Romantic Birthday Wishes for Lover Boyfriend

2023 Romantic Birthday Wishes for Lover Boyfriend

As long as the earth keeps revolving around the sun, that time of the year to usher your loving boyfriend into another year of his life will always come.

So, to effortlessly be the best girl in his life, we got you 200 birthday wishes from our archive to blow his mind away, until he drops something looking like a band whilst on his knee, in your direction.

Thus, do well by picking any one of these and swiftly send them to him. The more the wishes, the better your chances are.

Ready, set, go!

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Show your Boyfriend love on his special day with these Sweet Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend.

1. My boyfriend was born on a single day, however, in my heart, he lives always. Happy birthday, love. Wishing you unspeakable joy!

2. I just want you to know I’ve made my wishes known to the high heavens. So, expect to radiate in this new year just as the brilliant sun. Happy birthday, love.

3. But for a day like this, I would be in the dark of your love. Happy birthday my one and only. I wish you the brightness of the sun in the day and that of the moon and stars at night. Loving you for and ever.

4. Waited all night to whisper my wishes of good health, longevity, happiness and wealth to the most high. I know they are granted because you’re an amazing lover. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

5. From being a newborn, you crawled into a baby who grew to walk as a child then as an adult. And because you walked you came around my way. Happy birthday, sweetie. May you not stop growing into the man of your dreams.

6. Happy birthday to the best lover in the world. You’ve immortalized this day in my heart simply out of your love and goodwill. Need I say, my kind wishes are for you on this day and beyond?

7. No man is greater than the one who loves best. Hence, you’re the greatest, my love. Happy birthday to the king of my heart. May your crown ever remain flourishing.

8. I just want you to know, the heavens are pleased with you, they do not regret sending you down here on earth because you served the purpose of loving me truly. So, I wish you a timeless moment of happiness. Happy birthday, my love.

9. Life is good because you were born into it. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you all the blessings you’ve envisioned.

10. Happy birthday to the one who wears the crown of today most honourably and who won the trophy of my heart till forever. I wish you a happy life of prosperity, sweetheart.

11. It does not matter your style of celebration. Gratefulness is what should fill every corner of your heart because you’ve won the best birthday gift ever; the gift of life. Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you prosperity merged with happiness and longevity.

12. Love and life are worth thanking. The heavens have blessed you with the two. Happy birthday, love. I wish you all that you wish for yourself.

13. Just keep on marching forward because this will be your best year ever. Happy birthday, my darling.

14. Just by your side, I want to always be. So, I’m wishing you a lifetime of joy and peace. Happy birthday, sweetness.

15. May this day draw you closer to the purpose of your birth. Happy birthday to my lover man. You rock!


16. Nothing else would have me on earth but the assurance of your love. Happy birthday, my love. My wishes are just as many and glorious as the stars in the sky. I love you, love.

17. Today isn’t like every other day. It is significant because you’re an angel who chose to live amongst us humans. Happy birthday to my angel of love. Your blessings will overflow.

18. You rule your world because you fill your heart with love. May that love never grows cold. Happy birthday phenomenal man and lover.

19. May love and happiness be the smoke that goes up from your candle cake as you make your wishes, so, the heavens may perceive it. Happy birthday, love. You matter more than any other.

20. Happy birthday, king of my heart. May you blossom into perfection and beauty. Radiate light as the sun. And live long to enjoy every bit of it. I love you!

21. Happy birthday, sweetheart. The world is a better place because of your graceful presence and my heart is paradise because you reign in it. Have a blissful new year, love.

22. You’re the best man that ever set foot on the surface of this planet. Hence, I wish you longevity, prosperity and happiness. Happy birthday, love.

23. You deserve to live for the longest time because you’re kind, awesome and you’re my lover. Happy birthday to my only one. May your days be filled with love and happiness.

24. The clay that moulded you were made of gold and the womb that carried you is an island of treasure because you’re an angel of love and kindness on earth. Happy birthday, sweet love. I wish you divine peace and joy.

