Birthday Instagram Captions

20th Birthday Instagram Captions (2022)

Birthdays are times in our lives that remind us of a lot of things; of love, of life, of family and of all the beautiful things that surround us.

These and many more are things to be grateful for, especially for such a remarkable age as 20.

So, compiled here are birthday messages for yourself, your lover, your friends and family at 20. It’s one of the most beautiful ways to say “Happy birthday” with love.

Happy 20th Birthday Captions for Instagram

Whether it’s your 20th birthday or someone else’s, these happy 20th birthday Instagram Captions are the cutest to use. The best of 20th birthday Instagram Captions for yourself, lovers family and friends.

1. It’s another beautiful day, just that it’s different from every other beautiful day because, on the occasion of this day, a special was born! Happy 20th birthday, girlie.

2. You are happy today is your birthday but I’m more happy because today, years ago I got the best life has to offer. Happy 20th birthday, beautiful.

3. I can’t keep calm coz it’s your birthday, the love you deserve is out of this world, so live large and prosper! Happy 20th birthday, honey.

4. It’s your special day and I’m happy I’m part of it, you’re a bundle of joy to me and I pray that you get as much joy you deserve this new year of yours! Happy 20th birthday, love.

5. It’s another journey of 365 days for me, I see new impacts and I see a quantum leap year for me. Happy 20tg birthday celebration to me!

6. I’m 20 and I’m excited about it, life is getting better and the story is getting more exciting! Happy birthday to me.

7. I’ve watched you grow over time and I’m convinced that you’re perfect for this age. I wish you lots of joy on this day! Happy 20th birthday to my cousin!

8. You’re the sweetest of all and I’m glad you’re mine. Happy 20th birthday to you, love.

9. It’s time to paint the town all red coz of you. It’s your big day and I’m excited about it! Happy 20th birthday, girl.

10. Indelible are the marks you leave on people that come in contact with you and great are your achievements in this new season of yours! Happy 20th birthday, love.

11. The journey of you being so little to being this big still excites me, you’re a great girl and I’m proud to be your mum! Happy 20th birthday, my not too little girl!

12. You’ve made fatherhood a choice I’ll forever be glad I made and I’ll make that choice with you over and over again! Happy 20th birthday, my boy.

13. You’ve always been this sweet and cute right from time. You’ve brought so much joy to us and we’re glad to parent you. Happy 20th birthday, our sweet boy.

14. You’re in your blooming years already, great joy is yours and your steps are ordered of the Lord. Happy 20th birthday, baby.

15. Isn’t it great how much joy you’ve brought to us in so little time? Nations come to your rising and you’re blessed of the Lord. Happy 20th birthday, sweetie.

16. Your ways are unique because your mind is a special one. I wish you loads of joy in this new age of yours! Happy 20th birthday, love.

17. You’re the best anyone could ever have gotten. You’ve made sisterhood as fun as hell and I’m glad you’re always there for me. Happy 20th birthday, sweet sister.

18. Years back, I never knew that the decision dad and mum made to bring you to this world would change my life forever, you’re my best and I’m glad I’ve got you always! Happy birthday, little brother.

19. You’ve turned my worst nightmare into a beautiful day, so what more would I not be grateful for in you? Happy 20th birthday, sweetheart.

20. You’re special to me forever. I’m glad I’ve got a sister like you! Happy 20th birthday, sweet love.

21. I wish that your big day is fun-filled and that you get all the love that you deserve. Happy 20th birthday, sweetheart.

22. You’re young, smart and full of vigour. Fill the earth with all the happiness that you carry! Happy 20th birthday, sweet girl.

23. Your big day comes with a special feeling for me coz you’re a special bundle of joy to me! Happy 20th birthday, girlie.

24. You’re so much of a joy to us and we’re glad you’re part of this family so we celebrate you now and always! Happy 20th birthday, baby.

25. I hope that you experience an explosive one on your big day. Enjoy now and always, love.

26. You’re a better part of us and we’re glad you’re this special to us! Happy 20th birthday, sweetie.

27. That you’re joy-filled now and always and that you’re at your best for the rest of your years, these are my heartfelt wishes for you! Happy 20th birthday, love.

28. I wish that your days are filled with happiness and joy immeasurable that you have so much to spread all around you! Happy 20th birthday, lad.

