Quotes About Tired Hearts

Life is full of ups and downs. The stressful day-to-day grind can wear on you, and before you know it, it seems like your whole world has been flipped upside down. At this point, you might be wondering what’s up with your heart. When you have a tired heart, you may feel like everything is an effort. You may have shortness of breath or a feeling of tightness in your chest. When you exert yourself, your heart may hurt or feel heavy.

When your heart hurts, it can feel like it’s working harder than usual or beating faster than normal – even when you are at rest or sleeping. Most people with tired hearts don’t know it. They feel normal and have no symptoms, but their hearts are working harder than they should. The reason may be that their hearts have lost some of their ability to pump blood. When this happens, more effort is needed for the heart to fill with blood and squeeze out blood again.

This causes the heart muscle to work harder and become tired over time. When a person has a tired heart, these muscles don’t relax as well as usual, so less blood gets out at each heartbeat. This causes more pressure inside the vessels, which makes the heart have to pump harder than usual to get enough blood moving through them so it can keep up with its workload.

Do you need to feel good and help with your feelings? These quotes about tired hearts will be a perfect fit and serve as a constant reminder that everything will be okay.

Quotes About Tired Hearts

Your heart is a muscle and it can get tired just like any other. If you’re very active, it’s common for your heart to become fatigued. But if you’re feeling tired all the time, even when you’re not exercising, there could be something wrong with your heart.

1. A tired heart is like a heavy stone; it takes a lot of work to lift it. But once you’re done, you can enjoy life on your own terms, and let the rest of the world worry about theirs.

2. A tired heart is like a dry sponge, absorbing negative thoughts and emotions from everyone around you. Stay in your happy place.

3. When it comes to a tired heart, nothing will ever make it feel better. Only rest can help, and it doesn’t matter what lights you go through to get there, or even if you can have everything you need along the way. You just have to take the first step on this journey towards peace.

4. When your heart is tired, there is a word that can help you. When you feel as if life is going nowhere, there’s a word that will bring you back to life. When you are down and discouraged, words can pick you up when others cannot lift you.

5. The tired heart is never at war. The tired heart has no conflict. The tired heart is just working overtime and hoping that it’s actually keeping up with what our minds tell us it should be doing.

6. A tired heart hurts. Sometimes we forget that the more we take on and try to do, the harder it becomes. The answer is not to do more, it’s to stop doing so much.

7. You can only keep pushing so many times before everything gives out. It’s only a matter of time before the well is dry and your heart is too tired to try anymore.

8. When you are tired of the world, it is best to walk alone in a valley, not among people. Take deep breaths and exhale slowly. Your heart will breathe and your spirit will rest.

9. A tired heart is a heavy burden to bear. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, your mind and body may feel exhausted during the day. A tired heart can lead to stress, anxiety and even depression.

10. A tired heart is a heavy thing, needing rest and solitude. It’s in sleep and dreams that we find inspiration for our daily tasks, fresh hope and courage for the challenges ahead of us. Let us hold each other close and find peace tonight, dreaming of tomorrow’s possibilities.

11. A tired heart is not limited to the number of hearts that it has broken, but a tired heart is also one that has never been broken.

12. A tired heart is not healthy, it can make you feel weak, unmotivated and uninterested. Tiredness that occurs on a regular basis can be linked to other problems that may occur in the body over time. It can cause you to feel depressed or down emotionally, which ultimately makes you feel even less inclined to do things than usual.

13. There are many factors that can wear down your heart. Living a busy lifestyle, working very hard, and dealing with stressful situations all take a toll on the body. Having too much coffee or alcohol can also hurt your heart health.

14. A tired heart is no different from a broken heart — it loses the ability to love again because it doesn’t think it can.

15. A tired heart is a blessed heart. Because of the weariness, it knows what rest is and longs for it; for the same reason, because it has lived through sorrow, it learns to love joy.

16. A tired heart and a restless mind are just not enough to keep me awake. The world needs to see a tired heart that wishes it could have been something else, but what else can a tired heart wish for other than being tired?

17. A tired heart is a heavy heart, one that won’t stop beating, pounding, thrusting and demanding. The only cure is to live and love as if it was your last day!

18. Your heart is tired of going on. It is weary and worn out. You have a longing to leave behind all the troubles, sorrows and trials of life. But, instead of going out gracefully and peacefully, it gets tired and weak day by day as it beats on for almost worn out and pumps more of life’s blood through your arteries.