25. Every dawn of a new day is a blessed day because your smile shines so bright around. Happy birthday, my love. May happiness be your company forever.

26. I don’t want you to stop smiling either do I want you to stop living. However you choose to live, may it be on the path of happiness and prosperity. So, a very happy birthday to you, sweetheart.

27. The world awaits your manifestation as my heart awaits your sweet love every day. Go ahead and shine brighter than the diamonds in the sky. Happy birthday, love.

28. To the man who’d never disappoint me; happy birthday, diamond. You remain so true to your nature of love and patience. I wish you all the joy you wish yourself.

29. I’ll celebrate you on your birthday more than I would have celebrated myself because you remain the greatest human I’ve ever encountered. Happy birthday, my love. Keep shinning your silver light to every part of the earth.

30. Can’t wait to shower the kisses of love upon you as today is the reason why I have a man who loves me so dearly. Happy birthday, my love. May all your dreams come true.

31. Happy birthday to the man who rocks my world. I love you more as each year passes by. So, expect more kisses, more hugs and ultimately more love. Wishing you a blissful new year.

32. To the ocean of love, I’m willing to drown in; happy birthday love. May your happiness be as flourishing as the tree by the riverside. I love you!

33. You’re a gift to the world, however, you’re life to me. So, on this day, I wish you all that you deserve to be happy. I love you, sweetheart. Happy birthday!

34. It’s your birthday, sweetheart. I hadn’t the rare privilege of birthing you, however, I’m blessed to have you live in my heart forever. Happy birthday, love. I wish you a fantastic new year.

35. Ever since I set my eyes on you, I knew blindness means not seeing you again. Howbeit, ever since I loved you, I understood death would mean not loving you anymore. I’m glad you stayed to keep my sense of sight and to keep me alive till now. So, I wish you longevity, prosperity and happiness. I love you, sweetheart.

36. On this blessed day, I reiterate my commitment to loving you anew. Happy birthday, my love. It’s you or no one else every day of my life.

37. Happy birthday to the man who taught me how to love. To you, my heart was led and with you, I’ll follow to the end. Happy birthday, my love. May your days be full of love and happiness.

38. It’s the dawn of a new year in your life. Be glad and rejoice in it! Happy birthday, my love. May you have a splendorous new year.

39. Happy birthday, my love. You’re the reason I wake up to see the sun because your love gives meaning to the galaxies. I wish you a prosperous new year, my love. Enjoy your day!

40. Wherever you go this new year, never forget to smile and always remember there’s a heart loving you tirelessly. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Do have the time of your life!

41. Because it’s my baby’s birthday, I’ll go up to the moon to throw a carnival of love just for my angel of kindness. Happy birthday, love. I wish you all that you wish yourself.

42. To the one I hope to spend the rest of my life with; happy birthday, my darling. Every day reminds me to appreciate the day you were born because you rock my world. I love you, angel. Do have a blast!

43. I wouldn’t get tired of saying I love you every second of my life, neither would I go pale wishing you a happy birthday every new year of your life because you’re my spring of happiness. I wish you a remarkable new year of prosperity and joy. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

44. No one does it better than you do, hence, the reason why I hope you live long to see your children’s children. I love you, sweetheart. Happy birthday, dear king of my heart.

45. Meeting you was a blessing, loving you is a privilege of a lifetime. Happy birthday, sweet love. I wish you joy like the river.

46. May your shout for joy be sonorous as the many waters in the sky. Happy birthday, my love. Live long to love and to reign.

47. You deserve today more than any other person. It’s your day, my love, do enjoy it! And this new year, do not stop winning because you deserve it. So, it’s the time to reap and show your proceeds of victory. Happy birthday, my love. I love you!

48. He was born on this day! I get goosebumps thinking about him, I can’t breathe if I can’t love him. Happy birthday to the love of my life. May the kings and queens on earth rise to the brightness of your light.

49. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I’ll always choose you above every other because you’re my heartbeat. Wishing you a happy new year, my darling.

50. Happy birthday to you, my love. Let’s go take abode in our shelter of love, so, you’d hear me say that, I love you and you’ll have me show you just how much. Here’s me wishing you the happiness of a lifetime. I love you, truly.

