Happy 18th Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Your beautiful cousin is a gift that cannot be traded for the most valuable treasure in the world. I know, right! It’s why you are going out of your way to make her 18th birthday celebration special and spectacular by searching for cute and heartwarming birthday messages and quotes for her.

A cousin that snitches on you won’t be spared a moment. One that’s a bully or bore deserves nothing of your precious attention. When you have a lovely cousin that doubles as an older or younger sister, their 18th birthday is an opportunity to show them you cherish them by celebrating with them.

Making out time to party, frolic or paint the town red in celebration of their coming of age, is a beautiful idea. You can even organise a surprise party, thoughtful gifts, beach outings, picnic, dinner etc, whatever that catches her fancy and is affordable.

However, to stand out and hit her where it’ll never go away, send her lovely wishes and irresistible quotes. Do you want to do several numbers in your cousin’s mind on her 18th birthday? Do you care to strum the string of excitement in her heart on becoming an adult? Want to give her a memorable day on coming of age?

You are at the right place. These happy 18th birthday wishes for cousin sister will do the trick:

18th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Cousin Sister

‘ People quote family is everything and I agree wholeheartedly because I have a wonderful sister in you, my beautiful cousin sister. Happy 18th birthday to you, Sunshine. You are a breath of fresh air, a force to reckon with. I wish you loads of fun, happiness and fulfilment in your future endeavours.’

1. Happy 18th birthday, cousin dearest. You are wonderfully welcome to adulthood. I wish you many beautiful years of negotiating adultville; ones as beautiful as you are. Cheers, darling sis!

2. Happy 18th birthday, dear cousin. You are more like a sister to me. I love you like it’s the new fashion. May all your wishes come true. May all your aspirations as an adult see the light of fulfilment. Best wishes.

3. Congratulations, darling cousin. Being an adult is the real deal. Now you’re free to be and to pay the price of being. I wish you the best of adulthood. Happy 18th birthday, cousin.

4. Now that you’re 18 and in charge of your life, rock your new age in style and with loads of sound judgement. Everything good comes with a price tag. Happy birthday, dear cousin. Have a good one with lovely wishes from me.

5. Age is but a number. Maturity comes from life’s experiences. I bet you are ready to take on the world. You are the frosting of the cake, darling cousin. Happy 18th birthday, sweetie. I wish you happy adulthood!

6. Cousin, sister, friend and much more! You are an amazing human all rolled into one. Loving you is easy peasy. No one can resist your charming sweetness. You are beautiful, sassy, smart and finally an adult, yes! Happy 18th birthday, dearest. You rock!

7. My cousin, my sister, my bestie, my homie, my ride-or-die babe! We have come a long way, my darling. Yes, we are all this and more, and I love you loads! Happy 18th birthday, my cute cousin and awesome sister. May you always be filled with joy and peace. I wish you a fabulous day celebrating your adulthood.

8. Sometimes the once in a lifetime break you need comes in an unattractive package, now you’re an adult, be prepared and on alert to grab it when it comes. Blow the lid, raise the roof and run with it till you get to the peak. Happy 18th birthday, dearest cousin. All the best with love!

9. Now that you are an adult, no long talk. You are a force of nature: a great light. In you dwells unimaginable power to manifest. Shine brighter than the stars. Avoid places where you require permission to shine. Happy 18th birthday, cousin like a sister. Loads of love to you with hugs and kisses.

10. Happy 18th birthday to a cousin like a sister. Thank you for holding my hands as I walked through the path you took ahead. You are the best! May you fly like a star as an adult. I love you forever.

11. It’s your 18th birthday, darling cousin! You are officially an adult!! Time to make a permanent resolve to work and enjoy yourself to the full. Have a life of ease and peace. You run things, nothing runs you; you are the boss lady! Today, choose food, fun and chill. Happy birthday, sweetie.

12. You are grace personified, dearest cousin and I love you dearly. You are a lover of God and people, an epitome of many good things too numerous to mention. God bless your good heart, sweet sister. Happy 18th birthday to you.

13. A cousin like a sister and much more you are to me. You are the coolest cousin ever and I love you to the moon and back. Happy 18th birthday, to you. Welcome to adultville!

