Good Night My Beautiful Daughter I Love You Quotes

Good Night My Beautiful Daughter I Love You Quotes

You don’t necessarily have to be the best parent to be able to check up on your daughter, probably after a long day’s work. Especially if she has been complaining about the workload. Your daughter should be an important part of your life, and as a parent, it’s only thoughtful to follow up on her progress; highs and lows.

Doing this doesn’t require too much, as I have been able to help with this compilation of good night my beautiful daughter I love you quotes.

Whether you’re a father or mother, your daughter deserves the best of these, so please, go through them and choose what you feel is best for her as she proceeds to bed.

You have no idea how much she will come to love and appreciate you more.

Good Night My Sweet Daughter Quotes

My sweet daughter, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. Whenever I see you, I just know that God made the right choice for me. Thank you for always listening to everything I have to say. I hope your day was as beautiful as you. Do have a good night.

1. My very hard-working daughter, you know how much you make me proud and happy. The last couple of years have been so sweet with you. You’ve helped with literally everything. Thank you for always putting the family first. I hope that you always fall in love with your job. Good night, my dear.

2. If there’s anything that makes me so happy, it’s the fact that I was able to instil some values and morals in you. Thank you for embracing them without leaving crumbs. You’re so amazing and I hope that good things keep happening to you. Good night, my love.

3. I’m yet to see any lady as hardworking as you are. Honestly, I never knew you could be so serious with your life. Thank you for not seeing the reason to be average. Thank you for bracing yourself to become a better person. There’s definitely much more to come. Goodnight.

4. Oh dear! You make me so happy and proud. Wherever I turn to, it’s always people singing your praises. Everyone now knows you’re my daughter, and that gives me some kind of proud moments. Thank you for being so hardworking and focused. I wish you all the best. Good night my beautiful daughter.

5. You know you’re the only one I love so much, in the whole of this world. You mean so much to me, and I never want to see you go through any bad time. I want you to know that this is just a phase, and I will be right beside you till the storm is over. How was your day, honey? Have a good night.

6. I don’t know why, but I always want to spend time with you. I know you’re not a baby anymore, but that’s the reason I am still very confused as to why I crave your attention. You’re a big girl now; you work so hard and have almost everything at your disposal. How prouder can I be? Good night, sweetness.

7. You have no idea how much your father and I am proud of you. Trust me, I won’t tell you how much, so it doesn’t get into your head. I honestly wish we had you earlier than we did. But in all, we give God the glory. How are you coping with your new job? Don’t worry, you will soon get used to it. Good night, dear.

8. People call you a spoilt brat, but they have no idea you’re my joy. You mean literally everything to me, and I’m thankful that I have you in my life. If there’s anything good I ever did with my life, then it’s having you. How are you, tonight? Do have a peaceful sleep.

9. Whenever you go on your ending business trips, I do not get myself. I’m always thinking about you and how you’re fairing. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you, that’s why I’d always prefer to have you around. Yes, I’m being too overprotective, but it’s all love. How’s it going there? Good night, pumpkin.

10. Your father and I had to work our assessment off, just so we could give you the best life. We’re glad because you’re managing the whole thing so perfectly. You’re so keen on working more on developing yourself, that you have no time for frivolities. We hope you keep making us proud. Good night.

11. I will take so many bullets for your sake. I don’t ever want you to go through any pain from anybody. You’re my peace, and I will make sure to guard you till my last days on earth. How did today treat you? I hope not bad. Make sure you have a sound sleep, so you can wake up fully loaded tomorrow. Good night.

12. Having you was never and will never be a mistake. You have no idea how much this has helped me go, in the last couple of years. I keep thanking God for blessing me with such an adorable angel. You’re everything to me, and I hope no harm ever comes near you. I love you so much, daughter. Good night.

13. You have always been brilliant, so I’m not surprised that you keep bagging deals here and there. People wing stop talking about how smart you are. You’re now the talk of the city, and everyone wants you in their companies. You have done really well for yourself, my darling. Keep it up. Have a good night.

