Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Ex Lover

2023 Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Ex-Lover

Ex-lovers are not always a representation of some hurtful past. They may stand now as someone who makes you smile just as a friend, or they may just be the ex-lover who shouldn’t be forgotten on their birth anniversary because they deserve that much.

Have you got an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend you’d love to bless their day with a good birthday wish to make their birth anniversary quite a special one?

Are you finding it uneasy to describe your heartfelt desire for them as you struggle with your emotions on such a remarkable day?

It doesn’t have to be so hard. So, select from these 2023 Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Ex-Lover. You’d be amazed at the depth of the message and the ease with which it comes.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend

No matter how separated you are from your ex, there seems to be a kind of connection that won’t fly away. And so you thought, sending some great wishes on his or her birthday is cool. Why not, if not?
Kindly use any of these happy birthday wishes for ex-lover wishes for your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and make them feel special once again.

1. You touched my life at a moment and I knew you’d become unforgettable in a goodly manner. Happy birthday, favourite ex. I hope you have all the good things of life.

2. You took my heart to a place of peace and love. In a land of bliss and serenity, I hope you dwell anew. Happy birthday, dearest ex.

3. I don’t need to be in your arms to wish you well on this day. May the odds be in your favour. Happy birthday, dearie.

4. Life may not have wanted us together, but in other manners, we shall bond. Happy birthday, dearie. I hope you rise and shine.

5. May the sun shines happiness into your heart. May the wind blow prosperity into your barn. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

6. I care for you as much as I used to. Happy birthday, my darling. Shine until you’re gold. Grind until you’re old.

7. This day, I’m reminded of your loving heart. Happy birth anniversary, dearie. May your wishes be granted in abundance.

8. You showed me the true meaning of love. So, I hope you enjoy the width and depth of true love and bliss. Happy birthday, dearie.

9. The moon once stood still because of you. Happy birthday, my darling. It’s time you prosper and savour the best things of life.

10. I was blessed to have you. I hope you have all that you dream of and I hope life treats you kindly. Happy birthday, fine man.

11. I’d do anything to light up your day and sparkle your sky with stars in the morning because you deserve it. Happy birthday, angel. This year will be your favourite.

12. I’m sending all my kind wishes to the heavens on your behalf. Happy birthday, dear one. I wish you all the ecstasy you can ever desire.

13. Nothing matters more to me but your happiness. So, I hope you find it in the path you take. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

14. May life be full of pleasant surprises for you. May your days be lightened with love and gratitude. May you be all that you want to. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

15. Your heart is one in a million, your kindness is unlike another’s. Happy birthday, sweetness. May you be fulfilled by the end of the year.

16. Happy birthday to the one whose smile melts my heart. Happy birthday, dearest. Wishing you many years of joy and prosperity.

17. You’re a blessing to the world. Hence, the beauty of this day. Happy birthday, dearest. May you find today colourful and tomorrow even better.

18. It’s hard not to love you. It’s impossible not to save you a wish. Happy birthday, deary. May your cup run over with joy.

19. Happy birthday to the one who wrote me a beautiful love story. May your days be full of rainbows and rains of blessings.

20. The times we shared bring joy into my heart until this day. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May you be contented and blessed.

21. I’m not giving you my kisses on this day but my kind wishes. Happy birthday, deary. Wishing you lots of joy and many years of prosperity.

22. Lack shall not find you. Peace shall overwhelm you. Love shall be your shield. Happy birthday, one in a million. Wishing you all the best.

23. You beautified my past with loving memories of you. So, I hope you have the best of years even in times of drought. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

24. Times may have changed but my feelings of concern and love remain unwavering for you. Happy birthday, dearest. May your days be blessed.

25. I hope you make it to your dreamland. I hope you find treasures in the place you make a home. Happy birthday, dearie. I’ll keep your memories safe in my heart.

26. One thing is sure; our friendship was true. Thus, I’ll honour you with wishes and kindness. Happy birthday, my dear. Like a king, may you seat upon the throne.

27. My heart throbs as if alerted of your day. Happy birthday, kind one. May you never be sad and gloomy.

28. In the nights, you shall shine. In the morning you shall be celebrated. Happy birthday, dear one. Forever, you own a space in my heart.