14. Happy 18th birthday to the best cousin in the world. I’m glad you are no more a kid, and you get to pick up the tabs from now on. Hey, wait! Did I tell you is adulthood is a scam? Now you know. Have a blast, kiddo!

15. Happy 18th birthday to my ever-charming cousin. Thank you for the numerous times you’ve been more like a sister to me. I appreciate your love and unflinching support. I love you! I wish you loads of happiness plus all your heart desires. Cheers!

16. Happy 18th birthday, cousin. I always enjoy our girls’ only time. You are always fun to be with. Don’t fret your pretty head about being an adult. You’ll slay it like a queen and come out unruffled. Enjoy your day!

17. Happy 18th birthday to my favourite cousin. I love the way you smile when you know God loves and protect you. Adulthood has nothing on you, God is still on the throne and He’s got you. Have a wonderful day!

18. Happy 18th birthday to the best cousin, who doubles as a sister, in the universe. Welcome to adulthood, dearie. Live and speak with a mind of abundance. Surround yourself with positive people, and be intentionally kind. May the universe be kind to you, always!

19. Happy 18th birthday, cousin dearest. Being an adult is your cue to shine without stopping. Don’t dim your light to make anyone comfortable around you. Be the energy you want others to pour into you. I love you, Sugarplum. Enjoy your day!

20. Welcome to adulthood, darling cousin. Here, you get to shine effortlessly. May your 18th birthday be as amazing as you are. Sending you hugs with love for every moment of your special day. Enjoy yourself!

21. When you are finally an adult, you groove till mama calls! Happy 18th birthday, beautiful cousin. Keep rocking your world with your brilliance and beauty!

22. Happy 18th birthday, dearest cousin. Hope your special day brings you all the happiness you deserve. Here’s wishing you a very beautiful birthday with loads of fun and love.

23. Grace to remain cool, calm and collected with bouquets of happiness as you wade through the murky waters of adulthood, to you. Happy 18th birthday to my dearest cousin and sister. You rock!

24. Now that you are an adult, you’ve got to show respect to your elders. Happy 18th birthday to my beautiful cousin. Have fun and be happy!

25. A new age that comes with freedom and responsibilities; welcome to adultville! Happy 18th birthday, my cute and funny cousin. Here’s wishing you loads of happiness with love from me. Cheers!

26. Happy 18th birthday, dear cousin. You are a wonderful sister, lovely, loving, and kind. You’re cheerfully welcome to adulthood. The path ahead may be rocky or level, the good news is that you are fully in control of the direction it takes. Here’s wishing you the perfect ride of your life.

27. Happy 18th birthday, dear cousin. You are welcome to the best time in your life. One so promising and intriguing; full of thrilling adventures, excitement and challenges. Enjoy the ride!

28. Finally, you are in charge with a little disclaimer. The Piper dictates the tune, so dancing to the tune of those who pay your bill is all the experience you need to be a full-blown adult. Happy 18th birthday, sweet cousin. Have a blast!

29. Happy 18th birthday to the calmest young woman in our family. You’re the coolant that melts all our volcanic eruptions. Congratulations, darling cousin. I wish you lots of joy as you go bunkers on everything
that makes you feel deliriously happy.

30. You are a cousin like no other. An enigma, a phenomenal. Young, smart and beautiful. Happy 18th birthday to my amazing cousin and sister. I wish you loads of joy and all that you so richly deserve. I love you.

31. Happy 18th birthday, my lovely cousin. I know you are ready for real life’s shenanigans, no shaking. May the world out there colour your life with all shades of awesome. I wish you an easy ride to adulthood. Best wishes, always.

32. Happy 18th birthday, big girl. Your cousin loves you to the max. Go into the world and break a leg. The world is your oyster. You are a shining star!

33. Happy 18th birthday to my happy-go-lucky, darling cousin and sister. I love the way you rose like a phoenix from the ashes of past childhood unpleasant experiences. Here’s wishing you a most wonderful life as a young adult. May the universe continue to shower you with all you richly deserve.

