Good Night My Dear Sweet and Lovely Husband Status Quotes

Good Night My Dear Sweet and Lovely Husband Status Quotes

When it’s evening time, your husband will be a little bit relaxed. So, before bed, you must plan to put a more relaxing smile on his face by sending him lovely messages which shows you love him and appreciate his efforts for the family.

Praying for him should also not be sidelined (because he needs it). It’s your way of support which he will be grateful for. Doing these every night will make him feel happy to work hard for the family because he knows he’s been appreciated and prayed for.

Also, he will always be eager to receive your messages when far away from you and always run home to you every night just to hear you say those words. These will not only make him love you more but also strengthen your beautiful union. It’s a lovely gesture that can make him dream of you and vice versa.

Do you need goodnight quotes that you can put on your social media status to appreciate your husband? Below are perfect good night my dear sweet and lovely husband status quotes for the man of your dreams who has become your husband.

Good Night Status for My Sweet Husband

My sweet husband, you have worked all day. I hope this goodnight status will give you a relaxed and stress-free night after my gentle kiss. Pleasant night I pray.

These are some sweet prayers you can send to your husband and makes him feel relaxed and appreciated.

1. The reason why I love nights is that I get to cuddle in your arms till morning. Goodnight, baby

2. The night is chilly everywhere except in my room because you are here with me. Thank you for the warm hug. I love you. Goodnight, sweet husband.

3. I can’t remember the last time I had a bad dream because you are my dream come true. I will forever love you, my darling husband.

4. You are the best thing that has happened to me. Just like the stars, you brighten my life. Goodnight, my all.

5. I love nights not only because of the sweet dreams but because I get to sleep on your chest. You mean so much to me, darling. Sleep sweet, my adorable king.

6. The day might be stressful but you make the night lovely. With you cuddling, I feel like a baby. Goodnight, my lovely husband.

7. Sleep tight my king, you have worked hard during the day, it’s time to enjoy the relaxation that comes with this beautiful night.

8. Hey baby, I’m your guardian angel by night because you protect me and care for me by day. Sleep happily, my love.

9. My love for you is like the numbers of the star. It’s is infinite. So relax because I’m here to stay with you till old age. Goodnight, Mr. handsome

10. For you, I can do the craziest thing like picking stars for you just to show you how much I love and care about you. Sleep well, my sweetheart.

11. Hey darling, I have asked the angels to watch over one of them which happens to be YOU. You are am an angel sent to me. Goodnight.

12. Don’t worry about the things you didn’t achieve today. Tomorrow is another day to try again and note that whatever the outcome, I’ll always be there for you. But for now, let me say goodnight to you, my sweetheart

13. The darkness represents turbulence and the stars represent brightness. As you close your eyes to sleep, may all your problems be overshadowed by your light. Goodnight, sweetheart.

14. Sweet hubby, may your night be calm and lovely. May you forget the stress of the day and embrace the coolness of the night. Sleep sweet, my Knight

15. As you on my chest, I trust night is already perfect. I’m always there for you baby. Goodnight.

16. Night is the only time, I get to be a naughty baby because I am in your arms. Sleep well, dear hubby

17. When I close my eyes, I see you and I’m rest assured that you are with me. Distance got nothing on us. Sweet dream, honey

18. Your chest is the shield that calms my soul, your body is the warmth in this cold. I love you forever, baby. Goodnight.

19. Peaceful sleep is what I wish for you tonight because you give me peace of mind. Goodnight, darling.

20. The warmth I feel anytime I wrapped myself around you is more soothing than that of a blanket. Sleep sweet, my white knight.

21. The sweetest thing about the night is the goodnight kiss I get from you. Love you forever baby. Goodnight

22. I hope you sleep well tonight and have the opposite of today’s experience. Stress-free night my love.

23. Don’t think of me tonight because I’m right here beside you. Sweet sleep, my king charming.

24. Two things I do before going to bed are praying and kissing you goodnight. Sweet dreams, dearest husband

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25. The hugs and cuddles I received every night make me enjoy my sleep. All thanks to you, husband. Goodnight, my love.

Good Night My Husband I Love You Status Quotes

My husband, the quiet night where you are relaxed and about to sleep, I want you to know that I love you so much and I want you to enjoy the goodies of the night. Goodnight.

Here are mind-blowing goodnight quotes for your husband that will cause him to sleep like a baby.

