Happy 16th Birthday Brother Wishes and Quotes

Happy 16th Birthday Brother Wishes and Quotes

Brothers are very unique people to grow up with. Some constantly fight for you and make sure everything thing is okay with you, whether they are younger or older. They just have this sense of responsibility towards you.

No matter what they go through in life, they always make sure to take good care of their siblings. When it comes to celebrating your brother, everything should be considered. From gifting him a beautiful birthday present to sending him a beautiful birthday wish. He will be so happy to see how thoughtful you are.

You can achieve this on his 16th birthday by going through the happy 16th birthday brother wishes and quotes below. Do this carefully, so you can pick what’s best for him because the best is what he deserves. They will help you convey your thoughts and feelings in the best way possible. I am sure that’s what you want to achieve.

Best 16th Birthday Quotes for Brother

You are the best brother in the world, and that means you deserve the best birthday celebration. This quote might not do justice, but I hope it makes you smile. Thank you for being so amazing and kind to me. I wish you a very happy 16th birthday, my brother.

1. Having a brother like you makes me feel like I am going to make heaven, already. You’re so sweet and amazing. I want you to know that I will forever keep rooting for you. Thank you for always giving me reasons to be happy. Have a beautiful 16th birthday, my love.

2. There’s never a dull moment with you around. You know exactly how to get people in that happy mood. Thank you for being a light to our worlds. None of us will ever forget how amazing you are, no matter how much we try. It’s your birthday, make sure you have fun.

3. Honestly, I don’t know how to thank God for having a sweet little brother like you. You illuminate everywhere with your jokes and liveliness. You’re so amazing in so many ways. As you step into your 16th year, I’m wishing that you always have reasons to be happy. I love you, my brother.

4. I can’t even tell exactly how much you mean to me. You’re my world, and being your small mummy has taught me how to be a great mom. I can’t wait to give you those lovely and cute niblings we always talk about. Here’s wishing you all the love you deserve. Happy 16th birthday to you, my dear.

5. You’re always the best person around. I have never been so free and happy around anyone like you. I’m grateful for the opportunity of being your big sister. Thank you for being so serious with your life, at 16. I promise to always give you all the support you might need. Happy 16th birthday to you.

6. Honestly, I can’t believe you are 16, already. How time flies! I keep remembering those times when I used to sing for you and rock you to bed. I remember I also changed your diapers. Now, you’re a big boy. I can’t wait for what you have to offer to the world. Happy 16th birthday, my brother.

7. You’re always happy with everyone. I have never seen you frown. You’ve really grown, with little or no help from anyone. I’m glad that you keep taking responsibility for your actions without being called out. I hope you keep it up. Happy 16th birthday, dear brother.

8. You’re like a son to me because our parents had you so many years after me. I’m thankful that I always get to be by your side, telling you what and what not to do. Thank you for always taking to corrections without being rude about it. It’s very certain that you will go far. Happy 16th birthday to you.

9. Look who turns the big 16, today. My brother, you’re the evidence of God’s blessings and love to this family. You’ve done nothing but bring us happy moments in this family. On your 16th birthday, I’m wishing you all the joy and happiness in the world. You are loved.

10. Everyone always wants you around. In fact, I doubt if I have ever heard anything bad about you. Everyone has a good remark about you. Today, I’m thanking you for being that boy I have always prayed to God to have. I’m thankful for having a friend in you. Have a happy 16th birthday.

11. Even though you’re the most stubborn brother in the world, there’s nothing as satisfying as your company. You’re always out to get everyone lit with your liveliness. I’m glad to be your sister. I’m wishing you long life and prosperity, as you celebrate your 16th birthday. Have fun.

12. There’s nothing in this world that I won’t do for you. You have no idea how much I love and cherish you. You’re my only sibling, and you deserve all the love you can get, for the rest of your days. I say cheers to a greater future for you, my brother. Happy 16th birthday to you.

13. I have no best friend anywhere; you’re the only close person to me and I love it like that. You may be young, but you’re very wise and intelligent. You have a way of calming me down, no matter how bad the storm is. I’m grateful for this good life with you, dear brother. Enjoy your 16th birthday.

14. I know I can be very proud and authoritative, but there’s no other thing that makes me happy like your love. The fact that you’re my brother makes everything beautiful and meaningful. I will never trade our friendship for anything in the world. Thank you for choosing me. I promise to be a better brother. Happy 16th birthday.

