Happy 13th Birthday Wishes for Sister

Happy 13th Birthday Wishes for Sister

A sister is one of the best persons in the world. A sister loves and cares for you, regardless of what you do to her, either you show her love or you are the type that bullies her, she still forgives you and loves you unconditionally. Having a sister in your life is a blessing you can’t overemphasize.

You should always make your sister happy and celebrate her at all times, especially on her birthdays. And now that she is 13 years old which is the beginning of her teenage age, is another beautiful time to let her see that you love her, and also show her how much she means to you.

You can go as far as getting her a birthday present or even use one of the happy 13th birthday wishes for sister below. She will appreciate the latter more, though. Because they are filled with words she can easily connect to. Be kind and thoughtful enough to send her one of these.

Happy 13th Birthday Sister Quotes

I have always celebrated you with beautiful quotes, but today, I just want to wish you the best of everything. You have been a wonderful sister to me, and I love you for everything you keep doing for me. Happy 13th birthday, sister.

1. The little things you do for me, makes my heart bless and pray for you. You’re such an amazing sister with a heart of gold. I want you to know that, whatever happens, nothing will ever stop me from loving and giving you the utmost respect. Happy 13th birthday.

2. I have loved you since our mother had you in her womb. And ever since, my love for you has never gone down. You’re my little sister, but there’s nothing I can do without you. For as long as I live, you will keep enjoying life. Happy 13th birthday to you. Let’s have fun, today.

3. I feel responsible for whatever happens to you, in a way. And that’s why I always look after you, to make sure nothing bad happens to you. You mean so much to me, my sister, and I will continue to have my eyes on you. Happy 13th birthday. I love you so much.

4. You have grown so well, and this only makes me a happy and proud big sister. You’re very serious about your life. I’m glad that you keep getting it right, with or without help from anyone. I won’t be surprised if you decide to start a business, soon. Happy 13th birthday.

5. You’re the loveliest and liveliest person in this family. Whenever you’re around, it’s always all smiles and fun. Everyone loves to be around you, because of the positive vibes you exude. It’s your 13th birthday, and we all can’t wait to party with you. Happy birthday lovely Sis.

6. You have never stopped making me happy, and this is just one of the reasons I take good care of you. Whenever I feel unhappy, you come to me to lighten up my mood. You’re a young girl, but you’re also smart. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face. Happy 13th birthday to you.

7. You’re gradually turning into a big girl. I wonder what you’ve been eating. Just look how big you are. Trust me, I’m very happy to see how quickly you’re growing. Mom won’t stop telling me about how respectful and responsible you are, too. Keep it up, girl. Happy 13th birthday to you.

8. I really can’t wait to see you again, dear sister. I miss you every day, and the most important thing I miss about you is how you make me happy. You’re a young girl filled with so much love. I’m so glad to be your big brother. Happy 13th birthday, dearie. Have fun.

9. You’re just like a dream come true. If only you knew how much I prayed for mom to have a girl child. And when you came, I couldn’t take my eyes off you. You’re now a big girl, doing big things. If things look like they’re getting difficult, kindly call on me. Happy 13th birthday my Angel.

10. You’re still a very young girl, but you already know what the future has in store for you. You’re so brilliant and versatile. I can’t even start naming the things you’re good at. Whatever support you may need, I will gladly render my assistance. Happy 13th birthday, baby.

11. You’re so special to me. You’re the baby of the house, and that automatically makes you my first daughter. Thank you for always making us happy with your dry jokes. Trust me, it really means a lot to me. Here’s wishing you the best for the new year. Happy 13th birthday, my dear.

12. I still can’t believe that you’re 13 years old, today. I mean, where has the time gone? I can’t forget how I used to change your diapers and cuddle you to sleep. Now, you’re a big girl. I thank God for your life, my girl. Things don’t get easy as we age, but you can always call on older people. I will gladly help. Happy 13th birthday.

13. I love how passionate you are about what drives you. I love how you give utmost attention to the things that matter. I’m glad that you’re getting it very right. Your teachers won’t stop telling me how brilliant you are. Please, keep it up. Have a happy 13th birthday.

14. I have never seen a 13-year-old like you. You’re so real about your mistakes, that you freely talk about them. This exact attitude will make you go far, trust me. Always remember that I will never stop showing up whenever you need m my help. Happy 13th birthday.

