16th Birthday Wishes for daughter from mom and dad

Happy 16th Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom and Dad

There’s really no doubt about it, your darling daughter needs a constant reminder you love her. What better time to lavish your love on her than her 16th birthday? You can stop her from splurging on her favourite shopping spree tendency and still be easily forgiven with a heart-melting smile. Think it’s a fib? No! The magic trick is in bombarding her with touching birthday messages, wishes and quotes. You don’t believe this? Try it.

Daughters are adorable. They are a huge blessing to their parents. They bring so much love, fun and happiness to your life. Most of them have a meaningful impact on everyone. They are like beautiful roses, gentle on the senses, spreading lovely fragrance everywhere they are.

Not every parent have a good relationship with their daughter though. If you are such a one, not to worry, you can always start afresh. What better time than on your daughter’s milestone birthday? Every girl looks forward to her sweet sixteen birthday with great anticipation. You can make it a memorable one with lovely wishes, witty quotes and touching messages. Thoughtful gifts will be awesome as well.

A recent fallout shouldn’t stop you from reaching out to her, either. Loving words are the magic that will melt down every angst and resistance. Mend the fence with heartfelt loving happy sweet sixteen birthday wishes. Send her an irresistible quote and blow down her resistance with cute birthday wishes. It’s no big deal, disagreements are part of life. Love is all that matters and love conquers all.

It’s your daughter’s 16th birthday! It’s a big deal. Celebrate the amazing bundle of joy in your life with wonderful 16th birthday wishes for daughter from mom and dad. You can bet it’s a special way of making her feel loved.

Are you confused about what to write to your darling, not so little angel? Are you worried you aren’t a wordsmith? Bothered you lack the word to express your fulsome words of love to your princess? Is your writing skill not up to par to get the job done for your baby girl’s 16th birthday? Care to give your daughter an unforgettable sixteenth birthday experience?

Have no care. These cute happy 16th birthday wishes for daughter from mom & dad will save the day:

Dear Daughter Sweet 16 Birthday Wishes for Daughter

‘ Happy sweet 16 birthday to my dear daughter. You are the apple of my eyes, having you made my life meaningful. I love you, munchkin. I wish you everything your heart desires and much more. Have loads of fun, all on me!’

Make your baby’s day stand out with cute sweet 16 birthday wishes for daughter:

1. My life changed forever from the very day you came into this world and you were placed into my eager arms. You are a shining light, princess, and I cherish you. Happy sweet 16 birthday, my beautiful damsel. I wish you a life full of happiness, peace, and favour. Have fun, sweetie!

2. One look at your beautiful face, and I became smitten. The stars were shining so brightly that the pain of labour was totally forgotten.
Happy sweet 16 birthday, my darling daughter. You’re a bundle of joy; I love you to bits. I wish you loads of goodness, good health, happiness and long life. Have a blast, love!

3. Happiest 16th, birthday my sugar pie. God bless your new year with all the good things of life. May all your wishes come true. Enjoy your day, daughter dearest.

4. Yay! My baby girl of life is now an adorable sweet 16 babe! Yippee! I know you’re excited and ready to take on the world, but hey! Tread with caution. I wish you the best!

5. Keep dreaming, baby boo. Keep making people uncomfortable with your unique fire and setting lives on course with your passion. Happy sweet 16 birthday, my firebrand daughter. I wish you the best life has to offer on a silver platter. Go, girl!

6. To think that my teeny weeny baby of yesteryears is now a sweet 16 damsel today! Yo! Happy birthday, darling daughter. I wish you exciting years ahead, love. This world needs your kind of vision and light. Cheers, babe!

7. You were born with the waves of the ocean in your mind and the shimmer of the universe in your heart. It’s time to manifest. Happy sweet 16 birthday, love. I wish you a fabulous new year with a healthy dose of wellness.

6. Sweet 16 and looking all yummy, dripping gorgeous, innocent and great vibes! Happy birthday, darling daughter. I wish you a year of self-discovery, and blossoming into the amazing woman you are sure to be. You rock, baby!

7. You are beautiful, delightful and wise beyond your years. Happy sweet 16 birthday, my charming daughter. I wish you blissful joy, light and peace, always. Love you loads, darling.

8. You’ve grown so fast it’s hard to catch up! A little girl you are, no more. My baby is now officially a sweet 16 babe! Happy birthday, my darling charming and precocious daughter. I wish you many more years of joyful celebration. Cheers!

