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Good Morning My Love: Best of Morning Text Messages & Poems

Romantic Good Morning My Love Sms, Text Messages, Poems or Quotes for your lover. Top Best Sweet and Cute Good Morning Wishes for Him or Her (Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife) that you love dearly. Isn’t that all you need? Search no more! Read on…

Hey! How do you feel when the first strings of words you receive from your lover in the morning is “Good Morning my Love?”

To someone who gets that every morning, it’s one of those norms, and well deserving.  Isn’t it? Now think about it in many ways as something you really deserve; and when you are done, think about how it would have made you feel if you don’t get it every morning.

Of course it’s your right and one of the conjugal rights for every working marriage (perhaps you are married). Even if you are not married, it’s one of the elements of blissful relationship. Agreed? Yes!

Nothing feels great a miracle than seeing a lover who is so interested in the growth of their relationship. I know that is why you want some good morning my love messages and more you can send to him. Thank you for being one of those who care enough to see their relationships stay lovely forever. I am proud of you.

Are you there?

Then permit me to share this funny but alarming story with you:
I remember waking up one morning at a couple’s residence and I heard, “Dear… Good Morning” coming from the husband.  I was about to say, well that’s great until I heard the wife said, “Ehn! What do you want?”

I didn’t need my shadow to tell me before I knew that the husband wouldn’t say that on a normal day: obviously, he would say good morning to the wife when he needed something big from her for that day.

Is the above the same in your relationship or marriage? I leave you to answer that.


It’s often heartbreaking to see that love has now been the opposite of what it used to be. What a spouse should give freely now turns to what the other lover must have to go through the thick and thin of cajoling and caressing before they can get it.

I know you are here for some Short Good Morning my love messages or Poems for your Lover. But choosing to read this piece can change your relationship and shoot it to the seventh heaven.

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“Don’t talk a lifetime about how much you love me: I will wait to prove it when there is every reason to let go but you just would choose to stay with me forever.” – Olalekan Adebumiti
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Let’s Continue…

It makes me want to cry my heart out when I came to the 21st realization that a woman would now have to beg his husband for a kiss. A woman would now have to beg her husband to hear him say *I Love you.*

In fact, the new phase of love, courtship, relationship and Marriage is making me feel so terrible. It’s making me go sour.

I wish I know a word to describe the feelings. And I keep wondering if we really know love.

Look at this letter:

Dear Philips,

I thought I have seen life giving me the best for having you. And was happy that I have seen my future having the best of what was missing in my past.

But I just found out… that it’s always easier said than done. The Future is bright and better only when it comes through a joint effort. It’s more blissful than you can imagine when we give our quota.

As much as I would love to do, you make me feel insecure. I know the nature of your job and have lived with that for years until your last annual leave.

I expected it to be a make-up time for all the romantic moments we’ve missed until I saw my insecurity deepened. For a month, I struggled to make you have time with me. I really tried to have romantic moments with the husband I own but so alarming how my struggle left me heartbroken.

But I remember giving you all of me whenever you needed me on the bed. I would always hear you moan and end it with a sigh of satisfaction. Sad enough, you left my emotions unchecked. You didn’t care to know if I enjoyed every moment like you did. I watched and waited, thinking you would change.

And just yesterday, the one month leave ended and you are back to your office again this morning. That’s four weeks of heartbreak for me. And 30days of having to deal with a husband who wants everything but gave nothing in return. When you left this morning, I thought I would get a peck or at least a hug… And I remember making the move and I wouldn’t forget how you shrugged it off with *See ya* as usual.

The past four weeks have been the worst time of struggle all my life, and for the three years of our marriage. Remembering how I have managed to cope with our son’s ailment coupled with the undivided attention I gave you still left me appalled.

I go to work like you do and still make sure you get the best of me as a wife. You job is to sit by a desk without doing much, and get paid at the end of the month. But I work my ass out! With the demanding job, I never complained once to you. And neither did you see it on my face.

I wish I had a better way of putting this together to hope for a change, but I had to pour it out as it came to my heart.

Dear Phillips, I would forever love you, but I want you to pity my heart. Show me some love as I would always do to you. And if it’s as a result of something I have done wrong, please forgive me. Thanks so much my dear.

From your wife, Susan.

That’s the story of a selfish Husband. Isn’t it?

What about this?

A Husband’s Mail to His wife.

Dear, I want to share something I saw today with you.

For the very first time in my life, I am seeing a man who has been duped and yet pretends as though everything is alright. He pays the bills. He gives everything the home needs. But… he had fallen into the hands of a surly woman. He is none else but myself.