14. I know this industry is such an overcrowded place with so many people that are ignorant of what they are doing, but because you’re one of the very few who know what they signed up for, you will never have a problem. I was once like you, but my determination made everything easy. You will be fine, boo. Sleep well.

15. I can take too many things and even endure insults, but I will never allow anyone to hurl insulting words at you. You got to where you are today, almost all by yourself. It wasn’t like I didn’t show interest in helping you, but you wouldn’t just let me. You were bent on doing everything yourself, and I’m glad it all paid off. We’re all proud of you. Good night, sweetie.

16. Life deals with us differently. I have had my own fair share of bad happenings in life, but I’m thankful, still. You’re one of my miracles, and I’m glad that you’re doing very well. Whatever support you might need, you can always count on me. How about you start by telling me about your new job? Good night, dear.

17. I prefer having just you by my side than having a thousand fake people. You mean the world to me. I know you will continue to have my back, just like I have always had yours. Here’s wishing you all the best in all your endeavours. Always remember that I love you. Good night, my hunny bunny.

18. All my life, I have never had a single friend, because I believe no one can ever reciprocate the amount of love and sacrifice I want. No one can ever go as hard as I go for people, so I always stayed on my lane. When you came into my life, I knew you were that friend I have been waiting for. It’s been years, and there has been no regret. Thank you for choosing me. Good night, my love.

19. As hard-working as you are, you still find the time to take good care of yourself. You love your job and all, but you will never miss the chance to get to the spa and even have quality sleep. Your mind is filled with positivity; no wonder you keep excelling. I would advise that you keep it this way, always. Good night, my dear.

20. No one ever told me that motherhood could be such a blessing. This experience literally brought me out of my darkest moments. Motherhood set me free from bondage. I’m glad that you’re my first, and honestly, I won’t mind if you’re my last. I adore you so much. All the best, my dear. Good night.

Good Night My Daughter with Images

I’m living my best life because you’re my daughter. No matter how far you go in life, your image will always be in my heart. Thank you for being mine. I hope you have a peaceful and amazing night.

Good Night My Daughter with Images
Good Night My Daughter with Images

21. I took it upon myself to go job hunting with you because I knew you were the perfect one for all these big companies. I’m glad that one of them eventually called you back. How are you finding the job and the work environment? I hope that things keep being easy for you, though. Good night, my love.

Good Night My Daughter with Images
Good Night My Daughter with Images

22. You’re the reason people look up to me as their role model. You’re the reason people use my life and experience as a yardstick for making it in life. If I weren’t for your mother, then things would’ve been a bit difficult for me. I’m thankful for this phase of your life, and I hope the next one comes with more greatness. Good night, darling.

Good Night My Daughter with Images
Good Night My Daughter with Images

23. Everyone already knows how much you mean to me. I care so much about you, that I don’t mind if I don’t eat for days, as long as you’re fine and happy. You will soon leave for your matrimonial home, and I’m here wondering how I would be able to cope. I hope you will be checking on me. I love you, baby. Good night.

Good Night My Daughter with Images
Good Night My Daughter with Images

24. Sometimes, I get so jealous of the closeness between you and your father, but at the same time, I’m glad I could give you a father you enjoy spending time with. I’m glad I could give you a father who would rather you’re happy and comfortable than see you cry. I hope it stays like this forever. Good night, dear.

Good Night My Daughter with Images
Good Night My Daughter with Images

25. I’m sure you will just be returning from work, at this time. I hope this doesn’t disturb you, anyways. I just wanted to be sure you got home safely, and ask how work went today. May God be with you and send His angels to guard you, as you sleep tonight. Dream of me, baby. I love you so much.

Good Night My Daughter with Images
Good Night My Daughter with Images

26. I will gladly lay down my life just to see that you enjoy all you desire in life. You’re the reason I am here today. You’re the reason I am a happy father. My life was literally in shambles before you were given birth. At this point, it’s safe to say, God answered my prayers through you. Thank you, daughter. Have a good night.