9. Sweet 16 with poise, great vibes, garnished with ‘swags’; that’s my princess. Rock your day like a star. Happy birthday, my cute daughter with a dazzling smile. Love you loads, sugar.

10. Wow, wow, finally, my girl gets to celebrate sweet 16 in grand style! Sweetie, you are so adorable, I love you to bits! Happy birthday, daughter dearest. I wish you the best in life with God’s special favour, always. Have a blast!

11. For your much anticipated sweet 16 birthday, I wish you loads of happiness, lots of thrilling prank-free adventures, and fun in its purest form. Happy birthday, daughter. I love you.

16th Birthday Messages for Daughter

‘A beautiful straight from the heart birthday message, is the only way I can let you know how deeply I love you, darling daughter. Happy 16th birthday to you, Honey. I love you like it’s the new rage from a trending old school. Have an awesome day, my baby girl.’

A simple but beautiful 16th birthday messages for daughter will have unimaginable effects on your girls special day:

12. Now you are 16, a sweet one at that, you are officially banned from naughtiness, pranking and blushing! Happy 16th birthday, my darling daughter. You are a star, shine with unapologetic brightness. I cherish you.

13. Okay, you are now a big girl. Almost. Sweet 16 is just a prelude to full-blown adulthood. No more pouting and tantrums, sweetie; big girls are politely assertive, problem solvers. Happy 16th birthday, dear daughter. You are the best! I love you to the moon and back.

14. Just in case you’re thrilled by the prospect of being an adult, pause that excitement. Adulthood is a big scam. So, enjoy the moments, make amazing unrushed memories and have fun in your carefree innocent world. Happy 16th birthday, darling daughter. Love you loads!

15. Happy 16th birthday to the most radical, indefatigable and undaunted young person I know. You are simply amazing, daughter. The world is your oyster, take the stage in grand style. Keep shaking tables. I love you.

16. Happy 16th birthday, my lovely daughter. Know yourself, and pursue your dreams without distraction. Understand your values and be true to yourself. You are a gem. Have a fantastic birthday, dearie!

17. Happy 16th birthday, young woman. Nice to say goodbye to adolescents and welcome adulthood. May I call you, my madam? If I do, you get to take care of bills. Just kidding, kiddo. Love you to the moon and back, daughter. You’re amazing!

18. Happy 16th birthday, pumpkin. You’re all pumped up to be an adult all too soon. Think adulthood, think responsibility. It’s not a license to be unruly. It’s time to be a pacesetter. Have a fabulous new year! I adore you, daughter.

19. Happiest 16th birthday, daughter. You are a huge blessing to us all and a priceless treasure. Be sure you can always count on our love and support, always. Have a splendid day!

20. Happy birthday to the most amazing 16-year-old ever! I bet you are eager to take on the world. Have fun, my beautiful, smart and bold daughter. I adore you.

21. A hearty and happy 16th birthday to my vivacious daughter. Hope you know you’re massively loved and important, sixteen or not. You rock, baby!

22. We have impressed on you great values and good morals, so I’m confident you will do us proud today and every day. You are a daughter to be proud of and I love you to stupor. Happy 16th birthday, my baby. Have a blast!

16th Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

‘Yippee, it’s my lady of the manor’s special day! Happy 16th birthday wishes, my darling daughter. You’re beautiful, charming, classy and lovely. Best wishes with loads of love from your besotted mom. Cheers!’

You can bet that these thrilling 16th birthday wishes for daughter from mom will make her giddy with joy:

23. Happiest 16th birthday to my younger version. Daughter dearest, I love you so much and I’m thrilled you have a great head on your shoulders. I wish you a future so bright it’s almost blinding. Have fun.

24. Happy 16th birthday, my beautiful jewel of inestimable value. I see an upgraded and better version of myself in you. I love your growth and confidence. I wish you a superb transition into full-time adulthood. May your path be smooth, always. Mum adores you.

25. Crazy ideas will come, it’s for you to discard the scalding ones. I love that you’re smart and bright. Happy 16th birthday, my cute daughter. I wish you an amazing year. Mom loves you to bits.

26. Happy 16th birthday, baby girl. Mommy is super proud of her precious gem. I love you to the moon and back. I wish you a great new year and a wonderful celebration.

27. You rock my heart with glee, my mini twinnie; I’m eager to see you rock the world with your amazing attributes. Happy 16th birthday, daughter. Mom loves you, very much. Have loads of fun.

28. Happy 16th birthday to my incredible daughter. I’m so honoured to be your mom. Keep up the good image; never forget it’s human to slip. I love you so much. Have a fun-filled day.

