Good Night Mum Wishes for Mother

Good Night Mum Wishes Quotes for Great Mothers

Mothers are like precious rubies of inestimable values. Hence, one of the ways to show how much you appreciate them is by letting them know that they are always on your mind.

So here are the best good night mum wishes for mother that will help you tell your mom just how much you love her from dawn to dusk.

Don’t hesitate to send your mom some sweet good night mum quotes if you’d like to show her your love and gratitude as she goes to bed.

Here you go:

Good Night Mom Sweet Dreams

Mom, my night is far more beautiful because you are in it. May this night be kind to you. Have a wonderful sweet dream, mom. Do enjoy your night. Good night!

Here are good night mom sweet dreams messages for your darling mother:

1. May you wake up feeling better than you do at the moment. Good night, mom and enjoy some sweet dreams.

2. I love to wake up to the beauty of your stare every morning, mom. Have a wonderful night full of beautiful dreams.

3. When the night gets dark, I pray a silent prayer in my heart wishing to see you again in the dawn. Sleep tight mom and wake up to the beauty of tomorrow.

4. Good night to the best mom in the world. Have enough rest tonight cause I have the best surprises for you in the morning.

5. Mom, my heart wishes you sound sleep devoid of nightmares. May you enjoy quality 8 hours of sleep. Good night and sweet dreams, mom.

6. May this night never bring any troubles and trials your way. Have a blissful night dear mom.

7. Take your time to enjoy your sweet dreams, mom. I promise to send you good angels to guide you while you are asleep. Sweet dreams, mom.

8. Mom, don’t be afraid of the dark, cause I’ll always be here to protect you as your warrior. Have a beautiful night rest, mom.

9. Mom, whether dad is next to you or not, I’ll always shield you from danger at any time of the night. Sweet dreams, mom.

10. I may not be there with you, mom but I’m sending all my good prayers and wishes to you, dear mom. Good night to the best mom in the world.

11. Mom, what do you need to enjoy sound sleep tonight? Don’t hesitate to tell me cause I desire nothing but perfect bliss for you whenever the night comes. Sweet dreams, mom.

12. Mom, the night may be dark, but the purity of your heart shall always protect you from danger. Have a wonderful night, dad.

13. I love you, mom. I hope this truth makes your night warmer and far more pleasant than before. Sweet dreams, mom.

14. Good night, mum. Do enjoy every bit of the starry night cause I’m sending you the stunning stars to overwhelm you with love.

15. Mom, the cloud shall act as a protective shield for you. So have a wonderful night rest, mom. Do enjoy your sleep.

16. No matter what, the moon is there to lighten up your night. So fear no darkness, mom. Good night, see you in the morning, mom.

17. Dear mom, promise me you’ll take a good rest, tonight. Don’t stay up all night overworking yourself. Sweet dreams and kisses, mom.

18. Mom, I’m always in awe of the beauty of the night, cause it reminds me of your wonderful prayers. Sweet dreams, mom.

19. I wish you only the good things that the night has to offer. Have a wonderful night rest, mom.

20. Mom, I’m not afraid to sleep at night cause I have the strongest mom in the world who is always there to protect me. Sweet dreams, mom.

21. Mom, I hope you relish every sweet moment of this night cause it will be a beautiful one till daybreak. Sweet dreams, mom.

22. Tomorrow promises to be beautiful and favourable for you. So enjoy the best night rest, tonight, mom.

23. I love to spend my night next to you, mom. But even when I’m far away, you are always in my dream. Good night, mom.

24. Tonight, I recall the bedtime stories you always read to me. Mom, you deserve only the best things of life for always giving me your time. Good night and sweet dreams, mom.

25. Mom, tonight will be less tiring for you. You shall wake up with no complaints but blessings. Good night, sweet mom. Enjoy your dream.

Best Good Night Wishes for Mother

Every night may come with its challenges. However, having you in my life, mom, makes my night more peaceful than expected. Tonight is going to be extraordinarily because I got to hear your voice before going to bed. I wish you a good night, the best mother.

26. I wish you a fulfilling night. May you wake up happy and relieved. Have a good night, mom. Sweet dream, too.

27. I am certain you will wake up feeling on top of the world cause the night promises to treat you kind. Sweet dreams, mom. Have a pleasant night.