Good Night My Daughter with Images
Good Night My Daughter with Images

27. I’m glad to be your mom. You help out with everything, including taking care of your siblings, whether I am around or not. Like I always say, you’ve been a mother even before you have your own children. I can’t wait to see how greatly you will raise your kids. I wish you good luck with life, my dear. Good night.

Good Night My Daughter with Images

28. The fact that I can trust you with anything at all, makes me feel very happy and safe. I mean, would I have preferred sharing my thoughts and secrets with any other person? I’m also glad that you always learn a thing or two, whenever we are together. How’s life treating you? Good night, sweetie.

Good Night My Daughter with Images
Good Night My Daughter with Images

29. Ever since you suggested that you stay on your own, I knew you were ready to take a very bold step in life. Since you stepped your feet out of this house, you have never come back with regrets. In fact, I’m glad I supported your decision. It has birthed so many great things. I’m sure this is just the beginning. Good night, dear.

Good Night My Daughter with Images
Good Night My Daughter with Images

30. Whether or not I am sure of your choices and decisions, I will support you, regardless. You’re old enough to know what’s best for you, so I won’t shove my decisions down your throat. The only thing you need from me is support and I promise to give you plenty of it. Make sure you sleep tight. Good night, dear.

31. I have counted my blessings, and I have concluded that you are the greatest of them all. You wouldn’t even want to believe how many times you appeared when I counted. I’m thankful for this very huge blessing, and I hope it keeps bringing more and more. You’re the best, daughter. Have a fantastic night.

32. Every night, I always dream about you. I always see a picture of how beautifully your life will turn out. God shows me all of these, and I’m sure they will come to pass because you’re on the path to greatness. Things might be a bit difficult, but I will be here. Good night.

33. You’re so intentional about making this world a better place for others. You’re so selfless, that you put others first before you. My character is nothing compared to this, but I’m glad you’re better than me. I hope the world doesn’t change who you truly are. Good night.

34. It’s official; I have the best daughter in the world. My daughter, no one will ever believe your age, because you won’t stop following me everywhere. Trust me, I enjoy your company that I sometimes wish it doesn’t end, but you have to start working towards setting yourself up. Don’t worry about me, I will always support you. Good night, sweetie.

35. Your mother and I am super proud of the amazing lady you have become. We are glad that you’re getting it right at this age. You know we will always give you all the support and encouragement. You have started very well; we hope that you continue like this. Good night, dear.

36. Whoever has anything bad to say about you, definitely has a problem. You’re a girl that was raised with so much love and happiness. You genuinely love and care for others, without expecting anything in return. Honestly, you are the best, and so many people can testify. Just keep doing you. Good night.

37. I know I am a disciplinarian, but it’s all out of the love I have for you. You know I will never hurt you. Everything I ever did with my life, was all for you. While you keep living your best life, I hope that you find your true purpose. How was your day? Have a good night, and always remember that I love you.

38. There’s nothing impossible for God to do. He came through at the last hour when we thought everything had ended and we weren’t going to have our own baby. That was the beginning of our numerous breakthroughs. We are very happy to be your parents, and we hope for the best in your life. Good night, dear.

39. We all make decisions and choices; some we regret, some we enjoy. I’m actually enjoying the decision to have had you when I did. I will never trade you for anything in the world. I hope that you keep doing very well in life. God bless you forever. Do have a wonderful night rest.

40. We will not have half of what we are enjoying now if you weren’t our daughter. Mind you, half of what we are enjoying now represent peace. This would’ve been one thing we would be lacking in our marriage. But God gave you to us. We are forever grateful. How are you, tonight? Have a good night.

Goodnight My Daughter I Love You Quotes

I love you with all my heart, you have no idea. You’re the only one I have grown to love, all these years. It’s even more loving to have you as my daughter. I hope the workload was not too much today. Please, go and sleep. Good night, my daughter.