29. It’s not just a birthday, it’s a memorable event. My daughter is an adorable big girl; mom is over the moon with excitement. Happy 16th birthday, Princess. Enjoy your day to the full.

30. Everything is achievable when you believe. I love your self-confidence; keep it up, sweetie. You can if you think you can. Mum is proud of you, angel. Happy 16th birthday, daughter. I wish you the best.

31. Happy 16th birthday to my beautiful angel. I love how you’re evolving to be an amazing young lady. Keep on soaring, darling daughter. I wish you the best of all you desire. Lots of love with hugs from your doting mom.

32. So young, yet setting admirable goals with outstanding results. I’m really privileged to be your mother. You are a wonderful daughter and I love you. Happy 16th birthday, sweetie. I wish you a fulfilling in good health and fun things.

33. Happy 16th birthday, my sweet angel. You have a large heart and a mind so intelligent, it’s baffling. The sky is not your limiting, keep on breaking boundaries. Mom loves you to pieces, darling daughter.

16th Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad

‘ Happy 16th birthday to my super-duper beautiful angel. Bae, you are dope! Oh! Surprised dad can speak coolly like you? Well, I’ve been paying attention, honeypie. I love you, my charming daughter. I wish you an amazing new year of great exploits.
Tight hugs from your doting dad.’

These smashing 16th birthday wishes for daughter from dad will earn you tons of kisses with a girly hug:

34. I put in the work and face all life’s challenges boldly because wanting the best for you motivates me. Your enchanting smile lights up my world and your hugs keep me on the move. Happy 16th birthday, daughter. I wish you all that your heart desires.

35. Happy 16th birthday, Princess. If charms and cuteness with sharpness were a brand, that would be you, daughter. I wish you long life, a smooth path, prosperity and peace. Daddy loves you.

36. Happy 16th birthday to your royal cuteness. You are the six e çsed daughter of my dreams; as beautiful as my wife. A charmer, smart, sharp and delightful. I wish you a future full of brightness, filled with hope, and blessed with the good things of life. Have loads of fun!

37. You are pure cruise, happiness and joy. My heart’s very delight. Having you gave me so much meaning. I love you, Sugarplum. Happy 16th birthday, darling daughter. I wish you the best today and forever.

38. Happy 16th birthday, my pretty angel. You’re growing up so fast, it’s incredible. You’re wise beyond your years, smart, kind, caring and gentle. I wish you life so amazing that it brings you joy and peace. I love you, daughter.

39. I love you for countless reasons. Being a daughter after my heart with a strong bond between us is just one of them. Happy birthday to my sweet 16 daughter. I wish you a future so dazzling, that it lasts till eternity. Have fun, Sweet.

40. Happy 16th birthday, my super-duper lovely daughter. You are a rare gem, my baby. You’re a light that brings joy and gives off a lovely aura. I wish you all the love and happiness you so richly deserve.

41. Happy 16th birthday, buttercup! Watching you grow up has been a wonderful experience for me and I’m so proud to have beauty with brain damsel as a daughter. Keep your light shining, angel. Best wishes for the new year!

42. Daddy’s angel is now 16 years old. Happy birthday, Sugarpie. I love you with all my heart and I will travel to the ends of the earth to get you what you want. I love watching you grow into the charming young lady you’re becoming. I wish you a fun day, my darling.

43. 16 years is a golden age. Happy 16th birthday sweetheart. I wish you long life and prosperity in good and sound health. Daddy loves you, Honey. I’ll work harder to see you happy just as you work hard to prevent global warming. Go, green girl. Keep glowing!

44. Daddy’s love for his little girl never grows cold. Rather, it blossoms with time. Happy 16th birthday, my cupcake. I wish you a life of excellence and blessings. Have a blast, daughter. I love you.

Birthday Messages for 16 Year Old Daughter

‘It’s incredible to think you are 16 years old already. A beautiful young damsel with a magical smile, cute and endearing. My heartfelt birthday message to you is to remind you of my unending devotion to you. Happy birthday, daughter. You rock!’

Tickle your daughter to her toes by delighting her with choice lovely birthday messages for 16 year old daughter:

45. The sun will set, the rainbow may disappear out of sight, and life may be unpredictable, but my love for you is as unwavering as the rock. Happy birthday, my lovely 16 year old daughter. I wish you a blissful year.

46. Whatever life brings your way, know that I’ll always love you regardless. You are an amazing daughter, beautiful and bright. Happy birthday, my beautiful 16 year old daughter. I wish you a wonderful celebration. Hugs and kisses!