51. Words won’t fit because you deserve even better. Kisses won’t do because you’ve had them all year long. However, wishes would be just fine because you deserve the life of your dream. So, I wish you a prosperous new year of joy and prosperity. Happy birthday, my love.

52. Happy birthday to the man who rescued my heart. May your life be void of pain and emptiness. I just love to love you, sweetheart.

53. Through thick and thin, I have a lover and a friend wrapped into one who sticks closer than a sister. Happy birthday, my love. May your wishes come to pass just as you’ve made mine.

54. I’ll go to the ends of the earth to proclaim what angel you are for the salvation of mankind. Happy birthday, my love. May your dreams come true.

55. Happy birthday, the special one. You fill my heart with love, so, now it’s a river of passion. I wish you’d always drink from it. Have a blissful new year, my love!

56. Today belongs to you and it will forever be just as my heart is yours always. Happy birthday, love. Make your wishes and let them scent up to the Creator of the heaven and earth. Have a blast, sweetie.

57. With love, you’ve plied the path of my heart. And with patience, you’ve lived through it all. Happy birthday, dear angel of love. I wish you a lifetime of joy and peace.

58. Divine encounter was what I had when my path crossed yours. So, I owe it to you, to always celebrate your birth. Happy birthday to my one true love. Have a prosperous new year of unending joy and peace.

59. You don’t need to make wishes, heavens know you’re most qualified for the best life. You don’t need prayers either because your good deeds are enormous before the Lord. So, Just be you again this new year and watch the blessings rain on you. Happy birthday, my love. I love you!

60. Happy birthday to the man who makes my heart leap for joy just as the wind sways the grasses of the field. I wish you a lifetime of happiness. I’ll love you forever, sweetheart.

61. It’s your new year, my love. Hence, I’m agog to see you grow bigger, live happier and be the best man you can be. Happy birthday, my love. I only wish that you stay truly happy.

62. Your skin shines so brightly because your heart was made of gold. Your bosom is my rest because you give me peace. Happy birthday to you, my love. I wish you all that you wish for yourself.

63. May all the creatures of the earth concur to your blessings just as you’ve agreed to make my heart blossom in love and peace. Happy birthday, adorable love. No one loves better than you do!

64. Your love for me is my inspiration every new year. So, I hope that your inspiration lives long enough to birth a lifetime of success. Happy birthday, my one true love. You complete me!

65. The world needs you more every day as it tells the tales of love waxing cold. Because you’re an angel of kindness and love, I hope you live long to make the world a better place just as you have made mine to be. Happy birthday, my love.

66. Take the year as it comes with gratitude and love. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you many reasons to smile throughout this new year. I love you!

67. A boyfriend who loves me as you do should live forever. So, I hope you live long with the desire of your heart. Happy birthday, my love.

68. You deserve my love every day but for today, I’ll shower my wishes on you. Happy birthday, sweetness. I wish you all the joy you deserve and all the fulfilment there is to make life worth living. I love you, my darling!

69. Happy birthday, my love. I want to reassure you of your strength to achieve all that you desire, and my love to always abide by you. I wish you joy and peace, sweetheart.

70. Happy birthday, sweet love. May happiness be your proceeds of a lifetime. Have the fairest year ever. I love you!

71. As real as the sun, you’ve loved me. And as real as the stars and the moon, I hope your wishes come true. Happy birthday, my love. Need I tell you how much I love you?

72. This will be your favourite year so far! And you know why? Because you’ve endured it all a year ago under the light of the sun and the darkness of the nights also bears witness to it. Happy birthday, sweet love. You’ll always be my choice!

73. Happy birthday to the heart that chose to love a girl like me. I love you, my darling. I only wish you all that you wish yourself.

74. The potter who made you is the best. And the womb that carried you is most blessed. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you more blessings from the greatest potter.

75. Happy birthday, my love. Every year brings us closer. I hope this new year does likewise. My wishes are many but you should know that all I desire is for you to be happy now and always.