41. My job is not done until you have a good life. My job as a parent is to make sure I guide you through all the phases of life. I don’t care whether or not you’re mature to go through them alone, I will always do my bit as a good parent. Do not hesitate to let me know whenever you need any help. Good night, daughter.

42. You can be a handful, but I love you just like that. You’re the funniest person ever, and everyone enjoys spending time with you. Whenever you’re not at home, your cousins are always sad. We all love to have you around, and we wish you the very best. I hope all is well with you, though. Good night, darling.

43. You are my daughter, and whenever you need my support, I will always rise to help you. Your love is everything I need, and you keep giving me in abundance. What excuse do I have, not to be the best I can be? Absolutely, none. I hope you had a productive day today? May your night be so peaceful. Good night.

44. You always stand up for people who are less privileged. You don’t discriminate, as you believe that we are all equal. Honestly, you have just too many traits of a leader. I know you will be running for an office one day, and here’s wishing you the best, before the day comes. I love you, my darling. Have a good night.

45. You have always been the smartest amongst every other. You’re also a great thinker, as you don’t conclude or judge easily. It feels so good to have such an amazing daughter like you. You’ve made much impact on the world, within your years of living. Cheers to more productive years. Good night.

46. The fact that you don’t keep things to yourself despite being an adult, is something I commend you for. You’re the sweetest person; always willing to learn and be corrected. I hope you’re finding it easy with your new job. If you are not, hang in there. You will be just fine. Have a good night, my dear.

47. In case you keep having a bad day at work, I want you to know that we all do. But one thing is, you don’t have to keep thinking about the bad days, as it might make you stagnant. You have to make the goods days a part of your thoughts. That’s way, things will be better before you know it. I love you, baby. Good night.

48. I know you’re all grown up now, but I still find it weird sleeping without you. You used to be my bedmate, whenever your father wasn’t around. But now, you have another bed mate which is your husband. I hope he’s treating you very well, though. My regards to him and the kids. Good night.

49. During the good and bad times, you’re the only one I keep seeing. I have just too many people in my life, but they always claim “busy”, whenever I need their help. I’m glad that my own blood never betrays me, no matter what. I got you for life, my daughter. Have a good night.

50. Whenever I think about my life, I just realize that I might not have gotten here without you. You made the progress easier. You made the success come faster. I am grateful. I also want to see you do well in life, so I will keep supporting you. Make sure you sleep like a baby because that’s what you are. Love you.

51. Times are hard, and people are just facing their lives, but you’re the only one who still stands by me. I have no idea what exactly I have done right, to make God bless me this much. All I know is that I will never stop being the mom you are proud of. I will make you the proudest daughter ever. Have a good night, lovely.

52. My life flashed right before my eyes when I was in the labour room. I honestly thought it was going to be the end for me, but God said no. I had you, and today, you remain my greatest blessing. With my sweat and blood, I will support and love you. You have my loyalty, till I die. How was your day? Good night, dear.

53. Even in sickness, you’re the only one I keep seeing. You literally quitted your job, just to come take care of me. I never knew a day like this would come, but God knows best. I pray I get back up, soon. God will give you the best of everything, as you’ve chosen to take care of me. You will bounce right back. Good night, dear.

54. Your act of selflessness towards me is commendable. I never knew a day like this would come when you will be the one taking care of me. Apart from the monthly allowance, you make sure that you always come around to check on me. Thank you for paying me back in the most thoughtful way ever. I love you, daughter. Good night.

55. They say “it’s easier said than done”, but it has never been hard for me to be the best mom. In fact, it’s the easiest. I guess it’s because I have the best daughter, too. My darling, don’t stop making me proud, so I don’t get tired of being that wonderful mom. God will help you. Good night, sweetheart.

