Happy 19 Months Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl or Boy

Happy 19 Months Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl or Boy

Even though at 19 months, a baby can neither read nor write but they can sense the cuteness of a message when read to their ears just like lullaby, rhymes and children’s songs. This gives them an early sense of belonging and the belief that they are loved and are in right place.

You might be wondering why birthday messages must be sent to a baby of that age, babies are so special from birth till they grow, some exhibit some funny behaviours that amaze older generations. Sending some wishes on their birthday is to celebrate them and bless their new age. It is also a simple way of showing appreciation as parents on how fast these babies are growing.

The prayers in the messages may go a long way because they come from the heart to the baby at the age when no one could think of wishing him/her a happy birthday, rather, one thinks of the date for immunizing the baby. Wishing well for babies also makes the parents work hard in achieving all of these and with prayers and dedication, all these wishes will come to life in these children.

Therefore, for your baby boy or girl or that of your loved ones celebrating 19 months of existence, below are some sensational happy 19 months birthday wishes for baby boy or girl that will blow the minds of the readers and bless the babies.

19 Months Birthday Prayers and Wishes for Baby Boy

Hey baby, I am celebrating you today because you mean the world to me and I hope my prayers and wishes for you, baby boy, will manifest in your life as you grow every day. Always remember that I love you so much and I will be there at all times for you. Happy 19 months birthday, baby boy.

Here are some mind-blowing 19 months birthday prayers and wishes for a baby boy.

1. Held you in my arms and you are no more the tiny baby I held a few months ago. Continue to grow in health baby. Happy 19th month, my prince charming

2. You have grown from baby to macho in a space of 19 months. May all baby sickness stay far away from you, my love. Happy 19th months, my sweet son.

3. Seeing you walk without wobbling makes me excited. As you walk, may you not fall into any harmful objects. May God strengthen your legs. Happy 19th months birthday, my little prince.

4. Now that my baby boy is growing daily, weekly, monthly and even annually, you will not only grow in height and weight but also in the brain to acquire wisdom. Happy 19th months celebration, my darling son.

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5. Hurray! My darling son is 19th month old. Continue to bask in the euphoria you have always shown since the day you came to this world. Have a happy filled 19th month birthday, dearest son.

19 months Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Baby Girl

Hey princess, grow in grace and strength. These are my wishes and quotes for you today and I want them to be your guide from now till you become a grown woman. I hope you always smile as you have been doing since you were a day old, my pretty angel. Happy 19 months birthday, baby girl.

Check out these heartwarming 19 months birthday wishes and quotes for baby girl.

6. As you celebrate 19 months today, may you continue to grow and your sweet laugh never ceased. I love you, my little girl. Happy birthday.

7. You have made this journey of 19 months with you a smooth ride. May you always be a happy child. Mama loves you, darling angel. Happy birthday.

8. I wish you continuous sound health and the sweet smile that you have always possess since birth. Da-da loves you, princess. Enjoy your 19th-month celebration.

9. You are my world, with you I own it all. Happy 19th month birthday, my cupcake.

10. Even with my wealth and riches, without you in my life, I am the poorest ever. I love you my Honey.
I’m so glad we are celebrating your 19th months together. Happy birthday to you.

Happy 19 Months Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Baby girl, I am saying this to your ears for you to know that I’ve always wished you well right from when you were a baby and for you to know that all these wishes came from the depth of my heart. You will continue to grow into the best version of yourself. Happy 19 months birthday, dear daughter.

Grab these breathtaking happy 19 months birthday wishes for your daughter and put a smile on her cute face.

11. I look at you and silently thanks the heavens for the young baby you’ve become. I wish you grow to become a beautiful princess.

12. Just like the morning light, you brighten my day, just like the twinkling stars, you shine my night. You are all I ever dreamed of. Happy 19 months old baby girl. Mama loves you.

13. Your walking and eating might be funny but your smile is so perfect. Thank you for choosing us as your parent. Happy birthday to you my 19 months old Choco.

14. Your smile takes away the sadness in me. It replaced with love and hope. Your innocence is so pure and lovely. Enjoy your 19 months dearest daughter.

15. Even at 19 months, you know when I’m happy and sad. You are a rare being and a huge gift to the world. I’m so honoured to be your father. Happy birthday, darling daughter.

Happy 19 Months Birthday Wishes for Son

Hey, little guy! I see a great man in you and I want you to make sure all that you will hope for when you begin to grow comes to fulfilment. I wish you great heights in life as you grow. We love you dearly, son.

These collections of happy 19 months birthday wishes for your son are so spectacular and will make your cute little son feel special.

16. I see a man in my baby, I see a leader in my son and I see a good father in my prince. Even as a baby, you behave like an adult. I wish you many more years, Bubba.

17. You might unknowingly wrap yourself around me but I find my solace in you. I pray you stay happy all the days of your life. Happy 19 month old my, baby bear.

18. As you have grown from an infant to being a toddler, may you grow to become great. Happy 19 months birthday, sweet berry.

19. From 19 months to 19 years to 90 years. These are my prayers for you. Longer life and a huge success. Happy birthday, my 19 months old macho.

20. Hey cutie, I can’t wait for you to grow so that you can join in the morning jogging since you have started running around the house. May you grow to become someone to be proud of. Happy birthday, my 19 months old champ.

Interesting, are they? Why don’t you go for as many as you want, send any of the happy 19 months birthday wishes for baby girl or boy and use them for the baby and see how your wishes begin to come to reality.

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