Happy 14th Birthday Boy Wishes and Quotes

Happy 14th Birthday Boy Wishes and Quotes

Your boy has been a teenager for about a year now and probably getting a hang of it already.

But one thing we know is common with early teens is that they become rebellious and want to try any and everything, with no sense of boundary.

As parents are being strict on them to make sure they understand boundaries, they also have to draw them close to know the discipline is done out of love.

So, how do you wish your 14-year-old boy on his birthday? You do this by speaking the right words into his life that will hopefully guide him on his part.

If you are short for words, find below sweet happy 14th birthday boy wishes and quotes to get you started.

Birthday Wishes for A 14 Year Old Boy

Yay! I heard a cute 14-year-old boy is celebrating his birthday today. Is that you, son? Just kidding. Welcome to the second year of your teenhood. My wishes for you today are wisdom, strength and might to navigate this period of your life.

1. I’m glad I get to share this journey with you. The last few years have been a period of growth, correction, learning, and repositioning for you. As you clock 14 today, I wish you the best experiences in your new age.

2. You have made so much progress these past years, boy! I don’t tell you this often but, I’m super proud of you. Cheers to an amazing 14th year.

3. I don’t know about every other person but, I do know that you are not just the regular 14 years old boy. You are here to make a mark. Here is to wishing you a fabulous 14.

4. It all started with the shrill cry of a baby boy announcing his glorious entry into the world. Fast forward to today, you’re already an adolescent. Happy birthday, my beautiful boy.

5. I can’t count the number of times you have been a blessing to our family. You started attracting blessings right from the day you were born. God bless you, my boy. Happy birthday!

6. It’s almost impossible to do anything around you without your knowledge. You have the most sensitive spirit I have ever seen. You would make a good detective someday. Happy birthday, my great boy.

7. I know the pressure that comes with being a 14-year-old boy. Regardless, you have the coolest personality anyone would admire. Here is to wishing you a wonderful happy birthday.

8. As much as I could remember, you have never given me much to worry about neither have I heard of any bad report concerning you. I hope you continue to be a good example to your younger ones. I love you, my boy. Happy birthday.

9. If there is anything that makes me happy, it is the fact that you are not just brilliant but also because you take after your father. Happy birthday, my 14 years old boy.

10. One thing I’d want us to continue to be regardless of how old you become is best friends. Welcome to chapter 14. I’m really glad you chose me to be your dad.

11. You have been so courageous. I admire your strength of character, boy. Indeed, you have proven to be a child from my loins. I welcome you to a bright beautiful 14th year. Happy birthday!

12. You come from the linage of strong men. Truly, an apple does not fall far from its tree. Keep representing the family well, my wonderful 14 years old boy. Happy birthday.

13. You have no idea how happy you make me. One thing I have always wanted is to have my boy listen to me. Happy birthday! Thank you for always heeding my counsel.

14. It’s a privilege raising a trailblazer like you. I have grown used to people commending me for just being your mother. Happy birthday, my good boy. You’re 14 years, and kicking life hard.

15. I’m in total awe of God’s miracles in your life. Sometimes I wonder if it were magic. Happy birthday, boy. 14 years is not one hour.

16. It baffles me to see the kind of pace you are setting for your younger siblings. Words fail me to express how much joy you bring to me. Happy birthday to the latest 14-year-old in the house.

17. You’re full of life and warmth. Little wonder you always embrace peace. I want to seize this moment to wish you a happy birthday, my dearest boy. 14 years looks good on you.

Birthday Wishes for 14 Year Old Son

Happy birthday to the sweetest 14-year-old I know. You are the son of my youth and seeing myself in you never ceases to amaze me. You are special. My wishes for you are good health, a sound mind and a life of peace.

18. It really blesses my heart that my son is 14 years old today. I thank God on your behalf and wish that you would never forget where you are from no matter where you find yourself in life. Happy birthday!

19. I’m super excited to see you clock 14 years already. Happy birthday, my son. I’m sure God has a lot in store for you this new year.

