I am Proud of My Best Friend Quotes

I am Proud of My Best Friend Quotes

Almost everyone knows how hard it is to find a good friend, because a lot of people have been there, and are still there. A good friend is not easy to find or come by, as it takes a lot. There are bad people everywhere, and people like this are just after their selfish interests.

Finding a good friend is everything. It is bliss. Your life begins to blossom, your dreams begin to get clearer, and you begin to work on your goals with that good friend of yours. You begin to look more beautiful than before.

If you have a friend like this, then this is enough reason to be proud of him/her. It could also be that they’ve been working very hard on something, and they finally succeeded. It could be anything at all. It’s about time you let them know how proud you are to have them. They deserve some accolades for doing great.

That’s exactly why I have decided to help you out with some beautiful I am proud of my best friend quotes. They are irresistible, and your best friend will love you more, for being so thoughtful and sweet.

Proud of My Friend Success Quotes

No quotes sum up how hard you work on yourself and your dreams. You’re a goal-getter, and I am one of those who are proud of you. I know you won’t stop now because you don’t ever take no for an answer. I’m so happy to see you succeed. I’m proud of you.

1. Truth be told, your success always leaves me gobsmacked. You work so hard for everything you believe in, and you don’t stop till you have succeeded. I’m so proud of every single achievement of yours, and I hope that you’re just getting started. I love you, my best friend.

2. It’s been years being a friend to the most wonderful lady ever. I can’t count the number of times you’ve had to come through for me, out of your busy schedule. I’m just glad that you’re not lacking. Things keep happening well for you, and I’m super grateful to God for that. I love you and wish you the best.

3. You have no idea how happy I always am, whenever you win. It gives me so much joy and happiness to see you excel in everything you do. Your presence in my life has always given me a positive turnaround. I am proud of you; but also proud of us. I love you.

4. Everyone knows you’re a very good friend. They might not tell you to your face, but this is all I have to face every time anyone talks about you to me. You’re so sweet, my friend. I’m just so happy that God gave me the best, if not, I wonder where I would be. I’m proud of you, also. And I hope you don’t stop doing well.

5. Hey, babe. Here’s letting you know that I am extremely and proud of every single thing you do. Whether you succeed or not, you’re a success and you will continue to be. My love and support will always be ascribed to you. I love you so much, and above all, I am super proud of you.

6. Before I met you, I have had so many friends, but none of them comes close to how amazing and sweet you are. Babe, you push me to do things that are above me, and you don’t stop till I succeed. You’ve given me a wonderful mindset that will keep me successful forever. Thank you for everything. I am proud of you.

7. My journey with you, has been one of the very best, if not the best. You’re a great person. Trust me, I just wish people would get to know who you truly are; they will never stop appreciating you. Thank you for making me believe in myself. God bless you and all that concerns you. PS; I am proud of you.

8. Whenever I think of my blessings, I pause, when I get to you. Babe, you’ve done so much for me. You changed my life within the little period of being friends with you. I thank God for an amazing person like you in my life. I’m so ecstatic about what’s to come for us. I am proud of you, too.

9. My dear friend, we’ve been through so much together, and now, I have to conclude that you’re the strongest lady I know. You believe so much in love and whatever you set your mind on. I’m grateful for everything we share, as I look forward to us being greater together. I am proud of you, darling.

10. In my entire life, I have never met a woman like you. You’re a woman of pure steel. I love everything about you, especially how much work you put into developing yourself and others. You’re great already, but I hope you are greater. I am proud of you, love.

11. Times and seasons always have a way of revealing our true friends. I’m glad that, come rain and shine, you are by my side. You have never left me to sort anything alone. You’re like a sister I never had, and I’m grateful for everything we’ve done together, and I say cheers to what’s to come in the future. I love you.

12. Trust me, I have never thought about having a female friend, because of what I have heard about them. But, you’re so different in every way. You’re a complete package and an amazing person. Thank you for holding me by the hand, and showing me how it’s being done. I love you; I am proud of you.

