1 Year Anniversary Instagram Posts

1 Year Anniversary Instagram Posts (2023)

The first year of a beautiful relationship, just like all other beginnings is always filled with excitement with prospects of things to come. I do not expect yours to be different. I, in fact, hope that today, being your 1 year anniversary opens new grounds on which you and yours can start building

To build in all ramifications means that you will not be leaving any stone unturned; not things like first year anniversary will be neglected. So, you are definitely not wrong to take the celebration of your 1 year anniversary serious.

Against all odds, the last one year has seen you and your partner flourish, love and support each other and it has geared you both into 2023 that will hopefully do more of these things for you.

So, here is celebrating the one that has kept your heart safe and sound for a year. Posting about him/her on Instagram is a beautiful thing to do to make the day memorable.

The following 1 year anniversary Instagram posts have been designed just to make your 1 year anniversary as beautiful as you want.
Get started!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Instagram Captions

When the lovely pictures or videos are ready, in the celebration of your 1st year together in love as boyfriend and girlfriend (love/relationship anniversary) or husband and wife (wedding anniversary), these 1 year anniversary Instagram Posts and Captions will do the job of celebrations for you. The celebration of your 1st year of love, relationship, wedding or marriage is on us!

1. This picture speaks volume. Right? I remember this day like it was yesterday and I could not be happier to share this part of us with all of our friends. Happy one year anniversary to us.

2. It is our one year anniversary and it still feels so good to be yours. It actually feels like one year has not passed. But, you and I know it has. Just as we know that we have many more years to go.

3. This is a bit of what our love represents – I am glad that we have this beautiful video to look back to ten years from now. Happy one year anniversary to us, babe.

4. We have worked so hard to be here and I am convinced that none of us is ready to relent anytime soon. We should pop champagne on our one year anniversary.

5. You, my dear, make the world a better place and I must confess that I am very impressed with the way you have handled my heart in the past year. Happy anniversary to us, love.

6. Yippee! I have always looked forward to celebrating anniversaries with you. Cheers to the beginning of several other anniversaries to come.

7. I am currently staring at this picture and I must confess that I am flushed. The way you look at me is heartwarming. It is our one year anniversary and I hope you do not stop doing it just as you are doing it in this picture.

8. Anytime a friend asks me what is special about you, I will now refer them to this video – I have no words to convince anyone of our love. Just us doing what we know how to do best; loving each other. Happy anniversary to us.

9. Happy wedding anniversary to us. Just last year, I was not even a wife yet and now, I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful babies. It has been the best one year of my life and I couldn’t wish for more.

10. It is very intriguing how you still make my mouth dry when you enter a room even after a year of our love story.

11. I am celebrating so many things today. For one, it is my birthday today and most interestingly, by this time last year, I had just said yes to your proposal. Happy one year anniversary to us.

12. Here we are being a couple of couples and just loving each other silly – and I love it so much that you are the one I will be celebrating my one year anniversary with.

13. You have shown me that trust is attainable within a very short period of time – thank you love for showing me the true meaning of loyalty, faithfulness and honesty. Happy one year anniversary to us, babe.

14. I do not take you and all that you represent in my heart for granted. Happy one anniversary to us, babe.

15. There is no point in letting all these frivolities distract us. The point I only want to reckon with is the fact that we will be making each other happy until we are old and grey. Happy one year anniversary to us.

16. Thank you so much for constantly showing me what love means and what it takes t be the love of someone’s life. Happy one year anniversary to us.

17. do not have a say about tomorrow. One thing I know for sure, however, is that how I feel about you is not fading any time soon. Happy one year anniversary to us.

18. That smile that you graciously wear is what I wish to always see and what I will always try to help you maintain. I wish us a great one year anniversary.

19. How about we get all the attention on our first year anniversary here with this beautiful picture and end the day in each other’s arms? Sounds awesome? Yeah! Let us do it.

20. With you by my side for the past one year, I have not only felt courageous and unstoppable, but I have also been courageous and unstoppable. I love you and happy anniversary.

21. Let the world do whatever it wishes. One thing that will remain constant is my love, respect and admiration fr you. Happy first year anniversary to us.

22. I never would have thought it was possible to feel this strongly about someone I just met a year ago. But, I do and here we are in each other’s businesses and I am happy to be yours and in your business.

23. I hope that the day eventually turns out as beautiful as the last one year has been. For me, every day since we started has been magical

24. There comes a time when we get tired of doing certain things for each other. I will not pretend that these things did not happen and I hope that I am able to do everything to keep you as mine as long as I live.

