Good Night Prayers for My Husband

Good Night Prayers for My Husband

A good husband is hard to find, but I’m sure you got one, if not, you will not be here. Your husband will always want to hear from you, whether you both are far from each other or near. Hearing from your spouse at bedtime is always the sweetest because you have enough time to discuss whatever happened during the day.

Bedtime should be the time you bond more with your husband. After a long day’s work, it’s only thoughtful that you ask how his day went, play with him, and then, say some prayers for him. And when he is away, the prayers can be sent as text messages or said through a phone call.

In case you are lost on how to go about this, these good night prayers for my husband below will do justice to that. Just make sure that you find the one that’s suitable for your dear husband.

Powerful Goodnight Prayers for Your Husband

To the most powerful husband in the world, I just want to thank you for being so amazing and kind. You work so hard to put food on the table, and you don’t really get what you deserve, after all of these. Tonight, I pray that God gives you the greatest compensation. Amen. Good night, my husband.

1. Day and night, wherever I find myself, I have never stopped praying for you. Truth is, I have always wanted to end up with a man who will love me, no matter what. And when God gave you to me, I have no choice but to keep praying for you. How did your day go? Good night.

2. It’s that time of the day again; when we talk about how the day went before going to sleep. My day was pretty good, and I hope yours was too. It’s time to call it a day, honey. May you have sweet dreams filled with your heart’s desires. Good night my dear husband.

3. Life has happened to me a couple of times, but in all, I thank God for giving me the greatest supporter. Dear husband, you’re my life. There’s nothing my life could’ve amounted to without you. As you keep going up and down to make sure things are in place, may you never stumble. Have a good night.

4. You’re not just a husband, but my best friend. Despite how busy you always are, you still find time to be with the family. Trust me, some other men will pick their job over their family. Thank you for always putting us first. May God continue to lift you up. Good night, king.

5. You’re the only reason I am a proud wife. If I had ended up with a nonentity, I wouldn’t be writing this today. You’ve been so kind to me. Even though I go overboard with certain things, you still find yourself forgiving me. You’re by far the kindest man. I love you. Good night.

6. Things don’t always happen as we plan, but I guess it was God’s plan to make us end up together. If not, things could’ve been so bad. Thank you for always finding yourself back in my arms. Thank you for being my greatest cheerleader. I’m grateful, my husband. Good night, love.

7. I thought I wasn’t going to find a good man. I thought I would be mocked if I ended up with a man like you. Happens I was wrong all along. You’re my greatest blessing. I don’t take all you do for granted, at all. May God continue to bless and prosper your ways. Amen. Have a good night.

8. You never want to hear that we lack anything in this family. You never want us to feel uncomfortable. You always find ways to provide even the littlest things. How sweet can you be? The kids and I am super grateful for all you do for us. And we pray that God continues to guide and protect you. Amen. Good night, our hero.

9. So many women keep marrying wrongly. Honestly, I don’t know what’s so special about me, that God decided to bless me with the best man. These past years of my life have been the best so far. I have recorded more happy times than I did when I was at my parents’. Thank you for loving me. God’s love will never depart from you. Good night.

10. You’re such a hard worker; always on the run. You don’t even give yourself the needed rest. Well, I thank God for strengthening you the more. And I pray that He continues to watch over you. You shall not labour loss. Everything about you will continue to receive life. Amen. Good night, my hubby.

11. Everyone knows what I feel for you, even though they can’t tell the exact gravity of it. You keep supporting my dream, not minding if I take the spotlight. All you’ve ever wanted for me is to keep prospering. Honey, we are going to keep prospering forever. Amen. Good night, dear.

12. Even though it’s very late at night, I know you will still be on your computer. I miss you so much, and I wish you were right beside me. How are things over there? Please, don’t forget to rest, even before your body tells you. I pray that you have a good dream. Good night, love.

13. Everyone loves us because we make marriage seem like an easy institution. And truly, it is easy for us. We have mastered the act of forgiveness. We do not hold grudges; instead, we trash whatever it is. But you’re the better person, and we all know that. God will be with you, every step of the way. Good night, my husband.

14. I will keep supporting each of your dreams. Nothing will ever make me stop being that same wife you married years back. Well, of course, I could keep being a better wife. You support my dreams and goals as well, so I have no excuse. Thank you for loving me this much. I love you, and I pray that God continues to love you. Good night.