13. Your amazingness always leaves me shocked. You’re always at peace with everyone. I’m thankful to God for making our paths cross. You’re one person I don’t ever want to lose touch with. I believe we will do so much together, in the years to come. For now, I’m very proud of all your achievements. I love you so much.

14. One thing up love about you; the fact that you don’t ever judge me. You love me for me and appreciate my hidden gifts and talents. You’re such a wonderful person, and I’m glad that things keep working out for you. I promise never to stop supporting you, as I love you with the whole of me. I am proud of you, my dear friend.

15. For now, you’re the only friend I can vouch for. I love how passionate you are about the things that matter. You can never be found lazying around or doing the things that won’t add to your growth and knowledge. You’re just a rare breed, and I know God blessed me, the day you came into my life. I am proud of you, my friend.

16. We have been best friends for only God knows when. In all these years, you’ve only had my back. I’m glad that I had yours when it’s needed. I so much believe in you, in us, and in what we have to offer the world. Together, we will make the world a better place. I am proud of you, and I hope you don’t stop.

17. Trust me, I don’t know how to thank God for all He’s doing in our lives. I have to thank Him for you, especially. I never knew I could be friends with anyone. I’m glad that it keeps working out between us. I hope we keep our differences aside and do exactly what is expected of us. I am proud of us, my friend.

18. When it comes to friendship, I’m an entirely different person. I honestly don’t want to be unnecessarily attached to things of the heart. But with you, I find myself trying to be a better person. I’m grateful for all you’ve blessed this friendship with. I’m so happy to be doing this with you. I am proud of you.

19. Even though we both have our differences, we have never let them decide for us. Once it’s time to be serious, nothing stops us. I’m so happy that I finally have the friend I have always been asking God for. I know there is more to this friendship, and I can’t wait to see it all. I am proud of us, my friend.

20. You make it so easy to be proud of yourself. Trust me, I am prouder of you than I am for my siblings. You’re just a great person who hasn’t started getting her flowers yet. But whether or not society rewards you, I will continue to be there for you. Specially, I am super proud of you and wish you the best.

21. Everyone knows how much I go down for my friends. Yours will never be an exception because you deserve it even more. Nothing in this world will ever stop me from being a good friend to you. You were there when the going was tough, so I have no reason to ditch you. I am proud of you. Cheers to doing more great things together.

22. You are always very happy when others win. I don’t know how you do it, but you’re so cool with everyone. Within a few months of being friends with you, I have learnt something much than I bargained for. I know we will rule the world together, someday. I am proud of you, dear friend. I love you so much.

23. It’s been years of being friends with you, and never have I had to report you to anyone. You know exactly when you’re wrong and you apologize immediately. My friend, you’re a great lady and I’m sure God will continue to do great things in your life. This message is just to acknowledge that you’re loved. I am super proud of you.

24. Each time I go out, the urge to talk about you just comes. I am so proud of you, and you have no idea how much. I’m grateful for our friendship and all we’ve had to share. I love the fact that we keep coming through for each other as well. Thank you for changing my perspective about a lot of things.
You truly rock, and I’m proud.

25. God must love me, to have blessed me with such an amazing friend. I have nothing else to ask for because, with you, I have everything. Thank you for loving me for who I am, instead of judging me. I hope this doesn’t change, and this friendship lasts forever. I am proud of you, my friend.

26. Everyone won’t stop telling me how blessed I am to have you. I’m so happy that a lot of people know that you’re a great person. Your personality is so amazing, and I can’t stop wishing to be like you. With time, I will be a changed person. But till then, I just wanted you to know that I am proud of you.

27. I never could try out new things. I am always scared to do that, because of the fear of failing. You, on the other hand, have never stopped making me do things that are bigger than my thoughts and imagination. You’re Godsent to me, and I’m grateful for you. I can’t wait to try some more new things. I love you so much.

