Sweet Good Morning Messages for Him to Wake Up To

2023 Sweet Good Morning Messages for Him to Wake Up To

A man who loves you will most definitely want to wake up into the euphoria of a good morning sweet text from you. Whilst, the lady who loves him will surely make that happen.

Look no further, because any of these sweet morning texts will surely make his morning sweeter than his breakfast.

Let him read any of these texts while sipping his coffee.

Romantic Good Morning Text Messages for Him

Sweet Romantic good morning text messages for him. Good morning text messages to send to your boyfriend.

1. Instead of the sunshine, your face is all that I see in the morning. Good morning, my love.

2. The morning takes me into your warm arms, as I can’t stand starting my day without seeing you. Good morning, honey.

3. The angel that wakes me up from my slumber is you. Good morning, the angel of my life.

4. I feel like going out with you as the sun rises. Good morning, honey.

5. What do you do to me every morning, that makes me observe you like my morning prayer? Good morning, love.

6. No matter how good the morning is, without you, it will be dark. Good morning, my sunshine.

7. I look at you in the morning like my life was up to you. Good morning, my everything.

8. Good morning, love. My morning becomes cloudy without your rain of compliments on me.

9. I wake up in the morning, just to know if you’re doing fine. Good morning, my world.

10. I love the morning more because it marks the beginning of my day with you. Good morning, love.

11. When I look at you in the morning, it feels like the beauty of the world has just been intensified. Good morning, handsome.

12. When you wake up in the morning, you shine better than diamond. Good morning, my rare gem.

13. Nothing makes my morning special than the sound of your cute voice as you ask me “how do you do?” Good morning, sweety.

14. You’re so perfect to me, even the morning isn’t as unblemished as you are. Good morning, love.

15. Whenever I see the glow in your eyes, that tells me it’s the sunrise. Good morning, sweetheart.

16. Good morning, dearie. In the night, you take me to my dreamland and in the morning, you bring me back into a beautiful reality.

17. Good morning, love. It takes the stars for the night to look beautiful but it takes only your lovely smile to make the morning look perfect.

18. Good morning, honey. You’re the sweetness of the daybreak.

19. The morning brings out no stars because you shine brighter than any star in the sky. Good morning, sweety.

20. I feel you in my heart, and hear your voice in my head when it’s the morning. Good morning, my love.

21. I don’t like to leave your bed in the morning because I want to watch you sleep like a baby. Good morning, my love.

22. Good morning, my sweety. I love the way the heaven opens when you say to me “good morning, my love”.

23. You make everything right, once I see you in the morning. Good morning, my honey.

24. Good morning, love. I love how you pick me up every morning. As you do that, it makes me feel safe.

25. Good morning, angel. I always look forward to seeing you walk into my life all over again, every morning.

26. I can’t let this morning go by without telling you how much I want to see your face today. Good morning, my love.

27. You have made it a duty to make love fly in the air every morning. I hope this token of mine makes you feel special this morning. Good morning, my heartbeat.

28. If I had this morning to come again, I’ll wake up by your side. Good morning, my love.

29. Each morning with you, encompasses so much love in my heart, leaving me helplessly in love with you. Good morning, darling.

30. Good morning, angel. You are the joy of the morning, because, all I need to face the day is to see you.

31. Good morning, my one and only heartbeat. Instead of having my breakfast, I’ll rather have you, honey.

32. You’re the reason I’m eager to see the daybreak. You’re the reason the morning, became my favourite time of the day. Good morning, my love.

33. The gift of the morning is you to me. Good morning, my love.

34. I don’t need the rays from the sun. You’re my beam of light that surpasses the beauty of the rainbow. Good morning, love.

35. I love your aura every morning. It’s absolutely breathtaking and mind-blowing. Good morning, heartthrob.

36. You’re the beautiful ray of light of the day, made with love and joy. Good morning, sweety.

37. Good morning, honey. I love the way you put me in your plans just as much as your heart, every morning.

38. Good morning, love. Others might need a hot coffee every morning but, what I need is a warm hug from you.

39. Good morning, sweety. I see the morning in your eyes. It’s so bright.

40. Good morning, sweetheart. I do not draw my strength from breakfast. You’re my strength every morning.

41. Good morning, love. If I do not see the sun in the morning, your bright face will make up for that.

42. I never feel sad knowing every dawn marks a new beginning with you, in my life. Good morning, darling.

43. Good morning, sweety. Though, I’m not sure I saw the sunshine this morning but, I’m sure you brightened my countenance.

44. Good morning, honey. We make the hottest couple, because, couple that jogs together, slays together.

45. Every morning, I do not mind waiting for you, because, you alone kick start my day. Good morning, sweety.

46. Good morning, boo. I can’t refuse a hot coffee that comes from the one who makes my heartburn with romance and passion.