28. Tonight shall be the best night you’ve ever had, mom. Sleep tight and say a little prayer before you sleep.

29. Mom, I wish you pleasant dreams where you’ll not be chased by scary objects and creatures. Enjoy your night rest, mom.

30. Cheers to a wonderful night that brings a fulfilling new day. Sweet dreams, mom. Once the day breaks, you’ll love what you see.

31. Good night, mom. Tonight shall be a special one because many angels shall surround you and protect you till you wake up in the morning. Sweet dreams, mom.

32. By the time you wake up in the morning, your worries will be nowhere to be found. Have a wonderful night rest, mom.

33. I love you, my dear mom. May this night be starry and kind. May it never be harsh on you like thunder and lightning. Sweet dreams, mom.

34. This night shall be far better than the previous night. Mom, sleep knowing fully well that I love you. Good night, mom.

35. Mom, I love you so much and that’s why I sleep peacefully cause I know you love me, too. Sweet dreams to my caring mom.

36. Mom, endeavour to sleep well tonight cause tomorrow shall be an eventful day.

37. Good night, mom. I hope we see in good health, joy, and happiness when the morning comes. Sweet dreams, mom.

38. Mom, I love everything about the night just as I love everything about you. Enjoy the goodness of the dusk. Have a good night sleep, mom.

39. Sweet dreams, mom. When you wake up in the morning you shall encounter miracles and blessings that’ll live you in awe of God’s love.

40. Good night, mom, may the blessings the night has in store for you be released unto you. Enjoy this night like you have never done before.

41. Mom, the night is here so you can take deep rest and a break from your tiring day, so oblige the night and enjoy the sound sleep you deserve. Sweet dreams, mom.

42. I love the night because it brings good memories of how you always put me to bed as a young boy. Good night, mom. Sweet dreams.

43. Mom, this night shall be filled with peace and wonderful moments. Enjoy your night, mom. I hope to see you smiling in my dreams.

44. Mom, I sleep well at night because your gentle and soothing voice awaits me in the morning. Good night and sweet dreams, mom.

45. May this night be the best you have ever had since the beginning of the year. Good night, mom. Enjoy the best of the coming nights.

46. No longer shall you suffer in silence at night anymore. You shall begin to enjoy peace and serenity every night. Wishing you many blissful nights.

47. May the good prayers you make every night come to pass in the dawn of the day. Have a good night, mom. May your dreams be as sweet as your heart.

48. Mom, even from a distance, I always pray that the night treats you tenderly. Enjoy this night like it’s the best you’ve ever had.

49. Mom, keep your worries aside and enjoy the beauty of the night. Good night, mom. May you wake up with a heart of gratitude when the morning comes.

50. Good night, mom. I hope you have every reason to be thankful when you wake up in the morning. Sweet dreams, mom.

Good Night Prayer Messages for My Mom

May this night bless you with much more blissful nights. Have a good sleep, mom. May you never suffer any form of nightmare tonight. Good night, mom. Endeavour to say your prayers before falling asleep.

51. May the moon protect you tonight and make you dream good ones, mom. Have a wonderful night.

52. May the night be blissful and peaceful for your sake, mom. Sweet dreams to my dearest mom.

53. May all your fears go with the night. May you never wake up feeling anxious and troubled again. You shall feel renewed when the morning comes, mom.

54. May this night be the first night of its kind when you will experience nothing but pure bliss. Good night, mom.

55. Mom, my heart will always pray for you every night because you deserve it. So, I promise you that you are about to experience the faithfulness of God tonight. Sleep tight, mom.

56. Mom, no doubt, the Lord shall protect you on all sides as you sleep tonight. I pray that you enjoy your sleep so much so that you rest like a baby.

57. May every good dream you have at night come true in the morning. May every bad dream you have at night go with the night.

58. Good night, mom. This night shall be one that will see you smiling in your dreams. May you never witness any terror while you are asleep, mom.

59. Mom, have a good night. I wish that by the time you wake up in the morning, you shall be happier than ever. Good night to my mom.

60. May you enjoy this night as it brings you the warmth you desire. Good night to you, mom. Enjoy your sleep cause you deserve it.

61. Mom, cast your worries aside cause tonight is blissful. You shall wake up as a bundle of testimonies. Good night, mom.

