Princess 4th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Princess 4th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Best believe that some little kids are so intelligent and that’s why you must pick your words carefully while around them. More reason something as simple as birthday messages must be selected with intuition and astuteness.

As a mom and dad, you wouldn’t want to flop by giving your little girl not-so-impressive birthday wishes on her 4th birthday. That’s why I have taken my time to craft the most perfect princess 4th birthday wishes for daughter.

With these wishes, you can bet that your cute daughter will be all lively and confident throughout her big day.

Use these birthday messages for your daughter turning 4 to win the best mother or father of the year title from your little one.

Check them out while the post is still available. Here you go:

Sweet 4th Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

I’m so proud to call this bundle of joy my own. You’ll always own all of my heart and I promise to be your guardian angel on earth. Happy 4th cake day, my baby girl. I wish you good health, longevity, and happiness.

1. May your life turns out as beautiful as the sweet lullaby songs you make me sing for you every night, my princess. Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart.

2. You mean the world to me. I wish you all the things that’ll make your life colourful. Enjoy your 4th year on earth.

3. As you add a new age today, your joy shall know no limit. Have a fantastic 4th birthday.

4. Laughter and true happiness shall dwell with you for a lifetime. Four, sure, looks good on you, my princess.

5. Whether am with you or not, I just need you to stay happy, my baby girl. Enjoy your new age.

6. This year shall mark the beginning of a beautiful journey in your life. Be ready to live life like a princess. Happy birthday, love.

7. May the joy you’ve given me return to you in quadruple folds. Enjoy your new age, baby girl.

8. I have so many things to be thankful for, however, you’re top on the list. May your worth never diminish, my love. Happy birth anniversary.

Happy 4 Birthday My Princess

My princess just turned 4 and I’m so in awe of such wonder. Just like yesterday, we had you in our arms. Happy 4th birthday, baby girl. No matter how old you grow, you’ll forever be my little princess. I adore you.

9. May you make a name for yourself as you continue to grow. Happy birthday, baby girl.

10. You were the four-year-old baby girl I used to dream about. Thank you for making it into my life. Happy cake day, love.

11. May you never suffer nightmares but grow into a loving lady. Bask in the euphoria of your day, my beautiful four-year-old.

12. You are so smart. I wish you uncommon wisdom that’ll make you stand out. Happy 4th year birthday, baby girl.

13. Wherever you go, you shall be singled out for blessings. May this fourth year of your life make you happier than ever, baby girl.

14. My wish is that you shall discover your talent and gift before your next birthday. Happy born day, love.

15. I know as little as you are you have your dreams in your head already, may they all come to pass to make you happy, my baby girl. Happy fourth birthday.

16. Wherever you go, there shall be joy and laughter trailing you. Happy 4th birthday to the first child I ever had.

Birthday Wishes for 4-Year-Old Daughter from Mother

Thank you, sweetheart, for making me your mother. Thank you for stealing my heart with your first kick in my womb. Thank you for loving me through your soft gazes. Happy 4th birthday, my darling daughter. You own my heart forever. I love you.

17. Happy birthday to my process. You make me strong and lively whenever the trials of life make me sad. May you never experience the bad side of life.

18. You shall be a great singer cause you have the best voice any child could ever wish for. Enjoy your new age, baby girl.

19. Thank you for teaching me compassion and empathy. May you never be bereft of true love and peace in your family.

20. Baby girl, this shall be your best year so far. I promise you that the years to come shall even be greater. Happy birth anniversary.

21. May you never give up on anything good you pursue in life. Happy birthday to the princess of my kingdom.

22. Happy 4th birthday to my first daughter. May you never have to go through all the hardship I went through for your sale.

23. You shall grow old and look back at your life feeling proud of your journey. Enjoy your 4th new age, baby.

24. You are such a blessing to me. May you never lack anything good no matter how hard life gets. Happy 4th birthday.

Birthday Wishes for 4-Year-Old Daughter from Father

Ever since you made me a father, life has felt more purposeful, beautiful, and delightful. Happy 4th womb escape day, my princess. I’ll be the best father to you and will ensure you live a comfortable life. I love you, my daughter. Kisses.

25. Happy 4th birthday to my angel. May your wings never be cut short. You shall fly till you accomplish all of your dreams.

