Happy 13th Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Happy 13th Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Wondering if it is advisable to send a 13 years old cousin some intriguing happy 13th birthday wishes or messages? Why not? It is just the perfect thing to do especially in a world where technology has changed the course of events.

Gone are those days when a 13-year-old do not have access to a mobile phone or internet. These days, even a toddler can access the world. Why would you now think sending beautiful happy birthday wishes for cousin would be out of place?

Some cousins are a very rare breed and especially spectacular and outstanding set of human beings. Oh, you are considering getting a cake? That’s a beautiful idea but alongside the cake, what if you attach a birthday card containing one of these happy 13th birthday cousins wishes and quotes in it?

So, go ahead and make the 13th birthday of your cousin blissful with the happy 13th birthday cousin wishes and quotes here.

Thirteenth Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Cousin

You deserve all the best that life can give as you celebrate your thirteenth birthday. Happy 13th birthday, my beloved cousin. You may not get what you want now because God has something better in store for you. My prayers and wishes for you are that your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colours.

1. Happy birthday, daughter of grace. I pray that God’s blessing will never cease I your life. May you be blessed beyond measures. I wish you all the best in the year to come. Enjoy your day.

2. Happy birthday to you, my darling. As you are a year older, may you grow older in wisdom, knowledge and wealth too.

3. Let the Lord bless you with sound health, happiness, joy, peace that comes with ease and let new positive things be unveiled in your life even as you unveil a new year. Happy birthday, my darling.

4. Happy birthday to my multi-talented cousin. You are one in a million. So humble and easygoing. May the Lord bless your new age.

13th Birthday Messages for Cousin

Hurray! The girl is thirteen. May all your dreams come true and you have success in your life. May you grow to be 100 and more. Your nights will be filled with comforting dreams and wishes that will come true. Happy 13th birthday, cousin.

5. Although you are young yet, you inspire me in so many ways but you do not know this. Your life is enough to give courage and strength. May all your wishes come true dear. Happy birthday.

6. Happy birthday, cutest. Your admiration of me still gives me hope to do better day by day.

7. Happy birthday to my look-alike cousin. Now, I understand why you decided to choose me as your role model. I love you so much, sweet cousin. Enjoy your day.

8. Happy glorious birthday dear and all thanks to God for His mercy over you. Keep growing in grace, wisdom and favour of God.

Happy Thirteenth Birthday Cousin Quotes

God’s blessings may come as a surprise and how much you receive them depends on how much your happy heart can believe. May your life be filled with contentment and peace such that your little effort will bring great success. It’s your thirteenth birthday, my dear cousin.

9. I wish you a very happy birthday and wish to tell you the secret to success on your special day: Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

10. You were probably the only one crying when you were born while we were laughing. May you live to blow a thousand candles but live your life humble so that when you die, you would be the only one laughing while everybody else would be crying. I love you.

11. May this year be the best of your years thus far and may your happiness grow with each passing day through the many birthdays ahead of you. Happy birthday, dear.

12. As you grow through life, bear this in mind: “Never be a minor in your own movie, you get to be the director, producer and lead star. You need to take charge. It is your movie; direct and be the star actor.” Never allow anyone to write your story for you. Happy birthday, dear.

Birthday Wishes for 13 Years Old Cousin

Counting the number of gifts you’ve got, the number of cookies you’ve eaten, the number of people you have to surround you, you will see how blessed you are but I still wish you many more years to receive more gifts and eat more chocolates. Happy birthday to my 13 years old cousin.

13. I pray on your birthday that your faith in God continues to grow as you grow older and that you find comfort in God’s love for you. Happy birthday, darling.

14. Happy birthday, sweetie. May you be extravagantly graced. I love you down to the moon.

15. On this day, I have nothing to thank God for but for the fact that He gave you to me as a cousin. I wish you all the very best in life.

16. This is wishing you an amazing celebration filled with love and laughter. I love you. Please enjoy your day.

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Turning 13

This is just the beginning of life for you as you’re turning 13 and may you come into an abundance of all things. Never will you lack anything good for God will always be there to supply every one of your needs at every point in time. I need you to know that I love you. Happy birthday, dear cousin.

17. My love for you knows no bounds. My respect for you despite your age is immense. Happy thirteenth birthday sweetest love.

18. Happy birthday to my adorable, gorgeous, beautiful and talented cousin. It’s another birthday for you, I wish you lots of joy and happiness.

19. Happy birthday pretty. May God’s blessings never cease from your home.

20. Happy birthday to you. Long life is assured. Age with grace and more wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

You really do not need to spend so much before you can make your 13-year-old cousin happy. Having her picture on your timeline with one of these beautiful happy 13th birthday cousins wishes and quotes can put a smile on her face. A trial will convince you.

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