56. You are everything and more, to your dad and me. We literally go out of our ways just to make sure you live a comfortable life. You have everything at your disposal because you have never stopped being a good girl. We sincerely hope all these don’t get in your head. You’re still the best, always. Good night, dear.

57. I understand that your job can be very tasking, but you still need to start taking care of yourself. Health is wealth. Without good health, you won’t be able to function well at work. I just hope you look into this before it’s too late. You know I always want the best for you. Good night, my darling.

58. Having a daughter remains one of my greatest blessings. What would I have done without you? Your siblings are all boys, so they don’t even pay attention to themselves. But you’ve taken it upon yourself to help in taking care of them. I can’t wait to see you raise such beautiful kids. Good night, my love.

59. A part of my heart will always belong to you. You make me a complete woman. You’re one treasure I don’t ever want to lose. Life is hard but I don’t ever want you to give up. If I had given up, I won’t be here today. Please, think about it. May God bless everything about you. Good night, my love.

60. I literally put my life on hold, because I wanted to focus on my family; you, especially. I thank God for this decision because it eventually paid off. If I had left you in care of some nannies, maybe things would’ve turned out sour. You’re my blessing, and I’m grateful for you. Good night, dear.

Good Night Wishes for Your Daughter

You made me fall in love with motherhood. The experience has been the best, so far. I promise to always treat you right. How are you, tonight? I don’t even know if you’re back from work. I hope work was great. Do have a good night, my daughter.

61. You have a very difficult job, but you still manage to act like it’s nothing. How do you do that? I must say, you’re a very strong woman. I hope you know when to pause because your mental health is equally important. Work hard, but play harder. It is well with you. Good night.

62. I see every single thing you do, my daughter. You keep surprising you and me. What did we ever do to deserve such kindness from you? I know we’ve always been there, but are you not doing too much? We are enjoying it, and we hope to enjoy it even more. Good night, baby. We love you.

63. Honestly, you don’t know what I feel for you. Whenever you’re far from me, I feel like my world is torn apart. If I could have my way, I would build you a very big company, so you don’t have to be far from me. But since I can’t, I will keep supporting whatever you do. I love you, daughter. Have a good night.

64. As a great father, it’s good to see that I raised such a queen. You have succeeded in making me a proud father, with the things you do. How do you even come up with them? Honestly, I am blessed because you are blessed. Please, keep being a blessing to us, so the blessing can go around. Good night, dear.

65. It’s so great to see how amazing you’ve turned out. Well, I’m not surprised, because it has always been in you. You’ve always been focused and strong-willed. I’m just grateful that God made things easy for you. I hope you don’t stop being the woman we all will be proud of. How was your day? Good night, my love.

66. Whether or not things are going as you planned, I will always wish you well. You’re old enough now, and I can only do little, but you will be proud of that little. I will make sure that you’re never alone. You have done well so far, but I wish you more luck, my darling. Have a good night.

67. You are super amazing, but you have no idea. Honestly, I’m beginning to be jealous of whoever you will end up with. You’re such a resourceful and intelligent woman. I hope that you get that man you deserve. Keep doing what is best for you; unapologetically, of course. Good night.

68. I love your poise and carriage. You carry yourself like a queen. You have done literally everything for yourself, without the help of anyone. But in all of these, you rise. I’m proud of how wonderful you turned out. I hope it’s just the beginning of greater things to come, though. Make sure you enjoy your sleep. I love you.

69. All those nights you come crying to me. All those times you wanted me to listen to you. All those times people treated you like shit. I’m glad it’s all paying off. Thank God you didn’t keep all of these to yourself. Thank God you opened up to me. All these might not be happening. You’re the best. Good night.

70. Everyone always loves to have you around, because there’s always something to learn from you. There’s always a take-home prize for just sitting with you. You have so much power, but you have no idea. I’m so happy to see things work out in your favour. This is just the beginning. Good night, dear.

