30th Birthday Poems for Girlfriend

30th Birthday Poems for Girlfriend

You can never get tired of celebrating your lover’s birthdays as long as the sun and the moon are still functioning. This makes the need for romantic birthday messages to celebrate lovers very important. It is always good to meet up to the higher-level one is placed.

So, when your girlfriend who is 30 years of age is celebrating her birthday, you just want to stand up from the rest of the friends, families and acquaintances who also send their wishes to her- after all, you are the BOYFRIEND. To get the best birthday ideas to celebrate a girlfriend’s special day, you need the best resources, and YOU ARE RIGHT HERE!

Poems are special ways to convey special messages for a lover on their birthday. It gives them the feeling of being tuned into love and the joy is heightened.

So, for your girlfriend’s 30th birthday, you only have to carefully read through each of the cute 30th birthday poems for girlfriend below and get sunk in their deep revelation of love.

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Romantic Happy 30th Birthday Poems for her – Girlfriend

The thought of your 30th birthday alone exudes a romantic feeling, my dear girlfriend. You are beautiful and your words are like poems to the very ears that understand. So, I wish you a happy birthday.

1. I drool at every gaze I have on you
Because your beauty is ravishing
And the door of your heart is opened to me
I can go in and out, thanks to you
Happy birthday to you at 30 years.

2. No other touch seems me that electric feeling
As I feel when I get your touch
Even with my eyes closed, I can feel it
The sensory cell of my body never misses your ID
You make loving you fun.
Happy birthday to you, my girlfriend.

3. Dear girlfriend,
The world is a very large place to explore
But when you are with me, I can do it all
For you are the world I can behold
I need not worry when I can explore it all with you
And you keep giving me undiluted love.
Happy birthday at 30 years to you, girlfriend.

4. My lovely girlfriend,
How great is the memory of this day
A day when you were born and displayed
You have become to me a nitro boost
And like a car, you give me speed for effectiveness
You are the glucose in my blood. Happy birthday to you.

5. Love is the most powerful magic
It comes with an overwhelming effect
Upon every life that comes in contact with it
You are the energy that fills my system
The glue that binds in love
Happy birthday to my girlfriend at 30.

6. 6. What warms a man’s heart more than another heart?
What can warm the cold body more than another body?
The feeling of your succulent body is the joy of my soul
Turning 30 years is you becoming a better version
And to say you are my beloved gives me peace
Happy birthday to you, dear girlfriend.

7. Dear candy,
Happy 30th birthday to you.
I savour the smell of your hairs
I am excited at the sight of your eyes
For your eyes are like that of a dove
Penetrating deep into my origin
Enjoy your new age, dear girlfriend.

8. The roundness of your face can only be matched
Unequivocally with the roundness of your endowment
And when I think about the comfort it brings
And the calmness it attracts to my soul,
I cannot but cherish the day you were born/
For thirty years now, happy birthday to you, girlfriend.

9. Lovers are two sides of a coin
That always stick together.
It is a wonderful feeling to be fused
And when I have you in my life
The marathon is easily endured
And on your special day, I see the sweetness
Happy birthday to you, my girlfriend.

10. The taste of watermelon cannot be compared
To what you taste of.
For you taste of goodness, sweetness and purity
Dripping with all amount of love, you are
And you never miss out.
On the beautiful moments. Happy 30th birthday
Dear girlfriend.

11. The beauty of life cannot be rightly expressed
Without the beautiful colours of life
You colour over me like a painter
And I am happy to be your palette
Go on and make the beautiful drawing
Happy 30th birthday, my girlfriend.

12. Being you without feeling guilty is the best feeling
And with you, it becomes a possibility to enjoy
You are the beautiful birds with colourful feather
Singing in a pitched tune outside my yard
And whose tune I cannot resist
Happy 30th birthday, my lovable girlfriend.

13. I cannot get over the feeling of your love
Neither can I become the best today
When I have you pushing me daily
For when I thought I have achieved a goal
You make me see another target ahead.
Happy 30th birthday to you, my girlfriend.

14. The lubrication of metal in constant contact
Is but for preservation and efficacy
Thanks for being that oil lubricating my surge
And desire to keep pushing ahead to climax
And with every thrust, I know that the sky is the limit
Happy 30th birthday to you, my girlfriend.

15. Your birthdays bring me an orgasmic excitement
And I can’t wait to hold you in my arms
And swirl you in a circle like the fairy tales
Of two lovers about to cascade into the air
Happy 30th birthday to you, my beloved
Continue to excel in abundance.

There is no sweeter way to celebrate a lover than using poems and if you are so romantic, how beautiful! Share these cute 30th birthday poems for your girlfriend across to her and also to those friends of yours who love their girlfriends.

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