Romantic Status for Girlfriend to Make Her Feel Special

2023 Romantic Status for Girlfriend to Make Her Feel Special

To love and be loved by the one you love is the best feeling ever. When there is love in a relationship, the feelings are mutual, you feel free and alive.

In such a relationship, you want to take advantage of every moment and show your true feeling to her, you want to let her know what it means to have her in your life.

With social media, it’s even easier to express your yourself, make use of her status, to tell her how she makes you feel, and tell her what your heart wants to say.

Below, you’ll find the cutest romantic messages to drop on her status and make her cherish you the more. Take your time, to choose the message that shows your feeling.

Sweet Love Status for Her – Girlfriend

The best of sweet and romantic love status to send to your girlfriend to make her feel so special.

1. To love, is me waking up to your smile in the early hours of the morning and await the same smile at the end of each day.

2. In advance, I hope you would allow my hands to do some of the chores that would be available on your body tonight.

3. Honey, your body is an adventure trip I would like to explore, all you have to do is to be my tour guide.

4. Tell me you’re fine wherever you are, sweetie, cause my heart is beating slightly different on this lonely night.

5. Let me allow you in on a little secret, I stayed awake most nights, just to admire your beautiful sleepy frame on the bed.

6. Have I told you that your fingers are lovely, especially when they are perfectly fitting right in between mine?

7. Seeing the rising sun brought smiles to my face every morning, it’s another sign that I’ll get to hug you today.

8. Tears on your face, to me, comes with a heavy thought, without any word, I just want to wipe them off and replace the tears with a smile.

9. Staring into your lovely eyes might take words out of my mouth but it’s at that moment my silence is screaming about how blessed I am to have you in my life.

10. It’s cute, the way your thought always take the number one spot amidst thousands of thoughts struggling in my mind.

11. As long as the sun shines every morning and the moon shows up every night, then my love for you is renewed.

12. There is one thought that is very dear to my heart, I’m tired of seeing you at intervals, can you just stay with me and let’s cuddle all day and night.

13. You’ve got the purest of eyes, looking into them gets me drunk in love and the next thing I want is to get intoxicated with you.

14. Your arms are like a sanctuary to me, it’s where I would want to be without any disturbance.

15. I know your heart is in harmony with mine when you hugged me tightly, even when you didn’t know that I needed it.

16. I love you, these eight letters are more meaningful when it’s coming from you.

17. My Love, let’s play some cute games tonight, no referee, no audience, all we need is you and I.

18. I want to see you being the happiest of all your friends, I can’t wait to transform you like that every moment.

19. I’m looking at the time, I can’t deny that I’m missing your cuddles and I’m waiting to see you while waiting for the time to strike.

20. Holding hands with you isn’t enough, hold me tight, let me feel your heartbeat and never let me go.

21. I may not be the best but I have got the best in your smile and that has made the best out of me.

22. So many times, your lips deny what your heart really wanted to say, but your eyes aren’t so good at keeping secret.

23. Just being in your embrace for some hours, spending some quality time is enough and I want that with you now.

24. Today, I wish to hold you in my arms but you’re a little far away, so I’ll just see you in my dream, I hope you’ll be available.

25. I think it’s time I told my mom about you, of how you speed up the rate of my heart.

26. Goosebumps on your skin say a lot more than what you have in mind, I don’t need an interpreter to know that you want me.

27. Your smile is a recipe that forms my happiness, I look out for it every day.

28. I can’t deny that my heart was made of the most fragile structure, at the mere thought of you, it falls all over again.

29. Your body summons my curiosity, that’s how my love for you started because I found you loving you.

30. Each time, you drop a piece of you in my heart, and before I could realise it, you have filled the whole of me with all of you.

31. Just the two of us, that’s all we need to be in love and with you, I’m ready to love till forever.

32. Forget about all those scars of yours, I have seen it all and I’ll confess to you now, that it’s why I keep falling for you newly.

33. My broken heart was constantly put together by your touch until your smile put the final touch of healing.

34. You once invade my dream without my notice, today I’m going to come into yours but with your permission, so we can come into reality together.

35. I feel the innocence in your embrace and I just want to treat you with care and tenderness tonight.

36. The feeling you made in my heart with your smile cannot be explained merely, I need to explain it to you personally, in a lovely way.

37. The way you linger on my mind right here, I’m thinking of coming over tonight and just stare at your face.

38. You’re a realisation of what love is, a confirm that love is truly amazing and I’m seeing the beauty of it through you.

39. Your charm is stronger than a magnet, the way you pull me into you is amazing.

40. A look into your eyes got me wondering what our future together would look like, I think we should start tonight.

41. A bad experience of love stall me from falling in love, but when I met you, I forgot about the past, and now, I can’t do without you.

42. Meeting you was one of the best miracles of my life, I found me loving you more day by day and I don’t want to ever stop.