29. Your big day is special to us but you’re much more special in person! Happy 20th birthday, sweetie.

30. You’ve come to a full-blown age, live well and prosper! Happy 20th birthday, baby.

31. This magical moment of joy and bliss is for you to enjoy. It’s your big day and you have all the happiness to yourself! Happy 20th birthday, sister.

32. I’ve learnt to live so well with you because you’re one angel in a lifetime. Happy 20th birthday, cute sister.

33. Grow in age and wisdom. Enjoy all the sweetness that your big day brings! Happy 20th birthday, sweet boy.

34. May your birthday bring so much favour and love your way. Happy 20th birthday, sweetheart.

35. Today is all yours, make the best happen and enjoy all that you wish. Happy 20th birthday, love.

36. You’re a ray of beautiful sunshine and I’m glad I can watch you shine so bright! Happy 20th birthday, sweet girl.

37. The perfect days are here, you have all that you need to enjoy it! Happy 20th birthday, lover.

38. Enjoy all the excitements and love your big day brings coz you deserve it! Happy 20th birthday, love.

39. Today is all about you and nothing else. All that matters today and always is you! Happy 20th birthday, lover.

40. I’ve watched you grow from cradle and now you’re this big, I’m forever proud to call you mine! Happy 20th birthday, my sweet girl.

41. Blow out your candles and make explosive wishes coz they’re bound to come true! Happy 20th birthday, sweetie.

42. I’m sending you lots of love on this special occasion of yours. Enjoy all that it is that makes you happy! Happy 20th birthday, my love.

43. Let the balloons fly so high, joyfully in the skies as today is special for you and I. Happy 20th birthday, lover.

44. You deserve a special kind of joy and that’s what I’m sending to you on this special day of yours! Happy 20th birthday, beauty.

45. Let the flowers blossom in their time and the breeze blow softly as you enjoy your big day today! Happy 20th birthday celebration, love.

46. May this day bring more awesome surprises your way now and always! Happy 20th birthday, baby.

47. Close your eyes, make your wishes and blow up your candles, open your eyes and see all of your wishes come true! Happy 20th birthday, sweetie.

48. It’s awesome knowing you’re this big today, I’m a proud sister and I’m glad to call you mine. Happy 20th birthday, little brother.

49. Get yourself a splash of every good thing today, you deserve the best! Happy 20th birthday, amigo.

50. You’re more than a friend to me and I’m happy I can call you sister. Happy 20th birthday, baby girl.

51. Prosper in health even as your soul prospers, enjoy an awesome birthday. Happy 20th birthday, girlie.

52. Keep being at your best. You’re awesome just the way you are! Happy 20th birthday, my angel.

53. To that best friend I’m glad to have to myself, I wish that you have an amazing birthday just the way you are! Happy 20th birthday, bestie.

54. Your smile is beautiful just as your soul is, I wish you all the happiness you deserve now and always! Happy 20th birthday, sweet girl.

55. May this day bring remarkable successes your way. Happy 20th birthday, babe.

56. You’re incredibly amazing and I’m glad to be part of your life. Enjoy your big day and prosper! Happy 20th birthday, love.

57. Birthdays aren’t in the numbers but in the indelible marks you leave wherever you are, you’ve left more than enough to reason with! Happy 20th birthday, sweetie.

58. You’re a mood changer, happy all the times with all sense of sweetness. Enjoy your day and have a blast! Happy 20th birthday, love.

59. I wish that you look back to this day and be happy that all your wishes come true! Happy 20th birthday, girl.

60. Your day is here and I’m gonna make so much noise about it coz you deserve to be celebrated! Happy 20th birthday, love.

61. A birthday without the love and wishes of families and friends isn’t always a happy one. We’ll always be there to celebrate your big day with you! Happy 20th birthday, love.

62. Stay strong and stay beautiful. These are my heartfelt wishes for you today. Happy 20th birthday, lover.

63. Enjoy the new year in wellness of mind and sweetness of spirit, you deserve much more happiness! Happy 20th birthday, beautiful.

64. Let the joy and love you feel today be yours now and forever. I wish you a blissful new year! Happy 20th birthday, girl.