15. Even our children know that you’re a very wonderful man. You’ve been a great husband before the arrival of our kids, and you still are, even after. You keep flaunting me at every opportunity you get. Honestly, I enjoy doing this with you. We have forever to go, and God will see us through. Good night, my love.

16. I have never seen a better man; not even my father, and I hope you know I am not flattering you at all. You are the best man in the world, and everyone woman will want to have you for herself and her kids. I just love how you make me feel. It’s night, and I just thought to say good night. May you be covered with the blood of Jesus. I love you.

17. With you, things are always very easy. You don’t tie the world to your chest. You’re just an easy-going man with big dreams. Being my husband has made me a better woman. I now know exactly what it means to live life. Thank you for everything. May your dreams usher you into greatness. Good night.

18. You’re not scared of anyone, and that’s one of the reasons I respect you. You’re never afraid to say whatever is on your mind. You’re unapologetic. Thank you for teaching me how to stand up for myself. I never knew I had inferiority complex issues. You’re the best husband, and you deserve God’s blessings forever. Good night.

19. You are everything woman’s dream, but I’m thankful that you ended up with a deserving woman like me. You have made my life much more beautiful. You have such a beautiful soul. You are my friend and sweet husband. As you keep making me happy, may God keep you locked in happiness forever. Good night, love.

20. I love the taste of your lips, my husband. I always want to be with you, even when I’m at work. You are all I think about. I never ever want us to be far from each other, no matter what. And if you have an important trip, the best bet, we go together. I love you so much. May God keep guiding you. Good night.

21. God has been so good to us. We started this marriage, using God as the foundation. No wonder He has been particular about making us prosper. My darling husband, as you go to work every day, may you never meet what will end you. You will always be on top. Amen. Good night, dear.

22. Tomorrow is another day, but I wouldn’t let this night go by, without telling you how I feel about you. Even though I don’t say it enough, I see all you do and I appreciate them all. Your kindness is out of this world. I pray that the world never sees the end of you. Amen. Do have a good night.

23. I have never seen a man who makes peace as you do. You’re always all about peace. You’re very particular about making peace with/for people. If every family has at least one person like you, then the world will be a better place. You’re blessed and highly favoured, my love. Do have sweet dreams.

24. My love for you has been existing right from the first time I saw you. If I were a man, I would’ve told you of my intentions. Thank God the feeling was mutual. When you came, I quickly said yes. Here we are. God keeps giving us reasons to press forward. You’re my essence, honey. God bless you with everything good. Have a good night.

25. Everything about you passes a strong message to others, but I doubt you know this about yourself. Your life is like a testimony of how miraculous God works. Your work ethics are one to emulate. Honestly, I am proud to be your wife and mother to our children. God will keep blessing you, as you have a good night.

26. Even though your dreams seem too big, you keep pursuing them. You keep beating your last record. You keep working towards making everyone proud. Honestly, you’re a very hardworking man. Even though the world seems not to notice you now, I’m sure the time for that is very near. It’s happening soonest. Just believe. Good night, love.

27. I will support and love you till death. You have been the only one beside me all these years. When I was facing the most challenging times of my life, you stood by me without minding who’s watching or what people will say. Thank you for choosing to do all these, without expecting anything in return. May God reward you bountifully. Good night, love.

28. You have a very special way of talking people out of their problems. You’re that friend everyone needs to have. That you’re my husband, is a great blessing. I’m never going to take you for granted. You have done enough for me, and at this point, even if you choose not to do anything again, I will still love you. Good night, my husband. You are blessed.

29. You have always been that man whom I admire. Trust me, I have always admired so much about you, from afar. When you popped the question, I knew my time had come. Now, I am living the life of my dreams. What else could be more fulfilling? Thank you for finding me worthy. May all your dreams come true. Good night.

30. I know things are still not working as expected, but I’m sure there will be light at the end of the tunnel. You’re the strongest person I know, and you’ve gone through worse situations. You will come out of this alive. Don’t worry, you have me and God. Do have a good night rest.

31. I have always wanted a peaceful marriage, even though I barely see peaceful ones around. I’m a good person, and I just knew I was going to end up with my type. And yes, God did it. He sent you to make everything perfect. So far, you’ve done very well. May God reward you with many blessings. Good night, sweetheart.

32. I have never gone to bed angry or unhappy. Even though work can be very frustrating, you make sure I smile to bed, every night. I honestly don’t deserve a man like you. You’re just too kind for me. But all the same, I’m very happy you’re mine. Let’s keep doing what is right. God bless our family. Good night, baby.