71. I hope you’re not tired of being celebrated by people, though. If you’re beginning to feel this way, please kill the feeling already, but it’s just about to start. You’re about to experience the beginning of something great in your life. I would advise you to get ready, so it doesn’t catch you unawares. Good night.

72. I have seen you stay up late in the night, just so you can sort some office work out. I have seen you cry because some projects never ended up well. In all of these, you’re still the same strong person I have always known. I want you to know that; tough times don’t last, only tough people do. You will be just fine. Good night, dear.

73. If only your boss knows the amount of work you put in behind closed doors, he will learn to appreciate you more. Honestly, whenever I see you up late at night, I am always unhappy. You deprive yourself of so many things, just because of this job. I hope God gives you something better, soon. Good night.

74. Whether you like it or not, I will always be a good mother to you. This had been a promise, even before I had you. I’m only doing what’s expected of me, as a good mom. I hope you keep to your side of the bargain, though. Keep being a good daughter. I love you. Have a good night.

75. Being a mom just got easy, because you’re now old enough to do certain things by yourself. At least, I don’t have to wash your clothes anymore. I don’t have to drop you off at school or pick you up anymore. Honestly, your growth is beautiful and I am proud of you. Keep it up, daughter. Have a good night.

76. Whenever I see you up at night studying, I always feel very proud. You didn’t get here by just lazing around. You made sure you were determined enough to succeed. You want me to be proud of you, and you don’t stop making efforts. I see everything, and I am proud. Keep keeping up. Good night.

77. Going through your results always makes me happy. You’re the most brilliant lady I know. You got into college at such a young age, and you still keep beating everyone in the class. I wish I could give you the world, right now. I love you so much, daughter. Have a peaceful night.

78. The fact that you go out of your way to make others happy, shows that you’re my daughter. I mean, this is something I have always loved to do, and it feels so sweet seeing you do the same. Do not expect to be rewarded by anyone, but God. Keep it up, darling. Have a good night.

79. Your boss won’t stop telling me about how much you put into your tasks at work. Honestly, I see everything at home here, because sometimes, I sneak to check on you at night. You hardly ever sleep early. You are always on your laptop when you should be sleeping. I can’t wait for you to be your boss. I see that happening, soon. Good night.

80. You don’t even care about whoever is watching; you always want to do everything to lift others. You’re so passionate about doing the good things, and that says so much about you. I can’t wait to meet the man who will marry you. He will be such a blessed man. Good night, my daughter.

Goodnight Messages for My Daughter

You’re the only reason my day and night are good. You’re always on my mind, whether or not we are together. I have grown so fond of you, daughter. It’s good to see that you’re doing well. Anyways, how was your day? Do have a good night, my daughter.

81. I have always wanted to be the best father for you. Thankfully, you have never given me a reason not to. You keep beating your last record like you’re in some sort of competition with anyone. You’re my only daughter; in fact, my only child. I’m forever for you. Good night, dear.

82. I don’t care whatever anyone thinks or feels about you. All I know is, you’re the best daughter, and anyone will be lucky to have you. You have changed my life in so many ways, and I am thankful for that. I hope that life keeps being fair to you. And if you ever need clarity on anything, let me know. Good night.

83. I feel so proud to know that you will be the one who will oversee all my business, whenever I eventually leave this world. While I am alive, you keep doing things that make me happy. You keep adding value to yourself and others. Right now, I wish I had more than I have now, just so you can enjoy it all. Good night, my dear.

84. It’s late in the night, but I can see you’re still up. I feel this is the right time to tell you this: you work so hard, that you don’t even have time to take care of yourself. I want you to take it easy, as it might be hazardous to your health. Health is wealth, remember? Do things minimally. God will help you. Good night.

85. Spending time with me has always been your thing. In fact, I enjoy it more. But these days, you seem to be hooked on work. It’s a good thing to know that you’re busy. I hope it all pays off, at the end of the day. Keep it up, my love. How was work today? Do have a good night.