19. A tired heart is a heavy heart, and a heavy heart can be dangerous. If you’re not careful, it will drag you down into a place that’s darker than sleep: the place where dreams are made of.

20. The tired heart says it’s already broken, but there are still things to be experienced and places to go and people to meet.

21. A tired heart is a heavy heart. It fears the coming night, so much. It fears the cold and pain, but in no way will it rest until it has found its rest and peace.

22. A tired heart is one of the most difficult examples of suffering. When we are tired, it’s impossible for us to understand our body and soul. Much of what is thought to be impossible can be achieved, thus giving strength to those who suffer from tiredness or fatigue.

23. The tired heart is the sorest heart. Some people need time to rest in order to renew their strength, refresh their perspective and recharge their passion.

24. Your heart is tired but it must go on beating. If a heart ceases to beat, the person who inhabits that heart ceases to exist. You mustn’t let your tired heart get the better of you; you need to keep going so your weary class will know how to keep going when they are adults, too

25. A tired heart, with a peak behind it, is a happier sight than the most efficient and coldest of factories. It is better to feel than to be cold or clever.

26. I have a tired heart. I have held it in my hands, and I can tell you that it is true. It’s not just a metaphor for emotions or even an excuse for how we feel inside. My heart is as real as you are, yet it feels like something from a dream.

27. When you are terribly tired, your heart is heavy and sad. It hurts to smile but it also hurts to cry. You try not to think because your head hurts so much.

28. A tired heart is still a human heart and it needs to be loved. It is just a weary soul looking for comfort, affection, and help.

29. A tired heart is a heavy burden. It has a hard time dealing with the everyday stresses of life and it needs to be taken care of. A little rest goes a long way in helping your heart stay strong.

30. A tired heart breaks the hardest. It beats in your chest, and the love that you feel is like the beating of a drum. So you lay down in the grass and look at the stars and fall asleep. Sometimes all there really is to do is cry because it is too much, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth this hell of a ride we call life.

31. The heart is a lonely hunter, whose pride is love and ignorance. Its only companions are melody and pain. And it will never be at peace because it cannot find rest in either its thoughts or its body, so long as it has not found room for joy. So when its breath grows short, it whispers: I am tired.

32. A tired heart is not a broken heart, it’s just a heart that desires rest. It can love deeply and still want to take a break. It doesn’t give up it recognizes when it needs a break and takes one.

33. A tired heart is a heavy heart. It’s hard for the heart to work properly when it’s spent. That’s why you need to rest when your heart is tired and make sure it gets plenty of food and lots of sleep.

34. When you’re a tired heart, every day is the same. You get up in the morning, grab some coffee and try to get motivated. You go for a jog, but it doesn’t feel like you’re in control of your body anymore. The world just winds up outside your window or on the TV or computer screen because you can’t really be bothered with it.

35. Your heart is tired. It’s been doing more than it should have been made to do because you have refused to listen. You have refused to obey, and now there are consequences. And this is the way weakness looks in real life: dry, cracked skin that bleeds.

36. When you have a tired heart, it’s hard to find the energy to do anything. You don’t feel like going to work, and nights are filled with long hours of tossing and turning. You may have trouble concentrating or making decisions.

37. My heart is tired. My heart is not broken, it’s just tired. Every mile marker I hit, no matter how big or small is something to be celebrated. I deserve this. I deserve this because I can’t even remember the last time I felt like this.

38. A tired heart is the feeling of exhaustion and weakness. It may be associated with fever, headache, or a general feeling of illness. It can be caused by an insufficient amount of sleep, excessive exercise, or by stress

39. A tired heart is not just a lump of muscle but a once vibrant thing that has been used for so long it no longer works. The only way to heal your heart is to love again, but it hurts to get involved with someone else after you have lost the one person who truly understood you.

40. A tired heart feels like a knot in your chest and throat, especially when it comes to caring for yourself. You do what you have to do because you have no choice, but you also know that if you don’t look after yourself there’s a good chance that your heart will just stop.

41. A tired heart is like a bucket full of holes. The water drains out and you’re left with nothing but an empty, useless container. It badly needs rest, some care and attention. Most important of all, though, never give up on your dreams.

42. The pain of a tired heart is unlike anything else. It’s not a minor ache, level one out of five. It’s not a passing soreness from too much exercise or stress, or even a late night out on the town. It’s ruthless, unrelenting and so unfathomably agonizing.