33. No matter what, you will always have my respect. I will never disrespect you in and outside this family. As a woman, all you’ve ever done is love me. You support me like your life depends on it. None of my plans will be perfectly executed, if not for you. All I know is that God won’t stop blessing you. I need some kisses before we both sleep off. I love you.

34. People say; circumstances reveal who will truly are. Trust me, I was expecting a different side of you after marriage, but that didn’t happen. You are still the very sweet guy I fell in love with. Even after two kids, you still haven’t changed. I have learned never to use other people’s experiences as a yardstick. God bless you for being the best hubby. Good night.

35. If I fail to wish you a good night, I may never have that sweet dream. I’m obligated to make you happy, and that’s exactly what I want to keep doing. I hope you had a very good day regardless of this madness in the world. Good night, my love. See you tomorrow.

Good Night Prayer Messages to My Husband

A husband that does too much like you, deserves some powerful prayers. Thank you for allowing God to use you to make the world a better place. None of your kind gestures will go unnoticed. May God bless every seed that comes out of you. Amen. Good night, my husband.

36. Even after so many years, you still feel the need to shower me with gifts. What have I ever done to deserve a man like you? The store is full of gifts because I made the right choice. In all of these, you are still the best gift. How was your day, my love? It’s bedtime. Make sure you dream of me. I love you.

37. You keep telling me each of my dreams are valid. You keep pushing me to do great things. You keep giving me your support. My husband, what would I do without you? I’m grateful for your countless support and encouragement. You’re the best man for this assignment. God bless your heart, baby. Good night.

38. We both joke a lot, but we never forget to focus on the necessary things. We always remember to put God first in every we do. I’m thankful that I have a man who makes my faith in God stronger. I couldn’t have chosen someone better. I’m sure God will keep watching over us. Good night, my love.

39. Isn’t it beautiful how our lives have turned out, just after a few years of marriage? It’s so amazing. It feels like I am in a paradise. Thank you for choosing me. I couldn’t have imagined spending the rest of my life with someone way beyond God’s standards for me. God bless you in abundance. Good night, my boo.

40. You made me understand exactly what love entails. I have been in several relationships before I met you, but you struck a chord! I knew it was you, the moment I saw you. A few years down the line, we are both happy and content with what we have. While we keep trusting God for more, let’s keep living right. Good night, sweetheart.

41. The moment I knew we were getting married, I just knew that something great was about to happen in my life. A few years into the marriage, I feel even happier than I was, in the beginning. You have shamed the naysayers, by giving me the best life. They’ve all hidden their faces in shame. God continues to bless you, my love. Good night.

42. Your proposal still lives rent-free in my head, till today. It was the best proposal ever, even our friends can testify. You’re just particular about all that has to do with me. Thank God I didn’t waste much time with other guys before you eventually came through. Everything about you is blessed. Good night, my love.

43. This isn’t typical of me, but I just feel the need to do it. You have been the best husband, for decades. This marriage has stood the test of time, because of your love and patience. Honestly, I never knew we would make it this far. We must also acknowledge God’s presence. May He continue to abide with us. Good night, hubby.

44. We both made ourselves parents, but I’m glad you were the man who made me a mother. We have beautiful children, to the glory of God. God keeps providing everything for us. God keeps blessing you with everything you need to move forward. It’s safe to say you’re the apple of God’s eyes. He’s just getting started with you. Good night, my darling.

45. I’m not even amazed at the way things keep playing out. You’re the closest person to God, as far as I am concerned. You know what He wants, and that’s what you do. I’m very sure He will keep blessing you. Doors of breakthroughs and blessings are open unto you. Good night, my husband.

46. Even though you don’t like this job you’re doing, the only reason you still keep doing it is because of family. You don’t joke with us at all. You would rather starve than watch us go hungry. You’re a Lion King who watches over his family. You guide us jealously, and we love to see it. God will bless you for us. Good night.

47. Even though you are asleep already, I will still pray for you. As you go about your daily activities, may you never make mistakes. May God continue to bless and keep you. You will never be found wanting. God will make you the head in everything. Amen. Have a good night, love.

48. You’re my biggest motivation. I just thank God I don’t have to pay anyone to motivate me, lol. Your life is the best example anyone can get anywhere. I thank God for making you mine. This night, I pray for fresh ideas for you. Every dream that visits you will only be about greatness. Amen. Sleep tight, my love.

