College Graduation Messages for Son from Mother or Father

College Graduation Messages for Son from Mother or Father

As a parent, doing something thoughtful for your son on the occasion of his graduation from college is not something you should take with levity as he will also appreciate you in return.

But, there is a certain sentiment attached to the use of college graduation messages to son from mother or son that makes it even more intimate and eventually feels like more thought went into it.

If you are serious about making your son happy for real on his college graduation, you would not shy away from using these college graduation messages for son as you also do other things.

College Graduation Messages from Mother to Son

You have done something great that people didn’t think you were capable of doing, and it feels great and gives me pleasure to be sending you good wishes and messages on your graduation as your mother. Congratulations, son.

1. You have enjoyed this past year extremely and it is looking like the new chapter is about to be enjoyable for you again. Happy college graduation to you.

2. I hope you have been able to learn that a new chapter doesn’t have to begin with drama. Enjoy the peace and ease of this new beginning. Congratulations to you.

3. If there is one thing you have never failed to do for me, it is always making me happy and smile. You have been a wonderful son to me as much as you continue to grow in your education. Congratulations on the new feat.

4. College wasn’t a smooth ride but you are here and here is good. I hope you know that we are all rooting for your continued success.

5. A lot has happened these past few years that have made me understand that you are a different breed, and I am blessed to have you in my life.

6. It is a perfect day to let you know that the world is ready for your greatness, and I hope that you are brave enough to always go for the things you want. Have fun celebrating your college graduation.

7. You have made me the proudest mother among my peers and I will not stop letting you know that I am proud of your journey so far. Congratulations on graduating from college.

8. Today is particularly a great day in our family and you have made it possible for everyone to be in a great mood because you have done well passing out from college with good grades.

9. With the type of life you have led so far, I won’t be surprised to see you hitting even greater heights and celebrating new things now and then. Congratulations.

10. You have been exceptional for many years and have shown that you deserve to be celebrated. Congratulations on graduating from college in flying colours.

College Graduation Messages from Father to Son

You should never be ashamed instead be proud that you have been able to do this great thing and achieved this great feat on your own even when people didn’t think it would be possible for you. Congratulations on the graduation my son.

11. I have been walking around the neighbourhood with pride because you have given me all the reasons to do this. Well done, my boy, and congratulations on graduating from college.

12. Finally! you have graduated, and done that with the best result anyone could ask for. I hope that this year brings you even closer to your greatness.

13. Everything that you continue to do for the community you belong to is very well appreciated. I hope that you also learn to do things for yourself. Congratulations to you, son.

14. There is nothing that is going to make me prouder than seeing your result and noticing that you have made even more impact with hood grades.Congratulations to you
15. It was just last month that we celebrated a milestone that you reached. It feels like we have a lot upon our sleeve to celebrate these days. may the universe keep them coming. Congratulations on graduating with distinction my dearest.

16. Thank you for exiting my dearest son. you have given happiness freely and when it has been least expected. Congratulations to you, y dearest son.

17. You have excelled on a bigger stage again. So, tell me why I would not be proud to show you to the world. Congratulations to you, my dearest son

18. You have made us so proud to be associated with you for the longest time. You have done it again this time. Well done!

19. At this point, nothing you do is ever going to shock me or put me in a state of disbelief because you have proven yourself time without number. Congratulations to you, my dearest son

20. It feels so good to be around you especially as you celebrate being one of the college graduates in this beautiful university. Happy graduation, my son

Congrats to My Son on College Graduation Quotes

There are so many things to be happy about right now; your graduation is one of the most important. Congrats dear son, and never forget to embrace all these sweet messages and quotes.

21. Being a college graduate is certainly something many people in the family have not been able to experience. I am so happy to see that you are representing the family in some of the greatest places. Congratulations, my dearest

22. You will always mean the world to me, and all your achievements will always make me joyous beyond measure. Congratulations to you, my darling son

23. It feels great to sit around and dance as you sing out your joy on your special day. Happy graduation to you, my dear son

24 . I sat in the crowd and waited for the speaker to call my name and when your name was finally called, I sighed with relief and happiness flooded my heart like never before. Congratulations to you, my dearest son.

