Military Wife Quotes and Sayings

Military Wife Quotes and Sayings

Military life can be challenging at times. The constant transitions of moves, deployments, and training can wear you down. This, most times, doesn’t come easy for the wives in the military. Military wives put their lives on hold and deal with the stress of being apart from their loved ones for long periods.

Military wives are strong and brave, being there for the country and also for their families. Their lives are an inspiration for others. Encouraging, appreciating and supporting them will go a long way to strengthening them.

The first thing to do is find the right words to say to or about them. This can give them the power to get through tough times and can help them to find strength inside themselves. These words can be in the form of quotes – military wife quotes.

Military wife quotes can be a support for families coping with deployment. Expressing thoughts and feelings about a military wife’s life can be therapeutic and help them and their families cope during deployment.

If you read further, you will find several quotes about military wives in a heartwarming collection of military wife quotes and sayings reserved here for you. Check them and encourage and appreciate someone.

Military Wife Quotes and Sayings

If a man is proud of his soldiering, tell him to thank his wife. If a man has peace in his service, thank a military wife. They are the silent heroes of our nation’s heart and soul and they deserve to be appreciated.

1. A military wife can be tough, but she is also the strongest woman out there. Many live through the most traumatizing struggles to raise a family during difficult times. These military wives will inspire you every day.

2. Military life can be an adventure. You are stronger than you think, and you deserve to celebrate your victories!

3. Our soldier wives are the true heroes of our great nation. They are there for us every day, in good times and bad, through thick and thin.

4. Military wives are the unsung heroines of our nation. They bear the unique burden of having to start anew while their husbands and children likely relocate multiple times during their military career.

5. Salute military wife, a woman who is strong in a world of chaos, and courageous in the face of adversity.

6. Soldier wives are an inspiration to us all. They lead loving homes with their soldiers away, often raising their children alone and managing households on shoestring budgets.

7. Life as a military wife: A journey that is filled with more joy, love and happiness than any other.

8. Military wives are some of the strongest women in the world. It takes a special person to understand that your spouse may never come home, and even if they do make it back, they will be changed forever.

9. Being a military wife is not an easy thing, but it is a sacrificial and beautiful sacrifice that our wives make for us and our country.

10. Military wives are unsung heroes of sorts. They are the backbone of our military families and play a vital role in supporting the entire family.

11. What’s more beautiful than a military wife? Their strength and sacrifice daily.

12. An awesome military wife, is one of the unsung heroines of our country. The sacrifices and stories of our military wives are heroic and incredible.

13. As a military wife, you’re taught to be strong and supportive. Always proud of your military family.

14. A Military Wife is someone who knows all too well what it’s like to cry tears of loneliness while her Soldier is overseas, but still wears a smile as she lovingly holds her Soldier’s hand when saying goodbye.

15. Being a military wife requires you to miss out on some of the most important moments of your loved one’s career. Those times when they have earned to be celebrated alone, but you are there helping them celebrate every single achievement with no spotlight, no applause, and no medals. Wives, we are so strong and our husbands couldn’t do it without us.

16. Being a military wife is a journey in itself. Some days it’s both beautiful and hard but it never gets old.

17. Military wives come in all shapes, sizes and colours. They are wives, mothers, business owners, teachers, and students. They are the backbone that holds everything together while their husbands are deployed or away on training.

18. Military wives see the world from their husband’s eyes. They stand beside their man, no matter where their career takes them. They are strong, caring, and supportive. They are proud of their husbands’ achievements and dedicated themselves to helping him succeed because they know it means more to him than it does to them.

19. The military wife is the backbone of the military. They are strong, loyal and supportive of their “military man” as well as their family. Thank you for being such an awesome military wife. Not only do you keep the home fires burning but you are a major part of this community.

20. A military wife is the strongest woman in the world. She’s also the most independent, resourceful, determined and resilient woman there is.

21. Military wives are strong, they are resilient and they work hard every day to carry their families through the challenges.

22. A military wife is a soldier, too. A soldier who risks more than just battle wounds, but also the wounds to her heart that come with her husband’s absence.