15. On your 16th birthday, I just want you to know how much you mean to me. Sometimes, when I am sad, all I need to do is hear your voice, and I will be just fine. Thank you for being my saviour on the days our parents are not around. I appreciate your love and care. Happy 16th birthday to you.

16. You’re just 16, but there’s nothing in this world that you don’t know something about. You’re so smart and pay attention to details. I’m very happy to be called your sister. I promise to always be the best sister to you. Happy 16th birthday, my sweet little brother.

17. Today, I’m going to make sure that you have all the fun you desire. You are a very hardworking young boy, who already knows what he wants out of life. As long as I breathe, I will continue to support and love you. I will go out of my way to please you; that’s a promise, and I’m going to keep it. Happy 16th birthday.

18. You’re always jiggy; you have never been caught up being moody. No matter how bad the situation is, you always find a way to smile and pretend everything is okay. Please, I don’t want you to keep anything away from me again. No matter how bad it is, I got you. Happy 16th birthday, my little man.

19. At this age, you’ve really gone through so much in life, but you have never allowed any of these things to break you. You’ve always been a survivor, and I wonder how you keep those smiles on, even though it threatens your life. I’m very grateful to be your sister. Have a happy 16th birthday.

20. No one shows me, love, as you do. I bet you even love me more than you love yourself. You always root for me, and tell everyone about me, as long as they care to know. No one is as supportive as you, my brother. You will always be the most important person in my life. Do have a happy 16th birthday.

21. Even though I haven’t been the best older brother, of late, I know that you’ve always been the best younger brother. I can never underestimate how amazing you’ve been, over the years. You’re younger but more mature. Thank you for always keeping it real with me. Here’s wishing you a happy 16th birthday.

22. No matter how uneasy your dreams will be before they can be achieved, I will always be right there with you. I will always try every new thing with you. I promise never to leave you alone; not even when you’re successful. We will both be in this forever. Happy 16th birthday.

23. I know that you don’t know much about life yet, but whatever it is you have to know, I will be ever ready to be helpful. You’re the best brother, so you deserve to be loved the best way. How do you plan to celebrate your big day? Let me know about it, so we can celebrate together. Happy 16th birthday to you.

24. I’m not even surprised that you’re doing very well. I mean, it has always been in you. You’ve always been very ambitious. You always go for whatever you want, whether you have the people’s support or not. I must confess, you’re a very brave boy. You will go far in life, there’s no doubt about it. Happy birthday.

25. With so much joy in my heart, I am welcoming you into your 16th year. You’ve been so amazing, from the beginning of your life. It feels so wonderful to be celebrating your life at 16. I’m sure you know things are just about to start for you. Make sure you have a happy 16th birthday celebration.

16th Birthday Wishes for Brother

I have always had so much love for you because you deserve the best from me. Your life is so blessed, and I’m grateful that this is just the beginning. Happy 16th birthday, my dear brother. Best wishes, all year round. I love you forever.

26. I have never missed an opportunity to celebrate you. In fact, I do this every time, not minding if it’s your birthday or not. Truth is, you’re one of the most amazing brothers around. Anyone will be lucky to have you in their corner. I am still your big sister, though. Have a happy 16th birthday.

27. I know how much you love being celebrated on your birthday, so I’m not going to let this day slide without you reading from me. I think about you every day, my brother. You have really come a long way. I know things are a bit difficult right now, but with time, you will be just fine. Happy 16th birthday, little man.

28. You’re always happy when I am happy. The moment I feel unhappy, you already know. You always check on me, even though I always complain of your disturbance. I just love how you love me, my brother. Thank you for always protecting me from the bullies in school. Happy 16th birthday to you.

29. You have taken so many bullets for my sake. You don’t joke with me at all. You know exactly what I want and when I want it. I have never seen a more loving brother than you. Thank you for always looking out for your little sister. This means a lot to me. I wish you a happy 16th birthday, my brother.

30. You are the one who has truly ever shown me, genuine love. You are always happy whenever I break the news of my success. Even though you don’t know much about life, you always give me the needed motivation. You have no idea how much you come through for me. You’re young, but you do a lot. Happy 16th birthday, my brother.

31. There are no right or proper words to appreciate you, my dear brother. No one will believe that you’re just 16, today. You have a mind of a 30-year-old man. You know what you want and go for them. You’re the one who makes it easy for me to be myself, in a world where people despise realness. You mean so much to me. Happy 16th birthday, my brother.