49. As far as I am concerned, you are the only good man in the world. Others are just men. You are extraordinary, and so is everything about you. Our lives and family are beautiful, because of you. The thought to pray for you just came to mind. May God bless all your endeavours. Good night, my love.

50. I already searched everywhere for true love. When luck wasn’t forthcoming, I concluded love wasn’t for me. Then from nowhere, you surfaced. The day I met you is still the best day of my life. We still have so much to do together. May God keep you alive to eat the fruit of your labour. Good night, baby.

51. You made me know that there’s a reward for every labour. I never wanted to be a working-class wife, but you made me see reasons to. This particular decision changed my life forever. I’m useful because you are my husband. Thank you for everything. God bless you, baby. Have a good night.

52. Marriage isn’t easy anywhere, but the ability to keep it going is the most important thing. We fight a lot, but we look beyond that. We have never gone to bed angry. We always resolve our issues before they escalate. Thank you for being the best partner. This journey will be hard without you. God bless you. Good night.

53. It’s tradition for me; I must send my husband some lovely prayers before bedtime. As the best husband, God has no reason not to bless you. You are always there for your family. Your kids love you to stupor. We don’t even fight for your attention before we get it. Nothing makes a family happier than this. God bless you, our hero. Good night.

54. That I ended up with a good man, is something worth being thankful for forever. So many people thought I would never have a good life. At some point, I had to join them. But when you came, I knew I still had a chance to make things right. Here I am; happy and comfortable. So many people will be blessed through you. Good night, my baby.

55. As the head of this family, even as busy as you are, you have never allowed us to fight for your attention before we have it. Sometimes, you leave your workplace to the children’s school, just to check on them. What manner of husband does that? I pray that nothing ever comes between us all. Good night.

56. With you by my side, I’m out to make my dreams come true. I have the best people in my circle, and my husband happens to be the best of them. What more can I ask for? Dear hubby, thank you for working with me. Thank you for making me see reasons to be useful. I promise to never disappoint you. May God keep you safe, always. Good night.

57. Nothing makes me happier than spending quality time with you, and you always make this happen. You don’t care whether people call you a simp, you just keep making me feel good. The marriage of my dreams was only possible because of you. I’m indebted to you forever. Good night, my man. May your prayers be answered.

58. If there’s anyone who prays more than I do, then it’s you. Other men leave this part of marriage to their wives, but you’ve decided to take the lead. Thank you for always leading by example. We are following in your footsteps, and we hope you never get tired. Wishing you God’s undiluted love. Good night.

59. You are everything I have always wanted, and even more. I have no idea what I have done to deserve such a king. Tonight, as I drift off to bed, I will be thinking of you. I can’t wait to see you again, my love. God perfects all that concerns you. Have a good night.

60. I thought my father was the closest I could have, not until I met a better man. All my life, I have always enjoyed the love from my father. He loves me so much, that I thought I would never find a better man. Today, I’m thankful to God for blessing me with you. Our marriage will last forever; that, I know. Good night.

61. I wonder what I would be doing with my life if I wasn’t married to you. Just maybe, I could be wandering around with no purpose or direction. God is really good. Thank you for heeding His call. You will never stop hearing from Him. Amen. I’m missing you, baby. Have a good night.

62. I have done so many things for the sake of love, that I believe our marriage is compensation for the wasted years. You are my testimony. I’m glad I made the right choice. Thank you for filling my life with so much warmth. I pray that divine opportunities be available unto you. Amen. Good night, hubby.

63. Now the day is over. Whatever happened during the day is gone already. Put your fears aside, because you are a king. Don’t you ever worry because I will be right here beside you. Good night, my love. May the angels protect you through the night. I love you so much.

64. Whenever I hear you speak, my heart smiles. I’m absolutely in love with you, and it’s a pity I can’t help it. Not to worry, I will like to feel this way forever. Because you are the best thing in my life, I love you to the moon and back. May God answer all your secret prayers, as you go to sleep. Good night, my dearest.

65. You are all I have always wanted. I was the only good person in all my relationships. God knew it was time I met a good person, and that was why He made our meeting possible. I’m thankful for life and a partner like you. I pray that God continues to make way for you. You’re blessed forever. Good night, my love.

66. Of all the closest people to me, you are my favourite. When everyone left, you were the only one I saw. And because you have loved me all these years, you deserve God’s unending blessings. May God keep making you the head. Nothing bad will ever happen to you. Good night, my love. Make sure you dream of me.

