Cute Goodmorning Texts for Him to Wake Up To 2

2023 Cute Goodmorning Texts for Him to Wake Up To

How would you feel waking up every morning to seeing a very cute and romantic message(s) from your lovely man? Hmmnn…I can read your countenance. Elated, I’d presume.

And beyond you receiving such, what stops you from also making your man smile always on every beautiful morning and have him think about your sweetness every blessed day?

Trust me, every man loves to be spoilt by their lover. Every man chuckles and even blush at every lovely messages sent from their darling angel.

Treat him nicely with any of these good morning messages, and let him have something to think about all through the day. Bet me, you’ll remain ever close to his heart this way.

Romantic Good Morning Texts for Your Boyfriend to Wake Up To

The classiest of sweet romantic good morning love messages for your boyfriend to wake up to and make him feel special.
The best of cute Good morning Texts, good morning wishes and messages for him to wake up to and smile.

1. Thinking of you and sending you warm hug and deep kiss to start your day afresh. Good morning, my pride.

2. No other thought can fill my heart on a beautiful morning as this than the thought of my dearest one and king.

3. Waking up to see your handsome face has eroded all the mares of the night. Thank you for loving me, dear. Good morning!

4. Your love is strong enough to replace all the worries and fears that initially pervaded my heart. A beautiful morning to you, darling.

5. The joy of having you to myself is more fulfilling than any other thought I can ever think of.

6. Every morning as I wake, you’re the first and only person my eyes long to see. I hope to see you before the day runs out, my love.

7. As the early morning sunshine beams through the blind, so does my lips beam with the smile of witnessing another beautiful morning with you, my love.

8. The only thing I yearn for is to be in your warm arms and to wake up to a blissful morning with you.

9. I’d loved to stay all night with you so I can wake you up with a pleasant morning kiss. A beautiful morning I wish you, dear.

10. Before anything else this morning, all I just want to do is to wish you my love a beautiful and delightful morning.

11. Nothing makes me feels so good as much as loving and having you feels the same to me. Happy morning to you.

12. I could wake up every morning full of hope, but without you, I’d lose all hope.

13. My desire is having you wake up with your mind and thoughts full of me. No one but you, my heartbeat. Good morning!

14. My desire is that only my thought will fill your heart even as you wake up with your first yawn.

15. I welcome you, darling to another breaking of the day. The joy your love brings shines brighter in my heart than the morning star.

16. This is another good time to wish my darling boo an amazing morning. I also wish you a pleasant day ahead.

17. You have always been my dream man, and I am happy waking up every morning seeing you as my dream come through.

18. Every single morning, I live out seeing you as my dream guy. I love you, baby.

19. Every blessed morning feels so good knowing that you’re still in the picture of my future.

20. I cannot appreciate you enough for bringing so much light into my world. Good morning to the world’s best lover.

21. A day would not pass by without me thinking about you, and no morning would pass by without me planting your lips with a good morning kiss.

22. Nothing keeps my day fun and lively as much as your good morning kiss does. I cherish you my, cuppycake.

23. I wake up every morning filled with so much life and ecstasy because I have you. Good morning to you, my prince charming.

24. I’ve found so great joy in you, my darling. I’ve found every morning as peaceful as your person.

25. For the love of you, every morning is ever blessed for me.

26. I’ve got nothing to fear anymore so long your love brightens my world every blessed morning

27. Your love has come to stay. My morning is ever beautiful with you in it.

28. A beautiful morning I wish you my sunshine. May you experience peace and joy in abundance all through the day.

29. Mere thought of you and having your hands wrapped around me is enough to keep me warm all through the chilly morning.

30. I may be lonely without your presence. But every single thought your memory brings fills the void in my heart.

31. I no longer experience loneliness so long I have you. Good morning to you, my prince charming.

32. This good morning text will not be complete without me sending you good wishes of a beautiful day. May you experience supernatural breakthrough today.

33. Thinking of you and sending you my love to keep you active all through the day. I love you, baby. Muah!

34. Your early morning coffee today is to sing you a beautiful melody to keep you gingered throughout the day.

35. This beautiful early morning sunrise will not but radiate more of my unfailing love for you.

36. Just as the sun shines, the flower blooms. Just as your love floods my heart, my life keeps blossoming. Good morning, my love.

37. My love for you is incomparable to the early morning sunrise because it never stops shinning from dawn to dusk.

38. I can only wish that the morning sun delays it’s rising so I can dream some more about you.

39. The moon goes down every night and the sun rises every morning; howbeit, my love for you is ever constant.

40. I send you my warm hug and sweet kiss as a supplement to brighten your morning and make your day fun-filled.

41. My whole dream all through the night was about you. I wake up this morning still with the whole picture of you in my mind.

42. I can only thank God for giving me you.
I cannot express how fulfilled I am waking up every morning to see you beside me.

43. No other reason can make me as happy as waking up to see you every blessed morning. I cherish and long for you every blessed morning dearie.

44. Your coming into my life has eroded all my fears and troubles. Good morning to the only man who has brought so much joy into my heart.

45. I can manage to live each day without seeing a sunrise, but I cannot live each day without a good morning text from me to you.

46. A beautiful morning without the sun’s yellow hue is incomparable to a beautiful morning with an embrace and a cuddle from my love.

47. The morning is cool and chilly. And I love it because I will be fully wrapped in your embrace to charge me right up.

48. I sleep every night with your thought, dream every night about you, and wake every morning to behold your beautiful smile.