65. The sunrise is bright enough to tell you that this new year of yours is going to be amazingly beautiful, enjoy the goodness of the day! Happy 20th birthday, love.

66. May your beautiful smile never fade away, stay awesome all the year round! Happy 20th birthday, my love.

67. I can’t lay on the right words to use for you, so all I can say right now is that you’re s bunch of amazement and I wish that you have a great year ahead! Happy 20th birthday, lovey dovey.

68. May your days be filled with bliss and all sweetness of life! Happy 20th birthday, baby.

69. You’ll look back to this day and be glad that a new year began for you! Happy 20th birthday, amigo.

70. May all that you wish for come your way but in a much more better way! Happy 20th birthday, darling.

71. Much more that you wish for is granted to you now and always! Happy 20th birthday, dearest.

72. Your big day is bright, just like a reflection of you. I wish that all your days are bright and full of life! Happy 20th birthday, sweet cousin.

73. My warmest wishes for you is to enjoy your birthday in a much lovely and peaceful way! Happy 20th birthday, love.

74. I am sending you loads of sweet wishes on your birthday. Have a pleasant birthday celebration. Happy 20th birthday, dear.

75. It’s absolutely amazing to see you celebrate, but much more amazing that I can be part of your celebration. Enjoy your day with all shades of love. Happy 20th birthday, dearest.

76. There are no better ways to appreciate the ones you love than to make them comfortable on their special days, I cherish you now and forever! Happy 20th birthday, dear.

77. I can see so much love around you, that’s to tell you to keep being at your best and never give up on your good deeds! Happy 20th birthday, love.

78. Birthdays are a reflection of love and achievements. I see you doing so much more this year! Happy 20th birthday, darling.

79. You’re young but not too young to make a difference and make your dreams come true, I believe in you and in your dreams! Happy 20th birthday, love.

80. It’s time to break grounds, take them up and live up your aspirations. You’re more than you think you are! Happy 20th birthday, dear.

81. May your aspirations be filled with fulfilment and your dreams filled with realization! Happy 20th birthday, dear.

82. Today is your day and you’re gonna love it like its never coming back again. Enjoy all there’s to today! Happy 20th birthday, love.

83. You’re a year older today, I’m sure it’s gonna be a purposeful one and much more a happy one! Happy 20th birthday, dearest.

84. May favour find you out and place you on top of your wishes just to make them come true! Happy 20th birthday, darling.

85. Today is all about you and all about the happiness you’ll feel all round the year, I wish you many happy returns of today! Happy 20th birthday, Amiga.

86. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and celebrating you today is celebrating my success. I wish you a happy new year! Happy 20th birthday, love.

87. I’ve seen you come this far and I’m persuaded of better things of you. Break forth in every side this year! Happy 20th birthday celebration, cute sister.

88. There are many years to celebrate but this year is special because it’s a big hit for you! Happy 20th birthday, buddy.

89. May your days bring beautiful smiles to your face and may you celebrate all year long! Happy 20th birthday, dearest.

90. I hope that you have a blast of a celebration, with all joy and smiles on your face. Happy 20th birthday, darling.

91. It’s a beautiful day coz it’s you that’s to be celebrated. I wish you an amazing celebration. Happy 20th birthday, friend.

92. I can see the bright side this year is bringing your way, it’s going to be a really pleasant one! Happy 20th birthday, dearest.

93. The year is here, so young and new. Much more to be done and more grounds to be broken! Happy 20th birthday, dear.

94. You’re amazing in so many ways, pleasant and full of life. Continue to spread the fragrance of love now and always! Happy 20th birthday, dear.

95. I hope that my wishes bring so much smile to your face and happiness to your soul! Happy 20th birthday, darling.

96. You’re one in a million and you deserve to be celebrated in a special way I wish that your birthday is as amazing as you are! Happy 20th birthday, girlie.

97. You’re the real deal here today and I hope that you get all the love that you deserve! Happy 20th birthday, dearest.

98. I wish that all that is pleasant come your way now and always! Happy 20th birthday, love.

99. Today is special to me just as it is to you coz it reminds me of how lucky I am to have gotten such an angel as you! Happy 20th birthday, angel.

100. It’s gonna be joy overflow for you this year and in years to come. I wish you a beautiful birthday celebration. Happy 20th birthday, love.

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