47. Aim for the sky and put in your best; the world will yet celebrate your awesomeness. I love you and you can always count on my support. Happiest birthday to you, my 16-year-old bundle of joy. I wish you loads of happiness, daughter.

48. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, I will always cherish you, daughter. I wish you a hearty birthday as you become 16 years old today. Have a blast, love.

49. I may not have everything, but having you is more than gold. You are more than enough. I love you so much, Honey. I’m excited you’re 16 years today. Happy birthday, my precious daughter. I wish you everything good in life. Cheers!

50. My sweet baby is all 16 years old today. This is huge, as they say. Happy birthday to you, daughter. Continue to excel in all that you do and live your dreams. I wish you a fulfilling life. I love you to eternity.

51. You have a beautiful heart, so sweet and innocent. Please, never change. You are 16 years old today, all ready to take on the world. I wish the stars will align to favour you. Happy birthday, my dearest daughter. You rock!

52. I want you to be outstanding but if you fall short, know that my arms, my love and home will always be opened to support and cherish you. I do love you, my daughter. Being 16 years changes nothing. Happy birthday, precious daughter. I wish you an extremely good year. Cheers!

53. When life is dark and slippery, you’re my ray of sunshine. When the universe smiles at me, you’re the centre of my world. You’ll always be important, darling daughter. Being 16 years old changes nothing. Happy birthday, my cheesecake. I wish you the best of the new year. Cheers!

54. Hurray! My beautiful daughter of inestimable value is 16 years old today! You came into my life and life is no longer business as usual. I love you madly. Happy birthday, my gem. I wish you loads of happiness with all the love you deserve.

55. When your baby girl is 16 years old, you shut down the whole city, and paint the whole place the colour of fun. Happy birthday, daughter. I wish you everything beautiful, sweetie. I love you.

Birthday Wishes for 16 Years Old Girl

‘Happy birthday, my beloved 16 years old girl. You are a daughter in a zillion, unique and extraordinary. You’re a rare gift that I treasure more than gold. Best wishes for your new phase with loads of love and lots of kisses. Cheers!

These charming birthday wishes for 16 year old girl will make her blush with pleasure:

56. Call me bias, but blame me not. My girl is a 16-year-old bundle cuteness and a tall glass of creamy delight. Happy birthday, cupcake. I wish you an exemplary long life, good health and loads of fun.

57. I’m so excited that my baby boo is 16 good years today. You are the spice that gave our lives a good flavour. You are a special gift from God, we cherish you. Happy birthday, sweetie. Here’s wishing you decades of fun, sound health, peace and joy.

58. Dearest daughter, you are my 16 years old precious jewel. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Happy birthday, my lovely baby. Here’s wishing you many more years of meaningful and joyful years to come. I love you.

59. I will always be there for you, my cupcake. If I have my way and you are choice, I’d pick you a zillion times over. I love you to the moon and back, my 16 years old beautiful damsel. I wish you more years of extraordinary exploits. Happy birthday, sweetie puff.

60. Happy birthday to my adorable daughter of 16 years old. You are the most amazing gift ever, I adore you. Happy birthday, Honeybuns. I wish you more blessed years to come.

61. Happy birthday to my miracle baby, at 16 years old! You make me so proud, I fear I’d burst. You’re all shades of cute, lovely, lively, sharp and smart. I wish you a life of absolute joy, with no traces of sorrow. Keep sparkling, my Sunshine. I love you.

62. Yay! My dazzling Sunshine is 16 years old today! Happy birthday, my ever-smiling pretty angel. I love you to the moon and back. May your path be devoid of errors and sorrows. I wish you a life of ease, favour and blessings. Cheers!

63. Happy birthday to my beautiful always on fleek daughter. You are 16 years old today, and making me proud. I love you so much. I wish you a purposeful good life, riches, long life and undiluted happiness.

64. My sugar baby, my buddy and my personal assistant. You are 16 years old going on 30. You are beautiful with a good head on your young and delicate shoulders. I love you to stupor. Happy birthday, daughter. I wish you the best of all that is good in life. Cheers, baby!

65. Baby girl, you are the melodious music that keeps playing in my heart on a repeat. You are the sparkling star that makes everything bright and beautiful. Little wonder I cherish you, Honey. 16 years old but twice as smart! Happy birthday, Sugarplum. I wish you years of happiness, love and the good things of life.