32. My love for you started when you were brought home from the hospital. Ever since I set my eyes on you, I find it difficult to let go of you. You are everything to me. You’re the reason I keep thanking God and our parents. Thank you for coming into our lives. Happy 16th birthday to you.

33. If only you knew how our lives were before you joined us. We never really knew that God was preparing something greater for us. When you arrived, the story changes real quick. You’re literally the reason for our happiness. We will love to have you around for a very long time. Happy 16th birthday to you.

34. My whole life, I have always loved and cared for you. As a big brother, I go out of my way to satisfy you. I provide for your needs without hesitation. You have never made me regret ever doing this. I’m grateful to God for giving me a lifetime blessing. Here’s wishing you a wonderful 16th birthday.

35. What’s not to love about you? You’re kind, amazing, brilliant and ever-versatile. There’s nothing you can not do, apart from stealing. This little light of yours is going to shine forever, I promise you. You are just about to get started. Happy 16th birthday, my champ. I love you so much.

36. Even though you do some really annoying things, most times, it still doesn’t rule out the fact that you can be very sweet. You’re literally the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I will never be an ungrateful person because you hold a special place in my heart. It’s your 16th birthday; have as much fun as possible.

37. You’re a very good liar, and this is one of the things I don’t like about you, lol. But even at that, I still love you very much, and you make a proud big sister. On your 16th birthday, I have just one request to make. Please, promise to stop lying, from henceforth. Happy 16th birthday to you, brother.

38. I’m so intentional about making you happy, and that’s all that matters to me. You’re a very amazing human, and everyone loves to have you around. I’m glad that you keep making efforts to become a better version of yourself. I will always be here to make things easy for you. Happy 16th birthday.

39. You always come through on my birthday. I wonder where you always get the money to buy me those expensive presents. Since I am not as rich as you are, I am just going to send you this lovely birthday wish, hoping that it’s enough to make you smile all year round. Happy 16th birthday to you.

40. I still don’t know why you chose to be my brother, when there are better people out there, lol. I was just kidding. You’re the perfect example of a special gift from God. You have a special place in my heart, and no one is even going to take your place. I wish you a happy 16th birthday. I love you.

41. Whenever I am with you, I literally forget all my worries. You are very free-spirited. You have this lively spirit that attracts everyone to you. I’m the luckiest and the most blessed sibling in the world because I have you. Here’s wishing you a 16th year full of abundant blessings. Happy birthday.

42. Everything about you is beautiful and spectacular. You’re my all-time favourite. I will never hesitate to show you off to the world because you’re obviously better than being hidden. Name whatever you want for your birthday, and it’s done. Happy 16th birthday, my boy. Have fun.

43. You are the craziest little brother ever. I wonder how you do some of the things you do. You’re a great person, and I’m thankful to be your sister. But please, you are now 16, stop taking my ATM card to shop, please. You’re old enough to start making money, too. Happy 16th birthday to you. I love you, regardless of your bad attitude.

44. I will be eternally grateful to God for giving me a sweet and loving boy as a brother and friend. You are my confidant. There’s nothing you don’t know about me. You make it easy for me to spend time with you. Honestly, you are the real deal. On your 16th birthday, I am wishing you long life and prosperity. I love you.

45. Trust me, you can do no wrong in my eyes. Sometimes, I feel you’re just perfect. I’m grateful for everything you are to me. This year, I promise to become a better big brother for you. You will never have to complain about anything, trust me. Happy 16th birthday to you.

46. When it comes to you, I am always very particular about the things that make you happy. You’re the only reason I am a proud big sister. You make life very easy for me. You make it easy for me to love and even spend my hard-earned money on you. Well, I’m ready to do this for as long as you are my brother. Happy 16th birthday.

47. You have never brought me shame; instead, you keep giving me bragging rights. Honestly, my heart can’t even contain the joy of being your elder brother. You are my all-time favourite, and there’s nothing that will stop that. How do you feel, today? I feel so happy for you. Happy 16th birthday.

48. Turning 16 is not easy at all. Gradually, you are outgrowing the stage of being corrected by older people. Very soon, you will be able to make decisions for yourself without the fear of being tossed around. You are really doing well, and I hope you keep it up. Happy 16th birthday.