47. Good morning, my sweetness. How do you want it this morning, how coffee or hot me?

48. Good morning, love. The sun is at it came today, because, you’re my zenith.

49.Good morning, love. You’re the joy that came to me in the morning and lasted through the night.

50. Good morning, sweety. You represent my sunshine, because, you were the light that took the darkness away in my heart.

51. Every morning is brand new because, with you, I discover something new. Good morning, sweetness.

52. I saw you in my dreams last night and it’s cause I’m always thinking of you. Good morning, my love.

53. What’s better than my favourite breakfast? The kisses of your lips, my love. Top of the morning to you.

54. I’d rather take a bite from your lips than sip from the cup of a king. Good morning, sweetie.

55. I miss you every morning of the eve I did not share the same bed with you. Good morning, my love.

56. When you’re in love, you desire the morning hoping it draws you closer to the one. You’re my only one. Good morning, my love.

57. You make every day beautiful because you made it into the morning. Good morning, my love.

58. Till the morning come, I’ll dream of you. And till the dusk of the day, I’ll only think of you. Good morning, my love.

59. For me, a good day is dwelling in your bosom all day long. Good morning, my love.

60. You may not be the creator of the day but it takes an angel like you to make it this beautiful for me. Good morning, sweetness.

61. Like breakfast, you’re my most important meal of the day. Good morning, my hot cake.

62. Every day with you is every day with an angel. Good morning, my love.

63. Your love is as the morning dew, refreshing and soothing. Good morning, my angel of love.

64. I want to show you off. So, let’s walk holding hands under the sun. Good morning, my only one.

65. I’ve had the mark of an angel on me ever since your kisses graced my lips. Good morning, my sweet pie.

66. You take my pain away and the thought of you put a broad smile on my face. Good morning, my love.

67. I can’t think about you without my heart leap for joy. Good morning, sweetie.

68. I’ll reach for the impossible only for you. Do not forget that I love you. Good morning, sweetie.

69. You’re my inspiration. I want to be the only one who found you. Good morning, my love.

70. You changed my dream when I met you. Now, I only dream of walking down the aisle to you. Good morning, sweetie.

71. I want to be the jewel around your neck and the love in your palatial heart. Good morning, my love.

72. In the cold nights, I only desire the shelter of your love. In the warm evening, I just want to take off my jacket for you. Good morning, my love.

73. You make everything right as much as you make everything clear. Good morning, my angel of love.

74. I found me when I found you. Good morning, my only one.

75. You’re all that I need because without you the sun is darkness to me. Good morning, my sweet love.

76. I only wake up in the morning just to impress you and put a smile on your face. Good morning, my heart.

77. I crave for your voice, your touch and your stare this morning. Good morning, handsome.

78. I couldn’t sleep last night, could it be because you were thinking of me? Good morning, my sweet love.

79. I knew I was made when I found you because you’re my happiness! Good morning, my angel of love.

80. Just to let you know this morning, you’re the most amazing high in my world.

81. It’s always a good morning when I can say to you that, I love you. Good morning, my sweet love.

82. I love you more than the sun loves the earth which is why I shine my love upon you every day and night. Good morning, my only one.

83. For me, no matter what I do, loving you will be my most recognised legacy. Good morning, sweetie.

84. Even if the birds stop flying, you’ll still find me loving you, even when you can’t find stars in the sky, I’ll always be there for you and with you. Good morning, my forever love.

85. I’ll never take you for granted even if I’ve known you all my life like I do know the moon. Good morning, my everlasting love.

86. Our love was not meant to die but to prosper on earth and above. Good morning, my love.

87. Love truly has no words to describe it. So, I’m committed to showing you what it means. Good morning, my love.

88. Over and over again, I’ll choose you. Morning after morning, I’ll love you anew. Good morning, angel.

89. Ever since I met you, there’s no morning that came without your love in my heart. Good morning, my angel of love.

90. Of all the things you’ve said to me, I love you ring loudest to me. Good morning, sweetie.

91. Good morning, sweetheart. You know the morning is always good with you but not without you. I love you, angel.

92. I waited for the morning just to tell you once more that I love you. Good morning, my love.

93. If you don’t mind, let’s spend the rest mornings of our lives together. Good morning, my love.

94. I love every bit of my mornings ever since I met you because I fell in love. Good morning, my love.

95. Good morning, my baby. Coffee tastes so much better while I share it with you. I miss you, my love.

96. I cannot imagine my mornings now without you. I never want to see that day again ever since I fell in love with you. Good morning, my love.

97. Ever since I found you, I realised how much I’ve not lived life to the fullest in the past. And now that I have you, I’m never ready to let you go. Good morning, my love.

98. Good morning, my love. Many more romantic mornings to go with you.

99. I’ll love you to the last morning I see. Good morning, my only one.

100. I woke up with a smile on my face because I know I’ve found my only one in you. Good morning, my angel of love and kindness.