29. Even in the absence of your kisses and caresses, your birthday still shines of warmth and kindness. You were an angel. Happy birthday, dear. May you always be surrounded with love and favour.

30. Never feel empty without my love. For I’ll shower you still with kindness and wishes. Happy birthday, angel. May your days be delightful and delectable.

31. Our romance may be gone with the past. But even in today lies the unconditional love I had for you. Happy birthday, deary. May your years be many and pleasant.

32. I’m not waiting on your love. But I truly think you deserve my good wishes. Happy birthday, dearie. Like an eagle, may you soar and be great.

33. From the taste of your love, you made me feel safe and adored. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May you never be stuck in the desert of nihility.

34. You’re worth the keep. Happy birthday, dearie. May your days be blissful and colourful with abundance of love.

35. May you never yearn for that which your soul needs. May you be blessed with the unending desires of your heart. Happy birthday, sweet ex. You made loving you so easy.

36. Nothing ignites my excitement than knowing you’re doing just fine. Happy birthday, my dear. I hope you have all that you dreamed of.

37. Until this day, I bless the day I found you. Happy birthday, rare one. May you be the best in all that you do.

38. The light shall not blind you but cover you with love and grace. The rainbows shall not curse you but fill your heart and world with hope. Happy birthday, deary. Your arms were the safest place on earth.

39. Celebrating this day as a friend is a privilege well adored. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May you never be left alone and uncared for.

40. You need not wonder if I still care. For I am here now. Happy birthday, dearie. I hope you have many reasons to be happy.

41. This comes from the sweetest part of my heart to you; happy birthday, dearie. May you be celebrated always.

42. Your name cannot be erased and your day has itched its date in my heart like upon a wall. Happy birthday, my former love. Get prepared for greatness.

43. I hope you never fail to be happy and fulfilled. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Like the sun, may you never give up shinning.

44. I’ll sing aloud with joy, cause it’s your day. Happy birthday, rare one. May your light never go dim. I still hold on to your loving memory like they’re gold.

45. It’s okay to be ex with you, but it’s unworthy to not be your friend on this special day. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Do have many years of joy and bliss.

46. On the bed of roses, you shall lie with contentment and great joy. Happy birthday, dearie. May the jingles of celebration originate from your home.

47. Your kisses now shine as the sun up in the sky. Happy birthday, dearie. I hope you are trailed by favour and grace.

48. May your heart be bonded with love. May your days be colored with ease and gain. Happy birthday, dearie. You’re the best amongst the ones who left.

49. May this day expose you to many encounters of favor and grace. Happy birthday, dear one. Your heart will I hold dear until forever.

50. You made loving worthy just as you did life. Happy birthday, sweet ex. May you be the best in all that you do. I care!

51. To the one who once made my sky bluer and my moon larger, happy birthday. May the pretty sparkles in your eyes never go dim, but continue to blossom.

52. The past is over and thus, today presents itself as your birthday, all I wish you is a great new year. Happy birthday to you.

53. I may not be your lover anymore, but I remain your well-wisher. Happy birthday to the one with a beautiful soul.

54. As always, I know, you’ll be such a delight to watch on this day. Happy birthday to you. May you always grow bigger and better.

55. I love how you extended your hand of friendship when our heart stopped beating for each other. Happy birthday to the one I could always call a friend.

56. Our love may have sunk, but our friendship sails on. Happy birthday to a phenomenal person. May this new age of your life be unique and spectacular.

57. You’re blessed and accomplished, but I want you to be more. May you surpass all that at this stage of your life. Happy birthday, my dear.

58. You’ll always have a special place in my heart. Happy birthday to you, handsome. May the universal align with your desires.

59. Today will always remain beautiful and special to me irrespective of the relationship we now share. Happy birthday to a great person.

60. We may not share the same heart again, but we can still be friends. Happy birthday to you. I wish you the same thing I did when we were together.

61. You once watched over me as though I was a baby in a cradle bed. I remember this and I’m reminded of your birthday. Happy birth anniversary to you.