20. Happy birthday, son. I see you smiling from ear to ear today. Who wouldn’t? Especially when you have gotten all the things you wished for your 14th birthday. What matters most to me is that you are happy.

21. I rejoice with you today, son. You are 14 years old today, and I can’t be happier. Happy birthday!

22. I know you must be over the moon with happiness today. Happy birthday, son. I’m aware that at 14 years, you would have a lot of youthful exuberance to display. It’s expected but never forget who you are and where you want to be in life.

23. Happy birthday, my son. I’m thrilled you are becoming a grown man. 14 is a very delicate age. As much as I want you to be free, I also want you to be conscious of your environment and the friends you keep.

24. Happy birthday, my precious son. I have loved you right from the moment I held you in my arms for the first time. Now that you are 14 years old, we are going to engage and bond more.

25. Happy birthday to the latest 14-year-old boy in the block. I see you’re all smiles already. Have a fabulous one.

26. I have always wanted to be a part of your life, to be involved in everything you want to know about, and to be available when you need me, son. Happy 14th birthday.

26. I’m not just any other parent, I’m your best friend and business partner. 14 years is a good year to do great things. Happy birthday, son.

27. You have given me so many wonderful surprises that I have lost count. Happy birthday, son. Your 14th year is here and I pray you to make the most of it.

28. I appreciate the smallest things you do. The reason is that I know you have so much potential, and with a little encouragement, you are going to outdo your equals. Happy 14th birthday, son.

29. Look who has made himself proud. You, my son, are the real goal-getter. I love how you identify your goals and smash them. Welcome to a glorious 14th year. Happy birthday, son.

30. If I would love to be any other thing to you aside from being your mum, I would love to be your cheerleader, both at the lowest and at the highest points in your life. Cheers to being 14 my son. Happy birthday.

31. This is a good year to start looking out for potential ideas to add to your list. Happy birthday, son. As you mature in your body, I want you to also grow in wisdom. Wishing you the best experiences as you clock 14 today.

32. I have always been clear about everything I tell you regarding life and success. Keep being intentional with your progress and the sky will be your starting point, son. Happy 14th birthday.

33. You have a lot of talents, just don’t let them distract you, son. Pick out one or two and focus on them. I want to see you doing everything you told me you want to do. You have my full support always. Happy 14th birthday!

34. I will always pray for you, nothing will happen to your career and nothing will kill your ambition in life. I’m raising a God-fearing man in you who would stand for what he believes. Happy 14th birthday, my son.

35. Even if it’s the last thing I do, I want to make sure that you have everything you need to excel in life. A lot of distractions come with being 14 but, I want you to channel your energy in the right direction. Happy birthday, son.

36. I feel really proud of everything you have been able to achieve today. To think that you are just 14 years old and starting life. Thank you, son. Happy birthday!

37. You bring so much happiness into our home. Anytime you are around, our home lightens up with joy and laughter. Happy birthday, son. Welcome to a beautiful 14th year.

38. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were already in your twenties but, you are just 14 years old. Your wisdom fills me with awe. I wish you a wonderful time today. Happy birthday, son.

39. You spread light and cheer all around you. Despite not having it all, you go out of your way to make sure everyone is okay. Happy birthday, son. 14 is just a number ’cause you reason way beyond 14 years old.

Happy Birthday Images for 14 Year Old Boy

The images of you as a swaddling baby is still stuck in my head that I can hardly believe you are a 14-year-old boy. Thank you, though, for being the best son I could ever ask. My special child, happy birthday to you.

40. What a good time to be born! Happy birthday to the bravest 14 years old I know. Here is to wishing you an amazing year ahead, my boy.

41. Happy birthday to my favourite boy in the world. I hope this 14th year birthday will be one of the best you have ever experienced.

Happy 14th Birthday Boy Wishes and Quotes

42. You are among the few people I don’t joke with. Watching you clock 14 years is amazing. Happy birthday, my boy.

43. Anytime I look at you, I ask myself whether I’m really the mother of this beautiful 14 year old. Happy birthday, love.