23. Wives of .ilitary members share the unique challenges and rewards of loving a soldier.

24. Being a military wife stresses many things out of the ordinary, but we are strong. We handle what life throws at us with grace and character. We’re born leaders. We’re warriors.

25. Military wives are the unsung heroines of our nation’s armed forces. They give support and comfort to the men and women who defend our freedom.

26. The military wives are heroes in their way. They are the women and men who support our men and women in the service of our country. They are those who make all of your freedoms possible.

27. Military wives are the true heroines of our country. They offer their husbands and families unwavering support, love, and encouragement during deployment and separation.

28. Military life is but a click away from a military wife who sacrifices so much for their husband.

29. Military wives give more than they get. They are always giving support and kisses, they are always there.

30. A Military Wife is…determined and steadfast, strong yet sensitive, a nurturer and defender. A military wife is an ever grateful blessing in my life; she is my everything.

31. Military wives are the backbone of a military base. They’re always there, ready to support and help each other. With this in mind, we salute all the amazing military wives out there.

32. Military wives are the unsung heroes of military life. We salute you.

33. Some days, being a military wife means shrugging off the miles that separate you and missing the kisses that come too quickly.

34. A strong military wife is the foundation of any strong and noble man.

35. Military wives know what it’s like to have a partner deployed. They know the worry, stress, and emotional upheaval all too well.

36. Military wives sacrifice so much and their service is often overlooked by their communities at home. They deserve to be honoured for their strength and love.

37. It takes a certain kind of strength and courage to be in a military marriage—we salute them.

38. Proud military wives. Thankful for the sacrifices these women have made to support their families and their countries.

39. Being a military spouse is tough. But they make the world safer.

40. Military wives are some of the strongest women I know. They are brave and loyal, loving and forgiving.

Soldier Wife Quotes

Military marriage is special. It’s strength under fire. It’s a unique partnership, forever connected by the oath we’ve taken to support and defend our country. For every soldier wife, there’s a priceless payoff waiting on the other side of deployment: the rest of your lives together.

41. Wives of military service men and women are special. It’s not an easy life, but it’s an amazing one.

42. Soldier wives are an invaluable resource and a forever support. We rely on them to be the biggest part of our lives.

43. Soldier wives are the backbone of our soldiers. They sacrifice a lot to keep their families together.

44. Soldier wives are an inspiration. Let’s thank them for all they do.

45. Soldier wives are the unsung heroines of our country. Their sacrifices give us the freedom we enjoy.

46. Soldier wives are soldiers too. We understand each other—maybe better than anyone else.

47. Once a military wife, always a military wife. We are thankful for the sacrifices and strength of military wives!

48. Military wives—you make being a military spouse look easy, and we’re inspired by you. Thank you for all you do to support our service members on the home front while they fight for our country abroad.

49. A soldier’s wife has seen it all. She’s accompanied her husband through the joys and heartbreaks of military life, from the marriage proposal to his last deployment.

50. Military wives are some of the toughest women in the world—raising kids, homeschooling, and running a household. We salute your strength and thank you for your service!

52. Military life is hard but having a spouse who’s a soldier makes it easier. Being a military wife is one of the toughest jobs. I promise that even amidst the chaos, your love will keep them going.

53. Staying strong while apart is hard, but military wives are the rock stars of this world.

54. Soldier wives support their husbands while they’re away, and they help build the best parts of their home.

55. Military wives are resilient, adaptable, and adapt to many different situations.

56. Military wives are the strongest women in the world. Through thick and thin, military wives continuously support their husbands, who go out to defend our great nation.

57. Thanking the military wives for their sacrifices, support and love.

58. Being married to the military, you learn to be flexible. You learn to roll with the punches, and you learn to make your fun.

59. We adore and respect all military spouses. Those who brave ALL to serve our country, we are forever grateful. Thank You!

60. We are grateful for the hearts and hands of every military wife who is there to support, care and love our service members.

61. Military wives are some strong, beautiful and resilient women.

62. Military wives are strong, confident, and determined to build a future for their families.

63. Being a military wife is tough, but you are strong and we appreciate everything you do for our troops. We’re very proud of you!