76. Seeing you brightens my days and elongates my gaze, so, I wish the one who owns life let you dwell on earth forever as you will always in my heart. Happy birthday, my one true love.

77. Fabulous is you. May this new year of yours be full of dreamy realities. Happy birthday, dear king of my heart. To you, I’ve given my heart to rule. So, be my king for and ever. And I’ll be your kingdom for the longest time.

78. Happy birthday, sweet love. I’m lost for words. But this I must say; have a splendid new year, one as bright as the love you’ve shown me. Have a blast, sweetie.

79. It’s that time of the year again. A day I’m most grateful for just as the woman that birthed you. Happy birthday, my love. May you rule your world, after all, you’re a true king!

80. Happy birthday, my love. I just want to stare at your beautiful eyes all day long as it leaves me in awe of your beauty. I wish you joy as a river and peace beyond human understanding. I love you!

81. Let’s have a good time in this new year of your life. However, you lead the way whilst I follow. Happy birthday, my born true king. May you reign forever.

82. I’m pretty sure you’d smile all year long just as the jingles of this new year woke me up with a broad smile on my face. Happy birthday, my love. Remain amazing!

83. Try new things and take a step closer to your dream life every day of this new year. Happy birthday, my love. My wishes are your wishes, so, make them.

84. Happy birthday, sweet love. Nothing else beats the smile on your face and the love you shine upon me every day. I only wish you’d remain happy for the rest of your life.

85. Just whisper it into my ears and I’ll do it for you, my love. Because today is the best day of the year. Happy birthday, sweet love. I wish you nothing but joy.

86. Have a palatial new year, my darling. It’s your birthday, my love. Dance until you get tired, smile until it becomes a habit. Love till you draw your last breath. I love you!

87. I’m not making wishes, I’m making commands. May the earth yield her increase unto you. May your home be filled with love and happiness. May you be called blessed amongst all men. Happy birthday, sweet love.

88. You are one of a kind. So, I wish you, one of a kind joy, one of a kind peace, one of a kind prosperity and one of a kind fulfilment. Happy birthday, angel. I can’t stop loving you!

89. Growing is what we do every day, but loving should also be your favourite habit. So, love and grow at the same time. Happy birthday, sweetness. I can’t love you less.

90. More than I love myself, I’ve loved you and more generous than I’ll give for myself, I’ll give to you. Hence, with all my love for you, I wish you a very happy birthday.

91. A reason I love to live is that you abode in the core of my heart. A reason I love to love is that it’s you. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you happiness that is true.

92. Your nature, I couldn’t hope to describe. You are one person that fuels my belief in possibilities. Happy birthday to my one true love. Wishing you the choicest of God’s blessings. I love you to the moon and back, sweetie.

93. Happy birthday, my love. Days upon days, years upon years, yet, you remain true to me. You’re my favourite person in the world. So, I’m wishing you longevity with joy and prosperity.

94. In this new year of yours, I pray the heavens to enlarge your coast as you’ve enlarged my heart to love and to live. May all your dreams both wild and really come to pass. Happy birthday, my only one. Enjoy your new age!

95. Old is gold! However, gold is for you! Happy birthday to the most priceless of the world’s treasure. I wish you nothing but joy, dear boyfriend.

96. My days have been blessed all year long with the artfulness of your smile and the creativity of your heart. I wish you happier days, better days and a prosperous new year. Happy birthday, my heartbeat.

97. Happy birthday, love genius. I adore you always. Wishing you all that you wish for yourself. You render me speechless, this I must confess!

98. Nobody does it better than a man who’s good at being a boyfriend, a sweet son and a favourite brother. You’re my life, angel. Happy birthday, my darling. Wishing you joy, peace and kindness.

99. So many reasons to love you. Howbeit, my favourite is the fact that you love me too. Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you a lifelong of joy and happiness. Bae loves you silly!

100. Allow me to fulfil your birthday wishes. So, please make a list, my darling. Not one, I’d flop, but all, I’ll make come true. Happy birthday, sweetie. Love you endlessly!