28. Trust me, life was extremely hard before you came through. So many disappointments and heartaches, here and there. I only survived them, because I was yet to meet you. And when you came through, they all became history. Thank you for changing my life for the best. Trust me, I owe it all to you. Super proud of you, my friend.

29. Friendship for me, has always been a huge thing. I have never considered having it with anyone. When you came through, I just knew it had to be you, even though I wasn’t sure. But all you kept doing, made me believe you were the one I have been waiting for. My whole life changed when you came. I love you, my friend. Cheers to years of friendship together.

30. Despite your very busy and tight schedule, you always find time for every single person in your life. I honestly don’t know how you do it, but this is one thing I admire about you. I would love to be someone like that. I know with time, it’s going to happen. I am proud of you, sweetheart. I love you.

31. Trust me, there’s nothing I won’t do for this friendship to keep standing the test of time. I am ready to give it all up for our friendship. We have a very beautiful thing going on between us, and we must make sure that it never ends. You do so much for yourself, and I’m super proud of you.

32. As much as I feel like I am the person who is proud of you the most, I believe you’re parents must be prouder of you. I mean, you’re an amazing daughter, friend, sister and everything anyone could wish for. It’s so sad that you don’t get the recognition you deserve, but that would happen, very soon. I am so proud of you, my friend.

33. If no one would be kind and authentic to say it, I will; I am very proud of you, my dear friend. No one knows the work you put into developing yourself and so many others. They only keep seeing what they want to see. You’ve done very well for yourself, and I am beyond proud. I love you so much.

34. Friendship with you seems like the easiest. Despite all the sacrifices we have to make for each other, our friendship is still the most beautiful. We have inspired so many other friendships, and that’s more than enough. I believe we can do more, and so will we. I love you so much, my baby. Let’s continue changing the world in our little way.

35. Indeed, it’s not how far but how well. You have no idea how long I have been wanting to have a friend who deserves me. All my life, this has been my dream. I’m so glad that you came through. I promise not to ever disappoint you. We have started well, let’s continue this way. Cheers to us!

Proud of My Friend Messages

Because you’ve been doing a lot lately, I thought to pause, and let you know that I’m very proud of you, by sending this message. If it weren’t for the strength you possess, I might not have been here. It’s safe to say that, when I succeed, you do too. I’m proud of us.

36. Finally, I know how it truly feels to have a great friend. I have been missing out on fun and happiness, all my life. Now that I have you, things have begun to work for my good. I know we will do too much together, but I hope nothing stops us. I just want to be proud of us. I love you.

37. Even before we became friends, I have always been proud of you. I mean, I watched you on the TV, and always wished I became someone like you. I never knew God was preparing us to meet. I’m glad that we finally met, and kick-started a great friendship. I know you will make a difference in my life, as much as I would do in yours. I love you.

38. Having a friend to be proud of, has always been my dream. I mean, a friend whom I will support with everything, and will make me proud in return. You’ve been this friend and even more. I can’t thank you enough for always putting in the works. You’ve been doing well, but you’re just starting. I promise to keep supporting you. I love you.

39. Saying I am proud of you, is an understatement. You have no idea how this makes me feel. I love how we complement each other, despite the haters around us. We never stop having each others’ backs, and that’s so commendable and sweet. I hope nothing comes between us, as I’d love for us to be like this, forever. I love you so much.

40. Hey, babe. I just want you to know that you mean so much to me. I have just too many people in my life, but you top the list. It’s amazing how you only came through, a few months ago, and things have changed, since then. Thank you for all you do for me. I am proud of you, baby.

41. I have never seen a friendship like ours, despite how many friendships are painted as the best. Trust me, I have never felt this way with anyone. You’re just a rare breed. I’m glad that we met. I’m so happy that we’re doing this. I just hope we continue to shame the haters. I am proud of you, baby.

42. If anything, I don’t ever want us to fall out. I know that friendship can be hard, considering the number of sacrifices and all we have to keep doing to make it work, but we can still do it. And, we will. Thank you for bringing me joyous moments. I’m grateful for it all, and I hope that I don’t stop being good to you, too. I love you.

