 19th birthday, girlfriend. Thank you for kindling this pure love in my heart.

20. Love recognizes itself. When someone loves you, you feel it, it doesn’t hide or lie. Happy 19th birthday, girlfriend. Thank you for showing me so great love.

21. Love doesn’t pretend, it doesn’t seek to debase, it rather lifts you up, and make you feel like the only one in the world. This is how you make me feel, girlfriend. I’m thankful you’re in my life.

19th Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

I have been wondering whether to send you birthday greetings or wishes. But I guess it doesn’t really matter; what’s important is that I tell you how much you mean to me. I love you so much, girlfriend. Your love and care for me are very much appreciated. I wish you a wonderful and happy 19th birthday.

22. I love you so much, baby. I hope your birthday today will be as awesome as the beauty I see in your eyes.

23. No schedule is worth keeping when it’s your birthday, girlfriend! You’re worth more than a million bucks to me. Work can wait, your 19th birthday doesn’t come twice, love. So, we are painting the town red today.

24. A Day can’t go without my heart longing after you. That’s how I knew my love for you had come to stay. It’s your 19th birthday today and I feel it’s equally my birthday too. Let the celebration begin!

25. I value you more than a hundred precious stones. To me, you’re a rare gem, girlfriend. I hope your birthday reminds you of the colours of my love.

26. Loving you is like touching the sky. Happy 19th birthday, girlfriend. No one has ever made me feel this way before.

27. A single day of loving you is like a thousand years in eternity. You have the sweetest smile, and you give the sweetest love. Happy 19th birthday, sweetheart.

28. Which day can be more special than the day the queen of my heart was brought into the world? God bless you and all that pertains to you. Happy 19th birthday, girlfriend.

29. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be spoilt silly by me. And you deserve all the doses of love you are getting from me today. Happy 19th birthday, girlfriend.

30. My heart was lonely before you walked by with a bunch of rainbow stars to light up my world. Happy 19th birthday. I love you.

31. Each time I look at the skyline, I see your beautiful eyes and wonder what you could be doing at that moment. Happy birthday my girlfriend. You’re my favourite person in the world.

32. This time, I’m going to make sure that you have the best 19th birthday ever. Nothing else gives me more happiness than seeing your face light up with joy!

33. I never knew love until I met you. You take my breath away! The very first moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were going to make me happy. Welcome to a joyous 19th birthday, babe

34. What is there not to love about you? You’re warm, you’re beautiful, you’re kind, you’re patient, and most of all, you are my girl! Happy 19th birthday, girlfriend.

35. You have stolen my heart; I belong solely to you. All I think about every day is you and I couldn’t be happier. Happy 19th birthday, girlfriend.

Cute 19th Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

My cute girlfriend, I wish you a wonderful 19th birthday celebration. I still can’t believe you are mine but I’m forever grateful that you chose me as yours. I love you so much. My wishes for you are plenty of joy, peace and love in this new year.

36. You’re the most gorgeous woman in the world. Did I tell you how your laughter makes my heart palpitate? It feels great loving you every day, girlfriend. Welcome to your best year yet.

37. Anytime I think of you and how much you love me, my heart sings hallelujah. There are no two of your kind in the world, and I’m so lucky you’re mine. Happy 19th birthday, girlfriend.

38. Every second I spend reminiscing about you feels like eternity. I can’t wait to get to you so that I can feel your warm embrace again, babe. Happy 19th birthday.

39. You love like an angel; perfect, protective, and always there. Make haste and come to me, baby, I miss you already. Happy 19th birthday, girlfriend.

40. Even if it takes forever, my heart will always want you. You gave me a kiss of a lifetime and now, my heart can’t stop loving you. Happy 19th birthday, my girl.

41. When I look at your face, I feel the beat of melody in my heart, my knee feels week, and I tell myself that I must never lose you. Happy 19th birthday, girlfriend.

42. Happy 19th birthday, sweetie. I always love to see you smile, nothing makes me glad like the sound of your voice whispering into my ears. Welcome to an amazing new age.

43. You saw something great in me, even when no one else did. You believed in my dreams. That’s why most certainly, you’re the one for me. Happy 19th birthday, pumpkin. I love you.

44. I was so terrible at loving anyone but you were the game-changer. You stepped in and I began to see different sides of myself that I never knew existed. Happy birthday, girlfriend. Cheers to loving you.

45. Life goes on in circles and I can say that your love is one thing that has remained constant. Knowing you have been a blessing. Enjoy your 19th birthday, my love.

46. I cherish every little thing you do; the way you cook, laugh, cry, and talk. I even recognize your shadow when you pass by, that’s how much my heart has grown in loving you. Happy birthday, love of my life.

47. You have been there for me in every way possible and heaven knows how much my heart appreciates your love and devotion, girlfriend. I’m going to make sure you have the best 19th birthday today.

48. In my heart, you’re the only one I cherish. Happy 19th birthday, girlfriend. Remind me to tell you our love story from the start. Happy birthday!

49. Something in me leaps for joy whenever I see you. Most times, I try to contain it but other times, I let my heart race after your tenderness. Happy birthday, honey. I love having you in my life.

50. How fortunate am I to have such an incredible girlfriend? You interest me in every way. With you, I have unmatched energy. You’re my inspiration and my shining star. Happy 19th birthday, sweetheart.

To wrap up, let me say that your girlfriend is sure to be full of smiles when you send her any of these messages to wish her a happy birthday. So to answer your question on 19th birthday wishes for girlfriend, here you go.

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