86. I have always wanted to be a father that my children will be proud of. Right now, I feel like I am more than that. God has really helped me with that. I’m sure you’re very proud of me. You also need to work hard, so your children will be proud of you, in the nearest future. I wish you the best. Good night, daughter.

87. Literally, I can call you a workaholic. As a man, I get bored with too much work. I can’t even keep up. But you, on the other hand, enjoy spending time at work. I am not saying it’s bad, but I want you to take it easy. I’m telling you this because I mean well for you. Good night, my love.

88. Honestly, I commend you for being such a hardworking lady. The sitting room is full of so many of your awards. Whenever I look at them, I feel very proud over again. You have really made it big, but I hope this is just the beginning. Keep it up, my darling. Have a warm night.

89. You know why I love you so much? You are always willing to learn. You seek advice, whenever you lack clarity or knowledge. This is one of the reasons it seems like you don’t make mistakes. If only others can be like you, then we will have fewer complaints from CEOs. Keep it up, my dear. Have a good night.

90. You clearly won’t understand how it feels to have a daughter who makes you proud unless you have one. I just hope your own children make you as proud as you make us, in the future. You deserve everything coming your way. This is just the beginning. Cheers to more greatness. Good night, baby.

91. As the apple of my eye, I’m grateful that you have never disappointed me. If not, I would’ve gone blind. Thank you for always being open to learning more about life and work. I’m sure you’ve learned so much, that you have enough to dish out. Keep making impacts, my dear. Good night.

92. Life has given me so many ups and downs, but you clearly aren’t one of the downs. In fact, you’re my most precious blessing. I don’t take your presence in my life for granted. I honestly hope that you keep breaking many grounds. I hope that you keep beating your last record. You can do it, baby. Have a good night.

93. The thoughts of God towards us are different from ours. And clearly, they are better than ours. I never thought I would have a baby when I did, but I guess God had His own plans. His plans turned out to be the ultimate, and I am grateful for them. I guess you’re back from work. How was it? Good night, dear.

94. I have never yelled at you! Sometimes, I wonder why you’re not like other ladies. You’re just so different from them. You have a lot happening for you, and you’re focused on them. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter. In everything, you appear to be the best. I hope your day went well. Good night, sweetie.

95. Our bond will forever remain the strongest. I am glad I have s daughter I could share things with; including my secrets. I’m glad I have a daughter that tells me everything; including when she’s being wooed by a guy. The little things really matter. Let’s keep it like this forever. Good night, daughter.

96. The only thing I am cut out for, is your happiness. I want you to be happy always. I want you to spread as much happiness as you can. I want lives to be transformed through you. I want you to change the world with your gifts and talents. Yes, you can do it. You always have my backing. Good night, daughter.

97. I understand that it’s so difficult being a lady in this part of the world, but you’ve succeeded in sucking it all in. You carry yourself like a queen. You don’t care whatever anyone thinks of you. You’re focused on winning and winning alone. Here’s wishing you the best, no matter how much the world tries to pull you down. Good night.

98. Let’s not even talk about how hardworking you are, my daughter. I’m sure you will still be on your way home, by now. You wake up very early every day, and you still come home very late at night. I’m sure you’re the most hardworking in that office. It is well with you, darling. Have a good night.

99. I’m sure the world can’t wait to hear your story. You’ve been through it all, but you’re still standing tall. I thank God for the strength to stand by you when you needed me the most. It wasn’t easy, but God came through. You’re in a better place now, and that’s all that matters. Good night, my dear.

100. Life without you will be a very unbearable one. Every single day, I go on my knees and thank God for giving me the most adorable daughter. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Even though I still have so much to do as a mother, I won’t stop doing my bit. I hope you keeping making it easy for me. Good night, daughter.

Hello, reader. I’m sure this meets you well. How did you feel about the good night my beautiful daughter I love you quotes you just went through? I really want to know. Please, drop your comment(s) below, telling me how you feel. Also, don’t forget to share this post with others, so they can feel good too. Thank you.

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