67. I don’t care about the distance between us, all I know is that we are the best couple ever. Despite the distance and distractions, we are still very much in love. May God keep giving us the patience and understanding needed to weather the storm of life together. Good night.

68. I’m not a perfect woman, so I wonder how I ended up with a perfect man. I know we all have imperfections, but you’re perfect in yours. You make my dream come true. And as an appreciative wife, I will do anything for you. How are you feeling tonight? Make sure you have so good night. God bless you.

69. I’m the one who travels most in this marriage, but you still find a way of taking care of the home in my absence. I still don’t know how you do it, but the kids have never complained about how you treat them. In fact, it feels like they enjoy having you around. Thank you for being the best husband and father. God keep you for us. Good night, dear.

70. I’d rather be with you than be with the richest man in the world. You have all it takes to be great; it’s in you. You’re successful in your own way. You don’t rush things, instead, you believe in God’s timing. No wonder God keeps coming through for you. I pray He never stops. Good night, my dear.

Good Night Prayer Quotes for Husband

Tonight, I am sending you some prayers in form of a quote. I hope your “Amen” is very loud and clear after reading them. May God Almighty continue to prosper your ways. You shall never lack anything good. May you gain Heaven at last. Amen. Good night, my husband.

71. Before I got married, I already promised myself the best husband for myself and father for my kids. I just wanted to have a good life that everyone will be proud of. You made that happen, my love. You married me, even when I had nothing. I’m better off with you, baby. Thank God for His faithfulness. Good night.

72. The kids always ask of you, whenever you’re not around. Happens that they love spending time with you, but your joke keeps depriving them of your attention. I trust you to always make it up to them. May your assignment over there come out successful. Good night, my love.

73. The whole family loves having you around because you are the brightest. Your energy is unmatched. I’m glad I made it into your life. Thank you for making everyone happy. You will forever mean so much to me. God bless all that concerns you. Good night, sweetheart.

74. You have no idea how people hail me, just because I am your wife. Sometimes, I don’t want to go out, because of the people I will meet. You have only brought me proud and happy moments; no regrets, whatsoever. Thank you for always being a perfect gentleman. May the world never change who you truly are. Good night.

75. I have known you before we started making babies, so I will always place you above, no matter what. The award for the best husband goes to you, and if the world fails to give you, I will not. You deserve your flowers, while you’re still alive. May you be blessed with good health. Good night, dear.

76. You are the first man who ever treated me like a queen. They all kept toying with my heart until you showed up. Thank you for mending my broken heart. Thank you for being my happy place and best friend. I will only keep celebrating you, as long as you live. Good night, sweetie.

77. No matter the distance between us, you will always matter to me. You will always be in my heart because that’s where you belong. I wish I could be there to hold you close, but that would be in my dreams tonight. I hope you find comfort as well. Do have a good night.

78. Even though people kept saying all men cheat, I have never believed that. I knew I wasn’t going to end up marrying a cheat. I knew that my husband will be the best. I wasn’t wrong anyway, because God gave me the best of them all. Tonight, I’m praying that you always find inner peace. Good night, dear.

79. I don’t care what the world feels about you, that doesn’t define you. I know I married the best man, and I’m enjoying my marriage with you. What is more important than this? Thank you for making my dreams come true. You will always be the closest to my heart. God bless you, dear. Have a wonderful night.

80. It really hurts that I have to miss you, sometimes. I can’t do without you, so I find it difficult to cope with your absence. Well, I hope you’re doing fine. How is everything over there? Please, don’t take too long before you come back. I miss you so much. May God cancel the plans of the enemy over your life. Amen. Good night, love.

81. I have always wanted to be married to a man who knows much about family values. I’m glad this dream is coming true. You don’t joke with family at all. In fact, it means everything to you. Tonight, I’m thanking God for making our union a great one. I’m also praying that He keeps you from every harm. Good night, baby.

82. Before you go to sleep, I will like to pray for you. I feel so blessed to have you in my life, you have no idea. Tonight, I pray that God shows you the next plan He has for your life, in form of a dream. May all your dreams come to pass. May you wake up with new blessings, tomorrow. Goodnight, my love.

83. I know we are apart now, but I can’t sleep without praying for you. As you go about, working your ass off so you can provide for the family, may the Lord keep His eyes on you. And as you sleep tonight, may the angels protect you and keep you safe from harm, until we meet again. Amen. Good night.

