6th Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

6th Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

Words and actions are the most awesome gifts you can give your little angel. When you present a happy face and show excitement about her existence, she will hold on to it and never let it go.

Celebrating the half, a year birthday of your princesses gives you the privilege to look back and be thankful for the gift given to you and also for the fact that the Exclusive breastfeeding (if you did it) ends today(yippee!) so I’ll say it’s a double celebration!

Shower your adorable with love, wishes, prayers, cakes and yes, a lot of hugs on her 6th-month journey on earth with you and let her know you are more than willing to go all the way with her.

Here are some stunning 6th month birthday wishes for baby girl.

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Happy Sixth Month Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Baby Girl

See these cute happy sixth months birthday wishes for baby girl

Little Miss, I hope these beautiful birthday wishes come to perfection in your life as you clock half a year today and never forget how much I love you. Happy 6 months birthday to you, my dear.

1. Oh! Dear angel, happy 6 months old to you. You have been a strong and healthy baby. I love you from mum.

2. Just another six months to celebrate your first birthday, may you always show that cute smile every day. Happy birthday to you, my rare gem.

3. As you have started crawling, may you not crawl into harmful objects. God’s protection on you always. Happy 6 months, my dearest princess.

4. Now that you have grown from breastmilk only. I wish you sound health as you try other food. Happy birthday to you my 6 months Stargirl.

5. It’s been six months of life-changing, six months of pure happiness, six months of making us a parent. Happy 6 months, my cupcake.

6. Hey princess, it’s been 6 months of togetherness. Now let’s sit together and watch your favourite cartoon. Happy birthday.

7. You taught me how to love more, smile more and play more. I live you dearest daughter. Happy 6 months, my princess.

8. Even though I sing all the baby’s songs with my cracked voice, compose any songs without rhymes and rhythms, you will still laugh and loved them. Thank you for accepting me. Enjoy your 6 months old my love.

9. Since you have come into my life 6 months ago, you have made the journey so easy and fun-filled. You made me enjoy motherhood. Happy 6 months to you.

10. If there’s an award for the best six months baby, you deserve it every year because you are the most healthy and energetic baby. Happy birthday to you.

11. Even though we still have a long way to go, you have made us begin the journey on a smooth and easy ride. Thanks, my cutie girl. Happiest 6 months to you.

12. I’m sending a shout-out to the world’s best 6 months old ever. You are the best thing that has happened to me. Happy 6 months old, my joy.

13. As today marks your halfway to being one, I wish you more strength to scale through the baby’s hurdles. Rock your six months babygirl

14. I pray for an increase from your height to your age. May you celebrate years on earth. Happy 6month baby girl.

15. Welcome to the month that ends Exclusive breastfeeding and introduces other nutritional food. May all work perfectly for you. Happy 6 months old darling princess.

16. May your days be longer than 6 months on earth little angel. Happy 6 months to you my peaches.

17. Even though you are half a year today, I see a famous woman in you. For now, let me celebrate the beauty in your life. Happy 6 months my Honey bear

18. Crawling, walking and eating solid food are the steps you are about to embark on. Happy 6 months my sunflower.

19. Strength, long life and love are a few of my wishes on your half-year birthday. Enjoy your day, lovely angel.

20. As you turn 6 months old today, may you have forever happiness, love you my boo-boo kitty

21. May your life be colourful like those beautiful colours on your birthday cake. Happy 6 months old, sweet daughter.

22. To the most beautiful gift on earth, happy 6 months old precious gem.

23. May you be blessed with goodness, love and continuous pure heart. Happy six months old, sweetest girl.

24. You aren’t a year yet, but you have the brain of two years – smart and caring. Happy 6 months birthday my shine. Continue to brighten the world.

25. Here’s to more years filled with unstained happiness, my baby girl on your six months old birthday. Longer life, I pray.

6 Months Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

Hey precious baby girl, I hope these wishes brings everlasting joy and happiness to your life. Above all, it gives you reasons to laugh as always as you step into your 6th months of coming into my life.

See these awe-mazing 6 months birthday wishes for cute baby girl.

26. With loud cheers and laughter, I celebrate you my baby on your first 6 months on earth. May you continue to enjoy God’s grace and protection. Love you my almond joy.

27. 6 months ago, I heard your first cry, held your tiny body in my arms, behold your beautiful face. The journey has been splendid. We are almost there baby, so no giving up. Happy half birthday to you, my Sheela

28. I can’t believe it’s 26 weeks of knowing each other as mother and daughter. It’s has been a wonderful experience and with your pretty smile, I know you’ve also enjoyed the journey. Happy 6 months my Paavai

29. I celebrate you my Raven on your first 6 months of life. I am so proud of your daily improvement. Know that I will always be with you on this smooth journey of ours. Happy birthday my blueberry

30. Within these 6 months, you have tested your first tiny tooth on me even though I feel the pain, your sweet smile quickly gives me relief. Happy half birthday my sugar plum.