25. You are the greatest human I know and the hardest working man I have had the privilege to interact with. Congratulations on being one of the graduating students of this beautiful university.

26. You will always have a reason to rejoice and be happy. So, never neglect that part of you that wants to learn the art of celebration. Happy graduation, my dear son.

27. Things were not smooth all the time in school but you did not let the challenges stop you from being the person you want to be. Happy graduation to you.

28. A few days ago, I was happy that it is graduation week. Today, I am happy to be around for the graduation day because it is going to be a beautiful one. Happy graduation to you.

29. This will not be the last celebration you will engage in as long as you continue to press on in the hard work category. Congratulations to you, my dearest son

30. You have made thus family and envy to many others because of your relentlessness and your will to always do extraordinarily among peers. Congratulations to you, my dearest son

Congratulatory Messages for Son’s College Graduation

There has never been a time when you were not happy and in a good mood. I am just glad that this college graduation has made you even happier than I have ever seen you. Congratulations son.

31. You will always mean the world you all of us. On days like this when you make us proud though, it feels like you make everything bad get better.

32. There are still a lot of things for you to achieve in the world and so I am not angry that this celebration is not that grand. I am still celebrating a great feat like yours against all odds though.

33. You will be able to enjoy every stage of the journey you have chosen for yourself because you are on the right track to greatness. Congratulations to you.

34. I am optimistic about the labour market on your behalf. If you can work passionately for what you want at this age, I believe that you will excel even more in a controlled environment. Congratulations to you, my dearest son

35. You have been the pillar to this family for the longest time and have continued to show that we were all right to put our trust in you. Congratulations on

36. You have earned another big spot in the family without having to go out of your way to make all of it happen. Congratulations to you, my darling son

37. You have been the greatest source of joy to this family so far and this new achievement is proof that you are not about to stop anytime. Congratulations to you, my dearest son

38. Hurray! You are a wonderful human and an excellent son with all-around wonders in you to show the world. Congratulations to you, my darling son

39. May this great and beautiful achievement bring you to another great victory as the year unfolds? Congratulations to you, my dearest.

40. You are the biggest and the most important inspiration to me. I am so glad that you have done it again. Congratulations on graduating from graduating on such a high note from college

College Graduation Wishes for Son from Parents

You have been an extraordinary human in so many ways that I cannot begin to count and have also been an awesome son. I am happy to be sending you good wishes on your college graduation. You have indeed made us proud parents.

41. I remember that some years back, you were not sure about the future, you are the greatest today in the whole school and all the doubts you had about the school at the beginning do not matter now that you have successfully scaled through.

42 . You are the most amazing person and the hardest working person I know. I believe that you deserve to enjoy this beautiful moment.

43. May this new chapter be great and be an opener for greater happiness for you as you move up the ladder of life. Congratulations to you on graduating

44. You are doing very well so far. And I do not doubt that you will go even farther as the years go by. Congratulations on graduating in such flying colours.

45. You are one of the most hard-working and brilliant people I know so trust that I am not shocked that you have been pronounced as the best graduating student of your set. Congratulations to you

46. May you always remember the beginning for good things and look forward to greatness – let all these things be the inspiration on which you build your present life? Congratulations to you, my dearest son

47. You have everything it takes to take on the world and make an impact in the community you have chosen. If you can graduate, you can do anything related to what has been mentioned and even more. Congratulations to you, my loving son.

48. Graduating with a great result is such a great way to begin a journey of many years that will be about impacting the community and the world at large. Congratulations to you.

49. I hope that you never pass on the opportunity to be brilliant and gracious all the days of your life. Congratulations to you, my darling son.

50. May the world and the things in it never deprive you of joy and the happiness that you have been able to gather in your life so far. Congratulations to you, my dearest.

Here are the best of the best college graduation messages from a parent to their son at any time. So, never let it scare you. instead, you should embrace them and use them as soon as possible.

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