Happy 14th Birthday Boy Wishes and Quotes

44. I’m in awe of God’s gracious love towards you. Happy birthday to my gorgeous boy. Cheers to being 14.

45. I am glad to be your dad and be a part of your life. Happy birthday, boy! You are such a great achiever at 14.

46. I’m still in shock that you just clocked 14 years old today. How grand! Happy birthday, my darling boy.

Happy 14th Birthday Boy Wishes and Quotes

47. The things you are already doing at this age gets me wondering how blessed you are. Hardly would any 14 years old boy be this thoughtful. Happy birthday!

48. I’m very hopeful about your future, my dear boy. So far, I’m confident that you are going to turn out great. You are 14 years old today and it already seems like you are 21. Have a wonderful birthday.

Happy 14th Birthday Boy Wishes and Quotes

49. I hear the birds chirping melodious tunes for you. Happy birthday. I don’t know what 14-year-olds like these days, I hope you love your gift.

50. It’s that time of the year again when we get to celebrate the first boy in the clan. Happy birthday, dearie. Wishing you a memorable 14th year birthday.

51. There is no way I would miss your birthday today, my boy! Happy birthday. Here’s to wishing you a delightful 14.

Happy 14th Birthday Boy Wishes and Quotes

52. Everything will work for you today and forever. Happy birthday to a happy soul. 14 is definitely an awesome year for you.

53. I have set it all up for you, my darling boy. Happy birthday. Today is going to be one of the most remarkable days of your life.

54. You love the glitz and glamour. Little wonder you go for the most expensive things in life. Happy birthday, my precious boy. I got you covered.

55. What a great day to be born! Happy birthday, my sweet boy. Watching you grow has been amazing.

56. Look at my sweet prince! You look really smashing today. Happy birthday, boy. Cheers to a beautiful 14.

57. I can’t even hide how joyful I’m to see you turn 14 years today. Happy birthday, my handsome boy.

58. Through every thick and thin, you have stood right here with me. Happy birthday to my brilliant boy. Wishing you a great 14th year birthday.

59. I’m over the moon with happiness today. Happy birthday, boy. You grew up on me way too fast. Cheers to a fabulous 14th birthday.

Happy 14th Birthday Son Quotes

Happy 14th birthday, son. I have been wondering whether to send you motivational quotes as you get deeper into teenhood. But I have decided to pray for you that your dreams will come true and you will fulfil your purpose in life.

60. Happy 14th birthday, son. Just as the clouds in the sky are shining brightly today, so shall your life be full of light and goodness.

61. It’s a privilege to have you in my life, son. I am thrilled to be celebrating this day with you. Happy birthday.

62. I’m the happiest today, apart from you, of course. Happy birthday, son. Here is to wishing you a wonderful 14th birthday.

63. I have a grown man in my house? Wow, this is wonderful. Happy 14th birthday, son. Thank you for being the reason I smile every day.

64. When I first held you in my arms, I felt like I had won. That’s exactly how I feel today. Happy 14th birthday, dear son.

65. You blow my mind every day with your new inventions. Sometimes, I wonder how a 14-year-old could be this talented. Happy 14th birthday, son.

66. I have a lot of surprises for you today, son. Happy 14th birthday. I am pleased to see how excited and energetic you are today.

67. No wonder the skies are blue, bright, and beautiful today, it’s your birthday. Happy 14th birthday, my lovely son.

68. If there is anything I want more than anything is for you to be happy and fulfilled in life. Happy 14th birthday, my dearest son.

69. You’re one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Every time I kneel to pray, I always remember to thank God for the gift of you, first and foremost. Happy 14th birthday, son.

Birthday Greetings for 14 Year Old Boy

I hope you are enjoying the birthday greetings and wishes you have been getting today. It’s a testament to how precious you are to all of us. Happy birthday to my favourite 14-year-old boy. I pray for you that your life will be full of joy.

70. Happy birthday to the best gift God gave me. Happy birthday, my boy. You are 14 years old today and I feel so elated.

71. You’re by far my biggest achievement. Happy 14th birthday. Nothing beats the sight of you every day. You give me joy.

72. Here is to wish my lovely boy a delightful 14th birthday. I love the way you relate to life and everyone around you. Big thumbs up.