31. When I looked at your sweet face, I understand the meaning of genuine love. 6 months with you have been an awe-mazing experience for me. More celebration to you my apple pie.

32. You are my angel, my joy and my smile. You bring the superwoman in me. In fact, you are my existence. Happy 6 months my Honeybun

33. Hey lollipop, you are 26 weeks old today, it’s a great feeling of love and happiness. Have a blessed day baby. Happy birthday.

34. You have been a blessing to me, your dad and your siblings. You made parenthood so easy and you have added fun to the family. We all love you so much. Happy half birthday, princess.

35. Even though it’s going to be another 6onyhs before your first birthday, permit me to celebrate your first half because you have been a great joy to me. Happy birthday cutie pie

36. As this 6th month mark the new milestone of your life in the area of food, may it marks the first milestone in the areas of blessings. Happy 182. 5 days to my Bubba.

37. Our first 6 months as dad and daughter have been greasy and at the same time awe-mazing.

38. Half a birthday is a reminder of the hurdles you have scaled through. Happy 6 months old my cute sunshine

39. Hey cutie pie, I’m so excited to see your ur rapid growth, I wish you more increment in life. Happy 6 months birthday, my smiley.

40. Hey sunshine, you are halfway to being one but I’m so excited you are halfway to call me ‘mummy’!. Happy birthday, my little pal.

41. It’s so amazing how you have rapidly grown from an infant to a big baby girl. May you not only increase on growth but also in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Happy 182.5 days old, my petal

42. Your first six months have been filled with laughter, joy and happiness. I feel at peace when I hold you in my arms. Life is beautiful with you. Happy 6 months, my Daisy.

43. Dear daughter, happy half birthday to you. You are strong and lovely. Continue to stay healthy. Love from mama.

44. Your sweet smile put my mind at rest, I’m enjoying the present with you and I see a bright future ahead. Enjoy being 6 months my blossom.

45. Six months from now, you won’t be crawling only but saying some sweet words and I hope you will say mama first. Happy half birthday my Choco.

46. Your second six month will be your one year birthday, I can’t wait to celebrate my Bluebell. Happy 6 months, my love.

47. Yes, it’s your half birthday but I wish you a whole year of surprises. Happy birthday, my little man.

48. These first 6 months of your life will be filled with the 12 months of goodness. You make me proud, my tough girl.

49. I celebrate your 6 months today because you are worth celebrating. Even as a baby, you protect me and made it easy for me to cherish you. Enjoy your day, my Coco.

50. This is your first 6 months on earth and you have adapted well to nature. I live you my little fairy. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes and Prayers for 6 Months Old Baby Girl

Darling princess, the prayers and wishes I’m sending you on your half a year birthday are what I hope for you to become. I see greatness in you since the first day I held you in my arms and I hope to see you become a success. Love you forever, baby.

These collections of birthday wishes and prayers for 6 months old baby girl are what is needed to make the cute princess feel special and love.

51. Here’s wishing my little Bella a happy 6 months old today, continue to live happily and innocently. Love you my teddy bear.

52. Yes, the past 6 months has not been totally smooth, but it’s a ride I will embark on over and over again because you open my eyes to see reasons for being thankful. Happy half a year birthday to my little ruby.

53. May your today and forever be filled with happiness and good luck. Cheers to my baby girl on her 6 months year on earth

54. May you be protected day and night by He who created you. 6 months down, many years to go my princess.

55. May you fulfil your purpose in life. Happiest half birthday to my precious baby girl

56. Celebrating half birthday to my cutest baby girl. May you be blessed and favoured from now onwards. Enjoy the blessings of being 6 months old.

57. Six months ago, an angel came into my world and changed my life for the best. Happy 6 months old to you, love.

58. From this day, may heaven shower you with blessings, may you be highly favoured. Enjoy your 6 months on earth baby girl

59. May you celebrate more than 60 years, but for now, let’s cheer to your six months, my darling girl.

60. May your joy continue to be full as you step into the 6th month on earth. Happy birthday, princess.

61. Celebrating you twice a year shows how important you are to my life. Happy half birthday to you angel.

62. May the joy and happiness of being 6 months be with you always. Happy birthday daughter of grace.

63. Now that you’ve started crawling, I pray for protection and sound health for you, my honey pie. Happy 6 months old.

64. The experience of the past 6 months has been exciting and a little bit tedious, but you made be quite interesting. Happy 6 month, best baby girl.