43. I’m under the dark sky, along with millions of stars staring at me from above, smiling at the thought of you flooding my mind.

44. Honey, I’m missing you seriously and the only thing consoling me, is the sound of your laughter in my head.

45. You’re the thought that makes me lay in bed, curled my toes and smile for no just reasons.

46. I woke up feeling thirsty, not for water but for the taste of you.

47. Your loving arms are the best place for me to rest, my head gets to feel your beating heart.

48. Allow me to lie next to you, let me feel the butterflies in my heart while inhaling your breath.

49. Though you have no idea, I love your smile, it fills my mind with beautiful feelings and my senses with a lovely fragrance.

50. I can’t wait to taste your lips, I want to hear that sloppy sound from your lips for I have missed it so much.

51. I’ll admit that there is a kind of ecstasy I feel when I’m with you, a kind that I never knew was in existence before now.

52. Your touch is the only quake my body awaits, you alone know how to summon the tremors my body responds to.

53. What if I told you that you’re the piece missing in my life, it’s bliss when your heart collides with mine.

54. You’re the one that gives a touch that I can’t get enough of, and that’s why sharing every moment with you is my priority.

55. Not everyone is an artist, but the way you paint yourself in my thought every day, made me conclude that you are probably one.

56. My Love, I’m not ready to miss you tonight, I want to hold hands with you and take a walk under the glare of the full moon.

57. I am looking forward to your kiss, I think I might live on your lips.

58. Going a day without your smile is like sitting in a gloomy room all day, your smile is like the sun to my world.

59. Why do I feel a throbbing in my heart, is it because I’m yet to tell you that I love you.

60. You’re my most precious, your heart I want to cherish not as a won trophy but as a priceless treasure.

61. The breeze is invisible, but nobody can deny its effect, that’s how my heart feels the warmth from your love.

62. It’s funny how my insomnia nature has no effect when in your arms, it proves to be the safest place for me.

63. I’m afraid to close my eyes, so I thought of seeing you through my thought, to caress your face and in my mind, view your smile.

64. I am addicted to your touch, I could hardly stay still without it.

65. I have tried but I still don’t know how to keep my hands off your body, my hands kept craving for you.

66. Whenever I want to see the future, I just have to look into your eyes and I see our future before us.

67. Your body is a perfect piece of art, I found out when I’m lying next to you.

68. You have made me consume you in every way, that my mind has no thought except you, even in my dreams.

69. I’m sorry if I am easily distracted, but you have stolen every attention left inside of me, even when you’re not there.

70. Every piece of you deserves a great devotion because every part of you comes with lovely admirations.

71. I think I found you too late in life, how I wish I met you sooner than now.

72. I miss the closeness of you and me, that shut the world outside, and the meaningful silence our breath makes.

73. I couldn’t have loved this much, you’re made of beautiful feelings, and your touch is a stamp in my memory.

74. How sweet can you be, all of those sweet nothings you do when we’re together, it’s what’s weighing on my mind.

75. I want to forget about billions of people in the universe, and whatever there is in the world, I only want to focus on us and to explore the contours of your body.

76. You’re completely amazing, I could be with you the whole day and still be wanting more of you.

77. It’s amazing, how every time I look into your beautiful eyes, I still get lost in the stars flashing through them.

78. Wherever you are, I wish you’d do something about this torture your thought is giving to my heart, I miss your embrace.

79. I wonder where you are, you’re not close-by but you’re stuck in my head and I am in dire need of your touch.

80. What I want to do right now, is have you lay in my arms and just run my fingers all over your body.

81. Will you be my guest tonight? I’m hoping I could entertain you with all of me.

82. It might look simple but the little things you do to me, are all stuck in my memories and I want more of it.

83. Let’s make these moments in your embrace, a cherished one so that it last longer in your thoughts.

84. You said you feel safe when in my arms, but the truth is, your hands held onto my body, I feel safer and I just want to stay that way forever.

85. When the stars take over the sky each night, your thoughts win me over again by the end of the day, especially in your dream.

86. I’m in such a blissful state once my mind switches thoughts to you.

87. If anyone has ever pierced my soul, it’s you, not with pain though, it’s with your beautiful smile and all the cute memories that are here to stay.

88. What a precious feeling it is that you bring to my heart, I don’t even need to see you, just a thought of you is enough.

89. I enjoyed our kissing moment, even though it all happened in my imaginary mood.

90. At that moment, my heart beat increases and I am just there pampering your soft body, staring at you.

91. I wonder how I manage to live, without you all these years.

92. I haven’t had many miracles in life, but with you in my life, you’re worth many miracles.

93. Life is only beautiful not because of many luxuries but with you inside of it and in my life.

94. I wish every moment with you can always last longer, time seems to spin than a carousel when with you.

95. To wake up to a love like the one you give is the best thing one could have in life.

96. My interest is wherever you are, what you do and how much happiness it brings to you, cause that’s all that matters to me.