64. Military wives—the true heroes of our armed forces.

65. It’s not just the big things that make us feel proud of our military wives. We’re inspired by the everyday sacrifices.

66. Military wives, you are strong, courageous, fierce and dedicated to your families. Your heroes thank you for your service!

67. Thank you to all the military wives who have learned how to call home and make it sound like everything is fine.

68. Military wives have it tough. But, they rock it every day.

69. I’m so thankful for not just being a military wife, but a military wife of the most amazing man ever!

70. Thank you to all of our military wives for your strength and support. You’ve got a tough job, always standing by your man.

Proud Military Wife Quotes

I’m so proud of my military wife—the woman who’s put up with me being gone for years on end, is still my friend and doesn’t complain about it. It takes a special person to be able to do that, and those people deserve a medal in my book.

71. I could not be more proud of the talent, dedication and sacrifice of our military wives. They are an example to all of us.

72. The life of a military wife. Few know the unique challenges you face, and we salute you for your strength, grace, and service. We are proud of you.

73. Being a military wife requires endless strength, courage and grace. A big thank you to all our military wives who sacrifice so much while their spouses are deployed or on active duty.

74. Military wives, you’re always on call, but never alone. You are what keeps us going every single day. We are thankful for your sacrifices and love. We are proud of you.

75. Military life is hard and it takes a special kind of woman to be part of it the whole way. Thank you for being you.

76. Military wives are strong, beautiful, brave and MOMS! We salute you and are proud of you.

77. Military Wives, you are strong, caring, and beautiful. Thank you for your service; we appreciate you!

78. We appreciate our military wives for their sacrifices that allow us to live in freedom.

79. Husbands, Don’t ever underestimate the strength it takes to be a military wife. We are proud of our military wives.

80. Military wives go beyond strong. They have grit and determination to take on challenges and push through any type of pain. We are so proud of them.

81. Military wives are the best! We appreciate you for your service and sacrifice.

82. Military wife, the proud hidden strength behind every soldier, everywhere.

83. Military wives are the ultimate strength. They are so worthy of our appreciation and gratitude.

84. There are few things in life more difficult than military wives. They face the uncertainty of deployment and separation from their husband, financial strain, and the never-ending worry about their family’s welfare. So treat them with extra love.

85. Military wife: a woman who has seen a part of the world and the people in it that most will never get to see—and one who’s proud to have served alongside her husband.

86. Wife of an active duty military member: Yes, we have it difficult. But there are also plenty of times that are so easy to remember and cherish because of it.

87. Being a military wife has its ups and downs. True, but it’s always such an honour and pleasure to be by your side.

88. Military wives have one of the toughest jobs there is, but you do it with dignity, pride and grace.

89. Military Wives– the strength, courage and outstanding support for military service members.

90. Being a military wife has its perks—and complications. But no matter what, you’ve got this, girl. Thanks for all you do! We are proud of you.

91. Military Wife: There are no words in the dictionary that can describe what you feel, or what it’s like to have a loved one in the military. A bond forever.

92. We salute the selfless women who stand by their men—our husbands and sons—in the military.

93. Proud military wives. A million times stronger than the strongest families out there.

94. Military wives are the heart and soul of our military.

95. We appreciate our hard-working military wives for their sacrifices. We’re proud to be there for them and hope this helps their day!

96. We salute the unfathomable sacrifices made by military wives and their families. We honour their commitment and dedication to laying down roots and starting new branches.

97. Military Wives are strong and inspiring, they teach us so much about sacrifice, family, and love in all forms. They are the first to jump in and help others, even when it doesn’t involve them directly.

98. Military wives continue to serve their country as well as their community, sometimes even at a great cost to themselves as far as their families go! We salute you, military wives.

99. Being a military wife is not always easy, but finding someone who appreciates and understands that makes it easier.

100. Military wives face so much more than meets the eye. They keep the home fires burning while their husband is away keeping us safe. We are proud of them.

Military wife quotes and sayings are highly motivational and inspirational. If you are married to a military officer, then you should bookmark this article for inspiration.

Whether you’re a military wife or soon be one, reading these quotes and sayings will help you prepare and get you consoled.

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