62. May you never become an object of mockery, but a vessel of glory. Happy birthday to a beautiful ex.

63. You’ll never be a thing of the past to me, whether we are together or not. Hence, I wish to celebrate with you today; happy birthday to you, beautiful.

64. You’re worth celebrating as a friend just as you were as a lover. Happy birthday to you, my dear. I do wish you all that you wish yourself.

65. May your finances never be an issue. May your health never be a source of concern. Happy birthday to you, my dear.

66. If I could make a wish today, I’ll ask that a beautiful rainbow be sent to you; just so you’ll be reminded that all will be well in this new year of your life, dear ex. Happy birthday to you.

67. I see you in a different light today, nevertheless, you look good to me. Happy birthday. I wish you so much joy.

68. You desire peace, perfect health, happiness and satisfaction and thus, I wish you all these today. Happy birthday, my dear.

69. We’ve come a long way. It’s impossible that your birthday eludes my mind. Happy birthday to you. I wish you nothing, but perfect love.

70. May your sky never be starless. May your life be full of abundant rains. Happy birthday, my dear.

71. You were once a beautiful gift to me; because of this, today will always be a good omen for me. Happy birthday. May your prayers be answered and your desires granted.

72. May you live to celebrate centenary and more. Happy birthday to a one-time lover now turned friend.

73. Happy birthday, dear. May your heart remain full of love. May your kindness never be conditional. You’re such a lovely soul.

74. I’ll like you to know that you’re one of the best things to ever cross my path leaving a trace of joy in my heart. Happy birthday to a beautiful soul.

75. Life is beautiful when you’re in it; be it in my heart or just in my world. Happy birthday, my dear.

76. You still look good with that smile you wear effortlessly. Happy birthday to you, dear.

77. Take a flight into joy. You deserve to spend the rest of your life in perfect bliss. Happy birthday to you.

78. Take a look around you and you’ll find the most beautiful gift in your bosom; it’s the breath in your nostrils. Happy birthday, my dear.

79. You’ve been favoured, loved and blessed. You’re an embodiment of happiness. Happy birthday to you.

80. This day looks brighter than usual. Happy birthday to the sparkle in the sky. May your strength never diminish. Keep growing.

81. You’ll soar higher than the eagles. You’ll be happier than a lively puppy. Happy birthday to a lovely ex.

82. You once touched my heart. It may not be so anymore, but you continue to bless my world. Happy birthday, my dear.

83. We may not be emotionally attached again, but I find you worthy of the sweetest wishes and blessings today. Happy birthday to you.

84. I may have gotten over you, but not your birthday for it will always be special to me. I’m sending all my love to you. Happy birthday.

85. May your gourd of blessings never be broken. May your basket never be empty. Happy birthday to the joy of the whole world.

86. I may no longer own a space in your heart, but I choose to wish you a happy birthday.

87. You’re such a gifted soul. May your gift make ways for you today. Happy birth anniversary, my dear.

88. May darkness disappears while sadness dispels. With my whole heart, I wish you all the joy in the world.

89. May you witness a new level of happiness and love. May your heart never be broken again. Happy birthday to you.

90. May your shame be washed away, whilst, a new glory be bestowed upon you. Happy birthday, my dear.

91. I confess that you’re better off as a friend than a lover. I appreciate what we have now. Happy birthday to my newly found friend.

92. May your dreams be perfected. May your goals be accomplished. Happy birth anniversary.

93. You remain a unique man to me. Our past is the most beautiful history I ever had. Happy birthday to you.

94. I’ll always hold you in high esteem. Happy birthday to you. May this day usher in many more beautiful days for you.

95. Laugh harder. Smile broader. Dance better. Today will be the start of a new dawn for you. Happy birthday to a good ex.

96. I’ll be such a phony if I feigned ignorance about today. Happy birthday to a special being.

97. I’m glad to be part of the lot wishing you the best wishes today. Happy birth anniversary.

98. Today, in honour of you, I choose to celebrate this day. Happy birthday, my dear.

99. A beautiful smile in the sky reminded me of someone special today. Happy birthday to you, dear ex.

100. It’s my pleasure to bring you wishes of gold. Happy birthday to you. You remain special, yet.

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I am thankful.

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