15. You’re even more real than most older people I know. You’re just like mom. You don’t care who’s watching, as long as you’re doing the right thing. You have made me so proud, and I’m sure you’re just starting. Happy 13th birthday, my dear. Keep doing exploits.

16. You will never allow me to tell you how amazing you are when you spend the whole day disturbing me. At least, it’s your birthday today, so I can finally let you know. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy. I love you so much, and I will always stay right by you. Happy 13th birthday.

17. You’re growing and your demands keep going higher too. I just wish you can have mercy on me because working for money isn’t an easy thing. How I wish you are 18, today. Anyways, I just thought to wish you a happy 13th birthday. Take it easy with the demands, please.

18. You are so beautiful. In fact, you’re the most beautiful girl I have seen. I’m glad to be your big brother. I want you to know that whatever happens, I will always have your back. I will never allow anything bad to happen to you. Happy 13th birthday, my little sister. I love you so much.

19. You already know there’s nothing I won’t do to make you happy, as long as it is something that I have. You’re so special to me, and it gives me so much joy to celebrate your 13th birthday with you. What do you want for your birthday? How about we throw a mini-party? Happy birthday!

20. I can’t believe you’re 13, today. Why does it feel like you were born, just yesterday? I’m so happy to see that you’re getting it right, with the help of me and those who mean well for you. Please, don’t you ever think of disappointing us. Well, I trust you. Happy 13th birthday.

21. The little errands you run for me, makes me happy with you. You’re a respectful young girl. I’m so happy to be your sister. Trust me, I can wait to start seeing you do well. My claps will be the loudest. Happy 13th birthday, my baby. I love you to the moon and back.

22. If only you know how much you mean to me. You’re the most special person in my life, right after our mother. There’s nothing I won’t do to see that beautiful smile on your face. The only thing I want you to do for me is to always be the best in your academics. That’s the only way I won’t have an issue with you. Happy 13th birthday.

23. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You look so sweet and dashing. I’m so proud to call you my sister. Seeing how much work you put into your growth, I have no doubt that you will be very successful in the future. Happy 13th birthday, my baby. I love you.

24. How I wish I could scream to the whole world, just to let them know how amazing my only sister is. You’ve been so sweet, right from the beginning. Today, I just want you to know that I am very proud of you. Thank you for putting smiles on my face. Happy 13th birthday.

25. I’m very sure we can never have an issue because you make it a priority to always be focused. As a big sister, I am so happy to see how much work you put into yourself. I hope this never changes. Happy 13th birthday to you. Keep moving.

Best 13th Birthday Sister Wishes

I haven’t been the best sister, but everyone knows that you’re the best little sister ever. I can’t possibly forget all you always check on me in my room, every evening. I love you so much, you have no idea. Happy 13th birthday, dear sister. Best wishes.

26. The star will be your starting point, if only you know what you’re doing. I didn’t get here, just by sitting down and doing nothing. When I was your age, I already had something doing with my life. You can start very young, so you don’t have to stress yourself later. I hope you think about this. Happy birthday.

27. No matter how much we disturb you in this family, you never complain. You always run errands with smiles on your face. I’m so happy to see the great lady you’re growing into. I will always support you morally and in every way. Happy 13th birthday, my darling.

28. I will do anything just to make you happy. You deserve so much joy and happiness, because you always look out for me, as young as you are. On your birthday, I want to thank you for always making me happy. I promise not to ever stop loving you. Happy 13th birthday.

29. I’m so happy to have you as my sister. Whenever you’re around me, my energy is renewed for any task at all. You’re a tool of peace and happiness in my life. Thank you for all you do for me. I wish you long life and prosperity. Happy 13th birthday.

30. I will do everything to make you happy. No matter how bad things are, you will always be my first priority. I thank God for how much He’s helped you. You deserve all the love coming your way, and even more. I hope you don’t stop making us proud. Happy 13th birthday.

31. Ain’t you just a sweetheart? You know exactly what to do to make me get over the day’s stress. I can’t thank God enough for giving me the most amazing sister. It’s your 13th birthday, and even though I don’t have much, I am going to make it fun for you. Happy 13th birthday.

32. I have never done anything more meaningful with my life, other than being your sister. My life revolved around this particular title. I’m glad that you keep making it easy for me to perform my sisterly duties. It’s your birthday, my darling. Make sure you have enough fun and enjoyment. Love.