26. Your chest in my comfort, your hug is my warmth, your kiss is my strength. Goodnight, sweetheart. I love you so much

27. When I say I love you to the moon and back believe me because that’s how I feel. Sleep sweet my darling

28. You gave me peace, joy and happiness. I promise to give you everlasting love. Goodnight, my shining star

29. Let me be the shoulder you lean on when sad, the arms to hug you when you feel down and the chest to pay on when you want to sleep. I love you deeply, my king. Goodnight.

30. The night is longer than usual because you are here with me, the stars are brighter tonight because you are here with me. I feel safe in your arms baby. Goodnight

31. During the day, I pray that favour locates you. At night, I pray that angels protect you. Pleasant dreams my love.

32. Just want you to know this beautiful night that I love you with all of me. Goodnight, my darling.

33. Wishing you goodnight every day makes me a happy woman because you are my happiness. Sweetest dreams, honey.

34. Many are happy to have their blankets wrapped around them this cold night but I am happy to feel warmth in your arms. Cool night, my man

35. The best part about the day is that I get to achieve all my plans. The best part about the night is I get to feel your warmth when you cuddle me. I love you every day. Goodnight, my super hubby.

36. Reason I love nights is that I get to sleep and dream of you. You are my dream come true. Peaceful sleep, my heart.

37. A pleasant night to my husband and companion. I can’t love you less. You are what I prayed for. Sleep well.

38. You are my star who brightens my life. I love you wholeheartedly baby. Goodnight.

39. Love and light as you close your eyes tonight. You are a perfect fit for me and I’m grateful to have you as my man. Sleep sweet, dear husband.

40. One way I continue to fall in love with you is by dreaming of you. Goodnight, my king.

41. I know my day will not be complete without saying”I love you”. Goodnight and sweet dreams baby.

42. A warm kiss to sail you to bed. A powerful prayer to protect you Al night and a cuddle to calm your spirit. Goodnight, dearest husband

43. My night can only be pleasant when I see you in my dreams. Goodnight, my Superman.

44. Slide into your sweet dream and sink into it. Enjoy every bit of it and have a good night sleep. I love you, darling husband.

45. My heart is filled with peace all thanks to you. Goodnight, my favourite.

46. I feel lonely when you are not with me, I feel blank when I’m far away from you. I’m incomplete without you. I love you. Goodnight, my heartbeat

47. You are my Adam, the first and only man I love. My love for you is like the garden of Eden where everything is found and only accommodate two humans – You and I. Nighty night, my love

48. The many reasons to live are because you are in my life. Love you to the moon and back, my beloved husband. Goodnight

49. Tonight, I am thinking of how much I love you and I am beginning to have a headache because I just realized I love you greatly. Sleep well, hubby.

50. I noticed how I look younger every day and even look like a baby every night. All because you have spoilt me with love and affection. I love you too. Goodnight.

Good Night My Lovely Husband Status

Dear husband, you are lovely, kind and generous. As the night draws near, I hope you enjoy it and forget about the day’s stress and sleep your way into the realms of sweet dreams. Have a Goodnight rest.

Check out these encouraging and captivating goodnight messages that your husband needs to see and sleep without worries.

51. My life with you has always been a happy ending. I won’t be wrong to say you are the Disney of my life. Goodnight, my prince charming.

52. My best part of 24hours is the 22nd hour when I get to snuggle into your arms and sleep the stress of the day away. Goodnight, my best

53. Sleeping beauty would have slept forever if not for the prince charming kiss. I would have lost in this world if not for your genuine love. Goodnight, my crown.

54. My best night is when I sleep in your arms, my sweet dream is when you are in it. My best days are spent with you. You are my best. Goodnight

55. Wishing you a gentle and calm night dearest husband. Sleep like a king baby.

56. My soul calms every night because it’s rested on the right chest. Goodnight, sweetheart

57. How I wish you can see my heart and listen to how calmly it beats whenever you are with me. Sweet night, best husband.