43. I’m not only proud of you, but proud of us. We have done so well for ourselves, within the shortest period. I never knew someone would come through, and change everything about me. Trust me, I’m so grateful for you. But mostly, I’m grateful for what’s to come for us. I love you so much.

44. You can ask anyone in my family; I have never felt this way for anyone in my life. I loved you, the very first time I set my eyes on you, but because we aren’t of the same sex, I had to pull back. I’m glad you made the first move. It’s been months, and there’s no regret whatsoever. I hope we keep making ourselves proud. I love you.

45. Nothing in this world makes up for a great friendship. All my life, I have been wanting to have this. You’ve made my life so beautiful with this friendship. I honestly don’t know where you’ve been all my life. Now that you’re here, I promise to make it worthwhile for us. I love you, dear friend.

46. I know it’s not your birthday, but I don’t have to wait till the time before I can serenade you with what you deserve. Hey friend, I knew I hit a jackpot, the day we became friends. And ever since, you’ve been nothing short of amazing. I just keep blessing the day you became my friend. Here’s a toast to being friends with you, forever. I love you.

47. I hope there’s a better way to make you know how proud I am of you. I’m so proud, that I don’t even know how much. You’ve been an absolute blessing to me. You’re my favourite person in the world. I’m so happy that this finally happened. I hope we always sort our differences, without a third party. I am proud of you, baby.

48. Since we became friends, you’ve done so much for yourself. Sometimes, I wonder what I am doing with my life. You’re a hard worker, and you don’t care who’s watching, at the period you’re working. Whether I accept it or not, I am beginning to change. Trust me, I love how the change feels, and I hope I don’t stop. I just want to be proud of myself, as much as I am of you. I love you.

49. I have been involved in a few friendships before we finally met, and I can say for a fact that this is everything. I have been waiting for this moment forever. I’m so glad that it’s finally here. Thank you for choosing to walk this path with me. I hope we do much more, as we continue this beautiful friendship. I love you so much.

50. A friendship I will be proud, is all I have been craving, all my life. Trust me, I am going to cherish our moments together, forever. You’re so beautiful and have an amazing heart. I’m very sure we will make something good out of this. Lest I forget, I am super proud of you, and I can’t wait to do greater things with you.

51. Before we started, we had a definition of what we wanted this friendship to be. So far, it’s been nothing short of what we had in mind. If anything, it’s been greater. I just hope we keep doing things that will make us proud of ourselves. I’m so lucky and blessed to have you. Can’t wait to do this with you, forever.

52. I have never been a bad friend to anyone, ever since I considered friendship. But in return, people have bruised me up and done a lot of bad things to me. In all of these, I was so positive about finding a truly good friend. At the end of the day, God brought you, and my life has been more beautiful, ever since. Thank you for considering us. I love you so much.

53. Here’s a message to tell you that I am so proud of you. We’ve been through worse situations together, but you never left me. I push myself, stand by myself and make sure I succeed. If this isn’t friendship, then I wonder what is. Thank you for choosing to be with me. I am proud of you, also.

54. If there’s anything I am sure of, it’s this beautiful friendship we have. Each time I think about us and how far we’ve come, my heart smiles. I truly am blessed to have you. We’re both blessed to have each other. I can’t wait to do greater things with you. I love you so much, baby.

55. My guy, we have been in this friendship, for a very long time. Nothing has ever caused a fight between us; not even a woman. I’m glad that we keep settling our differences with utmost maturity and respect. With all that’s happened, I’m sure we will go very far. I am proud of you, my guy.

56. Nothing makes me happy than thinking of how long we’ve started and how we’ve never had to fight over anything. Even when we argue, it’s always will respect and maturity. I honestly don’t know how God made this happen, but I am eternally grateful to Him. I love and I am proud of you.