33. When it comes to you, I don’t joke at all. You mean so much to me, and your happiness will always be of paramount importance to me. I know there isn’t so much to do for you, right now. But, I’m going to make sure that you have an amazing day. Happy 13th birthday.

34. I can be such a handful, and this makes me wonder how you cope with me. I can’t even cope with myself. Happy 13th birthday, my dear sister. Thank you for always listening to simple instructions. Thank you for never getting tired of running errands. I love you so much.

35. I know you’re tired of me, but there’s nothing you can do about it because I am your sister and we’re going to be sisters forever. Despite my craziness, you still love me. I wonder what I have done to make you love me this much. I hope the love grows even stronger. Happy 13th birthday to you.

36. Sometimes, I just want to spank you, because of how annoying you are. I still wonder when you will start minding your business. You’re just 13, and you have no business with an adult’s affairs, so please, keep your distance. Happy 13th birthday to you, anyways. Be good.

37. You are the one who first made me a mother before I actually became a mother. Taking care of you was always fun because you never disturbed me. Once I make a signal, you already know what it means. Little wonder you’re this gentle and amazing. Happy 13th birthday to you.

38. Your smiles always get the better part of me. No matter what I am going through, your smile is all I need to snap out of it. I hope you never stop smiling, though. Happy 13th birthday to you. Make sure you have a wonderful year ahead. Love.

39. I can’t begin to tell of your kindness and love towards me, my sister. You have so much love in your heart, and that’s why so many people love to be around you. I’m so happy to be your sister. Your 13th birthday party will be so lit. I hope you’re ready. Happy birthday.

40. I really don’t have much to give you today, but I promise to give you a lot of my love. You’re so sweet and amazing, dear sister. Like, it’s so difficult for me to believe you’re just 13, today. You have the brains of someone double that age. Happy 13th birthday, my sister. Have fun.

41. Even though you always annoy me with your stubbornness, I can’t stop loving you. I’m so glad that I get to have so much love around me. Thank you for being such a great and wonderful sister to me. I wish that all your heart’s desires are granted, this year. Happy 13th birthday.

42. Celebrating you will never go out of style. It’s one of the things I love doing. I love you so much, so celebrating you comes very easily. How do you feel, today? As for me, I feel so happy and elated to be with you. Now, let’s start munching on those cakes. Happy 13th birthday. I love you.

43. You’re the one who first made me a big sister; this means so much to me. I am very happy that I have never stopped being there for you like I should. You also haven’t stopped being a sweet little sister. Whatever you might want out of life, I will always be ready to get it for you. Happy 13th birthday.

44. With you, it’s always all smiles. I wonder if you ever frown at all. Your smiles bring so much energy and joy into the family. You’re all we need to have a nice time in the house. Thank you for being so loving and funny. We all love and wish you a happy 13th birthday.

45. I have never been so happy with anything/anyone like I am with you. You sum up my entire existence. I wonder what I would do without you. See, no matter how long your requests are, I will always be ready to grant them. In case you didn’t know, you’re the reason I work my ass off. Happy 13th birthday.

46. People won’t stop saying that I am spoiling you. Meanwhile, I wonder who deserves to be spoiled, if not you. I will keep spoiling you with everything I have. You mean the world to me, so nothing is too big to make you happy. Happy 13th birthday to you. How are we celebrating?

47. On your 13th birthday, I want you to know that I love you so very much. You make my life meaningful. I don’t know what I’d ever do without you. Thank you for making me your sister. I promise not to ever make you regret it. Happy 13th birthday to you.

48. We don’t get to choose family, so I still wonder how God managed to make you my sister. You’re just too sweet and loving. I’m so grateful to God for making us sisters. There’s nothing I won’t do to make you a happy young girl. I love you so much. Have a wonderful 13th birthday.

49. My life is incomplete without you. I’m so grateful for the responsibility of being your big brother. No matter what happens, I will never complain about your needs. I hope you know I love you so much. Here’s wishing you a very happy 13th birthday. All my love.

50. All my life, I have never seen a sister as loving as you. You’re so going, yet, you understand what it means to be a sibling. Thank you for always calling to check on me. It means a lot, and I won’t take it for granted. Happy 13th birthday, my beautiful and smart sister. I love you.

Hello, dear reader, I hope this meets you well. I’m sure you enjoyed going through the happy 13th birthday wishes for sister up there. I really hope that your sister likes whichever you choose to send to her. Don’t forget to drop your comment(s) and also share with others. Thank you.

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