66. Happy 16th birthday to my beautiful angel with the purest of hearts. You are awesome! I wish you a good life free from the harsh reality of this cruel world. I love you, daughter. You rock!

Daughters 16th Birthday Quotes

‘ You are smart, beautiful and intelligent. A birthday quote will likely bring a dam to your eyes and make your heart sing with joy. You are a blooming rose with a beautiful fragrance. Everywhere you go, you spread happiness. Happy 16th birthday, my darling daughter. You are the bomb!’

These witty daughter’s 16th birthday quotes will certainly go a long way to make your daughter ecstatic with joy:

67. To the one who gleefully rocks my heart unapologetically, a hearty congratulations to you! Happy 16th birthday, my darling daughter. I love you, now and always. Have a blast, sweetie!

68. Happy 16th birthday to the damsel behind my bright smile. Every time you hug and give me that cute irresistible smile of yours, my heart melt like butter. I love you so much, sweetie. I feel blessed to have someone as perfect as my daughter. Enjoy your day, love!

69. You are my long-awaited miracle, the perfect answer to my prayers. A one in a zillion daughter! You’re all that’s good, noble and wonderful. I adore you, baby girl. Happy 16th birthday, my precious daughter. You rock!

70. I will always love you, come what may. You can always count on my care, counsel, help and support. Nothing will change that. Happy 16th birthday, my adorable daughter. I cherish you.

71. There’s no describing how much I love you, Buttercup. I will do everything within my power to make you fulfilled and happy. Loving you inspires my hard work and consistency. Happy 16th birthday, my Sunshine. Your future is as beautiful as your dreams.

72. Love isn’t applauding you when you’re amazing. It’s also correcting you when you’re wrong but standing with you to face every adversity. You will never be alone, Honeypie. I adore you, my daughter. Happy 16th birthday, Munchkin.

73. Happy 16th birthday to my hype baby. The beautiful angel with my control buttons. The one who’s unafraid of pressing them with reckless abandon while doling out her sweet smiles. I love you, Cherry! Keep on rocking my world, darling. Have fun, in loads.

74. Some things do not change with time; I adore you, baby girl. I always will. Feel free to come to me with your worries. I’ll be there for you, you won’t ever feel you’re alone. Happy 16th birthday, daughter. Keep glowing, dearie.

75. You are the gift I will always treasure. Happy 16th birthday, my beautiful daughter. Your future is bright with promises. Have a fabulous celebration!

76. You are a thoughtful and caring daughter. You stand out everywhere in every way. I’m blessed to have you. Happy 16th birthday, my darling. I love you. Enjoy your day!

77. Nothing brightens my day as much as your brilliant smiles, lovely giggles and warm hugs. No bad moments stand a chance in your wonderful presence. Happy 16th birthday, dearest daughter. You’re a superstar.

Birthday Messages for My Daughter Turning 16

‘ I can give you a million gifts as you’re turning 16, none will be unsatisfactory without a heartfelt birthday message for you, my dearest daughter. You are amazing, I’m so proud of you and your sterling qualities. Keep on setting the bars high. I adore you, baby boo. Happy birthday, beautiful angel.’

A straight to the point birthday messages for my daughter turning 16 is a powerful way to make her birthday really special:

78. I may never stop worrying about you, though you’re turning 16. In fact, the prospect of you leaving the nest gives me the shivers, but I trust you to always keep the flag flying. Worrying is nothing but a parent’s job description. I love you, daughter dearest. Happy birthday, Honey.

79. There’s tough love that shows up when you’re wrong and there’s tender love that shows up all the time. The keyword is love. Love motivates me, baby boo. Always remember that I love you totally as you turn 16. Happy birthday, my precious daughter. Have a fantastic birthday!

80. Happy birthday to my enterprising future CEO daughter. Even for one so young, it’s obvious you have the Midas touch. I can’t wait to see you fly, baby. As you turn 16, know that I’ll be with you every step of the way. I love you, sweetie. You’re an eagle, soar.

81. As you turn 16, know that a huge chunk of growing up is realizing that you can’t always run away from challenges, sulk or cry yourself out of them. You have to face them and deal with them squarely. Happy birthday, darling daughter. Have a fabulous birthday with loads of love from me.

82. You are a wonderful and beautiful soul in and out, stuff angels are made of. A loving daughter and doting sibling. As you turn 16, know that I love you very much. Happy birthday, my precious gem.

83. A stand-alone gift, you are not. You are a gift that begets gifts. You stand out amongst your peer, shining so brightly. As you turn 16 today, may the universe be kind to you, always. Happy birthday, my precious daughter. I cherish you.