34. You are a bundle of absolute delight, cousin dearest. My friend, sister, and gist partner. I love your positive vibes; you spread joy everywhere with your bubbly personality. I adore you. Happy 18th birthday, sweetie. Cheers to a very beautiful year ahead.

35. Happy 18th birthday, my precious cousin. You are the sister I never had. May you never lose your smile or shine as an adult. I wish you a very lovely future full of pleasant surprises!

36. Happiest 18th birthday to my sweet cousin. Welcome to adulthood. It’s a cool place to be; so don’t worry, be happy. May all your dreams come true. Here’s wishing you success without limit. Loads of love to you.

37. Whew! Finally, the countdown is over; time to face the reality that comes with being an adult. I know you’re more than ready to take the rein. Happy 18th birthday, my precious cousin. You are my sister, confidant and much more. I love you.

38. Happy 18th birthday to my tall glass of sparkling champagne cousin! You are the bomb! I love your boldness, maturity and focus. I tell you, you’re ready to tackle this phase called adulthood. I wish you tons of fun today and always. Have fun!

39. If anyone is ready for this wonderful phase called adulthood, that would be you! You have all it takes to handle and live life on your terms. Happy 18th birthday, darling cousin. You rock!

40. Happy 18th birthday to the most beautiful and best cousin in the world. I wish you long life and loads of wonderful celebrations.

41. Happy 18th birthday to my jolly, caring and loving cousin. Keep growing and celebrating as you spread joy. You are awesome!

42. We’ve been through so much that it feels lame calling you my cousin. You’re more than a million sisters to me and I adore you so! Happy 18th birthday to you. Here’s to laughter, joy, love, and good health. Cheers!

43. One of my best childhood memory is the time we spent together. We had such beautiful moments and I cherish them. Happy 18th birthday, cousin dearest. You’re the best!

44. Now that you’re an adult, the giddy feelings of becoming one will soon evaporate. May you enjoy the thrill and cope with the challenges that come with adulthood. Happy 18th birthday, precious cousin. You’re my all-time favourite!

45. Happy 18th birthday, dearest cousin. Thanks for the resourceful big sister I can always look up to. You are the bomb!

46. Happy 18th birthday, my pretty cousin. I love your dazzling smiles. It’s the ticket that will take you to the heights of your ambitions and dreams. Have loads of fun and happiness.

47. I’m so proud of you little cousin, though not so little anymore. You’ve grown to be a remarkable young woman, a beautiful lady, smart and ready to fly. Keep it up, sweetheart. You are doing well. Happy 18th birthday, pumpkin.

48. Happy 18th birthday, my beloved cousin. I wish you all the best this adult phase has to offer. May all your dreams come through as you find the grace to run the race with favour. Have fun!

49. Happy 18th birthday to my ever-vibrant cousin. I love your zest for life and optimistic outlook. Finally, you are an adult! Welcome, my darling. I’m sure you have all it takes to tackle life and come out triumphant. Have no care. Enjoy!

50. Happy 18th birthday, darling cousin. You are a beautiful soul, a dear sister, and a fun-loving free-spirited kind being. Cheers to growing up, maturity, adulthood and everything good in life. Go, grab your copy!

A good cousin that’s more of a sister is an adorable treasure. Being with them gives you great vibes and wonderful memories to be cherished. Imagine all those holiday visits you had together?

Whether they tagged along and acted silly like their age or they are a chummy and perfect companion for all your mischievous adventures, or older sister figure you just had to confide your little secrets in… wonderful cousins are special delights to have around. The good ones make you look forward to holiday times or free weekends you can call or chat with them.

Your cousin sister is no more a baby girl. She’s now a lady; a young adult. This really calls for a celebration, don’t you think? Sending in cute wishes and gripping 18th birthday quotes is one of the coolest ways of making your cousin sister’s birthday fabulous and memorable.

Thanks for choosing this write up to bless your darling cousin. Words are powerful instruments for conveying your heartfelt wishes and appreciation of their being. You can be sure that your 18th birthday wishes and quotes, will go a long way to make her day special. You are family. Family sticks together no matter the situation.

Kindly share this post with your friends, family and colleagues. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, please feel free to share. I’ll gladly respond accordingly.

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