101. I do wait for this day because your uniqueness is something to look out for. Happy birthday my love. I wish you more unique feathers to your cap.

102. My love, from the day I set my eyes on you, I ceased not to appreciate you. However, today I’ll take it way higher by celebrating you. Happy birthday, darling. I wish you all that makes you happy.

103. I may not say it often, I may seldom show it. But for the last 365 days, you’ve been nothing but great. I wish you a greater feat as you add another year.

104. My love, of all the things that grow in the world, you’re the most glowing and healthiest of them all. What can I wish you, than a superlative new age?

105. Excellence is your personality, worthy is your character, great is your birthday. You have it all. I wish you more of everything that you have and long to have, my love.

106. I’ll rush to heaven and back to gift you the priciest of treasures in the celestial. This day was made for you like I was made for you. I wish you a happy birthday.

107. Shake the old habits off. Dust the past off your memory. Leave the traces of discouragement behind. It’s your birthday and it calls that you burn the old bridges. Happy birthday, my one and only. I wish you the profound joy of a new age.

108. Yes! You made it. Yes! You’re alive. And yes I’m happy! I’ll love to say a capital yes to many more years to come. Therefore, I wish you longevity and prosperity.

109. Your sweetness, I can’t sum up in an epistle. Your life, I can’t fathom, its awesomeness is beyond my comprehension. Happy birthday to the love of my life. I wish you a deeper love from the depth and most sacred place of my heart.

110. If human was flawless, then that would have been you. If human was an angel, then you must be the one with the largest wings. I wish you the greatest birthday you ever had, my love.

111. From today, you’ll get wiser. Today marks the beginning of a new journey. One you will make to stardom. Happy birthday, my shining star.

112. Did I tell you, you’re my dream? Did I tell you, I still can’t believe you’re real, until, I feel your face? Today, I want you to know because it’s your birthday. This is my heartfelt confession to celebrate your coming on this day. So I wish you, every choicest gift from the greatest angel.

113. I don’t mind waiting for you, so I waited for this day like it was my due date. You arrived safely into the world, then into my heart. I bless the day you were born. Happy birthday, love. Wishing you a bright future.

114. If I was to live one more day, I’ll choose to live on this day to celebrate with you. Happy birthday, love. My wishes are well written in the sky of your world. So see them and say an Amen.

115. I can feel heaven when I’m with you. So, I wish you a heavenly ride on this earth. Happy birthday, super boyfriend.

116. My words may be few, but they mean more than a thousand words. My wishes may be short but they are truer than a fairytale. Happy birthday, love. I wish you many reasons to smile.

117. People may wish to go to heaven to bring back a loved one, but I’ll go to bring you a hidden treasure that will leave you prosperous for life. Happy birthday, love.

118. Like an angel, you arrived on this day. Like a good news, you made everyone happy. Like love, you took me unaware. For all these, I wish you nothing but a lifetime of joy.

119. You’re warm. You’re kind. You’re the best. This day felt a touch of an angel when you arrived. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you many more years to come.

120. Today has a crown and it suits no one else than you. Wear the crown of your birthday like a king that you’re. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you a great life.

121. Happy birthday, my love. May all your tall dreams come to pass. Find indescribable peace and uncommon joy on this day. Many happy returns dear.

122. Happy birthday, sweety. Have a seat at the front pew, because an angel is about to bring you her good tidings. I wish you pleasant surprises.

123. This will be your best birthday ever, my love, because the stars will shine brighter, the moon will lighten up the world better and the sun will scorch pleasantly. I wish you all the joy there is in this world.

124. The world may be shallow, but you’ll find something deeper in you. The earthlings may be cold, but you’ll receive the warmest embrace, all because it’s your birthday. May everything turn around for your sake on this special day. Happy birthday, my one and only.

125. I’ll love to celebrate you beyond your age and life on earth so far. I’ll love to celebrate all of you on this special day that you were born. Happy birthday, my love.

126. When I think of you today, I see a guy that beats the heart of Romeo. A knight stronger than the most surefooted of Camelot. This means you’re the best that exists. Happy birthday, my love.