65. Baby girl is 6 months today, no more Exclusive Breast Feeding again. I’m so happy. Blessed day daughter.

66. May your days be long and may you fulfil purposes. Happy 6 months old baby girl.

67. Happy half birthday to you dearest baby girl, be forever happy sweet.

68. I’m proud to call you my baby, you are exceptional. Happy 6 months old princess.

69. Hurray! It’s 6 months since an angel came to my family. You lighten the darkness in our family. Thank you for choosing my family. I love you, baby girl.

70. With joy in my heart, I celebrate my baby girl on her 6 months old on earth. You complete me and made me love being your mother

71. I’m proud to know you, baby girl. I’m proud to be your father and I’m glad to be in your world. Happy 6 months to you.

72. Dear baby girl, happy 6 months old. You are strong and an expected miracle in my life. Stay fulfilled my love.

73. You made me have joy every minute I sit on the floor with you. Enjoy your half birthday daughter.

74. Six months from now that you are six months old, you will no more be crawling but saying some sweet, funny words. I can’t wait to see you do that. Happy birthday, sweetest girl.

75. In the next 6 months, you will be celebrating your first year birthday but now, let me celebrate your half birthday, dear daughter.

6th Month Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Dear daughter, even though you can’t put words together now, I know you can see the genuine love I have for you and how much I desire to see you do well in life, so I’m sending you these wishes as you clock 6 months today for you to use them as an assurance of my love for you.

Check out these breathtaking 6th months birthday wishes for your angelic baby girl.

76. Celebrating your half birthday is liking celebrating your first birthday. Happy 6 months daughter.

77. I was thinking of making you a cake when you clock one, but your full smile changed my plan. So blow this half candle and grow my lovely daughter. Happy 6 months old to you.

78. Even though, it’s your half birthday, I wish you a whole year of blessings. Happy 6 months to you, angel.

79. The half birthday will be filled with 12 months of goods. You make me happy. Happy birthday, my sweet cupcake.

80. The reason for celebrating you is because you are my reason. Happy 6 months, my peculiar gift.

81. I can’t stop admiring your life. I’m thankful for having you in my life. Happy 6 months old, my priceless gem.

82. You are our miracle, you are our gift, you are our dreams come true. Happy birthday my ever-energetic six-month-old baby.

83. I can’t explain how I’m feeling as you clock six months today. The feeling is out of this world! Happy birthday, my starlight.

84. God gave me the best baby ever and six months after, I’m still grateful for this huge gift. Have a great six months birthday, my lovely girl.

85. Wow! It’s six months since you came with your soft cry and cute face to my life. Happy birthday to you, little angel.

86 Your presence brightens the room, your smile allays fear and your cute hug calms my heart. You are a blessed child. Happy 6 months old, shine.

87. A wish to my darling daughter, may God bless you with a good life. Happy 6 months old to you.

88. You charmed all with your cute smile. We love you so much. Happy birthday to you, dearest daughter.

89. The cutest thing ever is you, my baby. You are a dream come true. Happy celebration to you on your six months birthday.

90. Happy 6 months to my darling daughter. Continue to bless us with your cute smile.

91. The happiness of this world should be given to you my baby girl because you deserve it. Happy birthday to my 6 months old angel.

92. I’m the most blessed because an angel has decided to dwell in my home. Thank you for choosing my family. Happy six months of pure happiness, my lovely daughter.

93. With joy in my heart, happiness in my soul and laughter in my family, we celebrate your birthday of six months old darling munchkin. We love you so much.

94. When asked whole I call myself a lucky woman, I looked at your beautiful face. You are my lucky charm dearest daughter. Happy 6 months old, my love.

95. You rule the house with your cute and innocent smile. I love you, my pumpkin. Enjoy your six months on earth love.

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96. I always see myself as a delicate woman but you bring out the strength in me and makes me a superwoman. Happy 6 months, sweetest child…

97. May you grow to become a beautiful woman. I love you dearest daughter. Happy half birthday to my world.

98. Happiness as you celebrate being six months of coming to my life. I wish you the best, my favoured daughter.

99. I can never get tired of celebrating you, dearest princess. You bring out the best in me. Happy 6 months my love.

100. As you celebrate your half birthday today, God will favour you more and more.

Find these 6th months birthday wishes for baby girl amazing? Why don’t you say as many as you can to your baby girl and make her feel like an angel or princess you call her.

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