49. You feel our lives with so much joy and happiness. Honestly, no sane person will ask for a better brother, because you’re obviously the best in the whole wide world. I am blessed to have you in my life, and I can’t wait to experience many years of more blessings with you. Happy 16th birthday.

50. When I was 16, things were really tough for our parents. In fact, I couldn’t celebrate my birthday, then. But now, the story has changed. You’re enjoying all the money I made with my sweat and blood. Don’t worry, you will start working. Them, you will know what it feels like. Happy 16th birthday to you.

Sweet 16 Birthday Wishes for Brother

For being such a sweet brother, you deserve more than just birthday wishes, but it’s all I can afford, for now. You’re so real and unique in every way. I bless God for keeping you till this time. Here’s wishing you many more years of bliss. Happy 16th birthday.

51. You’re the best brother ever, believe me. I couldn’t have asked for a better brother. You’re very honest in every way. You always speak the truth, regardless of whoever is watching. I just hope you keep this energy forever. It’s your 16th birthday, rise and shine. I love you.

52. You’re the naughtiest boy ever, trust me. You will never let me enjoy my sleep. Let this be the last year you will ever come into my room to disturb me, else, I will stop giving you your monthly allowance. Happy 16th birthday, my sweet brother. Make sure you enjoy your day.

53. I can’t stop wondering how your friends cope with you. Honestly, you are a very stubborn boy. Well, I guess they are very stubborn too because no gentle person will have you as a friend. Put your stubbornness aside, today. Make yourself comfortable and happy. You deserve all the joy and love. Happy 16th birthday.

54. I can’t possibly talk about you, without making mention of how stubborn you are. Our parents are the most gentle people in the entire universe, I wonder where you got your stubbornness from. Anyways, it’s your 16th birthday, and I just thought to send you this beautiful message. Happy 16th birthday to you.

55. This year, they will be no gifts for you, and that’s a punishment for being so stubborn. You are 16 now and you should know better than being everywhere. Let your life start depicting good and positive things. You have so many younger people coming after you, be an example for them to emulate. I hope this ring true in your ears. Happy 16th birthday.

56. One of the things I love about you is how you make everywhere clean. You’re the neatest person ever. You’re never too tired to get things done. You don’t even hide from running errands. If not for you, things could’ve been worse. You’re so amazing, my darling. Do enjoy your 16th birthday. I love you so much.

57. You have no idea how much I cherish your presence in my life. You are a very good boy, and everyone will be lucky to have you as, either their son, brother or friend. I hope that you don’t ever give the world the chance to break you. Happy 16th birthday to you. With love from your big brother.

58. I love to spend on you, no matter how much. This is just because you make it so easy to do. You’re so positive about life and everything that happens to you. If you continue this way, then this is the least you’d ever be, trust me. Make sure you enjoy every bit of your 16th birthday.

59. With you around, everywhere is always very lively. I particularly love to spend time with you, as it’s always full of smiles and laughter. Thank you for restoring happiness into my life. Nothing will ever make me stop loving you. Happy 16th birthday, my dear brother.

60. If you’re not the best brother in the world, then I wonder who is. Everyone knows just how amazing you are. You are the best brother that can be found anywhere in the world. I’m just grateful that you are mine. I promise never to make you regret this. Happy 16th birthday to you.

61. With you, things are always easier to go about. You have a solution to almost every problem, as young as you are. You are a deep thinker. Having you in my corner has really made things beautiful. I’m glad that I get to call you my brother, every day. Happy 16th birthday to you.

62. You’re not just my brother, but my son. I’m grateful for the love and respect you accord me. Honestly, I still feel like I don’t deserve this much love from you. Thank you for allowing me to show you love and kindness in my own little way. You’re the best brother, and here’s wishing you the best. Happy 16th birthday.

63. You’re so handsome, my brother. You’re the sweetest person ever, and I can’t wait to meet your girlfriend, lol. Thank you for being a wonderful sibling to me. You make everything less complicated. I’m going to make you happy forever. Have a happy 16th birthday, my brother.

64. I possibly can’t talk about my success, without mentioning your name. You have been a very huge part of my success. You always want to learn from me, and that’s one of the ways I get to know even more. Thank you for making me your role model. Cheers to the good life. Happy 16th birthday.