84. May the unending love that we share keep standing the test of time. May God keep His angels watching over you. You shall walk, but never stumble. God will continue to lift you higher than your expectations. You will always be cut out for great things. Amen. Have a goodnight.

85. I can’t stop thinking of how blessed I am to have you in my life. Your love has brought me so much joy than I can explain. You are my better half and the absolute love of my life. May the angels of God watch over you, as you drift off to sleep. Good night, my love. I love you with all my heart.

86. Our marriage feels like heaven on earth. Like, I already know how it feels to be in heaven, lol. Thank you for being my peace. Thank you for joining hands with me, to give our children better lives. You won’t understand what you’ve done, but I pray God blesses you for it. Good night, sweetheart. This woman loves you to stupor.

87. Our children have never witnessed our fights, despite being together for so many years. They only see our good sides and not the bad. That is because we are mature enough not to let our bad sides out. I pray that God will continue to give us the wisdom to keep things this way. May God watch over you, as you sleep tonight. Kisses!

88. God has always kept you safe from harm. He has never let you down. I can’t say it’s entirely my prayers that’s working because you also pray hard. But I’m sure God loves you very much. May He watch over you, as you sleep tonight and keep you safe till tomorrow and beyond. Good night, my love.

89. No one has anything bad to say about you, because you’re a man of peace and love. You’re only about being successful and recruiting people while at it. I’m so proud of you, hubby. Tomorrow is another chance to get it right. May God give you the needed strength to forge ahead. Have a good night.

90. Sleeping on this very large bed without you, makes me so lonely and unhappy. I don’t like being alone at all, but I have no choice because you are only away for things to get better. I will keep praying for you, my husband. I wish you success in all your endeavours. Amen. Good night, my love.

91. You were the one who really taught me how to pray. Maybe my mom tried, but she didn’t get it. There’s nothing you’re not good at, but you’re best at loving me. Thank you for everything, hubby. Here’s wishing that you have the last laugh over your enemies. Good night.

92. Nothing will be good about the night if it ends without me praying for you. As a hardworking man, you deserve God’s hands-on everything you do. You deserve to enjoy God’s presence in all you do. I know this has been happening, but it’s about to be stronger than before. God will answer your prayers with full force. Good night, dear.

93. My previous marriage almost turned me into a lunatic. Honestly, I wasn’t ready to enter into another marriage, before I met you. With my heartbroken and shattered, you still loved me. A few years down the line, you only keep loving me. We are going to be together forever, and God will help us. Good night, love.

94. Do you ever get tired of working? Business trips here and there. Trust me, this isn’t helping at all. I miss you; I miss us. I want to have you right beside me. I want to feel your warmth and listen to the beating of your heart. I’m sleeping alone without you, tonight. I don’t feel good. I pray God makes your project a successful one, so you can come home to me. Good night.

95. Life can be so hard, sometimes, but we can only keep trusting in God. I know that this is one of those times. I hope you don’t stop trusting God. He will stand up for you. He will hear your cry and answer your prayers. Just make sure your trust is in Him. Good night, dear.

96. When I married you, I knew I was going to be a praying wife, so I was ready. I have never stopped praying for you, and I know God answers. I’m thankful that God chose us to be together. The journey hasn’t been really good, but we thank God. We still have greater years ahead of us. Good night.

97. For every single thing you have lost, God will replace it with a double. You will never beg for anything. God will give you peace and rest. You will not labour loss. You will always be safe and sound. May you have a peaceful sleep, as you end the day. Good night, my love.

98. I hope you had a productive day. You’re a hardworking man, and you sure deserve more than you’re getting. I don’t ever want you to feel like God has forgotten you. He hasn’t, and He will never. You’re still His son, and you’re destined for greatness. I love you, baby. Have a restful sleep.

99. Ever since I knew you, you haven’t stopped being the same man I fell in love with. You only keep getting better. Tonight, I’m wishing that you have a beautiful dream and that the dream is an accomplishment for all your life’s goals. I miss you, hubby. Have a good night.

100. As the sweetest man, you deserve to enjoy only the sweetness in everything, all your life. I’m sure God is working out something better for you. Good night, my love. May the Lord keep you safe through the night and His angels watch over you until morning.

Hello, there. Thank you for going through the good night prayers for my husband up there. I’m so sure you got one or two beautiful prayers for your husband. I also hope he appreciates it. Please, don’t forget to drop your comment(s) below, so I can know exactly how you feel about this content. Don’t forget to share as well. Thank you.

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