62. Mom, may all the tears you have shed in the night pave way for your miracles and blessings in the morning. Good night, mom.

63. I love you dearly mom. May the night never harm you. May it protect you no matter how dark it gets. Sweet dreams, mom.

64. No matter how dangerous the night may get, you shall never be hurt. You will always be safe night after night, mom. Enjoy your sound sleep.

65. May you never wake up with sickness and diseases when the morning comes. Instead, your worries shall elope with the night.

66. Good night, mom. May you love this night for many reasons.

67. I love you, mom. May the heavens strengthen you and protect you throughout the night. Good night to the best mom.

68. You will always have the best night at all times. Good night, mom. Enjoy your sleep as always.

69. I pray that you’ll not be asleep when you should be communicating with God. May the Holy Spirit take charge of your night now and forever.

70. May your happiness be full when the morning comes. Good night, mom. I can’t wait to see you in the dawn.

71. Mom, may this night bring you only good tidings and good news. Have a wonderful night rest, mom.

72. I love the night because God has promised to keep you safe from hurt every night.

73. Good night, mom. May you enjoy the favours and blessings that accompany the night. Have a pleasant sleep, mom.

74. For the rest of your life, your night shall always be beautiful. You shall never experience painful encounters at night. Good night, mom.

75. May you never suffer losses at night. You will always wake up to the glory of God. You are always under His care so never be afraid.

Sweet Good Night Mum Quotes

Mum, you shall have the best night you’ve ever had in recent times today because the good angels promise to surround you and protect you as you sleep. Have a wonderful night, my dear mum. Goos night!

76. Mum, I remember all the nights you cover me from the bites of mosquitoes and the cold weather. Thank you for those pleasant nights, mom.

77. Good night, mum. I love you every night before going to bed and every morning after seeing the sunshine.

78. Mum, the night will always be friendly to you no matter how hostile it may be in nature. Enjoy a blissful night, mum.

79. May this night bring you beautiful gifts and make wickedness far away from you. Have a pleasant night, mum.

80. You shall have only good experiences to share about the night. Sleep tight, mum. You’ll always be safe at night.

81. I can’t wait to see your face when the sunshine rises in the morning. Have a wonderful night, mum

82. Mum, may your strength be renewed tonight. May your pain and sorrow go away with the night. Have a good night rest, mum.

83. For as long as you live, mum, you’ll only have good things to say about the night. You shall experience beautiful memorable moments, too, mum. Sleep tight.

84. This night shall not bring you nightmares but good dreams. May the goodness of God always rule the night for your sake. Good night, mum.

85. By the time you wake up in the morning, you shall sing a beautiful new song. Good night to the best mum in the world.

86. Kisses, mum. May your night be far better than the experience you had in the day. Enjoy your wonderful sleep mum.

87. No matter how bad your day had been, it’s time to enjoy a good night rest. Hence, I hope you relish the joy tonight brings.

88. Mum, this night shall not be hard on you. May you experience many beautiful moments, tonight. Have a good night rest.

89. May the moon and the stars protect you throughout the night, mum. All you have to do is close your eyes and sleep, dear mum.

90. Mum, you shall wake up to see the faces of your beloved ones. Have a wonderful night rest, mum.

91. May you wake up feeling good about yourself. Good night, mum. This night shall mark the beginning of many good ones for you.

92. May your good dreams come to pass in no distant time. Mum, enjoy your dreams as you sleep beautifully tonight.

93. No matter how dark the night gets, you shall remain illuminated by the beautiful moon. Sleep tight, mom.

94. May the glory of the night rest upon you. You shall never suffer any pain at night. Enjoy the beauty of the night, mum.

95. May you never wake up feeling exhausted and ready to give up. You shall only enjoy positive vibes, tonight. Good night, mum.

96. May you enjoy your sleep and not soak your pillow with sad tears all through the night, mum. Sweet dreams to you.

97. For as long as you live, your night shall always be truly beautiful and peaceful. Have a wonderful night rest mum.

98. May this night birth many more beautiful ones to come. Have enough rest so you wake up more beautiful.

99. Good night, mum. May you be covered with joy and happiness as you sleep tonight. Enjoy your night mum.

100. You shall never suffer any nightmare, tonight. May you be filled with thanksgiving when you wake up. Do have a blessed night, mum.

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