101. I bet the morning looks vibrant because you’re amongst the fortunate to see the dawn of today. Good morning, my love.

102. You presented your heart to me like the morning brings sunshine. Good morning, boo.

103. I bet the morning was created so I can behold your beautiful face. Good morning, my heartbeat.

104. First thing that wakes me up in the morning is the sound of your voice, which I hear in my heart. Good morning, my heartthrob.

105. The next thing as bright as the morning is you. Good morning, my love.

106. If waking up in the morning, means seeing your face, then I don’t want to be ever asleep. Good morning, my one and only.

107. I want to wake up because I want to behold the look in your eyes each morning. Good morning, my love.

108. One day, I hope to see what you look like in your pyjamas. Good morning, my king.

109. Even when you wake up dishabille, the morning still manages to look good on you. Good morning, my lovely boo.

110. I will like to feel your face in the morning. To look straight into your eyes and tell you, “you’re flawless”. Good morning, my angel.

111. This morning reminds me of something good: the love in your eyes. Good morning, my boo.

112. You’re the first thing that comes to my thought each time I see a glimpse of daybreak. Good morning, my love.

113. I want to make you a promise. I’ll never depart from you as long as you make it to the dawn of any day. Good morning, my one and only.

114. At the crack of dawn, I imagine you waking me up with a lovely kiss. Good morning, my only one.

115. Make your tea as lovely as this morning. Good morning, my love.

116. A cup of tea might do, but a cup of your love will make me fit forever. Good morning, angel.

117. As the sun shines this morning, remember to send a kiss to me through the cool breezes. I love you and good morning.

118. It’s a brand new day with promises of my love for you. Good morning, sweetie.

119. Good morning, handsome. I still do love you and won’t stop as the day passes by!

120. You graced my mind first this morning. So, top of the morning to you, my love.

121. What are the words you long to hear this morning? Whisper them to me and I’ll turn them into a morning rhyme. Good morning, my love.

122. I don’t need the sunrise, as I can see the sun rising in your eyes. Good morning, sunshine.

123. I will whisper this to you, underneath my breath of how refreshing your love tastes in the morning. Good morning, my darling.

124. You’re more attractive than the morning sun. See, why I can never get mad at you. Good morning, my sweety.

125. Good morning, my love. I say it’s a good morning because I find you too good to be true. Nonetheless, your love for me is real.

126. Good morning, my love. I would rather serve you some kisses this morning than your usual coffee.

127. I’ll bring your meal to you in bed, so, you can feel like the king that you truly are. I’ll be with you in a jiffy. Good morning, my love.

128. I can’t imagine starting the morning without you. This is a way of involving you in my day. Good morning, my everyday crush.

129. Good morning, love. I’ll only step out in the morning if you’ll be there to hold my hands.

130. This message is to let you know that, the sunshine awaits your majestic presence to bring to it the glows it needs. Good morning, my angel.

131. Setting my eyes on you this morning makes me realize how much of an angel you are. Good morning, my love.

132. A look into your eyes won’t be enough to quench my longing to see you, this morning. I hope a tight hug will do. Good morning, my love.

133. Thank you for making this morning a special one. Once I think about you, my day is already fine. Good morning, my heartbeat.

134. I dream of you at night. But in the morning, seeing you makes my dream come true. Good morning, my love.

135. The morning would lose it’s light if you do not open your eyes to usher in the day. Good morning, my darling.

136. I love the way my morning feels good, once I see you coming to me. Good morning, my angel.

137. The morning isn’t true if I do not hear your voice. Good morning, my love.

138. I’m set for the day, cause I’ve seen your eyes this morning staring at me enchantingly. Good morning, my heartthrob.

139. No one sees the beauty of the morning like the girl who looks into your eyes and fixes her gaze on you. I’m that girl! Good morning, my love.

140. With just a touch from you, I’ll see the morning, in a light I’ve never seen it before. Good morning, my love.

141. It’s fulfilling to know we’re both basking in the sun this morning. Good morning, my love.

142. Each time I know we’ll be jogging together in the morning, a usual excitement builds up in me. Good morning, my lovely jogging mate.

143. I’ll run into your arms, so you can feel the warmth of the morning sun. Good morning, my angel.

144. When I see you in the morning, I forget your name, because, as you walk up to me, you blow my mind away. Good morning, my sweetheart.

145. The morning gives you sunshine so you can make me shine brightly. Good morning, my love.

146. My breakfast is incomplete, without the taste of your lips. Good morning, my love.

147. I’m always filled once I set my eyes on you. Your eyes are my favourite breakfast. Good morning, my darling.

148. This morning is precious because you are amongst the living. Good morning, my love

149. The church bell did not wake me up this morning, but your lovely voice in my head. Good morning, my love.

150. Good morning, my honey. The dining table is never complete without you. Please, be my guest this morning.

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