58. One place I can sink and never wish to be rescued is in your heart pleasant night, my love.

59. I only enjoy the night when I see you in my dreams. Love to watch you sleep. Goodnight, darling

60. The place I call home is not this room but your heart. Sleep well, husband.

61. I don’t need to make a wonderful sh again, you are already with me. Sweet dreams

62. Even when you are with me, I can’t seem to stop thinking about you. Boy, what have you done to me? Nightly night, darling husband

63. About to sleep but wait, let me give you my goodnight kiss. I love you. Goodnight

64. Dear husband, I pray that all that you need to sleep well will be granted to you. Goodnight

65. I love going to bed at night because I know you will be with me. A sound night baby.

66. Tonight, I’m sending the warmest of hugs to you, the dearest husband of my youth. I love you. Goodnight.

67. As the sun shines on you by day, may the stars brighten your way through the night. Lovely night, I pray.

68. Just to remind you again that I’m grateful to r having you as my husband. You are the love of my life, the spouse that I prayed for. Goodnight, my perfect gift.

69. Like a child longs for candy, I long for your ur sweet kiss and gentle hugs every night. Sweet dream, my favourite.

70. Dear husband, you may wonder why there are many stars tonight. It’s because they came to check on of their own- You. Shinning night, my love.

71. Wonder why I always wake up late, it’s because you are always in my dreams. Love you, my husband. Goodnight.

72. Hey boo, it was nice seeing you in my dreams yesterday. I hope to see you again tonight. Have a lovely night.

73. As I will be dreaming of you tonight, I hope you are dreaming of me too, even though we are together. Goodnight, my love

74. You are the last person I see every night and the first every morning. Thanks for always being there for me. Love you excessively. Goodnight, my king

75. I hope the hugs and kisses I’m sending you this cold night will be enough to warm your bed. Goodnight, sweet husband

Good Night Status Quotes for Dear Husband

Dear Husband, I hope these quotes fill your beautiful life and day. Also, they remind you how much you make love nights and that you have sweet dreams every night. Good night.

These romantic quotes are the best for your husband because they best express how lovely he makes your night with him.

76. The night is beautiful just as your heart darling husband. Goodnight.

77. What’s a perfect night without you in it? You are perfect for me, and I love it.

78. As sleeping is certain for nights so is cuddling in your arms is paramount in my life. Goodnight, honey.

79. It’s night, time to be naughty for you darling husband.

80. May your dreams be as huge as your expectations. Sleep well, my love.

81. Night is good, the night is sweet, the night is perfect because you are here with me.

82. You worked hard for the family and I pray you to succeed in all you do. Sleep well, honey. Goodnight

83. Even though nights are meant to be dark, the moon and stars lightened them. That’s how you lightened my struggles baby. I love you forever. Goodnight

84. I look forward to seeing the moon because it is the only thing that explains the length at which I love you – the moon and back. Sweet dreams

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85. Don’t think about tomorrow, just enjoy tonight because tomorrow will be better. Goodnight, my king.

86. Even if the night looks dark, just because you are here with me, I see shining stars coming out soon. Goodnight, my husband, my shield

87. What can I say tonight than to kiss you. Sweet dreams, dear husband. I love you.

88. Nights aren’t to always get naughty under the sheets. It’s also the best time to pray for you on my knees. Have a pleasant night, king

89. Tonight is all about you, to pray for you and wish you the sweetest dreams. Blessed night, hubby

90. Even in my tiredness, I won’t forget to give you my goodnight kiss. Goodnight, love.

91. I know this night will be perfect, all thanks to you, sweetheart

92. Let the stars shine on you and show you how bright your life will be. Goodnight, my dearest husband.

93. You are a cool man in the morning, a lovely man in the afternoon and a beast at night. I love the three parts of you, honey.

94. Just sleep soundly tonight and let God intervene in the stress of the day. He’s got you covered. Awesome night, baby

95. I can’t go a day without thinking of you and I can’t sleep at night without kissing you goodnight. I love you forever.

96. Let the night does its course, humble yourself to sleep. You have toiled all day. Let the Angels watch over you. Goodnight, dear husband.

97. The stars might fill the sky, but you are the star that shines my life. Goodnight, honey

98. You are the twinkle star that glimmers the room and my world

99. The Angels are always with you because I’ve pleaded with them to follow you everywhere you go. So sleep well and see that you are not alone. Goodnight, my darling husband

100. The breeze is cool and fearless just like the chest I’m laying on. I feel safe around you. Goodnight, lovely husband.

Interesting, right? Then go ahead and give your man a stress-free night with these amazing good night my dear sweet lovely husband status quotes. I will also like to know your reactions concerning this post in the comment section. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones too.

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