Best of New Hotel Opening Wishes

Best of New Hotel Opening Wishes

Owing and running a hotel is no joke as there are lots of attributes one must possess to successfully run a hospitality business.

Asides from the cost of running a hotel, maintaining its staff and client is a lot of work and this is why you should extend your good wishes and support to a friend or acquittance that ventures into a business like this.

Although starting a new business can be so scary but having the right support, guidance and encouragement makes things easier.

Extend your fondest wishes and encouragement by sending the best of new hotel opening wishes to your loved one or friend who just opened a new hotel.

New Hotel Opening Messages and Quotes

Congratulations on the opening of your new hotel. I am so excited and happy for you so much that I can send multiple congratulatory messages and quotes to you before the day ends. I believe your hotel business will thrive and will yield great rewards for you.

1. I am happy you are finally able to open your hotel. You have put in a lot of money and hard work and I believe you will make it back a millionfold.

2. Your hotel looks amazing. I see all the renovations that have taken place and I must confess that I am very impressed. Well-done.

3. I wish you the best regarding your new hotel. May it become the chosen one out of all the ones out there.

4. You have always wanted to run a hotel and now that you finally have yours, I wish you the very best.

5. May your hotel stand out among others around and may you experience huge patronage. Best wishes to you.

6. I wish you all the best at the opening of your new hotel. May it usher in more blessings for you. Cheers!

7. On the opening of your new hotel, I wish you success and blessings. May your finances keep growing.

8. I know you have huge plans for your new hotel and I pray that all the plans you have materialize and succeeds.

10. You can be sure that I will be a constant guest at your hotel and I will refer you to a lot of people as well. Best wishes.

11. You worked really hard and saved for years to get this hotel and that’s very impressive. Don’t worry, your hotel business will thrive.

12. I wish you wealth and more customers as you open your new hotel. May you get credible employees and wonderful clients.

13. You took a huge risk opening a hotel and I pray the risk pays up and yields reward at the end of the day.

14. May your new business open up new doors unto you. Congratulations and I wish you the best.

15. You are a dogged and hard-working person and that’s why I am not surprised you are starting a new business and trying out new things. Best wishes.

16. I love that you are building up your investment portfolio. If you keep going this way, you are going to be extremely rich in no time.

17. You are yet to make one bad financial decision and that’s why I am confident this new hotel you just opened is a well thought out move for you. Best regards.

18. You are smart and intelligent and I wish you well at the opening of your new hotel. May all your future endeavours be successful as well.

19. Your hotel is beautiful and amazing. It’s obvious you put a lot of thought into renovating it. Well done and best wishes to you.

20. May all your wishes and heart desires for your new hotel come to pass and your efforts over it have not come to nought. Best wishes.

21. Congratulations on the opening of your new hotel. You are truly living your dreams and pushing your goals to reality. Well-done.

22. I am proud to have someone like you in my circle of friends. Your success rubs off on me and I love it that way.

23. I hope you know you will always have my support no matter what business it is you do. Even as you open a new hotel, I support you all the way.

24. A lot of people have been talking about your new hotel and let me assure you that all the reviews they give are good ones. Well-done.

25. Make sure you employ the best hands to help you manage your hotel and treat them well to get them to give their best on the job. I wish you the best.

26. Even if I don’t have a reason to stay in the hotel, I plan on visiting the restaurant in it frequently as a way to show support for your business. Best regards.

27. I wish I could come around for the opening of your new hotel but my work doesn’t permit me. You are doing amazingly well, keep up the good work.

28. May your hotel be known as the best in your area and may your rooms always be booked out. I wish you success in the opening of the hotel.

29. I know it’s just a new hotel but believe me when I say it’s going to grow to a 5-star hotel in just a little time. I am very proud of you buddy.

30. I like the fact that you are pursuing your dreams desperately and not allowing anything to stop or hinder you. The new hotel you just opened is proof of this. Keep soaring!

You might be far away and unable to show your support physically but your /goodwill messages can travel far. You can send any of the new hotel opening messages and quotes via text, social media or write it in a letter.

Don’t forget to leave a comment under this post as your feedback is always welcomed.

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