I know I am not the best you ever wanted of a man, but I remembered I never gave less of myself to you. I have always been there and proud of you. And sad enough, I can’t be like those that you compare me with.

Whatever you do notwithstanding, I will always love you. I love you because it is the depth I owe.

All I ask is for you to bear with me as I attain the level you have always wanted me to reach. I love you.

Well, the two letters above could be one of those we see or hear every blessed day. No matter how you see them, they are sources of grief to me. And I wish relationships and marriages alike are devoid of such acts.

She tells you, *would you rub my back?* and all you could say to your wife is… Stop asking for too much! Well, I know who has asked for too much! None else but you. Here’s the reason: you should have married a dunce that knows nothing about feelings. Or probably an invalid person who would only call out when hungry or wants to use the rest room.

How do you feel when you are the victim of the above menace? Like someone who’s been rubbed of their right! Like a lioness robbed of her *cubs.*

And over to you: what does failing to perform your right as a Lover means to you? Makes you feel like a pro, and help boosts your egoistic nature?

No matter how you feel for failing to perform your rights as a Lover to your partner, I will be glad to let you know that you are one of those making love worse, against the feeling of unspeakable muse it used to give to every heart.


I know of two.

One is for you to sit back and do a rethink of why you have to be in love.

What you tend to lose by giving your best to a relationship that you profess your best. Tell yourself the truth about the undoing you are causing your relationship by shying away from the truth.

Two is for you to help share this page for your friends to read.


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Wait! See these Romantic Love Letters…

Let’s see if any of the following describes your Lover (Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend)


What more can I say about your love!
I remember vividly when I was giving in to fate: the fate that I was in this world only to feel hurts and pains. Why wouldn’t I, when my heart was broken – shattered into pieces- by the very one I never thought would do it? Why wouldn’t I, when I gave all I had but got nothing but seemingly endless sorrow in return!

My life was the direct opposite of what you would call wonderful, glorious, splendid, and perfect. My life was damaged beyond repair, no more and no less!
But you coming into my life turned the table around. You made me see what it is to love and be loved in return.


“Having you makes me the happiest in the world.
I couldn’t have been this special without you in my life. I just must confess that your love for me stands sure, and the best I could have gotten in the world. I’m glad I have you.”

My love for you will not only live in my words. It will stay in my heart and grow as long as my heart beats. I will hold your interest in high esteem and I will make sure it’s worth it you gave me your heart.
It might not have been a cool choice for you giving me your heart in love. But I will help make it a sweet choice for it to stay lovely evermore. You will look at me one day and you’ll say, “I’m glad I made you my choice!”
Why should I care about tomorrow when today is lovely and thrilling! Why should I worry about sorrow when you are a sure proof of unending joy? I love my life with you – I love you.
It’s nothing to spend a lifetime in your arms. I just wish this is possible. Nothing soothes than your embrace!

It feels so great how your love sets me on my toes and my feet! I just wish this feeling had started earlier in my life – I would have lived more successful and awesome life than this.

My heart in love belongs to you. I give you all the time it would take to beat. I give you the romantic feelings that would come with it. I give you the whole of me.


All my life, I have been down from heartbreaks. I have loved and haven’t been loved back in return. My heart has wallowed in hatred and untold gloom. But I wanted love. I wanted it in reality. I wanted my heart to forget its past pains and hurts. I wanted to be loved and so love back again.

But this time, I wanted my heart to find its way into the arms of the right one. I prayed, I thought, I wished and I came to a conclusion. I realized this longing would come with just a mental shift. This mental shift came when I met you. And surprisingly, this came as a bountiful gift, even when I thought I couldn’t love again.

You have been the reason for me to move on. Thanks for finding me in my moral ruins, and helping me come to life again. I love you.


If you care to know how deep my love for you is, try to get the depth of the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to know how high I rate you in my heart, try to measure the distance between the heaven and earth. If you care to know for how long my love for you will be, try to multiply eternity with eternity…. I love you.

All that have come out of this union has been overwhelming. I have seen more love and care than I bargain for. It is amazingly rewarding to see me feeling this way. I only has one word to describe how this experience – AWESOME! Thinking about how our love has evolved over time, I can’t but say it’s been more than glorious to have my life being spent with you.

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Short Good Morning my Love Sms    |   Short Good Morning my Love Text Messages

Short Good Morning my Love Poems   |   Short Good Morning My Love Wishes

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