49. Your lovely smiles that approach me every morning that I open my eyes to see is enough to freshen up my day.

50. You have always been the dream I live out every single day, and I’m glad you’re the dream come true.

51. I am assured of a beautiful morning and a fruitful day mere knowing you’re my daily inspiration.

52. Every morning is always amazing because I always see you close by my side.

53. I sleep with your thought, I wake with you in my dreams. You have encapsulated my entire being.

54. Take this good morning text as a way of reminding you that I still love you.

55. Good morning my love. I hope your day will be as ever pleasant as you are.

56. As you wake up this morning, go straight to the bathroom, check out the closets and there lies your gift for the day.

57. Good morning my prince charming! I send you my love and kisses to thrill your day.

58. You slept so late last night, but I wouldn’t want you to stay so late in bed. So wake up and get set for work.

59. I have reasons to fall in love with you over and over again anytime I gaze at your picture in my heart, every beautiful morning.

60. This morning will never be an exception. Your warm hug and passionate kiss remain ever wrapped and sent to you.

61. Wake up, sleepyhead. The aroma of my graceful presence is enough to wake you up from the dreamland.

62. That my dream may come true soonest, waking up every morning to see you right by my side.

63. If I don’t be the first to wish you ‘good morning’, who else will? No one can take your place in my heart. Good morning!

64. I’ve filled the tub for you so you can have your cool bath while I scrub your back. Good morning, love.

65. Please dear, don’t come home late. We’ve got a lot of hangouts to do together. Good morning!

66. My daily morning dosage is to send you a text, and today won’t be an exception

67. This morning, all I could do was just to wake up, go back to sleep so I can continue my dream of you.

68. You have made yourself so significant such that I can’t just do without hearing your sweet voice every blessed morning.

69. I can only pray your way become brighter just as you are awake to a pleasant morning.

70. The sun shines every blessed morning purposely to usher you into a beautiful day.

71. Today will not pass by without me wishing my cuppy cake a good morning.

72. I can’t just stop staring at your lovely picture. I held it close to my heart all through the night.

73. The sweetest person I ever wish to give my first good morning is no one but you.

74. Whenever you wake up every morning, look into the mirror and behold your beautiful image.

75. I have always loved every bit of you, even when you wake early morning still looking in your raw state.

76. Hello… you’ve got a message. I’m glad you’re smiling because you already know it’s gonna be from me.

77. You have been my soulmate. We are perfectly made for each other. Good morning, my heartbeat.

78. My prayer is that God will bless you today so you can take me out for lunch like you always do. Happy new day, my love.

79. May the early morning ray of sun shining through your window usher you into a productive day.

80. We may be miles away from each other but our hearts beat together as one. Good morning to you, my guardian angel.

81. You remain ever close to my heart despite the distance that separates us from each other.

82. I’ve come to realise we are each other’s heartbeat. Your call always come in every moment I’m about sending you a good morning text.

83. Every single morning, your love is all I see, and more of it do I desire.

84. Your voice is the last I want to hear every single night, and my message is the first to welcome you into a blissful morning.

85. Your picture has remained my early morning diet. Won’t stop gazing at your lovely posture, my prince.

86. I wake up every morning feeling so great as a woman. You light up my heart every beautiful moment.

87. I’ve never been happy with anyone but you, my love. Good morning my crown.

88. Pay attention to the aroma that comes through the door. Your morning coffee and pancake are here to freshen up the morning for you.

89. I will greet my sweetheart this morning with his favourite black coffee and freshly made pancakes.

90. I love to behold that dreamy smile that comes through your face every morning.

91. Your early morning smile is the purest of all. An indication that you just dreamt of an angel, and which is me.

92. I’ve always admired your smile from the dreamland. I wish you can linger in the dream so I can have those angelic smile to keep beholding.

93. I love you still, baby. I pray this daily dream of ours come true.

94. It rained all through the night but I’m sending this early morning sunshine to illuminate your room and warm you up.

95. Your hug is all I need to keep me warm all through the day. Good morning, my heartbeat!

96. The spark in your eyes that rest on mine every morning can’t be compared to the early morning sunrise.

97. Eyes locked in sweet admiration, arms intertwined in each other’s embrace is the sweetest morning experience I always long for.

98. I couldn’t have thought of a better morning other than when I wake up in your bold arms.

99. All my dreams and thoughts are about no one but you. A beautiful morning I wish you, my dream man.

100. I can’t stop dreaming about you every night. Even as the new day breaks you’re all I see right beside me.

101. I wish to be so engulfed in your arms while the sweet smell of your skin wakes me up into a beautiful morning.

102. I couldn’t have thought of a better morning without first seeing you in my dream, my love. Good morning!

103. Anytime I set my first morning gaze on you, I’m already set for good luck in the activities of the day.

104. I am a lucky woman. Having you is the sweetest gift of all. Good morning, darling.

105. The whole night was boring without you. But I’m happy we’re going to be together throughout the day.

106. I cannot sleep without having your big arms wrapped around me. Even now that we’re miles apart, I still wake up every morning longing for your warm embrace.

107. I am so addicted to you. No wonder I can never sleep without dreaming about you.

108. All I need to make me a happy woman is all I’ve seen in you. Thank you for bringing me joy. Good morning!

109. I’ve come to put you in a good mood for the morning. And that’s to sing you a lovely song to thrill you for the rest of the day.

110. Your good morning kiss is here, to set you ablaze for a fulfilled day and night.

Now that you’ve got a long list of adorable morning wishes for your lover, kindly feel free to use, share and remember to pass a comment. Thanks for checking by.

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