127. It’s your birthday, sweety. Don’t just celebrate it, let it count. Let each day in this new year inspire you. Happy birthday, my heartthrob. Have a splendid life ahead.

128. Happy birthday, my love. Amongst all that were born today, your birth was the greatest gift to the earth. Your tiny feet many years ago signified the arrival of a special kind of love. Happy birthday. I wish you all that you dream of.

129. Happy birthday, my love. I’ll fail to bring you the best gift today because you’re the best gift there is on a special day like this. Nevertheless, you deserve better than an empty hand. I wish you nothing but joy that will last you till eternity comes.

130. Happy birthday, my heart. What can I assure you on this special day? What can I give you that will be enough? I have nothing but to give you all of me. I wish you an everlasting prominence in life.

131. Happy birthday, love. Joy was poured out into the earth today, all thanks to you. Love was poured into my heart, because you were birthed on this day, many years ago. For all this, I wish you a life of sweetness.

132. Happy birthday, love. Nobody marks today better than you. You’re the melody that makes the most crafted sound today. Many happy returns, my love.

133. Happy birthday, love. Your panache is the best thing that ever happened to fashion. And your surefootedness is the best thing that ever graced the runway. May your feet grace the acme of the podium of the earth.

134. Your presence aggrandizes my world, better than that, it gave a touch of significance to the world. Happy birthday, love. You’ll see many more birthday to come.

135. When I look at you, I find a great meaning to life and that is love. Happy birthday, my heartbeat. You touched my life beyond my heart. Forever, I’ll be grateful to you. I’m wishing you the best reward for a lovely soul like yours.

136. No one is like you, more so no birthday is like yours. You’re special and it shows. Happy birthday to you, sweety. May you bear the best fruits on earth.

137. Happy birthday to the one my heart beats for. I wish our birthdays were in unison like our hearts and souls are. I admire this day than any other, your uniqueness calls for that. I wish you the best of everything there is.

138. Happy birthday, my love. As this day approached, I felt some joy as though, I had some tiny feet in me. Only you can bring this type of joy to me. I’m wishing you the best of everything you ever desired.

139. Today isn’t to woo you nor to make an inference of how special you are to everyone, but to celebrate the years you ever had the privilege to live. I’m glad you made me a part of your life’s journey and I hope we journey to the end. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you a safe trip to a life of your dream.

140. You’re not an angel, yet you have the power of a superhuman. Now, I know why it’s because you were born on this day. I wish you a kind of life no one ever lived before: a blissful life.

141. Happy birthday, love. I wish I could ink in your heart some amount of joy that you’ve ever given me. I pray for you to have more than enough of everything good.

142. Happy birthday, love. I know no tears with you, but joy. You walked through the door and the room never remained gloomy. You came into the world and it became a better place. I wish you many possibilities to your magic wand.

143. When you came into the world, another life was given to us. As your clock ticks today, your dreams are getting bigger and closer are you to bringing them to spotlight. Happy birthday, love. May your dreams never die.

144. When Merlin was born, sorcery was given to him. When Romeo was born, love was put in his heart and when you were born, joy was given to the world. You’re the joy of my world. Without you, my world will be cold. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you greater joy.

145. Happy birthday, love. You’re irreplaceable and your birthday is unbeatable. I wish your birthday comes more than once in a year. However, I’m grateful I have you always. Wishing you joy and fulfilment.

146. Happy birthday, my love. You’re the reason there is daylight. At your birth, darkness vanished away and when you opened your eyes, hope came into the world. Wishing you a longer life than you ever spent on earth.

147. Happy birthday, love. I woke up today because I long to see your face. You remind me of the birth of a child. It brings peace and joy. My love, I wish you the power to walk on every high mountain that ever surfaces.

148. Happy birthday, sweety. Today was made for you than it was made for anyone else. The angels watch over you than they watched the manager of the saviour. I wish you superhuman power.

149. Happy birthday, honey. May your life take away every thirst like that of water. I love you more than I do myself. See you many more years to come.