57. I have always wanted to have a friend whom I will call my own, without the fear of him/her being hijacked from me. For a few months now, you have been that friend. You make me feel the same way I make you feel. You love and respect me without holding back. I mean it when I say I love you so much. I am proud of you, too.

58. Before anyone knows about my plans, you will always be the first to know. I trust your decisions and judgements. I know you know what’s best for everyone, even though some people fight this. You’re the best friend to ever be in my life, and I am grateful. Thank you for everything. Proud of you.

59. I’m a sucker for love and great friendships, even though I have never had any of these. When you came through, I knew you were the one I have been waiting for, all my life. Here’s my promise to you; I will never stop being a good friend to you. I hope you don’t stop too. Please, keep making me proud.

60. Fun fact; my siblings don’t make me proud as much as you do. Sometimes, I’m forced to think that you’re the sibling I never had. I’m so happy that I have a friend and sister in you. I hope nothing ever comes between us, so we can keep inspiring other people, that a great friendship is possible. I’m proud of you.

61. All I want to keep doing is making you happy. You’re all I have been waiting for, all my life. Now that you’re here, I promise to keep being the good friend you’ve always wanted me to be. I promise to keep making the best decisions for you. I promise never to make you regret having me as your friend. I love you.

62. I have never been good friends with anyone, so I don’t know how it feels. But now that you’re my friend, I sure have begun to turn a new leaf. I now see reasons to be a good friend to everyone I know. Thank you for making me realize this through you. I’m so proud of how much you inspire me and others. All my love.

63. The moment I realized my parents didn’t complain when I took you home, I knew there was something good about you. I’m so happy I followed my instincts. Our friendship has changed my life, in the shortest period ever. Please, let’s continue doing this. I am super proud of you, my dear friend.

64. Wherever I find myself, I won’t stop talking about how much work you put into making me believe that a great friendship is possible. Trust me, you did way too much. I’m glad that trusted you, instead of making you labour in vain. For this, I promise to make you proud of me. I love you so much.

65. It’s been years of being friends with just one person, and trust me, nothing is as blissful as this. Our friendship has opened my eyes to so many opportunities. It has made me meet wonderful people, too. Baby, thank you for making my life more interesting than you met it. I won’t disappoint you, ever! I love you.

66. You know I love you, but I don’t say it enough. You got me, any day, anytime. This is the time I have always been waiting for. You don’t know how thankful I am that I now have a great friend in my life. Please, promise never to let me down, as I will never think of hurting you. I love you, and I am proud of you.

67. I might be nothing close to being the best or perfect friend, but you sure know I put in the works. I have seen your labour for this friendship, so many times. Even when I fall short, you keep making up for us. I can’t thank you enough for being all I have always wanted. I am proud of you, my friend.

68. Yes, I have friends, but you remain the only true friend I have. You have done what others will never dream of doing. I know I haven’t done much for you, but when the time comes, you will beg me to stop, but it would be too late. I love you, my dear friend. And I’m proud of your growth in life.

69. You have never done anything without informing me, first. Even before your parents know about it, I already do. It has always been my dream to have a friend who will put me before anyone else. I am glad that this is happening between us. I want you to know that I will never entertain any evil thoughts against you. You will forever be dear to me. I love you.

70. I wish I could scream at top of my voice, right now. I honestly want the whole world to know how wonderful you are. You’ve been like this, from day one. And even though I keep changing, you don’t stop maintaining the same energy. I’m so happy I got a good friend. I am proud of you too, and I hope we both keep doing well. I love you.

Proud of You Quotes for Best Friend

I doubt you will ever stop being hardworking. You work too hard for a woman. I wonder where you draw the strength from. Well, the results are there. You’re doing very well. In proud of you, and I’m also proud to be your best friend. I love you.

71. Things happen, and this makes people change. You know what? You have never changed, although different things happen, every day. You’re just a naturally wonderful person, and your labour of love and sacrifice over me, can’t be overemphasized. I hope God pays you back in million folds. I love you.