43. When the heart is tired it is unable to pump enough blood to supply all the body’s organs, which could lead to serious health problems. Tiredness may result from a number of factors, including lifestyle choices and genetics.

44. When your heart is tired, you feel as if you are dragging yourself through the day. You don’t want to see anyone or do anything. You just want to sleep. Your eyes are heavy and so is your soul. Your body feels weighed down by an unknown load, a heaviness that tires your muscles and weakens them to the point where it’s hard to lift even tiny things like a spoon or a glass of water.

45. Having a tired heart is like being trapped in a cage. The bars are invisible, but you know they’re there and you know that no matter how hard you try to escape, you’ll never be free.

46. The truth is, a tired heart feels like anything you’d want to do or say gets lost in its feelings of emptiness, being overwhelmed or having seen all there is to see. I know this exhaustion because it feels every bit like the death of a loved one: life loses its colour, and its colour is drained and engulfed by darkness…

47. Tired hearts are emotionally spent and emotionally exhausted. They feel like they have nothing left to give as if a burst of energy has been drained from them. Their power comes from the past but feels tired and depleted. It feels heavy (like a weight) and sluggish (like jelly).

48. “Tired heart” is a metaphor for being mentally exhausted. You also feel tired and drained, like you’re out of energy at the end of the day. Your brain gets foggy, angry, anxious and sad at the same time.

49. You might think your anxiety is a separate entity, but it actually comes from your heart. Heart disease can cause feelings of anxiety, anger and exhaustion, and it can also impact your appetite, sleep and work drive.

50. When you have a tired heart, you don’t even want your friends to call or text you because it’s been so long since they last cared. It hurts when people walk away from your life as soon as they see it crumble when they themselves are pillars that hold foundations together.

51. A tired heart feels like a ball of anxiety is lodged in your chest. It’s the feeling that there’s something you need to do but don’t know what. It’s the anticipation of something bad yet to happen but not knowing when or how it will start.

52. A tired heart can feel heavy, with a weight hanging around your neck. It feels like there’s no more energy to do anything because the day before was spent just trying to make the best of something that didn’t matter in the first place.

53. A tired heart is that steady burning behind your eyes, the slow prickling across the back of your neck and shoulders. It’s the heaviness in your chest, in your arms and legs. It is achy and heavy, and sometimes all you want to do is sleep.

54. A tired heart is the most painful experience of the body. It does not just feel like an ache but it is an emotional and physical pain that cannot be relieved. It feels heavy, sinking and sometimes it feels like exploding.

55. It can feel like your heart is working too hard and needs a break, or like it’s not working at all. You may feel dizzy or confused. Occasionally, tired hearts are severe enough to make you think you might have a heart attack.

56. I have a heart that is tired, but it doesn’t give up. I try so hard to be happy but most of the time my heart feels heavy and burdened. I love the idea of being free and having no cares in the world.

57. A tired heart feels like you have no energy, but deep down you know it’s more than that. It is when you feel overwhelmed and stressed in everything: work, relationships, and family. Oftentimes there’s a sense of impending doom—that nothing will go right.

58. A tired heart can feel like things are falling apart. Your emotions flare up and your head feels too heavy to carry around. You want to curl up into a ball and disappear in the dark.

59. You know what a tired heart feels like. Like you’re drowning in the darkness, your chest heavy and tight. Like you’re floating on a sea of sand and every move sinks you further.

60. Your heartbeat is the most precious sound in the world. Like a beating heart that won’t be silenced, the rhythm of your life defines who you are and makes you what you will become.

61. When you’re depressed, exhausted, and stressed out, your heart feels tired. This is something every person can relate to, no matter how busy or energetic they are on a daily basis.

62. When your heart is tired, the person you love is no longer there for you to hold. You finally realize how much it hurts not to have that special someone around you.

63. A tired heart can’t make a beat. It won’t sound like it’s supposed to. A tired heart is quiet; not so loud, fast, or happy. This is something I know because my whole life I’ve had a tired heart.

64. Now, this may seem like a strange concept, but our hearts aren’t just a muscle that pumps blood through our bodies — they’re also the most important organ in the body. They can get tired, just like any other muscle.

65. A tired heart is not just a symptom of a busy life, it’s an alarm that something is wrong. Looking for the energy to carry on and feeling drained are warning signs that you should take seriously because they are often the result of more serious conditions like heart disease or diabetes. The fact is your heart needs to do its job and after years of working hard, it may be worn out.

66. The crisis of a tired heart is not caused by feeling tired or having a slow pulse, but by the burden that builds up over time with regard to various emotions and ideas.

