A Woman Who Doesnt Quit Quotes

A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit Quotes

Who is a woman? A woman is a heroine by definition. She is an individual who uses their sensitiveness, along with their charm, to influence others and make their own lives better.

As a woman, challenges and troubles are inevitable and there is definitely no possibility of doing without facing any challenges and pains. Having to withstand the pains and hurts without any form of restraint until it wears off is the strength of a woman who doesn’t give up or quit.

There are times when we feel like giving up or quitting and that moment is totally unfortunate. But this moment also sometimes has its own opportunities and an inherent strength-finding within it.

It is needed that you equip yourself as a woman with the right words to spur up strength in you during these times of hurts and pains, or as a friend, it is expedient that you help your sister or friend to strengthen her resolve as well as appreciate her strength as she passes through her hurtful times and challenging seasons.

I have specially prepared for you quotes that will help you scale through these seasons as the strong woman that you are, with these inspirational quotes of a woman who doesn’t quit, you are sure to feel inspired and motivated.

Don’t hesitate any longer, scroll through and collect these strength-reviving quotes of a woman who doesn’t quit.

A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit Quotes

Set-backs may be inevitable. Yet, the power to persevere rests with you! Always keep up your spirits. Never be discouraged. Believe in yourself, because you will find a way to succeed and don’t think of quitting! You are a woman of substance.

1. You’re a true warrior. You’re a strong lady. You are a woman who refuses to give up.

2. She doesn’t quit, because even though she doesn’t always see it, she was made for MORE.

3. Here’s to the woman who can’t stop even when everything hurts and every day is harder than the last. May your efforts be rewarded, and may you find peace and rest in this imperfect world.

4. I am proud of the work I create. I am proud of the strength it takes to be me. And every day, I am proud that I don’t quit. This is the strength of a woman who doesn’t quit!

5. I’m not a woman who gives up. I fight for my dreams and the things that really matter to me.

6. I don’t quit. I persevere and I prevail. This is my autobiography! I am a fighter, not a quitter!

7. No, you can’t keep me down. I’m a fighter and a winner. And this is my life story! I don’t quit. I persevere and I prevail. And I’m going to show the world what men and women can do when they don’t give up.

8. I don’t quit, I can’t quit and I won’t quit because I believe that overcoming adversity shapes us as stronger human beings.

9. My life has been an adventure. I’ve had the privilege and honour of facing challenges, hardships, and tragedy. But in those moments, I persevered. I pushed through because I refused to quit. And I believe it is your duty to push yourself to the limit too. You are stronger than you think.

10. I am a force to be reckoned with. I am an experience that you’ll never forget and it is just beginning because I don’t quit!

11. In the face of challenges and setbacks, you should always persevere. Never be discouraged, because you will find a way to succeed. Always have the attitude of not quitting!

12. The story of a successful woman. But the road to success was not easy for me. I had to overcome many difficult situations in my life but I never quit. You can do much more better.

13. I knew I had the willpower to persevere. I knew that, no matter what happened or how many times I failed, I am going to push through and fight on until I become successful, I won’t give up.

14. That moment when you realize that your potential outweighs your excuses. Believe in yourself, and go for it. It’s the inner strength that matters. Don’t give up!

15. Here’s to the amazing woman who never gives up, even when all odds are stacked against her. You’re amazing, and you’re an inspiration to all of us.

16. Here’s to the magical woman who doesn’t quit even when everything hurts and every day is harder than the last. Grease to your elbows and more strength to you!

17. My journey is your inspiration to overcome all obstacles on the road to success. I am living proof that there is no mountain too tall, no river too wide, and no journey too difficult for a woman who does not quit.

18. I’ve seen women with scars that they won’t let show because of the way society made them feel. I’ve seen girls who fight like hell but don’t make it through. I know what it means to lose yourself and I’ve been there, but it’s tempting to stay in your own darkness because eventually, that becomes all you know. But I’m here to say: YOU’RE STILL HERE. Fight like hell and journey through it. Don’t quit!

19. I’m in between a rock and a hard place, but I’ll never surrender. This is the attitude of a strong and never quitting woman. You’ve got it all, lady. You are an example to generations ahead.

20. You’re on your feet, and you know what to do. However, it’s not smooth sailing all the way. With your positive attitude and drive, you’ll keep pushing forward until you reach the end. I honour and respect you for this, woman.

21. Sometimes you feel so alone. But don’t give up. You’re not alone. You’ve got people who love you and want the same things you do. You’ll get out of this situation just fine. Just ensure you don’t quit!

22. No matter what life throws at you, you can always be inspired and find ways to evolve. Be a fighter and not a quitter!

23. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. And because of that ring of truth in those words, you’ll always be working, so don’t give up, woman!

24. If you’re struggling, it’s not the end of the world. It’s just time to take your life back. Don’t quit!

25. Life doesn’t get easier, but you get tougher. This is the attitude of every strong woman. I am confident you are nothing short of a strong woman. Keep moving!

26. You’ve got to keep pushing, there are no excuses, life will always present you with struggles and hurdles, only the fighters win and the quitters lose, My lady, don’t quit!

27. Just keep pushing forward. Don’t look back, don’t count the loss, don’t consider the pain and DON’T QUIT!

28. Keep your head up. God gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers. You are a very strong and virtuous woman, strive through and I am confident, you’ll be victorious at last!

29. Life is a balance between holding on and letting go. Don’t let go, my woman, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

30. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. The starting point may be vigorous but focus on the end for there lies the true essence. Don’t quit!

The woman who doesn’t quit is strong and she can endure until the end to overcome her problems and challenges in life. She won’t stop just because of one bad experience but will always redeem and bounce back.

She is flexible and adaptable to any circumstance. She takes challenges that come her way as an opportunity to grow, change and develop more skills and expand more so she can conquer them.

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