72. You already know that I am proud of you, but there’s nothing bad in saying it again. You don’t want to know how much you mean to me. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Even though I don’t have the luxury of things you deserve, I hope you keep making me proud. God bless you.

73. You are a hard worker, and everyone knows that. It’s amazing how you’re a lady, and you work harder than me. You inspire me so much, and I can’t talk enough about how proud you make me feel. I honestly hope that the best things keep happening to you. Thank you for accepting to be my friend. I love you so much.

74. It’s been years of happiness, joy and so much love with you. Trust me when I say, I have never been so happy in any relationship or friendship. You’re the first to make me feel good about myself. You inspire me to be better, every single day. I’m grateful for your labour of love for this friendship. I hope to pay you back in my little way.

75. I have nothing much to say other than to let you know that I am beyond blessed to have you. Your presence in my life is a blessing to me and everyone around me. I can’t talk enough about how happy the people in my life are, ever since we started this beautiful friendship. I just hope to continue with you, so I don’t go back to how I used to be. I love you so much.

76. You make great moves, and I am so proud. You effortlessly do things that make me proud of you. I honestly didn’t know you were this amazing until I decided to give friendship with you a shot. Thank you for being all you are. I promise to make you enjoy the best of me. I love you so much, and I’m proud of you.

77. You will forever be a good friend to me. With all the things you have done for me, there are no doubts that you’re going to do more than my expectations. Trust me, I hope to do more for you and this friendship, moving forward. You will never regret doing this with me. I am proud of you, and I want to be even prouder. All my love.

78. I have been in friendships, but none of them can be compared to this one between us. This is the greatest of all friendships, and I’m glad to be doing it with one of the most amazing people ever. I still remember all I promised, when we started. Nothing has changed, and nothing will change. I love you so much, and I’m extremely proud of you.

79. You are passionate about all that concerns humanity, and this is one of your admirable traits. You give so passionately and recklessly, without expecting anything in return. I know you’re on a mission to make the world a better place. I promise to make it accomplished with you. I will support you, every step of the way. I am proud of you.

80. Dear friend, you’ve made too many baby steps, and they’ve turned into greater things. I’m so happy that I never doubted your ability, for once. It didn’t make sense to a lot of people, but I’m glad I never joined them. Thank you for making it seem easy and possible. I am eternally proud of you. All my love.

81. Trust me, I have never felt like this, all my life. No one has ever shown me, true love, despite riding for and with them through their most difficult times. I’m glad that I get to enjoy all I have laboured for, through you. I haven’t done much for you, because of my experience, but now, I’m convinced you’re not one of them. I am proud of you.

82. I bless the day I became friends with you, because, at that moment, my life changed forever. I honestly can’t say exactly how much you’ve imparted in me. You’ve struggled to make me a better person than you met me, and that’s commendable. Thank you for riding for and with me. I hope I can keep making you happy, at least. I love you so much.

83. Babe, I want to thank you for staying with me and standing by me through difficult times. You honestly are an amazing person, and I look forward to paying you back in my little way. Till then, I hope you continue to do greater things. Cheers to many more achievements, dear friend.

84. I’m very proud of you, and I’m glad you know that. You have done very well for yourself and the people who mean so much to you. I can’t thank you enough for coming into my life the time you came. Things have changed for me, and I now see that a perfect life is possible. Thank you for everything.

85. Only if I could have my way; I will make the whole world know the kind of person you are, by screaming it on top of my voice. You’re the sweetest person I have ever known. I’m glad to be associated with a wonderful friend like you. I hope you continue to progress in life. I’m so proud of you.

86. Over and over again, I will thank you for choosing me to be your friend. Even more than that, I will continue to appreciate God for making our paths cross. You’ve been the sweetest person ever. You overlook my mistakes and shortcomings like they are nothing. I’m grateful for our friendship, and I hope it continues to bear good fruit. I love you.