26. You are the epitome of beauty. You brought peace into my life. Thank you so much, my baby love.

27. Thank you for always making me happy. Everything shall work in your favour until your happiness knows no bound.

28. You shall enjoy every good gift life has to offer. Happy 4th birthday to the most gentle and composed kid I know.

29. Happy 4th birthday to the one who made my womb whole. You shall always perfect everything you see.

30. Your worth shall continue to grow and increase. Never shall you diminish in any aspect of your life. Happy 4th birthday, my love.

31. Princesses don’t beg for bread. Therefore, you shall never lack anything good. Wealth and goodness shall be your portion.

32. Your smile is such a necessity in the world. May the Lord make you smile at all times. Have a wonderful 4th birthday.

Daughter 4th Birthday Quotes

My daughter is such a princess. I don’t want to have any other but her. Continue to steal my heart with your smile, beautify my world with your innocence. Happy 4th womb escape day, sweetie. I’m helplessly in love with you, child.

33. I have one daughter who makes me proud. Today, I wish you a very happy birthday that makes you happy for a lifetime.

34. May you enjoy so many blessings in life. May you become a blessing to others. Happy 4th birthday, girl.

35. I love my daughter so much. All I wish you is true happiness that never knows any sorrow.

36. Happy 4th birthday to my baby girl. This new age shall make you fulfilled and stronger.

37. You shall never lose any good thing. You shall continually defeat the devil and emerge victorious in all your battle. Happy 4th birthday.

38. Happy birthday to you, my love. 4 sure looks good on you, especially because you strike a huge resemblance with me.

39. I am so happy and fulfilled to know you clock 4 years old, today. I pray that you never lack any good thing.

40. Your joy is my joy. Stay happy and fulfilled. Happy 4th birthday to my princess who makes intelligence look so alluring and cool.

Birthday Messages for My Daughter Turning 4

Today will always be a special day in my life. You came as an angel wiping my tears and bringing peace into our world. Happy 4th birthday, sweetie. It’s so hard to hide the love I’ve got for you. But I’m not willing to try. Happy 4th cake day, my love.

41. I wish you long life in good health. You shall bear more fruits and have a greater harvest to show.

42. Happy 4th birthday to you, beautiful. May you never suffer the loss of a parent. You shall always be surrounded by your friend.

43. Happy 4th birthday to you, baby. May you make it in life sooner than expected.

44. Love, joy, and wealth shall be your portion. At no stage in your life shall you lose any of these blessings. Happy 4th birthday, love.

45. You shall make your parent, country, and self-proud. Happy 4th birthday to my little princess.

46. You shall live longer than anyone you shall come to know. I love you more than I can capture with words.

47. You shall never be stranded in life. Happy birthday to you, beautiful.

48. I pray that you’ll enjoy good health and be a source of happiness for your loved ones. Happy fourth birthday.

49. May your God-given gifts announce you to the world, today.

50. You shall not be afraid to grow and prosper. You’ll live a well-fulfilled life. Happy 4th birthday, angel.

51. Happy 4th birthday to my cutest daughter. You keep making daddy proud, I promise to watch over you at all times.

52. You are the most blessed child ever to live. I pray that whatever you lay your hands on shall be fruitful.

53. Thank you for being the reason I find joy and happiness. Happy 4th birthday to my golden child.

54. Happy 4th birth anniversary, honey. May you make it into old age. You shall be blessed bountifully.

55. May this new age be the beginning of a new and beautiful era for you. Happy 4th birthday, love.

56. Thank you for making me know what it means to be a father. Enjoy your age, my beloved 4-year-old daughter.

57. You shall never take the wrong step. Every day of your life shall earn you true wisdom, wealth, and love.

58. I love you, my child. May you grow to fulfil all of your dreams. You shall never be left behind in life. Happy 4th birthday, girl.

59. I love you for many reasons I can’t explain. I wish you the wisdom you need to navigate life successfully. Happy four-year-old, baby girl.

60. This day shall make you a blessed child. I will never have a reason to cry sad tears cause of you. Happy 4th birthday, baby.

61. As you clock four, today I want you to know that you are meant to conquer the world no matter how hard it gets. Enjoy your new age.