84. A birthday shout-out to my beautiful nightingale, my singing angel. As you turn 16, I celebrate you today and every blessed day. Happy birthday, my darling daughter. Have a fantastic day.

85. When a superstar celebrates, the stars align in her favour. Happy birthday to my dearest and ever attentive psychologist in the making daughter. May your God-given talents place you before kings.

86. The world is your stage, my dearest daughter. As you turn 16, nothing is impossible if you only believe. Happy birthday, my Honeypie. I wish you many more glorious years ahead.

87. You are my most treasured prize, my lovely daughter. I love you very much and I always will. You can take it to the bank anytime. Happy birthday, sweetie.

88. Loving you so much keeps me going. You are my strength and inspiration. As you turn 16, always be confident in my unconditional love for you. Happy birthday, to my precious daughter. You rock!

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Wishes for Daughter

‘ Congratulations to my beloved sweet sixteen baby girl! Happy birthday, my pretty angel. You’re kind, compassionate and bold. I wish you all that your heart yearns for and much more. Have a super-duper birthday, daughter.’

Be a superhero, send any of these touching sweet sixteen birthday wishes for daughter to her:

89. Wow, how the time flies! Baby girl has transformed into a sweet 16, dope big girl, within the twinkling of an eye. Happy birthday, my Princess. I wish you more glorious years.

90. Happy birthday, my sweet sixteen daughter with swag. I wish you all the best in your new age. Continue to age with abundant blessings and grace. Loads of love with tons of kisses, dearie!

91. Congratulations to my sweet sixteen babe with sugar girl. Happy birthday, my beautiful, smart and brilliant daughter with a dazzling smile. I wish you more of God’s grace, mercy and favour.

92. Happy sweet sixteen birthday to my fun-loving, lighthearted and warm daughter. I love your carefree, zero-worry attitude to life’s dire situation. You are a high blood pressure bulldozer. I love you like it’s going out of fashion. I wish you a happy life. Never lose your smiles, baby.

93. Happy sweet sixteen birthday to my greatest treasure. You are a study in pure delight, Honeypie. I love you to the moon and back. I wish you a fun-filled day and a blissful new year. I love you, darling daughter. You rock!

94. Happy sweet sixteen birthday to my cute baby girl. I celebrate every day of your blissful existence. I wish you a smooth journey of purpose in every season of your life. Have a blast, daughter dearest!

95. Yay! My little boss lady is finally a sweet sixteen dame! Happy birthday, pumpkin. I wish you greater accomplishments this year and always. Love you loads, daughter.

96. Happy sweet sixteen birthday to a daughter like no other. This new year and phase, you will not walk alone. I wish you many happy returns in good health, joy and prosperity. May the lines fall unto you in pleasant places. I cherish you, always.

97. Happy sweet sixteen birthday to my beautiful daughter with the winsome smile and expressive eyes. May your glory stand out in your generation. May favour speak for you. I wish you a smooth path to a great future. Have a wonderful day!

98. Happy birthday to my amazing daughter. My firebrand sweet sixteen, you’re so full of life, vitality and positive vibes! You infect everyone with your cheerfulness. I wish you a life of pure bliss, a zero-anxiety year. Love you loads, Sugarpie.

99. Happy sweet sixteen birthday, my cupcake. I wish you peace throwing like a river, joy and God’s abundant grace and blessings. Have fun, my precious daughter.

100. Here’s wishing my fabulous and charming sweet sixteen daughter, a happy birthday. You’re precious and cherished forever. I wish you a merry time filled with love and laughter. I adore you, cherry pie.

These wishes and quotes were designed to help you make your beautiful daughter’s day wonderful in every way. No one’s love is by no means comparable to mum’s or dad’s love. You’re the well of love from which your princess draws her strength and confidence.

A sweet sixteenth birthday of your daughter shouldn’t go unnoticed, as it’s a milestone celebration. Making your darling daughter’s 16th birthday all shades of lovely is a must to make her very happy and loved up. It’s definitely worthwhile to give a trial when you see her eyes lit up Witt joy, her lips trembling with emotions and engulfed in a tight hug.

Giving your baby girl a lovely special birthday gift on her birthday is awesome, but making time to celebrate with lovely words, is an unforgettable experience. It’s a special way to launch her into the adult world knowing she’s well-loved. A cute sweet sixteen birthday wish and quotes from dad or mom goes a long way to reassure her of your love, care and support.

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