Happy 18th Birthday Poems for Niece

Happy 18th Birthday Poems for Niece

On the 18th birthday of your niece, you may want to sing all the beautiful songs for her and if possible, give her some funny niece birthday cards, or even send her possibly if you could some, happy 18th birthday poems for niece. This is because of the joy of the celebration.

There are also some weird ways to celebrate a young girl growing into adulthood which could serve as a surprise to her and make you the special aunt or uncle for the occasion. Never relent on trying out special means of adding more spark to the birthday of a beloved because birthdays come but once in a year.

Let’s do this, this 18th birthday of your niece needs to be different from the others. I have written cute happy 18th birthday poems for niece for you to make a difference. Kindly get the poems below and use them appropriately.

Cute Birthday Poems for Your Niece on Her 18th Birthday

I want to compose a song for you on your 18th birthday, but I have decided to write you this poem to make your birthday a special one. You are a beautiful flower that is to be adored. Happy birthday to you, pretty niece.

1. Hello, cute niece.
You have new age into adolescence.
May the joy of adulthood fill your life.
I wish you a memorable 18th birthday ceremony.

2. It is a beautiful thing to have a niece
A lovely thing to have an adorable niece
As you are growing to your anticipated year;
Your 18th birthday, I say cheers
Age with grace my special niece.

3. Loving you is natural,
Guide you was a necessity,
Celebrating you is my choice
Growing up is optional
Growing old is mandatory
Happy 18th birthday.
Grow in grace.

4. To the most beautiful niece
Your better years are now declared open
To the new journey with the earth
Around the sun; back and forth
May you grow and go from glory to glory
And from strength to strength.
Happy 18th birthday, my beautiful niece.

5. The special birthday;
The most looked forward to birthday
The birthday of the adulthood
The 18th birthday is here
Enjoy your new status
To an adult, you’ve flown
Happy birthday, dear niece.

6. to the best niece on her special day
Days like this give us the time to look back
And behold the gift God bestowed on us
You are a lovely niece to have
On your 18th birthday, I celebrate you
And wish you all the best, my little niece.

7. Through it all, you have made it
Thus far to see the goodness of the Lord
All hail the power of the King
In whose kindness you have grown
Happy 18th birthday to you, dear niece

8. To call you little now is to default
On the settings given to the whole world
You are now a big lady
A woman in the making
Happy 18th birthday to my precious niece.

9. I have every reason to smile
For thus far has the Lord helped us
From cradle till now,
You have been under our watch
While waiting for full glory.
This we wish you on this 18th birthday
To more glory, my dear niece.

10. Day after day, one by one,
The years rolls by, counting
Every day becomes as important as we see it
For to give a day as a special honour
Lies in our hand and making
Happy 18th birthday to you,
Beloved niece and daughter.

11. The sun shines expecting no feedback
The moon takes its time at night
All giving freely without expectation
Yet, we set targets for ourselves under the sun
And give ourselves to push below the moon
On your 18th birthday, I wish you speed
To the high heavens, my fabulous niece.

12. I am delighted to see you in full health
Like yesterday was the day of your cradle
Watching you on all fours seems just passed
And Woah! You are 18 years
Happy birthday to you, my dear niece
May your days be renewed like the sun.

13. I can’t but rejoice today being the day
The memories flood my brain on your behalf
We longed for your arrival with prayers
And when you came, lives changed
Peace, like a river, came flooding
And spreading to everyone the joy
Happy 18th birthday today, beloved niece
You are more than just a niece.

14. You are more to me than gold
More important than rubies
You are n angel sent from above
To give us succour and completeness
As you mark 18 years today,
More grace awaits you ahead
Happy birthday niece from aunt.

15. I have the best time to celebrate
For lasting joy comes from within and not without
Many waters have passed under the bridge
Many rains have showered on the earth, yet,
You remain my beautiful niece
Happy 18th birthday to you,
Glorious years are yours.

16. You make me a proud uncle
One to be respected wherever I go
I am blessed to have you as my dear niece
Higher and higher may you go
As you find your true path in this new age
May your inner compass deceive you not.
Happy 18th birthday to you, lovely niece.

17. The walk to the fulfilment of life
Is but a tedious and stressful one
But for your sake, light shineth
And guidance is poured down
So that you do not strike your feet
Against a stone, and in your new age
Celebrate fully your 18th birthday.
Dear niece, from uncle.

18. The blessedness of having you
Trumps the disturbance you caused
For everyone as a little kid
For happy were we seeing you active
Living your life and exploring it to the full
Happy 18th birthday, beautiful niece
Many happy returns of the day

19. To love is but a responsibility
But with a grateful, we took it upon
To cherish you and to care for you
Until you can now fend for yourself
Even though you are 18 years today,
We will still support and guide you
Welcome to adolescence, my dear niece.
Happy birthday to you.

20. To grow continually from childhood into a young adult.
Is a pleasure to every being.
Your new age is here,
To show into a new realm
Keep hoping high
Happy 18th birthday, my precious niece.

Use the opportunity of your niece’s 18th birthday to be that special aunt or uncle you have also wanted to be. The happy 18th birthday poems for niece are rich in words and would mean a lot to your niece.

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