87. It’s been years with you, and I have never had to invite a third party to come to settle a fight for us. We know exactly how to keep things on a low, and this has helped us. I’m glad to have a mature and wonderful friend like you. Lest I forgot, you’re doing very well, and I’m super proud of you.

88. Sometimes, I can’t but wonder how your parents feel, knowing that they have a daughter as amazing and loving as you. Sometimes, I wish you were my blood sister. Thank you for being so kind to me and my family. Whatever it takes, I will make sure to keep supporting you. I love you so much.

89. You looked beyond my mistakes, and love me for who I am. Appreciating you will take forever, honestly. I’m glad that you have everything figured out. As you progress in life, I hope you continue to bask in God’s grace and mercy. You’re amazing, and I’m so proud of the woman you have become. Cheers!

90. Our friendship always feels like the best. In fact, to everyone, it’s the best. Our parents were never lucky to have such a beautiful friendship. I’m grateful that this started with us, and I honestly can’t wait to see where it leads us. I’m proud of us, and I’m saying cheers to many more wins together. I love you so much.

91. I have never met a stronger woman. Well, maybe there is, but I haven’t seen any. You’re so strong that you embody your problems to be a part of you, and you make sure you end them without having to disturb anyone about it, including me. My darling, I’m grateful to have you in my life. You’ve helped solve so many of my problems, and I can’t take this kindness for granted. I’m proud of you, too.

92. I will choose you over and over again because you’re the best friend for me. Taking you for granted, will only mean that I am not appreciative of everything you’ve been through for and with me. Trust me, I love you more than you can ever imagine. Thank you for choosing to be friends with me. May God continue to bless us. I love you so much.

93. We’ve been on this for years, and there hasn’t been any time we’ve failed to have each other’s backs. Isn’t that wonderful? Trust me, I feel so blessed, knowing that I have the most amazing friend ever. I will never leave you alone because you complete me. Please, let’s continue to do this because it’s so beautiful. I love you.

94. You struggled your way to get to where you are, today. You’re so hardworking and determined. I can’t overemphasize the level of love and kindness you’ve shown me. My parents and I am proud of you, honestly. You’re my sister forever, and nothing will change that. Keep inspiring me and others. Love you.

95. God made an angel, the day He created you. Trust me, He spent more time creating you. You’re so beautiful and so is your heart. I’m grateful for the things you’ve done and keep doing. I promise to always make you proud like you keep making me. Thank you for living a good life for yourself and everyone in your life. Cheers!

96. I honestly don’t know what I would do without you. It’s been years of friendship with you, and my experiences during these times, remain the best. I have learned so much, that I now reach people about certain things. I’m glad to be doing this with you. I hope we continue to make the world a better place, with this beautiful friendship.

97. I’m glad that things went south between my ex-friend and me, because, I wouldn’t have met you if it didn’t happen. That’s why I call our meeting, a divine one. I’m so happy that we keep getting things right, despite all the distractions in the world. I’m very sure there are many more wonderful things to happen to us. I love you, my friend.

98. Everyone knows we mean so much to each other, even though they’re not sure how much. You’re a delight to my soul. You’re my answered prayer. I’m so happy and grateful to God, that this is happening between us. I hope we continue to push ourselves to do better things. I am proud of you.

99. You got married, but the marriage never changed you. You’re still the very beautiful and best friend I have known, since childhood. You never pushed me away, because of your newly found love. Instead, you still keep checking on me, as nothing happened. You’re the best friend ever, and I will continue to be thankful for our friendship. I love you.

100. One thing will always be certain; I will never stop loving and supporting you. You mean a lot to me, and trading you for anything else, will make me an ungrateful person. I just thought to appreciate you for always being there, today. Thank you for everything. I love you, and I’m proud of you. Be safe, always.

Hello there. I’m sure you got exactly what you were expecting, and even more. These I am proud of my best friend quotes are the best you can find anywhere, and I hope that your best friend appreciates it. Kindly let me know how satisfied you are, by dropping your comment(s) in the box below. Also, don’t forget to share with others and invite them to this page. Thank you.

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