25. When love hits home, you feel some things that are beautiful beyond what words can explain – I know a little of this because I have been a recipient and giver of this kind of love; You. Happy one year anniversary to us, love

26. Everything boils down to one thing; I am yours and you are mine as long as the universe allows.

27. There are a thousand and one things I would like to do with you and to you today of all days. But, I am going to let it pass and just wish us happy anniversary day.

28. I am here to take all the congratulatory messages of all our friends and family and I feel so warm for all the beautiful messages.

29. I hope that we last enough and get to spend together forever. If not, I want this picture to always register in your heart.

30. You are the media guru. You know I am almost clueless. So, forgive me if what I am about to post triggers. It is all love from here and a heart unable to forget that today is our one year anniversary.

31. I have celebrated a lot of firsts with you and this by far goes down in history as the most anticipated one. I love you and cherish you.

32. I will keep singing it to the world – for anyone who cares to hear or listens, find me uploading many pictures of my wife on Instagram. Happy anniversary to us.

33. Very few people get me to like you. And to think we have only just known each other for a year. Whew! Happy first anniversary to us.

34. Someone told us that this is the place where love is celebrated with fervour; so, we are here to celebrate in the way that we know best; being goofy. Happy first anniversary to us.

35. I feel like partying with you by my side making things work and just supporting me. Happy one year anniversary to us.

36. It is our one year anniversary – as we have discussed, we will do exploits this year and make babies and travel around the world.

37. I want to be a lot of things – being your wife is the best of gifts. Happy one year anniversary to us, babe.

38. I am going to be posting a lot of these faces here today ‘from the uncertain to the beauty to the rush and others. Happy one year anniversary to us.

39. A lot of things have happened in the last one year one thing I am sure and grateful never happened is doubt about the love I have for you.

40. My love, you have made me some of the best things ever and have given me some of the most intense feelings. for this, I am grateful. that you are Hereafter a year is something I cherish.

41. By this time next year, I would like us to be taking things seriously.

42. I prayed to God for a companion and God being a wealthy person gave me you who is so many things in one. Happy anniversary love – we are a year old!

43. I want us to be good enough friends to talk about even the deepest, darkest things and I think as beginners, we are doing o well where we are headed.

44. There is no room for relapse on this love journey, there is only room for improvement and I am so joining.

45. You better get it all out there as I have done for you. Yes! Call me silly. I want us to continue showing ourselves off to these people.

46. I think if we are really happy today, we deserve just that and more.

47. We actually have been together for just a year. And I must say that she already feels like my second skin.

48. I am going to have a lot of time on my hands today. So, you can keep a tab on things down there. happy anniversary to us

49. Dearest lovely wife, I have you and it still feels beautiful that after a year, you are still the most beautiful person I know.

50. I ask for grace for the both of us – the kind of grace that helps couple flourish. Happy one year anniversary to us.

51. I am so in love with the way your mind works. I could spend the rest of my days in your arms and I would not be tired. Happy first year anniversary to us.

52. Daily, you remind me in many ways why you are God’s most resolute blessing to me and I must tell you that is exactly what I live for. Happy one year anniversary to us.

53. I am no longer curious about any other person. You have continuously shown me that you will always do things that interest me and make me want to know you more. So, I am all about being curious about you, the one that makes my heartbeat. Happy first year anniversary to us.

54. There is no need to slow things down anymore. If one year already got us like this. I am sure that years to come will even draw us deeper in love with each other.

55. I am so happy to be celebrating our one year anniversary in style. I am so chuffed I could not hide my excitement

56. A lot of times this past year has exposed me to some greatness in you – it has got me stuck on getting only you to be forever on my team. Happy anniversary to us.

57. This is me promising that I will be true and honest to the core where you and our love are concerned, I do not want the coming years to carry doubt that our love will survive. Happy one year anniversary.

58. I love to see you bubbly and all smiles – it remains the best times and moments for me and this is why I am promising to be forever committed to bringing smiles on your face. Happy anniversary to us.

59. You and I know that it is impossible to have a love that is flawless. Because we are humans, we are flawed, with you by my side, our flaws blend perfectly to produce beauty. So, as much as this last year has been about knowing one another, the rest of our lives will be about getting to know too while we stay drunk in love. Happy one year anniversary to us.

60. I waited several years before I got you and since I got you, I am convinced that you are the one and I am not letting you go. Happy one year anniversary to us.

61. Although, must confess that every day spent with you by my side feels like celebration already, I am not about to let the opportunity to celebrate our one year anniversary pass.

62. You have to believe that the love we share transcends the norm. it actually does. Because what else explains this way that I have been feeling for the past one year. Happy anniversary to us, babe.

63. You are the greatest, most beautiful and kindest person I have ever known. I have to let you know that y add so much worth to me. Happy one year anniversary to us.