65. You’re literally the reason I don’t ever want to give up on anything. The moment I think of giving up, I remember that I have a brother who is everything to me. I just want to keep laying good examples for you to follow. I hope I am doing well in this aspect. Happy 16th birthday to you.

66. I have searched everywhere for a better brother, but I have never seen one; not even my friends’ brothers. You are the best in the world. So many people have no idea how much joy I feel just by having you around. I promise to always support your dreams. Happy 16th birthday.

67. Life can be very hard, but with you, even the hardest gets easier. You have made me a better person, just by being my brother. I have learned so much from taking care of you, and I can’t wait to have my offspring, so they can enjoy the same benefits. Happy 16th birthday, dear.

68. My life is beautiful, only because you are present. You make me feel so happy and proud. There has never been an unhappy moment, ever since you became my brother. Being your sister is so much fun, and I’m not tired of it at all. I can’t wait to enjoy even more moments with you. Happy 16th birthday.

69. You are the best neither in the world, and there’s nothing anyone can tell me. If I have ever enjoyed doing anything in my life, then it is being your brother. It comes with so many benefits, and I am thankful for the opportunity. Here’s wishing you a year full of answers to your prayers. Have a happy birthday.

70. You can never be found lazing around. You know how to be productive with your time. I’m glad that you keep picking even the littlest things from the way I love my life. It’s very certain that you will have no problem with making your own choices. Well, if you ever do, don’t hesitate to call on me. Happy 16th birthday.

71. You are undoubtedly the sweetest brother ever. I love having you around because it’s always all smiles and fun with you. Thank you for choosing me to be your sister. I wish to do even much more for you, and I will if you let me. Happy 16th birthday to you.

72. Time always has its way of revealing the true and fake people in one’s life. I’m very grateful that you’re one of the former. You make my life so beautiful, just by being in it. Thank you for always choosing me over every other person. I promise not to ever stop loving you. Happy 16th birthday to you.

73. I have made a few mistakes in my life, but you definitely are not one of them. You’re my greatest blessing, and that’s why I keep guarding you against any harm. With me, you will never have a problem. It’s your 16th birthday, my darling brother. Make sure you have enough fun.

74. If not because you are in the boarding house, I would’ve loved to take you out today. Even at that, I will still try and get some things across to you. You’re a very great guy. You have made me understand the true meaning of love and happiness. With you in my life, things will always be easy. Happy 16th birthday to you.

75. I know I don’t have the luxury of the best things to gift you today, but I will try as much as possible to make sure you have the best birthday ever. Having you in my life has been my greatest blessing so far. You are the highlight of my existence. If this is what it means to truly live, then I am going to live forever. Happy birthday.

Happy 16th Birthday Brother Messages

Sending you this message because you’ve been nothing but the best. I’m very proud to be your big brother. You’re the most wonderful brother in the whole wide world. Thank you for choosing me to take you through life. I hope you don’t ever get stuck in any difficulty. Happy 16th birthday to you.

76. I never miss out on the opportunity to celebrate your existence, my brother. You have no idea how much I thank God for giving me such an amazing young man as my brother. I am and will forever be grateful to have a brother like you. Happy 16th birthday to the best brother in this whole world. Have fun.

77. You’re just 16, but you reason like someone that is older. I don’t even know some of the things you know. You research about every single thing. Your level of brilliance and intelligence still amuses me. Here’s wishing you a happy 16th birthday, dear brother. You are blessed forever.

78. When I was your age, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. I was just enjoying life without thinking of the future. Until my attention was called to how reckless I was, I was just wasting my time doing nothing. I’m glad you aren’t like me. You work so hard to become a better person, every day. May things be easy for you. Happy 16th birthday.

79. I know you have dreams and desires, but if you are not careful, you will learn the hard way. You need to start doing something good with your life. Time waits for nobody. You have me around if you ever need to talk about anything that’s not clear. Always remember that I love you. Happy 16th birthday.

80. Everything about you speaks class and poise. You are truly one of such kind. If at this age you are doing very well, then I am afraid you might end up more successful than I am. Don’t mind me; that’s exactly what I want. Happy 16th birthday to you. God bless you forever.

81. You are the best part of my life. Ever since our parents passed, you have made it easy for me to love and do things for you. You have never made it look like I carry all the responsibilities. It’s your 16th birthday, and I just thought to send you this beautiful message. May God’s blessings shower you always. Happy 16th birthday.