150. Happy birthday, love. You’re more than the celebrant today. You’re the attention of the whole world. I wish you great joy and happiness.

151. Happy birthday, best boyfriend. You awaken the spirit in me to be the best that I can be. My wishes for you are tall and with my whole heart, I dream to see their manifestation.

152. Happy birthday, my love. I degree today to be the best that it can be. I pray this day to be the most fulfilling and I dream that you are the brightest amongst all. Many happy returns.

153. I may not present to you the best cake, pierced with a special candle that symbolizes the power of dream, but with this message I want you to know that all wishes of your heart have been seen and they are bound to come to pass. Happy birthday, my sweetness.

154. Every time of this year, a special angel comes to bring dreams to pass. Sweety, quickly makes a wish and your success will be next in line in the hall of fame. Happy birthday, love

155. Happy birthday, love. If wishes were horses, I’ll climb just to bring your warmest wishes to pass and if they were mountains, I wouldn’t mind, because, all for you, I’ll do anything.

156. Happy birthday to the love of my heart. I owe it to you to weigh your wishes and bring the best to fruition. May the best of your dreams come to pass.

157. I know you owe one dream dear to your heart. There’s a wish you’d work endlessly just to see happening. Whether I’m in the know or not, it pleases the heavenly angels to grant you your wishes. So, have a happy birthday, my love.

158. Happy birthday, love. Wishes are not horses, therefore, I’ll jolt you out of complacency to make sure your wishes and dreams are enforced to reality. That’s my gift to you. Many happy returns, love.

159. With love from my heart, I wish you a happy birthday. This time of the year always makes me happy, cause I always have the privilege to see you radiating. I wish you remain happy for the rest of your long life. Happy birthday, my love.

160. Happy birthday, love. The angels are inclined to make your wishes come through and I’m moved to bring you alive. Have a great new year.

161. I’ll make a shrill noise of celebration, so it gets to the end of the earth as you clock a year older today. I wish you greater feat as you age happily.

162. Happy birthday, sweetness. You’re a royal highness seated on the most prestigious seat. Today makes it another year that you were born to rule. I wish you impeccable wisdom to be the best you can be.

163. Happy birthday, my one and only. I see you smile and I’m healed. In the same vein, I hope today heals all the pain you ever felt. I wish you happiness undiluted by melancholy. You’re the best, reason you were born today.

164. Your birthday has a special phenomenon. It nosedives from the sublime to a celestial bliss. Your greatness is clearly envisaged on this day. I see it in crystal colours: it’s very clear. My wishes are for you to remain noble, imperial and truly happy.

165. Happy birthday, love. From the first time, you were laid in your little cradle bed were you marked for greatness. Many years later, it became prominent you were of noble descendant. I wish you eternal awesomeness. May your oil of greatness never run dry.

166. I don’t mind dedicating this time of the year to you. Your life has blessed my existence. It’s my wish to see you been blessed yourself. Happy birthday, my love.

167. One thing I love to see grow is you. Age never looked this good on anyone than you. Your stars are not only bright but ageless. Happy birthday, my love. My wishes for you are great, see them coming to pass.

168. Happy birthday, love. The wings of an angel brought you to the world. I wish your guardian angel never leaves you, so you can see many happy years to come.

169. In the dark, you bring the brightest light. Even the stars, do not possess those lovely eyes like you do. Happy birthday, my darling. Wishing you a super duper birthday.

170. When the stars come out at the eve of your birthday, I always have your thought flying around the sacred place of my heart, which is the place of love and from the same bosom, I wish you the best birthday ever, love.

171. Today is indescribable though, it is tagged as your birthday, yet I find no word to measure its greatness. You’re awe-inspiring. I want you to know, so I’m wishing you the happiest year of your life so far.

172. Say what you want. Make your wish. Dream as far as you can see. It’s your birthday. You’re at the forefront of living your dream life. Happy birthday, my love.

173. You’re more than average. You got a leverage more than anyone else today because it’s your birthday. So take the spotlight and shine without blemish. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I wish you a permanent abode in the land of favour and grace.