64. I hope that in the garden of a thousand and one boys, you are able to stand out and stand for what you believe and the value you always want to share.

65. I am no longer hiding. It has been one year since we agreed to this beautiful journey and it has been nothing short of bliss.

66. I pray that all that we lay our hands on shall prosper. We deserve that much after such an adventurous year we had.

67. Love is a blessing it has shown men this through your eyes and I am equally open to the lesson that lies therein as long as it keeps us going after this one year.

68. Just like yesterday, we got married – and I can remember how anxious I was because I was about to marry a woman who deserved the world. Now, we are here celebrating one year anniversary and all is right with the world.

69. The universe must really love me. That is the conclusion I make whenever I think of you – left to me and my positioning, I would never have gotten you.

70. My heart is currently singing and dancing for joy. You already know why; it is our anniversary baby!

71. Wow! Instagram sure looks good on us. I am sure you agree. If there is anything I could do to never have us split, I would do it. Happy anniversary to us.

72. A lot of thing point to the fact that you have something up your sleeve. Anyway, whatever it is, I am your one true love come what may. Happy anniversary.

73. I am going to make breakfast for this moment that we both so hold dear. Happy anniversary to us.

74. There isn’t anything I love more than this friendship that we share. And thanks to technology, even your parents can and may not see it.

75. I like the fact that I am not the only one in love in this story. You are such a darling. Happy one year anniversary to us.

76. When things are blowing in your face, you just remember that there is me and other support system? Happy one year anniversary.

75. There is actually me learning a lot and so little from you; I wish us a wonderful anniversary.

76. I choose you. Over and over again, I choose you to be the woman I have on my arms for the rest of my lives.

77. You usually cover me, you inspire me to do really great things. Happy anniversary to us.

78. I hardly put how we met to hear. But, I truly enjoy every time you are in the class.

79. Here is me wishing that we have breakfast in bed and get up to walk bare feet round the home.

80. This is a post to show just how much my heart has changed and how far we have come together. Happy anniversary to us.

81. A lot of you all have probably never heard this from me. But, I am hopelessly and helplessly in love with an amazing man and it feels so good to tell and help you put a face to it. Happy one year anniversary to us.

82. I sincerely look forward to that time of my life where I can go on a family vacation with you and our kids. In the meantime, we have our one year anniversary to celebrate and that, I must say is equally thrilling.

83. I have been thinking a lot about this day and since it is our one year anniversary, I have come to the conclusion that we deserve to spend the whole of today doing only things that make us very happy.

84. I am so pleased to be in your heart and to have woken up in your arms on a significant day as this. Happy one year anniversary to us.

85. I know I said it already in the morning. But, I must say that since you left me this morning, I have been dying to see you and tell you again just how much one year with you as my love means to me.

86. I am no longer wary around you – in one year, I have learned that you are my ride or die and that you always have my best interest at heart and it feels so amazing. Happy anniversary to us.

87. Often times, when I find myself thinking about you and all that you stand for, I am unable to stop the smile that breaks out. You keep me flushed and I could not ask for a better way to feel flushed.

88. There are so many years we still have to explore together and my wish is that we never have a better last year. Since this is our first year anniversary though, it is safe to say you have given me the best year of my life.

89. Look at us; if you ask me, I do not think either of us has been or looked this happy in a very long time. Happy one year anniversary to us.

90. we are so deeply enamoured of each other and it shows in all we do and with every picture we take, the fire seems to combust.

91. There is no shying away from this fact anymore – you are the one I want to spend the rest of my years with. This past one year has made sure of that.

92. I like you. I like us. I like the fact that we choose each other against all odds and in the most beautiful ways. Happy one year anniversary to us.

93. There is nothing in the world; no matter how pleasant that is able to make me melt in smile like you. Happy one year anniversary to us

94. You can be internet sensation with a few good words. But, with these messages, your Instagram is set to blow up, and what better gift in this media age on your one year anniversary.

95. You are indeed the one for me. The past year has proven that and I am about to spend the next one year making you see that I am meant for you too.

96. It is one year already. wow! you, my dear, have made me so happy.

97. I am so lucky to be wrapped in your embrace and loved by you. Happy one year anniversary to us

98. Let us have the most beautiful time together on our one year anniversary

99. I am so happy to hold your hands daily and sleep in your bed all night. Happy one year anniversary to us

100. It feels so good to be loved by you. to think this is just the beginning is wonderful.

Do you love the messages you have just read here? If you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing https://www.viagrageneric.org/viagra-50mg them, it is appropriate that you pick one or two from these many blessings to help spice up your one year anniversary. I hope that you find the ones for you and yours.

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