73. Your harvest of blessings this year is limitless. Happy birthday, my lovely boy. 14 sure looks great on you.

74. I will do anything to give you the life you deserve, my boy. Happy 14th birthday. Thank you for always making me a proud father.

75. I have thought of so many things to say to you today ’cause you are really amazing. I love you, my boy. Happy 14th birthday.

76. I want to seize this day to remind you of how wonderful you are. So far, you have done marvellously with yourself. Happy 14th birthday, my dear boy.

77. Your smile warms my heart all the time. You are the sweetest boy I know. Happy 14th birthday!

78. You can make anything you desire to happen in this life if you are determined to have them. Happy 14th birthday, boy. Make sure you have fun today.

79. I was just wondering if you ever get tired of going out of your way to do things for people. Happy birthday, boy. Keep being amazing.

Funny Birthday Wishes for 14 Year Old Boy

I honestly can’t believe you are just now a 14-year-old boy because your sense of humour is out of this world, you are so funny. And that’s why you have been getting so many wishes because you put smiles on people’s faces. Happy birthday, buddy.

80. I can still remember that one time you were asked what you wanted to become. You said you wanted to be a fisherman ’cause you loved eating fish a lot. Happy 14th birthday, boy.

81. You are great, my boy, but, you just have to stop making fun of people else you might just wake up one morning, and turn into something we will all be scared of. Happy 14th birthday.

82. I use to wonder what you saw in brandishing your newly acquired toy when you were younger. Nowadays, you are even the one more secretive than anyone else. Happy birthday, boy.

83. You never cease to amaze us with your several gap-tooth but, boy! you hated it because it prevented you from eating all the meat in the kitchen. Happy 14th birthday.

84. Each time you stare at me with those brilliant bright eyes. I just want to give you all my money. Happy birthday, boy.

85. It’s another year to continue to mesmerize us with your wits. Happy birthday, my cheerful boy.

86. Happy 14th birthday, boy. Don’t lose your ears on the streets; we are here for the gist.

87. Wow! You really already 14? Wasn’t it just yesterday you were that toddler who could never keep still? Seriously, baby, you need to stop growing; adulthood is a trap. A big happy birthday to you.

88. Have a lovely 14th birthday, son. So, now that you are a year older, when will you stop eating all the food in this house? Or are you planning a career as a foodie?

89. You make everything look funny, especially your cheeky smile when you are about to be mischievous again. It’s frustrating but we love it. Happy 14th birthday.

90. Have a fabulous 14 birthday, boy. I love that you know me very well and can even finish my sentences. So, can you tell what I have planned for you today?

Happy 14th Birthday Messages to My Son

Son, please don’t be tired of all the messages I have sent so far because I’m just getting started. It’s because you deserve to be celebrated and deserve only the best in life. Happy 14th birthday, my dear.

91. It’s a brand new chapter for you, son. I share a great bond and deep connection with you. Happy 14th birthday!

92. Every year comes with its lessons and blessings. Here’s to wishing you all the best experiences in this 14th year.

93. I never thought I’d be able to raise a wonderful son like you but look what you have become today. Happy 14th birthday, my most priced gift.

94. You have always been my best support system, son. That is why I’m not afraid to face the storm. Happy 14th birthday.

95. You have arrived at the 14th chapter of your journey in life. Happy birthday, son. Never forget who has brought you this far.

96. You have excelled far beyond measure. I’m in total awe of how gracious God has been to you. Happy 14th birthday, son.

97. It takes a lot of courage to do the things you do. Happy 14th birthday, son. I love how much work you are putting in to succeed.

98. Happy 14th birthday, son. I know the kind of pressure that comes with being your age but, always have it at the back of your mind that you are made for more.

99. There are so many things I’m grateful for today, and you’re one of them. Happy 14th birthday, son.

100. Just seeing your face aglow with smiles today makes me want to shed tears of joy. Happy 14th birthday, son. Cheers to the new year.

And we have come to the end of this list of happy 14th birthday boy wishes and quotes. I hope you found it useful. Please share with your friends if you did.

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