67. We all have our reasons to be tired. Sometimes it’s physical, sometimes it’s mental. No matter what the reason and no matter how tired your heart is, you will be able to rejuvenate fully with just a little bit of time for yourself, a few minutes of silence and peace and quiet — even just an hour.

68. A tired heart is close to not feeling anymore. It feels like a dead one: the blood is not flowing, it is too thick so it runs sluggishly and stops. The organs stop working. Nothing works anymore.

69. Having a tired heart is an experience that most of us have gone through. It is a feeling of suffering that is difficult to escape from. When your heart is tired, it can be frustrating and stressful at the same time. The cause of this difficulty might be because of the long hours of work or just not having enough sleep at night. But then again, there are also deeper causes of why we get tired so easily.

70. Tired heart is when your soul is tired and you don’t know why or how it got to this point. It seems like there are no ways out of it and you’re stuck in an endless loop of the same moments happening over and over again in your head.

71. A tired heart is a heavy heart. It’s easy to lose hope when you’re burdened with physical, emotional, or spiritual fatigue. In this tiredness, we can often convince ourselves it would be better to give up than to keep trying.

72. A person with a tired heart is not just lazy or bored, it means that person feels exhausted. The reason for this can vary greatly, from physical to mental exhaustion. This can be temporary or permanent, depending on the cause.

73. A tired heart is a broken heart. It’s often better to keep your feelings to yourself and make things work than it is to fall into the arms of someone who doesn’t really want you.

74. A tired heart is a sign of emotional wear and tear. The resulting stress and tension can cause negative effects on the circulatory system. If you have some form of chronic pain, try to take better care of yourself by exercising regularly and reducing stress.

75. Having a tired heart is normal. It’s a symbol of your hard work, dedication and commitment in life. You have the love and support from your family and friends to help you accomplish whatever goal life sets out for you. Rest when you need to so that you can be more productive when it matters most.

76. Life is stressful and it does a number on your emotions, nerves and heart. Having a tired heart only makes matters worse for you—and those around you. Don’t ignore the warning signs that your heart is telling you. Get help now before things get worse.

77. Tiredness is a miserable state that doesn’t just affect your body, it dominates your mind as well. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to focus on anything, everything seems pointless. Tiredness makes you less able to handle stress, and more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety, which also makes it harder for you to carry out normal daily tasks.

78. Having a tired heart is so easy in this life, where our creative passion for life, achievement and purpose is constantly being tested by everything that serves to distract us or lead us astray.

79. A tired heart is a weak heart which needs to rest, stop and regain its strength before it can properly function. The fact that it’s in pain (anxiety) makes it weaker and more susceptible to becoming stressed. A tired heart needs something that will bring about its comfort and peace, rather than take it further out of control.

80. A tired heart is a beatin’ heart. It can’t help but feel the pain of others when it’s feeling its own. So go heal your heart and make it whole again.

81. Having a tired heart is like wearing a sweater that’s too small. It’s tight and itchy, and even though you ask to take it off, your arms can’t reach all the way around the sleeves.

82. Having a tired heart doesn’t make you weak. It means you have been strong enough to love more than once, and strong enough to have your heart broken.

83. You may not realize that you have a tired heart. It may not be obvious to others either. You may feel tired, or maybe it is hard for you to breathe, or maybe you cannot even walk upstairs without pain. Your heart is going to wear out long before your body does, so if you feel tired, there could be something wrong with your heart.

84. When you have a tired heart, you feel like you’ve done everything and nothing at all. You look back and wish for something else – but with no regrets.

85. You are a person, not a showroom model. Your heart is tired and hurting. You have been given three things: your breath, your body and the time to live that life. Stop taking the first two for granted, and start using the third wisely.

86. People with a tired heart can get this feeling in their chest, or when they wake up in the morning. They feel like there’s no energy like everything is an effort. It hits them at inconvenient times, too – at work, out with friends, before a night out. Sometimes it’s easy to ignore; other times it can almost paralyse you.

87. Your heart is tired. It has been pushing through the same motions and routines for so long that it just can’t handle any more. So what happens? You push your heart harder, trying to think of new ways to make it work or maybe even leave it alone – but then you take your eye off the ball. You put yourself in an environment where you don’t notice or remember your tiredness until it takes over and everything falls apart, leaving you a mess of emotions and regret.