82. You make my life so beautiful. I enjoy being this version of myself, because of you. I never knew there’d be a day when I will be doing this. It’s been years since we lost our parents, but there has been no problem, ever since. Thank you for making it so easy. I celebrate you on your birthday 16th birthday. Enjoy yourself.

83. I’m most grateful to God for giving me such a vibrant and wonderful brother. If you weren’t my brother, things would’ve been very difficult for me. Your presence makes everything beautiful and calm. There are no other people I could’ve chosen to do this with me. Happy 16th birthday to you.

84. I’m so happy that I have a real person in my life. And if you’re the only real person, I will have no problem whatsoever, forever. Your future looks so bright already, my brother. Go and explore the world with your beautiful talents. Happy 16th birthday to you.

85. You act weird sometimes, but you remain the sweetest person ever. Your smile always warms my heart. There’s no other place I’d rather love to be than in your presence. Thank you for being a good big brother to me. Don’t forget what you promised me. Happy 16th birthday, my brother.

86. You’re literally the one I live my life for. Without you, I will never be inspired or motivated to try new things. You keep reminding me that I can do it, even when I don’t believe in myself. I hope you know that my love for you is out of this world. Happy 16th birthday to the most caring brother. I love you.

87. It’s a great blessing to have such a loving and caring brother like you, and I promise to always value this blessing. Thank you for always looking out for me, even though I am the older one. It means so much to me. I love you and wish you a happy 16th birthday.

88. I know we fight almost every time, but that doesn’t mean that the love is not there. The love will always be there, as we are meant for each other. You know I love you with the whole of my heart. Today, I am wishing you a happy 16th birthday. I love you so much.

89. Being your sister has never been easy, because you are a very stubborn boy. But still, I am very grateful that you get to enjoy another year. I hope that God continues to shine His light on you. May you never go down. Please, stop disturbing me. Happy 16th birthday, my dearest brother.

90. It’s another beautiful year, and I am still being called your brother. What more can I ask for? It’s been a very exciting journey of life with you. On your 16th birthday, I am wishing you all the love and happiness you will ever need. Many happy returns of this beautiful day. I love you.

91. You have always been a happy person. You smile, even in the face of adversity. I don’t know where you draw your strength from, but I want to commend you for being so strong for me. Happy 16th birthday, brother. Things are about to change for good. Just trust God.

92. Honestly, I can’t believe another year is here already. If we’re being sincere, you need to be thankful to me for tolerating you for another year. It’s not easy to be siblings with you. Anyways, I am hoping that you turn a new leaf. Else, I will start stressing you too. Happy 16th birthday, brother!

93. You are by far the best brother in the world. I can’t believe I am enjoying this life beside you. You have always brought me good memories and happy moments. I have nothing else to ask for than for God to keep blessing you. May this day give you a new beginning in life. Happy 16th birthday, dear brother.

94. You have a good way of turning every situation around. I carry good vibes everywhere you go. Trust me, having a brother like you is a blessing from God. In fact, it’s my greatest blessing ever. I will never take it for granted. Happy 16th birthday, my brother. Wishing you all the in life.

95. It feels so great to be enjoying life with the best brother in the world. Even though I don’t have everything you desire, I will always take it upon myself to do the little I can, because I always want to see you happy. You truly deserve to be happy. Happy 16th birthday, dear brother.

96. You work so hard for a 16-year-old, my brother. In fact, no one will ever believe that you are 16. I’m very happy that you’re young and getting the bag. I promise to always encourage you. May this year bring the most wonderful things into your life. Enjoy your 16th birthday.

97. There is no other love that can be compared to the love that exists between us. It’s even more beautiful than we know. I am very happy that I am always there to cheer you on. I can’t wait for what life has in store for you. Happy 16th birthday to you, brother.

98. Because of you, my entire world is filled with so much bliss. You make life worth living for me. You do so much for the people you care about. You will always remain the best part of my life. I wish you nothing but happiness. Happy 16th birthday, my brother.

99. You deserve to have a grand celebration today, my brother. Your life is so blessed and filled with so many positive things. I can never underestimate how strong you are. I thank God every day for blessing me with you. Happy birthday, brother. Have a wonderful celebration.

100. You are the best younger brother in the world. I still wonder who teaches you the things you do, because they seem so unreal. I am most grateful to God for how far you’ve come, and I hope that you find many reasons to be happy. Happy 16th birthday to you.

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