174. Today will be filled with something greater than big talk and wishes for tall dreams. I present to you every ounce of love in me to savour your day better than chocolate cakes. Happy birthday, sweetness.

175. Happy birthday, my love. You’re done with pain, suffering and playing the background. Success is beckoning on you to take the spotlight. Happy birthday to the next big thing the world ever knew. Many happy returns, love.

176. Happy birthday, love. May you make a fortune off this new age. I love to see you ageing flawlessly as you always do.

177. Happy birthday, honey. May the blessings that come with this new age satisfy you better than anything else you ever had. From me to you “have a kiss to go with this new age.”

178. Happy birthday, boo. This year, for you, will be far more productive than hitherto. This much I wish you.

179. Today is marked as one of the most impressive days in history because your birth took place on a day like this. Happy birthday, love.

180. To have the whole universe singing tonight wouldn’t be so hard, because you’ve been a blessing to all and sundry. I’m lost in you and I desire not to be found. Happy birthday, my boo.

181. Happy birthday, honey. I fall short of saying all that you’re about, but in one word, you’re amazing. I wish you an untold story of success espoused to happiness.

182. Happy birthday, sweety. You were missed in heaven the day you were sent to earth. Your presence is a blessing to us here on earth. One thing is sure, beyond the sky, your treasures are immeasurable. With this, I wish you a happy birthday.

183. Happy birthday, love. I’ll celebrate you with the whole of me because you deserve better than a half bread. I wish you a phenomenal blessing.

184. Happy birthday, sweet. I’ll make every effort to make this birthday the best one in history. Watch me as I do.

185. The mere arrival of this day drums so much happiness in me that I simply can’t figure out why. I wish you the kind of happiness that never let in sorrow no matter how trivial. Happy birthday, boo.

186. Happy birthday, love. I see this day and I look at you, it makes me so proud and happy. I wish you an everlasting time in the presence of bliss.

187. Best believe, today is the best day. I love you for many reasons and one of which is the fact that you were born on this golden day. I wish you more super feats.

188. Happy birthday, dear. You effortlessly make today so special. I wish you’ll spend every time smiling and basking in happiness.

189. Happy birthday, honey. Today reminds me of a bundle of joy birthed many years ago. Insurmountable are you by the devices of the dark. I wish you superpower to overcome all obstacles.

190. Happy birthday, sweetness. You came to win here on earth and it shows. I wish you many more golden cups. Love you than yesterday.

191. Happy birthday, honey. Sniff in happiness, exhale joy. I wish to see you doing greater things than you ever did at this new age.

192. Happy birthday, sweety. Do not look casual today, be dressed in your royal apparel. My wish for you is to always behold the dawn of a new day in peace, joy and happiness.

193. Happy birthday, baby. I see you walking through the rest of this year in happiness. All my good wishes I see them coming to pass in your life. Stay ageless like the stars.

194. Happy birthday, love. Like the sun, you’re destined to shine, so do not be overwhelmed when you suddenly take over the spotlight. May you see many more years to come.

195. Do not skim through this little piece, because my wishes for you are inked right there in it. Happy birthday, love. I wish you an insurmountable success and everlasting joy to make it worthwhile.

196. Happy birthday, boo. It’s finally here, the long awaited birthday of your life. It will be the most colourful because you’ve painted your life with the colour of love. Have yourself a bright birthday party.

197. Happy birthday, honey. Every one of us is frantically waiting to wish you a happy birthday. I wish our voices are echoed through your heart, so you feel the weight of our love for you. I love you than you know.

198. Happy birthday, boo. I hope your birthday is met with unbridled courage to achieve your dreams. I’ll be the loudest audience to always cheer you up. Have a great birthday, my love.

199. Happy birthday, baby. May your victorious achievement bewilder your naysayers. It’s that time of the year where you can be as crazy as you want. Love you!

200. Happy birthday, sweety. With joy, I welcome you into another year of your life, dedicated to making the best out of you. I wish you a long life to see your dreams come through. Many happy returns to you, love.

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