62. My little princess clocks 4, today. I wish that you’ll never lack anything good no matter the life season it may be.

63. Happy 4th birthday, baby. You mean the world to me. Your value shall never diminish before my eyes.

64. Happy 4th birthday, princess. Make a wish from the depth of your heart and watch me as I protect you.

65. You will never be bereaved of your loved ones. Life shall never be hard on you. Happy 4th birthday.

66. Never the timid to take over the world from now. You are a princess. Happy 4th birthday, sweety.

67. I’ll always be your dad forevermore whether you make me proud or let me down. Happy 4th birthday.

68. I’d love to remain your father till eternity. Thank you for choosing me to be your dad. Happy 4th birthday.

69. A princess like you would make a great queen someday. Wishing you a happy 4th birthday.

70. I’m glad I never lost you. Thank you for making it through the hard moments. Happy fourth birthday, princess.

71. Your dream shall make it to reality from this point in your life. Happy 4th birthday to my only daughter.

72. Your kind heart shall grow larger as you age gracefully. I’m so glad we love each other this much. Happy 4th birthday.

73. May you never fail in the areas I did. You shall live a more fulfilling life. Happy fourth birthday, love.

74. I love you so dearly. So never be afraid to ask me of anything you so desire. Happy fourth birthday, princess.

75. Honour and beauty shall always be your portion, little princess. Every day I look forward to your growth. Enjoy your 4th year on earth.

Birthday Prayer for My Four Years Old Daughter

I love how four looks on you and I can’t wait to see you blossom, my love. You’re smart, courageous, kind and so sweet. I pray that you live a life void of troubles and worry. I love you, daughter. Happy 4th birthday.

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76. Happy 4th birthday, dear love of my life. I pray that the good Lord make your life an expression of his unwavering grace.

77. Happy 4th cake day, sweetie. I pray that you grow healthy and strong and surrounded by family and friends.

78. Happy 4th birthday, precious one. I pray that the Lord endows you with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. I love you.

79. Happy 4th birthday, my love. I pray favour on your path, love, and peace in your heart, and joy in the core of your being. I love you.

80. Happy birthday, my love. Dear Lord, bless her 4th year and help her to see her centennial. I ask that you preserve her steps and make her glad.

81. May God bring you to the high places of the earth. Happy 4th birthday, my darling. I love you.

82. Happy 4th cake day, angel. May God cause His countenance to shine upon you for good. May He lead you beside the still water for His namesake.

83. The grace to prosper, the anointing to be above only, may the Lord endow upon you, my child. Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart.

84. I pray with all of my heart and strength, may you live a life full of joy and void of worries even as challenging as this world may be. Happy 4th birthday, my love.

85. I pray that you never lack true friends and a loving and complete family. Happy 4th birthday, my darling. I love you.

86. May God’s goodness and mercy follow you till you’re old and gray. Happy 4th birthday, my dearest daughter.

87. I pray that you always be a great delight to your parents and a disappointment to the enemies. Happy 4th birthday, my love.

88. Happy 4th birthday, my darling. May you always find joy in your heart and wisdom in your mind. I love you.

89. May each day of your life bring you closer to the love of God. Happy 4th birthday, my darling. Live long and prosper.

90. Happy 4th womb escape day, my love. I pray that the Lord covers you under his shields, may He bless you with uncommon wisdom and grace. I love you.

Happy Fourth Birthday to My Daughter

Happy fourth birthday to the daughter who knows how to make the world a little brighter and nicer to live in. You’ve been such an angel and an inspiration of hope. I wish you’ll always stay healthy and continue to shine. I love you.

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91. Happy fourth birthday to my daughter. You’ll always make us proud. We know that because you’re more than we ever asked for.

92. Happy fourth birthday to my daughter. May you never feel lonely or stranded. I love you forever.

93. Dear daughter, call on me when you need a friend. I’ll always be there for you. Happy 4th birthday, my precious baby.

94. May you always feel the warmth of our love. Happy 4th birthday, my darling. I wish you a healthy and happy life.

95. Happy 4th birthday, sweetie. May you always be the head and may your heart never be polluted with pain. I love you.

96. I love your bright smile in the morning. I hope it shows up all day. Happy fourth birthday to my daughter.

97. You’ve opened my heart to the depth of life I never knew. Thank you, dear daughter. Happy fourth birthday to you.

98. I will always be proud to call you mine. I hope I always make you proud too. Happy 4th birthday, angel. You rock.

99. I love how far you’ve come from little and soft steps. May you go much further and live a happy and healthy life. Happy 4th cake day, my love.

100. You’re so precious in my heart. Having you as my daughter helps me realize how truly blessed I am. Happy fourth birthday, angel.

No doubt, you’ll wear the best mum and dad crown for gifting your 4-year-old princess any of these princess 4th birthday wishes for daughter.

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