97. Love is deep, deeper in meaning, no one can understand it but the way my heart beats for you, it’s what I called love.

98. There are times my brain is on hold, but my heart and pulse are very active, in such times, you’re my controller.

99. You’re the one I want to see forever with, this is the perfect time to begin the journey.

100. The light in my heart is the love that shines through you.

101. You’re everything to me, my pain and my pleasure.

102. The time passes by so slowly, and that is a torture for my heart, cause without you, everywhere is cold.

103. What the future brings, I can’t say, but if it’s with you, then I’m blessed.

104. If I’m right beside you, I am lucky, if you’re with me, then I am happy, if I’m in your embrace, then I am safe.

105. To believe in love, I only need you, for that’s what you’re good at.

106. I never want to be apart from you, not this moment, next or the one after.

107. If I could be in your embrace on this cold lonely night, I’ll count myself lucky cause your touch on my body would be a dream come true.

108. After years of loneliness, you became my reason for being in love.

109. I can’t stop loving every bit of you, the you that everyone sees and you beneath, both are beautiful.

110. Staring out into the night, the thought about home hits my heart, because home for me is in your embrace.

111. This night, I don’t want to fall asleep too soon, but if I eventually did, I would be waiting in a dream of you and me together.

112. I don’t know how I’ll survive it but I’ll sure find a way to make it without you this night, maybe I’ll have to look for you in my dream.

113. We must have been created by the same time, through the same element, because for what is worth, your heart and mine are entwined.

114. There’s no escape to this feeling I get always from you, the more I try to exempt from thinking about you, the more you barge into my head.

115. You’re just like the sun, I don’t want to look your face, yet I can’t do without a glimpse at you, for you’re that important to me.

116. Against all odds, you have stood by and waited for me, the only thing now, is to be together and free like the birds in the sky.

117. Stay with me in this reality, I’m tired of wish and dream, I just want you by my side, when I sleep at night and wake in the morning.

118. My soul feels amazing, and the strength I have is extraordinary, just in knowing that you are mine.

119. Because you are with me, here and now, I don’t seem to care what the future may contain.

120. I have just one goal, to share my life with you and nothing more.

121. I have heard it before, that once you meet the one, you’d know, just as I knew the minute you held my hand that day.

122. When my heart starts to feel nervous just as you stepped into my space, I knew it was meant to beat just for you.

123. From inside my dreams, you came to be in my life and you became my sun, shining out of the dawn.

124. I think your lips were made after mine, maybe just to fit mine, cause they fit so well together.

125. I think this love of ours would elapse this lifetime we found ourselves, cause this love is truly divine.

126. I can’t believe it’s finally over, that you are that one to put an end to it all, your existence is meant to end my lonely nights.

127. The only thing that has kept my heart awake was the memories made with you, and it has to stay that way till the time you’ll walk through that door.

128. The beauty from your smile is the definition of perfection, its what I would want to wake up to every day I’m meant to live.

129. This is the right time to own my heart, you can have it all, it’s you it beat for, it falls for you alone.

130. If you are the one that has my heart, if I love you alone until my last breath, I’ll count myself among the blessed.

131. I may not have the best of luxuries, but waking up to your voice, saying I love you, made me a fulfilled man.

132. I wasn’t made to be without you, I was made to be right at your side, I was made to be for you, not without you.

133. Just like the icicle against the scorching sun, that’s how my heart melts just by looking into your eyes.

134. There is no denying, it’s just the way you made me feel, I feel more than enough when I’m with you.

135. Your beauty isn’t the only attribute that attracts me to you, there’s more on the inside of you that magnet my soul.

136. From this moment, all the pains, all the pleasures of my heart, I owe to you, as long as I have a life.

137. Your imperfection as you lay next to me on this bed is a touch I want to experience for a long long time.

138. Wish you would allow me to conduct the feeling that surges through your body, like a maestro would.

139. All the songs that my soul allow, all the feeling that cross this heart of mine on a daily, are all birthed by your alluring smile.

140. I miss you, and I’m dying to meet with you on your lips.

141. The amount of you I have inside of my heart is enough to intoxicate me forever.

142. When you kissed me, my soul awakens the rest of me that in turn long for more of you.

143. To lie in your care, to rest in your subconscious every day, what other happiness can be more than that.

144. It all started as a dream, now you’re mine and I still cannot believe my eyes.

145. Loneliness use to live in my heart, but that’s in the past now, my heart has you alone.

146. I see the star sparkle in your eyes, it reflects the love inside of you and I hope to see more of it.

147. I hope you know that the taste of your lips is lovely, and I will do anything just to have a taste.

148. You’re the very thought that I want to have on my mind every day.

149. It’s a depressing mood that I would have to stay without you for the next few days.

150. Falling in love with you every day would be easy, for the loveliest smile, lives on your face.

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