88. A tired heart is a lonely heart. It’s hard to share with others when you are being guarded by your own fears and doubts. If we don’t take care of our souls and hearts, they will drift away from us, into another’s arms.

89. Having a tired heart is like being stuck in a traffic jam. You can’t go forward and you can’t go back. The only thing left is to wait it out. But, unlike in a traffic jam, you never know when this kind of waiting will end.

90. When you’re with a tired heart, it takes more effort than it should to give love and affection. Even if we have the best intentions, we can’t fully put ourselves into our relationships when we feel like we need rest. We don’t want to let our friends down, but sometimes reciprocating isn’t enough. They deserve better than just an occasional smile.

91. You can tell when someone’s heart is tired. It’s not just about how they’re feeling, but how everyone around them feels. It’s in the moodiness, the distance and the short fuses.

92. Having a tired heart is like having an old car that has no engine and is stripped of paint, your heart might not have been built strong from the start but now it’s time to change that as well.

93. Having a tired heart is having limited energy, emotions and thoughts. It means that you are tired of everything. You feel bored meeting with friends, family or work colleagues. A tired heart avoids new adventures, seeing the world and meeting new people.

94. Your tired heart should mean that you have had a full and satisfying life. You may have lost loved ones, been hurt by people, and gone through lots of tough times — but don’t give up on yourself. There is no use in doing so and if you are smart enough to recognize this, then you will understand that it is just fine to be tired and old.

95. Having a tired heart is having a tired soul. A tired heart collects all the things the tired soul’s eye has witnessed and been a part of. Some might say it’s hard to live with such a heart. But what kind of life would it be if you didn’t?

96. Having a tired heart can cause many things. The main effect of having a tired heart is the pain felt in your heart from the extra work it has to do to pump blood through your body, as well as the increased likelihood of developing high blood pressure or stroke.

97. Having a tired heart is not just a feeling. It’s a medical condition, and it can have a huge impact on your life. You don’t have to live with this condition.

98. Having a tired heart is like having a very heavy bag. Life can be like a grey sky that makes you feel as if you’re surrounded by clouds.

99. Having a tired heart means you’re tired of living, tired of fighting, tired of hoping. It means your heart has grown weary of the pain and sorrows that being human can bring.

100. It is very important to take care of your heart. Your heart is the most important organ in your body because it pumps blood to every other organ and makes them alive. If you have a tired heart, it means that your heart doesn’t work properly which leads to a lot of serious diseases.

101. When you have a tired heart, you may think that it’s the end of your life and everyone around you takes advantage of it. You should understand that only those who really care for you will not give up on you at any cost.

102. Having a tired heart is a sign of lowered life expectancy and risk of coronary heart disease. A healthy lifestyle can reduce this risk.

103. Having a tired heart is a difficult matter. You start having ideas and they are great, but they do not come to you as they used to do before. There is something in your soul that weighs you down. It makes it impossible to make decisions.

104. A tired heart knows hard times, big and small. A tired heart is ready to die, but it doesn’t want to do so alone in some cold tomb; it wants to go out with its friends and family by the sea at dawn. Achieve your goals while you still can, because a tired heart gives up easily.

105. Having a tired heart is like having dirty lungs, if you don’t clean them, the infection will get increasingly worse so much so that it will be hard to breathe. In the same way, It’s imperative to rest your soul from time to time, just like cleaning your lungs.

106. To have a tired heart is to have a heavy, weary heart, which you might feel like you can’t handle anymore. It’s a feeling of exhaustion and exhaustion. The result of living with too much stress is if you keep it up for too long. It’s the kind of exhaustion that makes you want to stop playing hard or work late or try to solve major problems that keep popping up in your life.

107. When you have a tired heart, it’s hard to get out of bed. You can’t concentrate, and you don’t have the energy to do anything. Your heart is not pumping enough blood to the rest of your body, so even simple tasks feel like a chore.

108. When you have a tired heart, it doesn’t matter how much sleep you get. You still feel exhausted and sluggish. You may feel short of breath when walking up stairs or doing other activities that you used to do with ease. It’s important to know if your fatigue is due to a problem with your heart or another condition that needs treatment.

109. If you have a tired heart, then you know how miserable it can make you. When you feel fatigued and weak, your body doesn’t function as well as it should. You may also feel depressed and anxious. And if you’re an older adult, the lack of energy could be a sign that your heart is working harder than it should.

110. If you have a tired heart, you may feel like you have no energy to do anything. You may find it hard to breathe or even walk up the stairs without getting out of breath. This can be scary and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

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